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08/12/23 Added document about Level 1 and 2 Config Blocks to Replacement Manuals page.

05/12/23  Update to IP Network Driver on Internet, Networking & Communications page. Update to QoE Ethernet driver on Q68 page.

02/12/23 Added link to QDOS-gcc C cross-cmpiler for Windows (32) bit with mingw32 to C page.

26/11/23 Added QubLink by Alain Haoui to Utilities page.

25/11/23 Added DiReXt extensions by Alain Haoui to Toolkits page.

14/11/23 Added article about using SMSQ/E on QemuLator to Articles page.

04/11/23 Corrected broken link to Wander on Adventure Games page.

22/10/23 Added a QL ED disk image to the blank QL disc images on Misc Sotfware page.

15/10/23 Added QL MegaToolbox to toolkits page.

13/09/23 Added a document from Martin Head which documents the various QL microdrive image file formats to documents->file formats section. Another, later version of QL Expert added to Misc page.

11/09/23 Added QL Expert to Misc Programs page.

02/07/23 Fixed a problem with the boot file in Blackjack on Games page.

30/06/23 Added level 2 ramdisk software to Toolkits page.

13/06/23 BMP v1.05 added to Graphics page.

11/06/23 Source file for TurboFix added to Turbo page.

02/06/23 Latest Q68 manuals added to Q68 page.

09/05/23 Added Qubide 1.53 utilities disk to QL ROMs page.

23/04/23 Dunric's 8K Adventure added to Adventure Games page.

11/04/23 Added updated version of MKpart for Q40/Q60 to Q40/Q60 software section.

02/04/23 Tidy up of QL web links page and links on home page.

31/03/23 Latest releases of Martin Head's QPC keywords and concepts guides added to Replacement Manuals page and eBooks page.

30/03/23 DaDither graphics converter for Windows, which can convert BMP/GIF/PNG/JPG to BBQL and hi-colour modes for QL systems, added to Other OS section page.

29/03/23 QBITS 3D graphics program added to Graphics page.

13/03/23 All 8 issues of QL Technical Review scanned and added to Magazines page.

12/03/23 Scans of all known issues of IQLR completed. Further issues of QL Technical Review added to Magazines page.

10/03/23 Added more scans of IQLR magazine to Magazines page.

09/03/23 Added system ROM images from Thor 20 v5.22.

07/03/23 Started adding scanned copies of International QL Report to Magazines page.

03/02/23 Added more software to the Q68 page.

29/01/23 Added Unzip v0.96 and the Job2Bas equivalent to archivers page.

24/01/23 Preparations put in place for closure of the site in March. Contact message form now seems to work. Non-Javascript site search form works
better and has been made the main search form near top of page. It's also been optimised for the change of URL and the list of folders searched brought up to date. "The Web" option removed as it never did what I wanted of it. No doubt there will be hard-coded links to pages in the old website, those to be fixed as they are found (the website is mostly relative URLs internally).

23/01/23 Added Graeme Gregory's new QL software page to QL website links page.

19/12/2022 Added QaLendar 2023 to Calendar page.

23/11/2022 Added Image File Utilities to Martin Head's MDI/FDI drivers on Utilities page.

22/11/2022 Added QBits Font Editor. Added PETSET font (Commodore PET font by Mark Swift) to Fonts page. Added v2.32 Gold Card ROM to QL ROMs page.

21/11/2022 Added two more Trump Card ROM images to QL ROMs page, thanks to Dan Dooré on the Sinclair QL For Everyone group on Facebook.

07/11/2022 Added PIXELxx% functions written in BASIC for returning screen pixel colour values on mode 4, 8, 16, 32 and 33 video displays to BASIC programs page.

06/11/2022 Added ZX Fonts and Character Map by Andrei Tenu, plus a Greek font by G Morris, to the Fonts page. Launchpad v2.13 available here.

01/11/2022 Added manual for the version of QRAM on the Sandy SuperQBoard mouse utilities disk to QL ROMs page.

31/10/2022 Added an article called Pascal On The QL by A. F. Wilson to the Articles page. Added 8 SQLUG newsletters to Magazines page. Sandy SuperQBoard with mouse interface utilities disk added to the SuperQBoard ROM images on QL ROMs page, thanks to Ralf Reköndt.

23/10/2022 ChainXSprites by Bob Spelten jr. added to GD2 page.

21/10/2022 PirateIslands and UR games from Mark Bennett added to Games page.

16/10/2022 Additional version of the Sandy SuperQBoard manual available from Replacement Manuals page. Article from Science & Vie magazine comparing QL/Mac/IBM PC from 1984 added to Magazine Articles page.

04/10/2022 Launchpad v2.12 update on Launchpad downloads page (now linked to direct from Software Downloads page as well as from the General Info section)

07/09/2022 Software for the Lang Video Digitiser from CL Systems added to the Graphics page. A replacement manual for the Lang and SPEM digitisers are available here.

12/08/2022 Sandy SuperQBoard manual available on Replacement Manuals page.

09/08/2022 Structured SuperBasic v2.7.2 available on Programming page.

05/08/2022 Updates to MDI and FDI drivers on Utilities page.

01/08/2022 Small update to Turbo Toolkit and Parser for SMSQ/E systems on Turbo page.

21/07/2022 QPTR 0.15 now available to download from Programming page. Latest QPTR manual available from Replacement Manuals page.

18/06/2022 Fixed some scanning glitches in the QL Technical Manual on the Replacement Manuals page.

14/06/2022 Links to Wolfgang Lenerz pages changed to all lower case.

27/05/2022 Dino added to Games page.

26/05/2022 Complete The Library P.D. library of QL software available to download as disc images from this new page.

09/05/2022 Complete Qubbesoft P/D library for QL available to download as disc images from this new page.

02/05/2022 v1.01 of AnimGIF added to graphics page.

18/04/2022 Toolbox II added to Files page.

23/03/2022 Added AnimGIF program suite (use, view, convert animated GIF files on SMSQ/E systems) to graphics page.

27/02/2022 Added Marcel's patched 3D Chess to games page.

23/02/2022 Added v3.0 of utilities disc supplied with CST Qdisc interfaces to QL ROMs page.

21/02/2022 Added PDF versions of the CST Qdisc manuals to Replacement Manuals page.

14/02/2022 Minor update to QLiberator on QLib page.

08/02/2022 Thanks to Derek Stewart for slightly tidying up the Minerva Utilities Disk, available on QL ROMs page. Derek says this should be usable for all versions of Minerva. Non-QemuLator version of Quick Mandelbrot III now on Graphics page (thanks again to Derek Stewart).

29/12/2021 Corrected OCR errors in the Q-Liberator manuals for the WINDS directive. QLib page.

18/11/2021 Added Qbits Software Collection to Misc Software Page.

29/11/2021 QLiberator v3.45 added to QLiberator page.

23/10/2021 Added an index to the QMac manual to the Assembler page, thanks to David Westbury.

24/09/2021 Corrected link to Wolfgang Lenerz SMSQ/E site on Disassemblies page.

20/09/2021 QLiberator compiler v3.44 added to QLiberator page.

18/09/2021 Added Bugziacs to QL Games page.

04/09/2021 Added QLiberator compiler v3.43 to QLib page.

05/08/2021 Added Basicode to Misc programs page.

02/08/2021 Added v3.42 update of QLiberator compiler to QLiberator page.

21/07/2021 Added v3.41 update of QLiberator compiler to QLiberator page.

12/07/2021 Added scan of QL review from Personal Computing World in 1984 to Magazine Articles page.

25/06/2021 Added image of Swedish MGB ROM to QL ROMs page, although not sure of copyright status on this one. Anyone know, or in contact with anyone from Beckman to find out?

24/06/2021 Three versions of Swedish ROMs preserved on QL ROMs page, thanks to the guys on QL Forum.

27/05/2021 Minor correction to German Abacus v2.25 (device names in executable) on Psion programs page.

21/05/2021 High quality scan PDF of the QL User Guide added to Replacement Manuals page, along with a link to the original on Also, some of the shortcut links at the top of the Replacement Manuals page were broken, so fixed those while I was at it.

18/05/2021 Fixed broken link to external site on QL ROMs page.

28/04/2021 PDF of the scanned Caps LED documents added to Hardware Docs page.

27/04/2021 Caps  LED documents scanned, added to Hardware Docs page.

27/03/2021 Toolkit 2 v2.05 preserved on PE page.

26/03/2021 Dattel floppy disk system manual added to Replacement Manuals page.

23/03/2021 Optimised versions of the QL SUB magazine scans, smaller file size, now on Magazines page.

15/03/2021 Added floppy disk images of Abacus, Archive, Easel and Quill to Psion QL programs page.

04/03/2021 Added link to (Super) Gold Card ROM article on Marcel Kilgus's website to QL ROM versions page.

23/02/2021 Minor updates to the Emulators page.

21/02/2021 Added P.I.Cole 2 to Adventure Games page.

18/02/2021 Optimised versions of the QReview scans, with reduced file sizes, added to Magazines page, thanks to Cristian.

13/02/2021 MDI driver v1.09 added to Utilities page.

11/02/2021 Added an introduction to pointer environment and QL mouse systems here.

10/02/2021 Added all seven QReview magazines to Magazines page.

31/01/2021 Added Word doc version of the Qsound/Qprint manual on Replacement Manuals page.

28/01/2021 Added warning to Timers package on Toolkits page about the risks of crashing the system when it's used in a compiled basic program.

24/01/2021 Latest versions of pointer environment files added to PE page.

10/01/2021 First couple of issues of QL Technical Review added to Magazines page.

09/01/2021 Q-Connect manual added to Replacement Manuals page.

05/01/2021 Another ersion of Psion 4 for PC added.

26/12/2021 QaLendar 2021 added to the calendars page.

21/12/2020 C68 compiler sources added to C page.

07/12/2020 Added a QDOS starter disk image containing get-you-going software. A work in progress - suggestions welcome. Download from Misc page, under "QDOS Starter Disk Image".

19/11/2020 Added sample blank floppy disk images for DD 720KB and HD 1.44MB to Misc page.

17/11/2020 Fixed broken link to PNGCONV program page on Sprites page.

07/11/2020 TTos and Stella documents from Tony Tebby added to Articles page.

04/11/2020 Scanned copy of manual for Giga-Desk (later E.A.S.E.) and Giga-Basic added to Front Ends page.

02/11/2020 Revised copy of the QL Service Manual with many OCR error corrections added to eBooks page. Supercharge manual added to Turbo page.

28/10/2020 Warning added to eBooks page regarding OCR errors in the eBook versions of the QL Service Manual on eBooks page. On Replacement Manuals page, the Dansby OCR of the Service Mnaual has been deleted, too many errors in particular in the component value tables. The links to the Online version of the Service Manual are links link to a page on, which is external to my site.

26/10/2020 Added QL power supply circuit diagrams to Hardware Docs page.

21/10/2020 Link to Marcel's "live" QPC1 running in a DOSbox in a browser added to Emulators page. Link to ZXSimulator site added to ZX81 page.

18/10/2020 Some more links added to QL web links page.

05/10/2020 More scanned magazines added to Magazines page.

02/10/2020 Added Marcel's circuit diagram of CST Q-Disc controller to Hardware Docs page, along with a link to an Urs König article about QL build standards.

23/09/2020 Elaborate Tools v4.00 now added to Toolkits page.

11/09/2020 Added v2.45 of German Abacus to Psions page.

05/09/2020 Added link to Marcel Kilgus's blog article about his modified SuperQBoard and Eprommer II board, to the "SuperQBoard Modifications" section on my Hardware Docs page.

18/08/2020 Document added to File Format Documents page describing S-ROFF and GST linker file format.

17/08/2020 Added MCS utilities ROM for the Memodisk interface and its manual to Replacement Manuals page.

07/08/2020 Added Mail List and Stock Control to Business Programs page. Added QLTOPC and Organiser Transfer software to File Transfer page. QL Switch added to Psions page.

06/08/2020 Added Revision Control System to Misc Programs page. Added GNU diff to C page.

16/07/2020 Manual for the QL Personal Banking System added to Business page.

15/07/2020 QL Personal Banking System by Jack Gibbons, now freeware and available to download from the Business page.

30/06/2020 Link to EMT4WIN disc imaging program was dead, so I've uploaded a copy to Other OS section instead. Marcel Kilgus's simple floppy disc image maker program for QPC2 added to the Utilities page.

29/03/2020 ZX Spectrum font and ZX80 font for QL added to Fonts page.

28/03/2020 Added a ZX81 font for QL to the Fonts page. Verson 4.05 of QDOS/SMSQE Refernce Guide to Replacement Manuals page.

22/03/2020 QPAC2 Thing name list now updated to include French as well as German and English, thanks to Per Witte. Find it on the Pointer Environment Documents page.

20/03/2020 Added a collection of Thing system files and documents to PE page.

15/03/2020 Added Sinclair Archeology to eBooks page. QLiberator 3.37 added to QLib page.

09/03/2020 Updated link to Bob Spelten jr.'s QL website on QL web links page.

26/02/2020 Added Javier Guerra's "Sinclair QL Planet" news site to QL web links page.

17/02/2020 Fixed the reference to "ram1_" in the BOOT program of the Greek Psion QL programs package on Psions page. Added diagram and type number details plus link to another site for UK QL serial and joystick connector plugs to Hardware Docs page (Joystick section).

14/02/2020 Added Andrei Tenu's game "P.I.Cole-The Case Of The Missing Doxie" to the Adventure Games page.

12/02/2020 Added Greek version of Easel, Archive and Abacus to Psion programs page, as both a zipped file and a DD floppy disk image, thanks to Christos Kotampitsis.

11/02/2020 Added Phil Harvey-Smith's diagrams for a QL internal RAM expansion to Hardware Docs page. Version 02 of Per Witte's QLWARZ added to Utility Software page.

03/02/2020 Added EasyCircuit CAD and circuit design program to Graphics page. 198x adventure game added to Adventure Games page.

28/01/2020 Added article about the JS Technology Ltd Simple Video Scalar (connect QL video to SVGA monitors) and link to Marcel Kilgus's blog articles on his QL-VGA connector board to the Hardware Docs page. QBFtidy v6 added to Files page. QBQLSounds package added to Sound page. Newer version of the QBits game Galaxy AD2370 added to Games page. QBits 3D software added to Graphics page. QBConundrum added to Games page.

14/01/2020 QBits Bitmap Design program added to Graphics page.

13/01/2020 SCRXLIM and SCRYLIM extension functions added to Toolkits page. QBits Maze added to Games page.

24/11/19 Added new scanned magazine articles page for QL-related articles.

20/10/19 Added Shapes program to Graphics page.

14/10/19 Tried to convert on Games page into a non-QemuLator format, if it works can someone let me know and I'll remove the warning from the page.

01/10/19 ROM bugs article added to Basic Documents page.

29/09/19 Derek Stewart has supplied 2 zip files with MDI images of the vDrive software packs for use on systems which don't support the ".MDV" format, but can use the MDI imaging software driver of Martin Head. Downlaod Derek's ZIPs from the vDrive page.

28/09/19 A further 19 games packs for vDrive now available on vDrive page, thanks to Neal Card.

02/09/19 vDrive page created.

27/08/19 Update v0.05 of Per Witte's Themes showcase utility added to GD2 page.

11/08/19 v7.59 of PCB Design now available from graphics page.

08/08/19 Added vDrive versions of Abacus, Archive, Easel and Quill to Psion Programs page.

17/07/19 Version 1.04 of the BMP graphics conversion program available from Graphics page - thanks to Beb Spelten jr. for the update.

20/06/19 Added Martyn Hill's Q68 Network software to Q68 page.

27/05/19 Andrei Tenu suggested that I add SERMouse v3.03 to PE page, as he had experienced difficulty getting v3.04 to work on certain systems.

24/05/19 Sources for the Midi Tracker software added to Misc Programs page. QL Commander 2.0 added to Files page.

22/05/19 Greek QL User Guide added to eBooks page. The mirror backup site is now at

16/05/19 ScottZX adventure game interpreter added to Adventure Games page. Added link to Per Witte's Knoware site to QL web links page.

24/04/19 QL SUB magazines and more issues of QL User magazine uploaded as PDF files to Magazines page, thanks to Brian Kemmett.

28/03/19 Thor operating system 4.00 disassembly available from QL ROMs page.

25/03/19 Sermouse adaptor lead wiring added to Hardware Docs page.

24/03/19 A JPEG diagram showing how to re-attach the LED wires inside a QL added to Hardware Docs page.

11/03/19 Version 2 of the Sync program added to Files page.

06/03/19 QL New User Guide on Magazines page has been processed to reduce the file size down from 100MB to 15MB.

04/03/19 QL World magazine scans from 1992 to 1994 and QL New User Guide added to Magazines page (thanks to Klaus Frank once again for the scanning).

02/03/19 Some extra notes on the DEV device driver added to its description on Toolkits page (thanks to Tobias Fröschle). Sandy disk rom 1.18 removed from QL ROMs page as it's an unsafe version to use due to a bug.

27/02/19 ARTice 1.1 and MiceArt 1.2 for ICE systems available from Graphics page.

18/02/19 Wallpaper program added to Graphics page.

17/02/19 MDI and FDI drivers updates added to Utilities page. Magazines page: added link to download scanned copies of English and German editions of QL Today magazine.

14/02/19 Re-uploaded QL World Sept. 1989 to Magazines page to fix corrupted file.

13/02/19 Added more scanned issues of QL World magazine from 1990 and 1991 to magazines page.

07/02/19 Suqcess 2.07 added to Database page. QCoCo 1.63 added to Graphics page.

06/02/19 1/50th second timer article added to Articles page.

03/02/19 M-Crunch and Chess added to Games page.

28/01/19 SMSQ/E guide v1.06 now available from eBooks page.

23/01/19 Text file about HAL chip IC38 on QL boards, added to Hardware Docs page. Updates to QL web links page.

22/01/19 Stiqqies 1.03 update added to Misc programs page.

16/01/19 charset attribute changed for home page to UTF-8 (some characters were showing incorrectly on the RSS feed of QL Forum).

02/01/19 Added information about MIST and MiSTer QL implentations plus Q68 to Emulators page (OK, I know that strictly speaking they're not emulators...)

20/12/18 Added LEVEL2% extension to Toolkits page.

15/12/18 Polar to Rectangular and Rectangular to Polar conversion extensions, REV$ extension, SGN% extension, SWAP extension, TRIM$ extension, TRUE/FALSE extensions, TOOLFIN financial toolkit, Triprodro number rounding extensions, plus QSound EPROM extensions and programs added to Toolkits page.

14/12/18 FRACT, NDIM% and WIPE extensions, plus LWCUPC and MIN/MAX extensions added to Toolkits page.

13/12/18 ECMAN toolkit by Jacques Tripodi and Factorial extension from Bruno Coativy added to Toolkits page. Added short instruction file to 'functions' toolkit on Toolkits page.

12/12/18 Oliver Fink has kindly given permission for the QSpread spreadsheet software to be made freely available to download. Get it from the Spreadsheets page. Aehnlich (Similarity or Sounds Like) software added to Toolkits page. Added English text file (machine translated) to BGI fonts package on Fonts page. Added Bit% function to Toolkits page.

11/12/18 FSearch added to ProWesS page, thanks to Simon Balderson. Sources for the ProWesS S*Basic interface and documentation added to ProWesS page, thanks to Wolfgang Lenerz.

09/12/18 ProWesS and Proforma manuals as eBooks available from eBooks page, thanks to Derek Stewart. PFdata package on Prowess page updated, thanks to Bob Spelten. Updates to Q-Help and Q-Index on Misc programs page, plus sources for these added to same page. Computer One assembler and linker manuals added to Assembler page, thanks to Oliver Fink.

07/12/18 ProWesS apps PFlist and PWfile added to ProWesS page.

25/11/18 Added a PDF file version of the Sandy disk interfaces guide to Replacement Manuals page.

23/11/18 Added a PDF file version of the Dennis Briggs hardware interfaces guide on Hardware Docs page.

21/11/18 Added A3 300dpi scan of Vision QL monitor to replace the split 2xA4 ones stitched together, on replacement manuals page.

01/11/18 Fixed error in links to XTC68 updates on C page (thanks to Norman Dunbar for the info to sort this out).

31/10/18 Added link to a more recent update of XTC68 for Linux on Github, on the C page. Updated versions of Martin Head's IP Network driver etc on Internet, Networking and Communications page.

29/10/18 Latest update of uQLx 2018 available to download from Emulators page. Issue #6 of SMSQzine added to eZines page.

22/10/18 Added a document about the ZX8301 chip to the Hardware Docs page.

07/10/18 uQLx 2017 has been patched to fix the "*tcp"/"tcp" device name issue. Download the patched 32-bit and 64-bit binaries from the Emulators page.

06/10/18 DIR_EXISTS function added to BASIC programs page.

04/10/18 QED v2.02 update available on Editors & Viewers page. Scans of the very early QL User magazines from 1984 added to Magazines page.

03/10/18 IP Network driver version 1.14 and IP Router version 1.03 from Martin Head added to Internet, Networking and Communications page. V2.01 of QED editor from Jan Bredenbeek added to Editors & Viewers page.

16/09/18 Added examples files for QPTR toolkit to Programming page.

12/09/18 Added missing uqlx.html file (uQLx 2017 sources) to Emulators page.

11/09/18 Added Fitword to BASIC programs page.

19/08/18 Added Other OS programs page for a list of QL-related useful software such as file transfer utilities. Sync utility updated on Files page.

17/08/18 QL issue 6 schematic updated on Hardware Docs page, thanks to Marcel Kilgus. Small update to QD 2018 on Editors and Viewers page.

15/08/18 Added QD editor (now freeware) and manual to Editors and Viewers page.

14/08/18 Added disassembly of SUB device driver to Toolkits page. Version PM ROM image (QDOS 1.02) and notes from Urs König added to QL ROMs page.

10/08/18 Replaced the incorrect MDV version of The Pawn on Adventure Games page. Updated QL Shows List.

09/08/18 QL Pawn images added to Adventure Games page.

31/07/18 QL-SD driver v1.07 available from QL-SD page. win.rext extensions file for Miracle Hard Disks available from Replacement Manuals page.

29/07/18 More recent version of DEV driver available to download from Toolkits page.

27/06/18 Manual for Front Page 1.00 and 1.01 available from Graphics page.

11/06/18 QDOS/SMS Reference Guide v4.4 available from Replacement Manuals page.

29/05/18 Corrected typo in description of link to Jonathan Hudson's website on QL web links page.

24/05/18 Scanned manual for Full House on Games page, thanks to Bob Spelten jr. for scanning it.

22/05/18 Full House game added to Games page. Q-Writer added to Editors and Viewers page. Pattern Match routine added to BASIC programs page.

21/05/18 Three versions of Front Page desktop publisher from GAP Software added to Graphics page. QLone+ and Disktool added to Files page. Minerva copyright notice, license and some info text files added to the QL ROMs page.

12/05/18 Csize demo added to Demos page. Pan Basic Extensions added to Programming page. Corrected version number of QPTR extensions on Programming page.

11/05/18 BouQLder QLash game from Wolfgang Lenerz added to Games page.

10/05/18 Further QL World magazine scans from 1988 and 1989 added to Magazines page, thanks to Klaus Frank.

07/05/18 Xchange Training Manual added to Psion programs page. CST Thor document added to Thor documents page. Scanned PDF of the original FLP Level 2/ATR manual, JFC QL-WIN card, Schön keyboard and German versions of the JFC A/D and QL Scanner manuals added to Replacement Manuals page. ARTice added to Graphics page.

24/04/18 Graphics Toolkit fractals program added to Graphics page.

20/04/18 SMSQ/E manual v1.05 available from eBooks page.

18/04/18 New QUBIDE page - links to documentation, drivers, transfer software etc. Some Tetroid manuals added to Replacement Manuals page.

17/04/18 QL-SD driver update available from QL-SD page.

14/04/18 SerMouse software added to PE and Toolkit 2 page.

13/04/18 QTImage v1.3 added to Graphics page. Further issues of QL World added to Magazines page.

09/04/18 Further issues of QL World from 1991 added to Magazines page, thanks again to Albrecht Kleinfeld. Newer versions of the hard drive check utilities, plus Cueshell and FiFi added to Files page. List of Toolkit 2 updates up to version 2.31 added to PE and TK2 page.

07/04/18 PictureMaster Plus added to Graphics page. Uploaded additional scanned issues of QL World magazine (plus re-uploaded some damaged files from the 1987 issues) to Magazines page.

05/04/18 Classic Adventures from Abersoft added to Adventure Games page. Prospero Pro-Pascal added to Programming Languages page. Open Uiversity document about the QL and its marketing from 1986 added to Articles page (not really an article but it didn't seem to fit in anywhere else!). Short Hermes article added to Articles page. Further scanned issues of QL World magazine added to Magazines page, thanks again to Albrecht Kleinfeld.

02/04/18 Four more QL World scans added to Magazines page, thanks to Albrecht Kleinfeld.

27/03/18 Sector X added to Games page.

20/03/18 A version of QLiberator compiler runtimes modified to allow use of External procedures with SMSQ/E added to QLiberator page.

19/03/18 StuffScrap from Per Witte added to Misc programs page.

10/03/18 Scanned 1987 QL Worlds added to magazines page, thanks to Klaus Frank.

05/03/18  Toolkit 2 v2.32 added to Pointer Environment and Toolkit 2 page.

04/03/18 QMenu 8.05 update added to Toolkits page.

27/02/18 Added Marcel Kilgus's patched (I/O bug fix) Minerva 1.98 ROM image to QL ROMs page. DataDesign 4.12 update added to Prowess page.

20/02/18 Added links to sections of "QL 2002 The DVD" available on You-Tube to QL 2002 The DVD page.

19/02/18 Added the Italian QL community Facebook page to QL web links page. QL 2002 The DVD added to the site on its own page.

13/02/18 Clavier AZERTY (AZERTY Keyboard) and QL Cryptor added to Miscellaneous programs page. Tortue logo added to Graphics page. Added the Assembler Workbench package to Assembler page. Restored the Contact Me message form, but it only seems to work on the main site, not the mirror at the moment.

12/02/18 WinEd added to Files page. Wolfgang Lenerz's new driver for QL-SD added to QL-SD page. Hardback and Finder added to Backup page. Supercharge SE added to Turbo page.

30/01/18 Amended description of IP Net Driver and IP Router on Internet, Networking and Communications page. Brought the eZines page up todate with latest issues of SMSQzine from Timothy Swenson.

29/01/18 v1.12 of IP Network Driver and IP Router v1.02 from Martin Head added to Internet, Networking and Communications page.

22/01/18 v1.10 update of IPnet and IPLocalNet (now known as IP Network Device Driver) from Martin Head added to Internet, Networking and Communications page.

21/01/18 Added Martin Head's NAServe software to Internet, Networking and Communications page. Further scans of QL User and QL World magazines added to Magazines page, thanks to Klaus Frank.

06/01/18 Added Wolfgang Lenerz's document about DV3 Device Drivers to the SMSQE and GD2 documents page. Updated Wander to v1.01 on Adventure Games page.

11/12/17 Version 8.04 of menu_rext (QMenu) added to Toolkits page. Ace and Trey Card interface manuals from Miracle Systems added to Replacement Manuals page.

05/12/17 Q68 SMSQ/E manual added to Q68 page. Spinning World added to Screen Savers page.

28/11/17 Amended description text on Q68 page. ADVgen on Adventures page updated, minor update only. Diplomacy Games Master added to Games page (note warning to rename files after unzipping). SAM game added to Games page. Reversi game added to Games page.

27/11/17 QMenu 8.03 added to Toolkits page. New Q68 page added. WMAN2 Themes package from Per Witte added to GD2 page.

23/11/17 QL Classic OTF fonts added to Fonts page. Wildcard file search program added to Files page. KeyBeep extension and article added to Utilities page.

19/11/17 QCDEZE v2.0 added to Files page. Improved version of Q_Liberator manual added to Q_Liberator page. Fixed a few broken links on various pages.

13/11/17 Added revised version of Q_Liberator 3.36 manual to Q_Liberator page. MenuConfig 3.36 added to Config page.

09/11/17 Added chapter 15 of Q_Liberator manual, which is not included with some versions of the manual, to the Q_Liberator page.

31/10/17 QxlWinReader added to File Transfer page.

27/10/17 QL Shows page updated.

17/10/17 A few issues of QL World magazine added to Magazines page.

16/10/17 Better quality scan of the QL Service Manual added to Replacement Manuals page, thanks to Klaus Frank in Denmark.

13/10/17 QBase 1.01 and sources added to Database page.

12/10/17 PCB Design 7.56 available from Graphics page. SMSQ/E Module Viewer added to Utilities page. Manual for QMenu8 added to Toolkits page.

20/09/17 Updated Dave Walker's website address on QL web links page. Extra versions of menu_rext (Menu Extension) available from Toolkits page.

18/09/17 Lear PCB Design 7.55 available to download from Graphics page.

17/09/17 New version of QBase available on Database page.

06/09/17 Long overdue revision of the QL web links page done, many "dead" links removed, new links for QL Wiki and some recent Facebook groups added, and so on.

02/09/17 Lear PCB Design 7.54 available to download from the Graphics page.

29/08/17 Photon 0.32 available from Graphics page. PDF file of Martin Head's Battery Backed Clock available on hardware docs page (thanks to Martyn Hill).

21/08/17 Photon 0.31 available from Graphics page.

19/08/17 Q-Dock is now freeware and may be downloaded from the Q-Dock page. Launchpad also now freeware and may be downloaded from Launchpad page.

09/08/17 QTImage 1.2 added to Graphics page. Active Buttons and WiQgets added to Utilities page.

07/08/17 Galaxy Adventure 2370 added to Games page.

04/08/17 QTImage added to Graphics page.

22/07/17 Missing extensions for Media Manager sources on Files Page now available (thanks to Derek Stewart).

21/07/17 Lear PCB Design 7.52 now available on Graphics page.

19/06/17 Latest versions of the QPTR and SMSQ Reference guides available on the Replacement Manuals page.

18/06/17 Added link to Linux and Windows dd programs on PC-QL File Transfer page. Minerva 1.97 image added to QL ROMs page.

17/06/17 RPM manual added to QLib page.

14/06/17 QLiberator 3 manual updated to include updates for most recent version and corrected a few typos.

13/06/17 QLiberator, QLOAD, QREF and RPM now made freeware and available to download from the new QLiberator page.

11/06/17 Trump Card ROM v2.18 added to QL ROMs page.

22/05/17 Thor 8 ROM v4.22 added to QL ROMs page.

11/05/17 Qubata version 3.10 added to QL ROMs page.

03/05/17 Peter Sulzer's 'ls' package moved from Toolkits to Shells page, where it was more appropriate. Note that owing to a clash of filenames with another ls package on there, it's been renamed to

25/04/17 Sernet 3.01 added to Toolkits page. Description of PipeDriver (named pipes) corrected on Toolkits page, thanks to Peter Sulzer for pointing this out. Three packages from Peter Sulzer added to Toolkits page.

24/04/17 Sernet 2.25 added to Toolkits page.

21/04/17 Win-Dos v1.01 added to Files page, thanks to Bob Spelten for updating the program to use NFA_ keywords on SMSQmulator.

10/04/17 Patched Fleet Tactical Command Demo for QPC2, allowing you to play a networked game between two copies of QPC2 either on the same PC, or two PCs connected over a Local Area Network, added to the Games page.

05/04/17 New connect game (Hexa-Puzzle) by Frank Dibowski added to Games page. Also from same author, updates to Puzzel, Same and Sudoku on same page.

04/04/17 Package of ready modified Psion programs for use with systems where the memory grabbing habits are a problem such as Qubide level 2 available from QL ROMs page (Qubide section), thanks to Alain Haoui.

03/04/17 Information on how to prevent problems on saving Quill documents to some Qubide systems added to QL ROms page (Qubide section)

02/04/17 Wander added to Adventure Games page.

29/03/17 A collection of 292 games for use with the Infocom Routines For QDOS available from Adventure Games page.

28/03/17 QL Forum adventure added to Adventure Games page.

27/03/17 Toolkit 2 v2.31 available from PE page.

26/03/17 Fast Serial Board project from Terry Harman added to Hardware Docs page.

15/03/17 QPTR binaries and source files available on Programming page.

14/03/17 SuQcess v2.05 added to Database page. QMake and Disa3 manual added to Assembler page. Adventure Shell added to Adventure Games page.

06/03/17 Manual for Disa v3 now on Assembler page. Version of Trump Card ROM v2.17 now with version 2.26 of Toolkit 2 on QL ROMs page.

05/03/17 Document with pictures and power supply pinouts etc added to Replacement Manuals page. New page in Documents section, with Richard Zidlicky's original uQLx documents plus the TCP/IP notes, along with information and examples on using TCP/IP from QL BASIC by Martin Head and Dilwyn Jones.

03/03/17 Quill_e an enhanced version of Quill 2.4 by Keith Murphy now available to download on Psion programs page.

01/03/17 New version of phgtk and new PHOTON viewer from Dave Westbury on Graphics page.

26/02/17 Added Mersey Mouse document to Replacement Manuals page. Added QL2K, QLAY2, QLtoolsq, QLayt and Quill-View to emulators page.

22/02/17 Update to QubQ40 on QL ROMs page. uQLx 2017 on Emulators page now includes a 32-bit x86 binary.

21/02/17 Data Design 3 API (Application Programming Interface) added to Database page. Corrected minor error in the QubQ40 zip file on QL ROMs page. Added new, larger version of Colossal Cave adventure ported by Graeme Gregory to Adventure Games page.

20/02/17 Updated sources for XTC68 (Posix/Linux) available to download on C page, or via link to Github on same page. BMP update on Graphics page. QubQ40, a version of QubATA for Q40/Q60 computers, available from QL ROMs page. uQLx 2017 for 32- and 64-bit x86 and ARM (6/7/8) systems now available from Emulators page. QED editor v1.02c and sources available from Editors & Viewers page.

15/02/17 MultiMon 2.1, sources and English manual now available from Assembler Tools page.

14/02/17 Added some more blogs and Facebook pages to the QL web links page.

12/02/17 CD Explorer demo program for QubATA drivers added to QL ROMs page. BMP v1.03 added to Graphics page. SMSQ/E manuals v1.04 added to eBooks page, along with original Word files and online HTML version. Added QBFtidy from Q-Bits to Files page. QBDarts, QBWH, QBGolf and QBMD from QBits added to Games page.

10/02/17 QL AWK added to Languages page.

09/02/17 New QubATA driver for QUBIDE interfaces on QL ROMs page. Document with photos of PCBs of Ulrich Rosowski QL hardware added to Hardware Docs page. IPNet driver and IPLocalNet updated to v1.09 on Internet Networking and Communications section.

04/02/17 QL web links page updated. Added some information about Italian Preservation Program and Sinclair Retro BBS to Internet page.

01/02/17 SuQcess database v1.20 added to Database page.

29/01/17 Links added for RWAP's online SuperBASIC Reference Guide. QL Shows page updated with dates of the 2017 Quanta mini-workshops in Manchester. Added 'ls' to BASIC Programs page.

28/01/17 DISA v2.01 and manual for DISA v2 added to Assembler page

26/01/17 Fourth version of the Bridge program added to Games page. Latest QPC2 and manual added to Emulators page. Disa 3 added to Assembler page. ATR device driver and Menu_Rext added to Toolkits page. Games page has now grown so large, I followed Rich Mellor's suggestion to split off the adventure games onto their own page.

24/01/17 Version of Spacepods which works with Mist FPGA Computer added to Games page.

09/01/17 QDOS/SMS Reference Guide updated on Manuals page. Bridge updated on Games page. ADVgen Adventure Creator, QL Conquest and The Wall added to Games page. QL Playwright and QL Scriptwriter added to Editors And Viewers page.

08/01/17 sb2htm on Html Utilities page updated to v0.98

07/01/17 QLwarz added to Utilities page

22/12/16 QaLendar 2017 (QL calendar for 2017) available to download from Calendar page.

21/12/16 Internet & Communications page changed to Internet, Networking & Communications page (as IPNet didn't really fit into the existing categories).

20/12/16 IPNet 1.08 and IPLocalNet and IPNet Router all available to download from Internet & Communications Utilities page.

19/12/16 Added three small toolkits from Marcel Kilgus to Toolkits page. Easyptr 4 added to Programming page.

15/12/16 Tony Tebby's SMSQ/E and GD2 documents from 2002 available to download on SMSQ/E And GD2 Documents page. Thanks to Per Witte for making these available to me. v4.1 of QDOS/SMS Reference Guide added to Manuals page. A coupleof news items added to home page. Changed link to Urs Koenig's QL blog on QL links page.

14/12/16 Description for Golf2 on Games page updated.

11/12/16 WSPT (Write Sprite) extension from Per Witte added to Toolkits page.

09/12/16 MonQubIDE program from Alain Haoui for Qubide systems added to QL ROMs page.

07/12/16 PIC file load/save extensions utility added to Toolkits page.

06/12/16 QLTerm v2.35 available to download from Internet And Communications Utilities page.

27/11/16 MatriQx from Per Witte available to download from Screen Savers page.

20/11/16 PCB Design v7.47 and SQRview now available from Graphics page.

18/11/16 Added enhanced version of to Games page, with thanks to Derek Stewart for his work.

10/11/16 QL Genealogist added to Database page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

09/11/16 ProForma Epson ESC/P2 Colour Drivers added to Prowess page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

07/11/16 RWAP Software version of QL Payroll added to Business page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

06/11/16 RWAP Software version of QL Cash Trader added to Business page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

05/11/16 Sidewriter added to Printing page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

04/11/16 SToQL Screen Convertor added to Graphics page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

03/11/16 Contact form temporarily removed.

03/11/16 3D Terrain added to Graphics page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

02/11/16 Quick Mandelbrot III added to Graphics page as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

13/10/16 IPnet v1.02 now available to download from Internet and Communications page.

29/09/16 v7.44 of PCB Design software available to download from Graphics page.

18/09/16 Latest versions of MDI and FDI drivers added to Utilities page. IPbasic and IPnet added to Internet page.

08/09/16 Enhanced version of phgtk graphics toolkit available from Graphics page.

01/09/16 Fontutils for PROforma/Prowess added to Prowess page.

30/08/16 ZM/128, ZM/hT emulators, manuals and accessories added to Spectrum emulators page.

25/08/16 PCB Design 7.43 update added to Graphics page.

21/08/16 Lear PCB Design 7.42 update added to Graphics page. Arrakis Music added to Sound page. Recconaissance added to Games page.

18/08/16 Tobias Fröschle's "cheat sheet" of hints for Voyage Of The Beano game added to Games page.

14/08/16 TrueType versions of Font Pack 1 for Proforma added to fonts page.

12/08/16 QL web links page updated.

11/08/16 QL web links page updated.

06/08/16 Added the Type 1 fonts from which the Proforma Fonts Pack 1 was converted originally.

01/08/16 Data Design v4.09 added to Prowess page. Thanks to Markus Dettwiler.

31/07/16 Line Design 2.07, fonts and clipart disks now available to download from Prowess page, together with a minimal installation of PROforma just to run older PROGS programs like LineDesign and PFB2PFF.

30/07/16 Replaced (Proforma Font Pack 1) on Fonts page, as zip file had become corrupt.

28/07/16 PFlist added to Prowess page, along with a batch file utility for the pfb2pff package. TTF2PT1 (a DOS program) added to same page to allow TrueType fonts to be converted to Adobe Type 1 fonts ready to convert to QL with the pfb2pff package.

25/07/16 pfb2pff added to Prowess page.

24/07/16 Music Manager added to Sound page, and QL Library Manager added to Programming page.

17/07/16 V7.41 of PCBDesign package now available from Graphics page.

14/07/16 Update to sprite designer package on Sprites page.

12/07/16 Q-Eyes added to Misc Programs page. BISON and FLEX added to C page. Sed added to Editors & Viewers page. Froggy added to Games page. PrtManager added to Printing page.

09/07/16 v7.40 of PCB Design software added to Graphics page.

03/07/16 QDOS$ extension added to Toolkits page.

26/06/16 Added a mini adventure game called simply ADV to Games page. Added latest Turbo Toolkit to Turbo page.

23/06/16 Added M-Metropolis to Games page.

20/06/16 J.A.M. added to Front Ends page. Q-Ball added to Games page.

17/06/16 DOS version of Psion Chess added to Games page.

09/06/16 Update to phgtk (under Photon on Graphics page)

08/06/16 Quill-View for Windows, Linux and QDOS added to File Transfer page.

05/06/16 IDIS SE added to Assembler page.

25/05/16 Updated version of PHGTK (the Photon derivative extensions) from David Westbury now available on Graphics page.

22/05/16  QLib Patch 1.00 added to Programming page. IBMDisk 1.5 added to Files page. Z88 Source Book added to Text files page. DIRfix and UTime fix added to C page. DrBob 502 and NOKIA FAQ added to Documents/Comms page. QXLmode, MaxWindows, Partition 1.04 and 1.05, Utilities 1.10, WinEditor 1.40, MEMV3.3, QPC1Thing v1.00 and Keyboard Translate 1.00 and 1.02 added to Utilities page. Perfection Alternative Help system added to Editors and Viewers page. Minor update to description of Cross & Diagonal (Kruz & Quer) on Games page - still in need of instructions, though. Tannisho added to Religion page. NASA NEAR press kit, Lottery Syndicate Check and Phonelog 1.33 added to Misc page. ACPzitQS and Zcrypt 2.6 added to Archivers page. Zodiac clipartfor LineDesign added to Clipart page. HTML Machine 1.02 added to HTML Utils page. Latest QPC2 v4.0.4.9 and manual added to Emulators page. QSpread 1.33 demo added to Demo Versions page. PC-QL File Transfer article updated with details of Job2Bas for getting your first opy of Unzip over to a QL.

21/05/16 Added Basic Linker (now freeware) and Basic_Lib to Programming page. Ret_Stk and Outptr to Toolkits page. Dock to front ends page.

20/05/16 Added Micorosft-BASIC conversion notes and procedures to BASIC page. Also added Detokenizer for such BASIC programs to convert them to plain text for manual editing to QL BASIC on same page.

18/05/16 Added new link to Quantum Technology website.

20/04/16 Correction to name of author of Disa software on Demo Versions page. CURSES Companion Disk added to C page.

16/04/16 "BMP And SCR Conversions" package on Graphics Page now includes the small improvement by Roberto Porro to MODE32BMP_bas program for better handling of the green bits of a colour word in MODE 32. Details in the README_txt of the package.

06/04/16 MGX (French and UK versions) added to QL ROMs page.

26/03/16 Archivist and Cardfile (formerly by ARK, now freeware) added to Database page.

24/03/16 Graphics Construction Kit now freeware and added to Graphics page.

22/03/16 Medic disk interface upgrade ROM v1.18a added to QL ROMs page (thanks to Derek Stewart).

21/03/16 QEP3 Service Manual from Ian Burkinshaw updated on Hardware Docs page. SWIPE and AnalytiQL added to Games page.

20/03/16 Toolkit 2 manual available in several eBook format on eBooks page.

18/03/16 QEPIII Eprom Programmer ROM image on QL ROMs page, thanks to David Westbury.

16/03/16 QLF (QL Flugtrainer or QL Flight Trainer) available from Games page. TRL128 disc interface ROM image and Tyche ROM disassembly and notes from David Westbury added to QL ROMs page. Update to the JS-TK223 packages on PE and Toolkit 2 page.

15/03/16 Repackaged Brouhabouha Forth available to download from the Languages page, thanks to Marcos Cruz.

03/03/16 Updates to and on PE & TK2 page. Added a MicroPeripherals disk interface replacement upgrade ROM to QL ROMs page.

28/02/16 Q-Bar v1.02 added to Front Ends page.

27/02/16 Font2Data, Condensed and Jumbo added to Fonts page.

24/02/16 16K Toolkit 2 v2.23 and JS+TK2 v2.23 sets plus Toolkit 2 manual PDF file version added to PE & TK2 page.

23/02/16 Trump Card v2.17c with TK2 v2.23 added to QL ROMs page.

21/02/16 Trump Card ROM v1.37 added to QL ROMs page, and the sepProparated Toolkit 2 v2.26 added to PE & TK2 page. Thanks to Urs König for this.

17/02/16 Links to the Qubide clone page (Spanish and English) and to Habi's Windows Qubide image editor added to QL web links page.

15/02/16 Version of Minerva 1.98 ROM image modified to work with QemuLator added to QL ROMs page.

14/02/16 A couple of new links added to Documentation page index.

11/02/16 Black Phoenix software distribution download and information page link on Links to QL sites page and in News column on home page.

09/02/16 SMSQ/E manual v1.03 now available on eBooks page. Also now also available as online HTML version. v1.01 of Q-Bar available on Front Ends page, fixes minor bug with appearance of Locate icon in MODE 4.

08/02/16 Links to the new Propeller QL board (pPropQL) pages added to QL net links page. QL Shows List page updated with details of the three mini-workshops in Manchester, England in 2016.

06/02/16 Q-Bar added to Front Ends page.

29/01/16 Toolkit 2 v2.26 added to Pointer Environment & Toolkit 2 page.

26/01/16 Ser_USB drivers v2.00 added to Misc page. Urs Koenig website address updated to  here and there throughout the site.

23/01/16 Toolkit 2 v2.23 added to Pointer Environment & Toolkit 2 page. Source HTML files for Dates toolkit added to Toolkits page. Rescue Of Horan, Fred (Poker, Black Jack and High Low), Gambler (Backgammon, Checkers, Nine Men's Morris) and German version of Grey Wolf (English language version available from RWAP Software) and Final Conflict added to Games page. Graf3D added to Graphics page.

19/01/16 FJpeg on Graphics page now updated to handle PNG graphics files.

15/01/16 Corrected version number of Toolkit 2 patched with Magnetic Eprom on PE & TK2 page. Thanks to Dex on QL Forum for bringing this error to my attention.

28/12/15 Updated version of Prospero ProFortran manual on languages page. File size much reduced (from over 60MB to 3.5MB) thanks to work by Derek Stewart.

17/12/15 Update to FJPEG and new FGIF on Graphics page.

06/12/15 Disk image of GST QC compiler added to same program on C page.

15/11/15 Another JS ROM disassembly added to Disassemblies page.

01/11/15 Addedmanual for Prospero Pro Fortran on Languages page, thanks to Julian Skidmore.

25/10/15 Fixed a coupleof minor typos on Utilities page.

23/10/15 Backup program on Backup page updated. FJPEG (listed under Photon on Graphics page) updated.

22/10/15 Super Star Trek, Starport, Space Pods, Q-Slot, QL-Zeitfalle and M-Cosmic added to Games page, thanks to Detlef Obermann for sourcing these from German PD disks.

19/10/15 Quo Vadis Design's demon website removed from QL web links page. The software sales page at is still active.

12/10/15 Blindo and Breakout4 added to Games page.

11/10/15 Vision Mixer 2 on Graphics page now at v1.01 following new feature suggestion by Giorgio Garabello.

07/10/15 Updates to Returning To The QL page. Corrected pin numbering on serial port header diagram on Serial Links page (thanks to David Buckley for reporting the error).

30/09/15 Update to Signal Extension on toolkits page.

22/09/15 SuperBASIC syntax file for editing programs in Notepad++ added to BASIC page.

20/09/15 Update to Photon jpeg viewer (FJpeg) on Graphics page, and a program to look at the details of a JPEG file on same page.

10/09/15 Update to PCB Design program on Graphics page.

14/08/15 QLHD project added to hardware docs page - thanks to Derek Stewart for recovering this to make it available.

24/07/15 Trump Card v1.36/Toolkit 2 v2.26 added to QL ROMs page, thanks to Massimo Raffaele.

22/07/15 MDI driver update 1.06 added to Utilities page.

21/07/15 QLone added to Files page. Boot128 added to Toolkits page.

05/07/15 Q-Help and Q-Index added to Misc Programs page.

28/06/15 Toolkit 3 sources added to Toolkits page.

25/06/15 V2.01 update for FDI driver on Utilities page. Link to Tim Swenson site added to QL web links page.

04/06/15 Computer One Assembler now freeware, on Assembler page. QTop front end system now available as freeware from the Front Ends section. QDT QL Desktop v1.10 also available from Front Ends Section. Charvel Soft demo disk added to Demo Versions page, includes the Elite and 3D demos, Q-Spec tape reader and Picture Show. Rotating Head demo added to Demo Versions page. QL Synth added to Sound page. GDOS Reader added to Spectrum page.

03/06/15 Lear PCB Design 7.37 now available from Graphics page.

29/05/15 XoX and QLotski added to Games page.

20/05/15 RAM image version of Toolkit 2 v2.20 added to PE and TK2 page. Werner added to Games page.

17/05/15 Missing article from the Ian Burkinshaw QL hardware articles series (part 4 of I2C series) replaced.

16/05/15 Star Trek game added to Games page and Lear PCB Design 7.36 added to Graphics page.

14/05/15 Updated Sector Software links.

13/05/15 Further files added to Text page.

12/05/15 Magna Carta, Quotes, AlmostHistory, ERDictionary, StarTrek Guide, XFiles, CulinaryHerb and Diet added to Text page.

11/05/15 UKPostcodes text file added to Misc programs page. Fixed link to Classic TV texts and added further items on Text page. Fixed a couple of typos and broken picture link on Ian Burkinshaw hardware articles page in Hardware Docs section.

10/05/15 Disk Utilities v2.00 added to Files page. WatchMem and TimeCal added to Utilities page. PCL fax utility added to Printing page. LineDesignClipArt 14 AI files added to Clipart page. Older version of Signal Extensions added to Toolkits page. BOOT.ZIP added to Misc programs page. D2MAC added to Hardware Docs page. Nostradamus added to Text page. LZWsource added to Archivers page. PICer added to Graphics page. MazeGame added to Games page. QLibPatch 1.00 added to Toolkits page. SendFax, SeaLink and Filter added to Internet and Comms page. C68HotKeyThingFix added to C page. Released added to Religion page. Fractals package added to Graphics page. Phil Borman's Drivers package added to Toolkits page. ConnorHDSpec added to Hardware Docs page.

05/05/15 FDI device driver v2.00 and v1.04 update now available from Utilities page.

29/04/15 Revised manuals for Gigachrome (English and German) now available as Word and PDF files from Graphics page.

21/04/15 PCBdesign v7.35 now available from Graphics page.

18/04/15 GigaChrome added to Graphics page.

17/04/15 API (Applications Programming Interface) manual for DataDesign added to Database page, thanks to Wolfgang Lenerz.

16/04/15 For those without Javascript enabled in their browsers, a simplified version of the site search box is now located further down the page. Re-uploaded DIY Toolkit on Toolkits page, to fix corrupted zip file. Three documents added to Hardware Docs page.

15/04/15 By popular request (well, OK, it was Wolfgang Lenerz who asked) the home page now has a site search box where you can enter keywords to search for, and sections of the website to search in (e.g. documents only, downloads only, entire website). The search box is provided free with adverts on search results page by a company called SiteLevel (link just under the search box if anyone else would like to use it for their QL website).

14/04/15 Manual for E.A.S.E. now available. Thanks Detlef. Fixed PCB Design 7.34 download (incorrect link) on graphics page (thanks Ralf!)

13/04/15 Giga-Basic extensions package available from Programming page. E.A.S.E. package available from the Front Ends page.

10/04/15 Toolkit 3 now available to download from Toolkits page. Autumn QL workshop in Manchester added to Shows page.

07/04/15 PCB Design v7.34 now available to download from Graphics page.

25/03/15 Tascopy and Tasprint software now available to download as Freeware from the Printing page.

23/03/15 Included links to iTunes store from eBooks and Turbo pages now that Lee Privett has released free copies of the three manuals for Turbo via iTunes.

15/03/15 OCRed manual for Nucleon (Pyramide software) added to Programming page in 2 formats.

14/03/15 A 'HowTo' guide for reassembling the Minerva Sources is now available on the QL ROMs page. PDF manual for The Designer available from Graphics page.

11/03/15 English manual for QL Peintre now available on Graphics page.

08/03/15 Manuals for AZERTY_ROM added to QL ROMs page. French manual for QL Peintre added to Graphics page. The Designer CAD package added to Graphics page.

07/03/15 Nucleon programming aid added to Programming page

06/03/15 Troll role playing game and editor added to Games page. Bag Of Tricks 1 and 2 from Pyramide added to Misc programs page. Graphic Toolkit and manual added to Graphics page.

05/03/15 The Workbench User Guide, for GT-Prolog, has been scanned and placed with GT-Prolog on the Languages page. Searchable manual for Professional Publisher now available on Graphics page.

02/03/15 Peintre from Pyramide is now freeware and may be downloaded from the Graphics page.

28/02/15 QSlam by Uwe Raabe added to Games page.

22/02/15 Updated version of Doc2Rtf now available on File Transfer page.

21/02/15 Manual (plain text file) added for The Blag 2 on Games page. Contained in the zip file for the game. QL ROMs page now contains a hint to speed up loading of fast files on some systems fitted with a Minerva ROM, see the Minerva Utilities section on that page.

17/02/15 Improved Desktop Publisher manual added to graphics page.

11/02/15 Desktop Publisher added to graphics page.

05/02/15 GAM (Graphics Access Manager) update from Tomas Kral added to frontends page.

27/01/15 AZERTY ROM image from Pyramide (now freeware) added to QL ROMs page.

15/01/15 Several references to the QL Today website removed now it has ceased to be a QL site.

07/01/15 Kempston Centronics Interface ROM and Technology Research interface utilities disk added to QL ROM page.

06/01/15 GT-Prolog added to Languages page.

19/12/14 Manual for Computer One Monitor added to assembler page.

18/12/14 Timers added to Toolkits page.

15/12/14 QXLkeys added to Utilities page. ConRead and C68_A68_v4.5b update added to C page. ComWords added to docs/comms page.

14/12/14 Election 92 added to Misc programs page. WhatCPU added to Toolkits page. HardDriveCheck added to Files page. Q-Front 1.0 fax front end added to Internet page. FileMap 1.02 added to Backup page. Small update to BrouhaBouha forth on languages page. HPDeskjetRefill notes added to docs/printer page. Small update to ASM20 on Assembler page. New page for assorted Text Files which don't fit anywhere else. DoctorEditor added to Files page. WPdata driver for Perfection (converts Perfection to Word Perfect) added to File Transfer page. Address Book & Label Printer demo version added to demo versions page for posterity.

07/12/14 MaQnifier screen magnifier program now available to download from Misc Programs page.

26/11/14 the 500 sprites for Q-Dock package has now been converted to a format suitable for use with Launchpad v2.02 and later, thanks to Ian Burkinshaw. Download them from the Q-Dock page.

10/11/14 Q-Dock sprites (disk 3) available for free download from Q-Dock page. v2.2 of QL World/QL User Index which now includes all published issues of the magazines now available from the Docs/Magazines page.

07/11/14 SPRV sprite viewer available to download from the Q-Dock page.

04/11/14 Paladin on Games page was previously incorrectly credited, now corrected the name of the authors and publisher in the accompanying doc file.

03/11/14 QEPIII service manual and test results spreadsheet added to Hardware Docs page.

27/10/14 Turbo compiler 5.09 (now compiles COMMAND_LINE with a parameter) plus sources now available from the Turbo page.

21/10/14 QL-SD driver sources update available from QL-SD page.

14/10/14 Added information about video adaptor devices to allow QL to be connected to more modern monitors to the Back To The QL page.

12/10/14 QL-SD hardware sources documents added to QL-SD page.

09/10/14 2048 added to Games page. Update to Msprv sprite viewer on Sprites page.

05/10/14 Leonardo graphics program, updated by Tomas Kral, added to Graphics page.

03/09/14 Minor revision to QL-SD sources package. RESdev added to Toolkits page. Updated LookShow software added to Graphics page.

02/09/14 QL-SD sources available from QL-SD page. Old C68 bug fix pack available to download from C page. KEdit for Atari ST-QL emulators added to Misc page. JPEG2GIF added to Graphics page in place of existing version ( which was corrupt. Miracle Hard Disk system software update v2.07 and Terry Harman Serial Board software v0.05 COM driver update added to QL ROMs page. X-Files series 1/2 episode guide added to Misc page. Updated config program for Xchange 3.09K added to Psions page. Phoneday added to Misc programs page.

31/08/14 QDOS-GCC compiler added to C page. PDFs of QLUB newsletter added to Magazines page.

29/08/14 XTC68 compilers and libraries added to C page.

25/08/14 Painter font file type patch program by Tomas Kral added to Graphics page.

15/08/14 QLUB magazine scans added to Magazines Page.

10/08/14 QL port of txtElite space trading game added to Games page.

06/08/14 Spreadsheet containing index to International QL Report magazine added to Magazine Indexes page. Many thanks to Tim Swenson for this.

05/08/14 PDF versions of QLAF and QLLR magazines added to Magazines page, thanks to Derek Stewart.

03/08/14 Magazines page added, with scanned pages from QL Leisure Review and QL Adventurer's Forum. Updates to Martin Head's FDI and MDI drivers, including combined ROM image of both drivers.

23/07/14 MCS disk interface ROMs added to QL ROMs page.

22/07/14 The Blag 2 added to Games page.

20/07/14 Easel 2.3 French MDV version added to Psion programs page.

15/07/14 Added link from Graphics page to the Marcel Kilgus PngConv program for Windows (converts PNG graphics to QL sprites).

13/07/14 Latest version of pointer environment available on PE page. This consists of ptr_gen 2.05, wman v2.07, and hot_rext v2.31 (in English, French and German versions).

11/07/14 Magazine index files moved from Database page to Documents/Magazines page. DBFRecover added to Files page. TI Calculator Emulator aded to Utilities page. Literature Store added to Misc Programs page. Quits and ThingInfo v1.1 added to Toolkits page. 3D Mandelbrot added to Graphics page. SantaGame, Advent and Ultimate Snake added to Games page. A second version of CoreWars added to Games page. FileInfoThing for QPAC2 added to Utilities page. C68Patch added to C & C68 page. PI Value Calculation program written in C added to Misc Programs page. LZHUF archiver added to Archivers page. Oliver Fink's Font Editor updated to include a missing file on Fonts page.

03/07/14 Westward-Ho added to Games page. Update to SuperBASIC2Pascal program on Programming Languages page. Zip/Unzip 3.0 added to Archivers page. 3D Noughts and Crosses added to Games page. NoESCCodes added to Utilities page. MT91 Printer DIP Switch document added to Docs/Printers page. Small set of GIFs ( added to Clipart page. Vers on Config page updated to include source code in 'C'. DDext on Files page updated to v0.06. Another version of the QSpread demo (this time in English plus German) added to Demo Versions page. Supra Fax Classes added to Docs/Comms page. Pipe Driver 2 v1.00 added to Toolkits page. ST_QL_EmulatorLoad added to Emulators page. Fives added to Games page. AlmostHistory added to Humour page. LibVT added to C page.

02/07/14 Restored Labelling Programs page, accidentally overwritten recently. MSDOS Reader and WinnyEditor added to Files page. Filter 24 Pin added to Printing page. Basic Design added to Graphics page. Sprite System added to Sprites page. Disk Tidy and String Box added to Database page. BastleBox added to Toolkits page. FotoDbase added to Databases page. Wipeout added to Games page. Columns Master added to Printing page. Sideway Printer added to Printing page. Disk Info, Handy Menu and Minnie Caps added to Utilities page. IBMDisk v2.00 added to Files page. Gomuku added to Games page. Vdat 0.1 added to Psion programs page. Magna Carta added to Education page. CRC added to Miscellaneous programs page. Hack added to Games page. Romeo & Juliet added to Education page. Zipper added to Archivers page. FiFi v1.4 and Spacer added to Files page. Extract added to Programming page. ScrJob, 3D Pie, PlantLife, ChaoticISys, Tiff2QL and Graph Plotter added to Graphics page. QIMI Patch v2.02 added to Utilities page.

30/06/14 Latest version of Backup utility added to Backup programs page.

25/06/14 Replacement manuals for CST Q-488 IEEE interface and QSound/QPrint from ABC Electronik added to Replacement Manuals page. Minor update to SMSQ/E manuals on eBooks page (Aurora DISP_TYPE mode numbers)

23/06/14 Banter Demo Version added to Demo Versions page (for posterity only - full version now freely available on Graphics page). Hotkey COntrol v1.0 added to Toolkits page. Proff added to Printing programs page. ZX81_Utilities added to ZX81 page. ZipRen and Pack/Unpack added to Archivers page. ScanTree v1.01 added to Utilities page. Surge Protection document added to Hardware Docs page. Open World demo version added to Demo Versions page, and full freeware version added to Graphics page. ANSI Editor added to Editors & Viewers page. Win-Def added to Utilities page. Scr-Off added to Screen Savers page. Npara added to Printing programs page. SeekTest and Explorer v1.91 added to Files page. Othello v1.01 added to Games page. 16 PCX Files added to Clipart page.

21/06/14 MkConfig article and program added to Config utilities page. Sound article on Articles page updated. Pox02 article and programs added to Programming page.

19/06/14 QLingo updated on Games page. AScD (Apple Scribe screen dump) added to Printing page. ZX81 Fileserver added to ZX81 page. Strip_CR, TAS2QED and Spectrum2QL added to File Transfer page. Quill Mod added to Psions page. SuperBASIC Tips added to Programming page. Miniconfig2 added to QL ROMs page. Kasparov_v_Kasparov (chess) and Conqueror Drive Assignment added to Miscellaneous programs page. Minerva Cursor added to Utilities page. Bidirectional Pipe and Lock added to Toolkits page. File Search II, FGrep, FLP Renamer and DIR_Edit added to Files page. Q_Desk added to Front Ends page. Tombolagraph added to Graphics page. Zip Utilities and Pack added to Archivers page. Diet_Text added to Educational page. Screen Compression Demo added to Demos page. 68000 Machine Code Tutor added to Assembler Documents page. Circuits pack added to Hardware Docs page. QCON Driver v0.99, and Frekker v1.80 added to Internet page (earlier versions of Frekker removed, faulty zip files).

18/06/14 Psion_Mod added to Psions page. WinTools and Maths_Package added to Toolkits page. Packet Terminal and QL52 added to Internet page. PIX viewer added to Graphics page. Shakespeare's Sonnets pack added to Educational page.

16/06/14 Another version of Zoo added to Archivers page. Ndate added to Utilities page. Reverse Polish Notation calculator and UNV_Turning added to Misc programs page. Crib and Whatsname added to Games page. J_Toolkit and PIPE_Driver added to Toolkits page.

14/06/14 QL Is 30 advertised. Shortcut links to certain QL sites. Twitter button had stopped working - redone from scratch. Minor tidy-ups to home page. Atomics, a new game from Wolfgang Lenerz, added to Games page.

08/06/14 Adverts & Headlines added to Clipart page.

06/06/14 Dungeons of Choloom added to Games page. Screen Windows Designer added to Utilities page. QL_Demo added to Demo Programs page. Second version (more recent?) of Finance package added to Business page. Wild West clipart added to Clipart page. English translation of the original French QL version of Tetris available from Games page, along with Mountaineer. ThreeDee (3D wireframe program) added to Graphics page. Abacus_Programs for the Abacus spreadsheet added to Spreadsheets page. Revisor added to Educational programs page. Mortgage Repayments Calculator added to Business page. Ambition Demo added to Demos page. Conversions and AutoCalc added to Utilities page.

05/06/14 A couple of extra links to QL-related sites added to the QL website links page. Disk Renamer added to Files page. Turbo Numerology 2.3 and Reverse Polish Calculator added to Misc programs page. Wordsquare, Solitaire and Quiz added to Games page. Molly Tune added to Sound page. Address Book added to Database page. Sub_Directories added to Toolkits page. QDesign Clipart pack and EyeQ Clip Art added to Clipart page. 

03/06/14 QLview and Sierpinsky v2.00 added to Graphics page. Disk Recover added to Files page. Bugs and Bombs added to Games page. Guitar Tutor added to Educational programs page. Library Manager from Easysoft added to Programming Utilities page. SetDate_Kalender added to Internet utilities page. Demo Screens package added to Clipart page. QL World Program Listings (list in a PDF file) added to Database page.

02/06/14 Non-QL Disk Reader, DCopy 1.2 and IBMdisk v1.5 added to Files page. Procedure Linker added to Programming page. Text Formatter added to Printing page. XMODEM/YMODEM Protocol Notes added to Communication page in Documentation section. Morse Trainer added to Miscellaneous programs page. Second version of Squaddies added to Games page (not sure which is most recent). Glazier added to utilities page

01/06/14 Minor tidy-up to the C and Programming Languages page. The C compilers on the Programming Languages page have been moved to join C68 etc on the C page and a link to the C page added from the Languages page to make it easier to find things. Backup program on Backup page updated. SoQLoban on Games page also updated. Maths_Basic added to Educational page. Type Direct added to Printing page. Z80 Disassembler added to Assembler page. Galaxia added to Games page. MultiBasicPlus added to Toolkits page. ASCII_Lister added to Files page. Caxton v3.1 added to Labelling page. Graphics Tutor v2.1 added to Printing page. Kob and Speed Control added to Utilities page. Chaos and Corkscrew graphics demos added to Graphics page. Planets added to Misc programs page. Cassette_Inlays added to Printing page. Non-QL Disk Reader, DCopy 1.2 and IBMdisk v1.5 added to Files page.

30/05/14 M-Treasure added to Games page, in FLP and MDV versions, to replace the old version which didn't work. GST_C_Shell and SuperBASIC2Pascal added to Languages page. QL2ST QL screen to Atari GEM screen converter added to Graphics page. UK postcodes text file added to Misc programs page.

29/05/14 QLink 1.556, QTerm 1.18, Dial 1.14, VT100 2.2 and JANET documentation all added to Internet and Communications page. 128K_Cut, Boot_Maker, Menu_Maker and Compare all added to Toolkits page. Attenuator, Biorythm, Cubiquad, Easter, Emelink, Intermod, Lpad, Morse_Code, Trops and VHFprop all added to Misc programs page. Disk Inspector, Directory Labeller and Rename Disk added to Files page. Notes on getting the battery backed clock to work on the QL added to Hardware Documents page. Two spreadsheet packages added to Spreadsheets page. Source code for a MIDI / Ser1 connection added to Sound page. Minerva_Debounce, Error_Numbers, ART EPP_1 EPROM programmer, TestCard 2, File Header and Net-Time added to Utilities page.

28/05/14 eForth added to Languages page.

27/05/14 Prospero Pro-Fortran available from Languages page. SoQLoban added to Games page.

21/05/14 Address Label Database added to Database page. Search/Locate, Plot and PRESENT extension added to Toolkits page. Turbo Gold Card and RAM Tester added to Utilities page. In/Out Kit added to Files page. Article about high speed dial-up modems added to Hardware Docs page. Two text files added to Humour page. Crazy Cards added to Games page. Multiplication Tables programs added to Education page. Disk Directory added to Utilities page. Iterator and Tree Fractal added to Graphics page

20/05/14 Imagix added to Printing page. More recent version of The Cataloguer added to Files page. Touch-It, Loader Generator, Super Booter and AnaQLock added to Utilities page. Mandlebrot Machine added to Graphics page. Tools 1.10, Memory Shrink and Super Kit Merger added to Toolkits page. Cout km et Amort and Simplexe added to Misc programs page. Euro Currency Converter v1.70 added to Business page. Description of QATS on Front Ends page updated. Things and Numbermind added to Games page. Alphamet added to Misc programs page. Enigma encryption utility added to Toolkits page. PRC/FN Lister added to Programming page. Description of CAD-QL (also known as QCad) improved on Graphics page. Netman, Spectrum_QL (screen transfer by RS232), SuperBASIC Reform and Calendar Maker added to Utilities page. LC10 printer demo added to Printing page. Fastback and Turbo-ST-QL added to Files page. Psion_Config and Psion Cursor Patch added to the Psion programs page. MultiDOS TRS80/Video Genie file transfer program added to File Transfer page. Some program descriptions on some pages enhanced. QList reference of early QL software added to Database page.

19/05/14 General Ledger from SD Microsystems available to download from Business page.

17/05/14 SD Microsystems have kindly allowed me to make available their QL Small Trader System and QL Stock/Accounting System - they are both on the Business Software page, along with QL Invoicer.

16/05/14 Updated Martin Head's MDI Convert program on Utilities page. Protect/Unprotect BASIC program to toggle the protection flag in Archive _pro programs added to Psions page. FKeys, QDOS_Listthing, SVcheck and WindowsUM added to Toolkits page. Diskcopy, Diskheader, Fastdisk, Track84, FileHeader, Menage_UK and Device Manager all added to Files page. ProcEd added to Programming page. QDdrive added to Shells page. Sprite design program added to Sprites page. Cad, Design, Look&Show, Munich Draw, TableUK added to Graphics page. Advprint and Hardcopy_Converter added to Printing page. VDParams, Newcrunch and Qdos_hdr added to Internet page. Thanks to Martin Head for assistance with these packages.

15/05/14 Backup program, by Wolfgang Lenerz, available from Backup programs page.

14/05/14 RAMdisk, Mem, Wipe, Clock, Flusher and Create_Loader all added to Utilities page (thanks to Martin Head for his assistance). v1.16 of Cumana disk interface ROM added to QL ROMs page.

13/05/14 Filemaster and FilemasterPlus added to Files page. Address Book Label Printer added to Labelling page. Printermaster Plus added to Printing page. Remind Me and Remind Me Plus added to Utilities page. Old DJC Screen Compression system added to Graphics page.

12/05/14 Q-Kick added to Utilities page. SSAV screen saver added to Screen Savers page. Polytext added to Printing page.

10/05/14 Reformatter added to BASIC programs page. This reformats a cartridge in MDV2_ to have the same random number fingerprint as an original in MDV1_, thus allowing you to make safety backups of valuable old QL software which uses the random number fingerprint as a simple copy protection mechanism.

09/05/14 Disk Monitor 2.4 available from Files page. Turbo_Xchange (Ultrasoft version of Xchange) added to Psions page. Set of small utility programs plus sources from Martin Berndt at Ultrasoft added to Utilities page. Unreleased Proteus adventure game (in German) available to download from the Games page. New page for Front End software for the QL - some of those programs moved from Utilities page.

07/05/14 English version of the German MF ROM from Martin Berndt added to QL ROMs page.

29/04/14 SMSQ/E manuals v1.02 available on eBooks page. Printer Control Panel (a PROforma application) added to Prowess page.

28/04/14 Cadette CAD program from Bestmalt Ltd now available to download as freeware from the Graphics page.

27/04/14 Remainder of French QL User Guide added to eBooks page (thank you Olivier Basely). PFdata and DATAdesign added to Database page.

25/04/14 Core Wars added to Games page. Banter outline fonts banner making program added to Graphics page. QXL SMSQ v2.76 added to Replacement Manuals page (just under QXL manual).

22/04/14 Updated the SMSQ/E manuals to include Word-type Table of Contents and Index at the start and end, to make updating easier. The new versions may be downloaded from the eBooks page. Professional Publisher dtp program and manual added to Graphics page.

21/04/14 Added full set of French v2.20 of Abacus, Archive, Easel and Quill to Psion programs page.

20/04/14 Article about the format of _sav (QSAVE) files added to File Formats page.

19/04/14 Adder Assembler and manual added to assembler page. Four sound packages from Mark Swift added to Sound page, and a BEEP parameter value calculation article added to Articles page. D68K disassembler toolkit added to Assembler page. Amiga version of Doc2Rtf added to File Transfer page (allows Psion _doc files to be converted to RTF on Amiga computer). Added FLPTEST, SYSREF and MEMORYMAP to utilities page. Added Xchange Copyback patch to Qx0 page. MSW_Boot and a sample Qpac2 boot program for QDOS Classic added to Utilities page. Q40 ModeDemo program added to Qx0 page. Collection of 34 Timo Salmi SuperBASIC programs and 14 procedures and functions added to BASIC Programs page.

17/04/14 Link to A5 QPC Keywords manual for Kindle (.azw3) corrected on eBooks page. LinThis program displays a memory map that includes This program displays a memory map that includes This program displays a memory map that includes This program displays a memory map that includes k to 8bit Wiki site added to QL Web Links page. QPTR manual 6th edition available from manuals page. Latest BASIC keywords list added to BASIC Docs page.

08/04/14 MDIConvert added to Utilities page. Replacement manual for MCS Multi-ROM device added to Replacement Manuals page.

05/04/14 Relief programming demo added to Demos page. New cursors for SMSQ/E package added to GD2 page. Cursor sprite change routine to use as a caps lock indicator added to same page.

03/04/14 Stand-alone version of Starplod adventure game, formerly only available as part of Adventure-93, now available on Games page, along with reviews of the game.

02/04/14 Updated some of George Gwilt's programs on Turbo and Assembler pages. SMSQ/E manuals in A4 and A5 formats available from eBooks page.

01/04/14 Latest version of Ekotek's The Simulator available on Games page. Revised version of Squidgy available on same page, which runs entirely from flp1_ instead of needing a second floppy drive.

28/03/14 QL Games Cartridge on Games page: amendment to the BASIC program called "main" to improve reliability of the ZFred game. Improved version of Ekotek's The Simulator available on Games page.

27/03/14 Thanks to Rich Mellor, a fixed and improved version of the original QL Games Cartridge is now available from the Games page. I've also added a scanned PDF of the original two page instruction sheet.

25/03/14 Slight update to QL-SD page. QLtools DOS batch processor for the HxC floppy emulator added to Files page. Ekotek's The Simulator flight simulator added to Games page.

24/03/14 French version of Archive 2.20 added to Psion programs page. Corrected link to French QL user guide Beginners Guide section. Added Keywords part of French QL User Guide on eBooks page.

21/03/14 New adapted version of qltools for HxC floppy emulator uploaded to Files page (bottom of page, just after WXQT2). New page added for QL-SD device (with thanks to Peter Graf for supplying the content).

20/03/14 Sources for Martin Head's MDI and FDI drivers added to the Utilities page.

18/03/14 Fixed broken link to TurboPtr articles set on Articles page. Earlier versions of Spy and MasterSpy editors added to Editors and Viewers page. TurboQuill+ program to speed up Quill and add glossary and caps lock indication added to Utilities page. Removed link to my old TopCities website which has now been deleted and the content integrated to the current website over time. MasterSpy v3.3 and manual added to Editors and Viewers page (thanks Urs). Further information and a picture added to QL ROMs page re. some Thor ROM versions.

17/03/14 SuperBASIC syntax rules for Windows Textpad users (user configurable syntax highlighting) added to BASIC page. This will be of interest to anyone who likes to use a Windows program to edit QL BASIC programs. Further disk interface ROM images preserved on QL ROMs page. PDF of an article about QL Directories added to Articles page. Link to MESS emulators (which include a QL emulation) added to Emulators page. FDI Image (floppy disk image) device driver from Martin Head added to Utilities page. Some sections of the French QL User Guide scanned by Olivier Basely added to eBooks page. Cumana disk interface v1.14 ROM image added to QL ROMs page.

16/03/14 PE article from Ian Bruntlett added to Articles page. Trump Card 1.28 ROM image added to QL ROMs page.

14/03/14 QDOS Classic for Amiga now available to download from this website, as the author's website is no longer available. Various QDOS Classic utilities, sources and QL Kick ROM for UAE available from Emulators page and Qx0 page.

13/03/14 Revive floppy disk file recovery program added to Files page. Slightly more recent version of DIY Toolkit on Toolkits page. French Quill 2.00 added to Psion programs page.

12/03/14 Assorted QL, Thor and disk interface ROM images added to QL ROMs page. Quill manual added to eBooks page (doc and pdf only for now). Spanish version 2.21 of Abacus, Archive, Easel and Quill plus French version of Easel v2.20 added to Psions page. Thor versions of Xchange added to Psion programs page.

11/03/14 UDG - an early Sinclair 'help-sheet' extension to provide user defined graphics on the QL has been added to the Fonts page, along with a scan of the original document.

10/03/14 File size of Concept-3D software on Graphics page now reduced by roughly a third for download. Revised circuit diagrams for issue 5 and issue 6 QL circuit boards with list of corrections added to QL Hardware Documents page.

09/03/14 Further articles by Tim Swenson added to Articles page.

08/03/14 Article about Directories on QL added to Articles page. Several articles by Tim Swenson added to same page.

07/03/14 WXTQT2 Windows binary, sources, QL Tools and QXLtool all available from Files page. Also added QXLWIN Explorer to same page.

06/03/14 Added SuperBASIC syntax highlighting files for TextWrangler (Mac) and Vim (Unix/Windows/Mac) on BASIC programs page. Restored MicroEMACS editor on Editors and Viewers page, which had been deleted in error. ISO-8859-1 font and transfonter font converter added to Fonts page.

02/03/14 Links to uQLx emulator updated on Emulators and QL Web Links pages

27/02/14 Spy and Master Spy editors from A.R.K. formerly commercial programs, now available for free download from Editors and Viewers page. Includes manual for Master Spy, but manual for Spy to follow.

26/02/14 QPC1 full version and manuals added to Emulators page. Corrected the QL scanner zip files on Replacement Manuals page, as they were in QemuLator format and so could only be used by QemuLator users.

25/02/14 U+5, JFC QL-Scanner and Qontrol-II board manuals added to Replacement Manuals page.

24/02/14 Details of a rare parallel printer interface added to hardware docs page. Support files for Minerva, SuperHermes etc and pictures added to Replacement Manuals page.

22/02/14 Replacement ROM image for Q+4 expansion backplane available on QL ROMs page. Peripheral ROM article extract on Hardware Docs page. MPC controller software utility (Di-Ren) added to Replacement Manuals page.

19/02/14 Wreck Dive game from Nick Ward now freeware, available to download from Games page. Minor update to Unarj v2.65 on Archivers page (duplicate file left in archive which caused spurious overwrite? message). Updated article about PIC files on File Formats page, plus added articles to same page about the new sprite graphics formats in SMSQ/E version 3.

18/02/14 Update v2.65 of the UNARJ decompressor from Derek Stewart on Archivers page. Home Finance package available on Business and Finance page. QATS (QL Application Traffic Supervisor) software available from Utilities page

16/02/14 Colossal Cave adventure, QL version ported by Tobias Fröschle, available from Games page.

15/02/14 QPAC1 and QPAC2 software and manuals now available to download, now that Marcel Kilgus has made them freely available, from Pointer Environment page. QPC2 also now available from Emulators page. QL to VGA connections article updated with details of the HD Video Converter/Upscaler device on Hardware Docs page. Added another review of Concept 3D on Graphics page.

14/02/14 CAD added to Graphics page, NOTEPAD added to Editors and Text Viewers page, CHAR added to Fonts page.

13/02/14 Here We Go! text adventure and Quizmaster II added to Games page.

12/02/14 Higher quality scanned QL circuit diagrams added to Hardware Docs page. Updated Concept 3D and manuals on Graphics page.

10/02/14 A couple of CAD programs added to the Graphics page.

08/02/14 A couple of extra links added to the links page. 'Rounding' function added to BASIC programs page.

07/02/14 MDI device driver from Martin Head (software to make and use microdrive cartridge images with QPC2 and other emulators) added to Utilities page.

06/02/14 Amended version of Concept 3D (able to run on FLP etc) now also available from Graphics page. Copy of older Toolkit 2 EPROM image added to PE and TK2 page. (Thanks to Stefan Schomburg)

03/02/14 Concept 3D software added to Graphics page.

30/01/14 A couple of extra QL-related websites added to the links page.

28/01/14 Zip_bas added to Archivers page.

26/01/14 Some more documents added to Replacement Manuals and Hardware docs pages.

23/01/14 Circuit diagram halves of the Vision-QL monitor now joined up into one large diagram on Manuals page, thanks Lee.

20/01/14 Links to other QL sites page updated.

12/01/14 HxC interface article added to Replacement Manuals page.

21/12/13 QL hardware docs page updated (VGA monitor connection and PSUections updated)

19/12/13 QL Keyboard Matrix diagram and links to a couple of external keyboard project articles added to hardware docs page.

16/12/13 Urs König asked that I remove the HTML Service Manual and instead link direct to the version on his website to allow for any future updates.

15/12/13 Power supply pinouts diagram and voltage label diagram on hardware docs page. QaLendar (QL Calendar) 2014 available to download from Calendars page. HTML Service manual available via Documents page.

01/12/13 New version 1.02e of my BMP graphics conversion program, prepared by Bob Spelten jr, added to Graphics page.

20/11/13 Corrected (I hope!) errors and mixups in the QL eBook manuals due to poor naming conventions. I've now put the A5 and A4 versions in separate manuals to help to prevent the A4 and A5 versions getting mixed up, but haven't yet had time to double check everything - please let me know if you find further errors!

03/11/13 Added the ProWesS distribution files to ProWesS page, now that Joachim van der Auwera has said it is all freely available. Unfortunately, I don't yet have some of the apps, such as PFlist and FontUtils packages. Added The Painter v3.04 and v4.04 to Graphics page, but see warnings regarding non-standard font file types.

10/10/13 Tentatively started up a QL blog - link in sidebar on home page.

06/10/13 A5 version of QL User Guide and Martin Head's QPC Concepts and QPC Keywords available on eBooks page

05/10/13 Xchange 3.90L updated by Rich Mellor - download here.

29/09/13 Update to D-Miner now available from Games page.

26/09/13 D-Miner (Minesweeper clone) by Per Witte now available from Games page. Minor update to Links To QL Sites page. SMSQE Sprites converter (Java program) available from Sprites page. uQLx emulator for ARM systems (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and latest SMSQmulator available from Emulators page.

24/09/13 GST QL Assembler, Macro Assembler and Q-Mac now available from assembler page.

05/08/13 WIN-DOS and Sync programs added to Files page.

02/06/13 JFC QL-Keyboard-90 keyboard interface manual added to replacement manuals page.

26/04/13 Message form reinstated.

24/04/13 Launchpad v2.10 updates and demo version available via Launchpad page.

22/04/13 Utilities cartridge added to 68K-OS page, with thanks to Dex from QL Forum.

18/04/13 Shows and QL Today page updated.

28/02/13 Update to DJToolkit on Toolkits page, fixing an issue with GET_STRING function with SMSQmulator.

24/02/13 Lee Privett has kindly rewritten the documentation for the FSG sprites package on the Games page.

15/02/12 Correction to Bmp2scr package on Graphics page. Correction to German serial ports pinout on Hardware Docs page. QL printer ROM image added to QL ROMs page.

13/02/13 Added PDF instruction sheet for Pudge (part of the Damon Chaplin games collection) on the Games page.

06/02/13 Updated QL web links page to add a list of QL blogs.

31/01/13 Updated QL web links page.

30/01/13 Added MicroEMACS 4.00 to Editors and Viewers page

25/01/13 Added JUPITER moons simulator to BASIC programs page.

21/01/13 Added Saxony-Serial-Regular font to Fonts page.

20/01/13 Some links amended on the Links To QL Sites page. Emulators page now links to the new SMSQmulator website. News column updated on home page.

21/12/12 Frank's Sprite Generator from Frank Linder now available to download from the Games page.

19/11/12 QaLendar 2013 now available from the Calendars page.

25/11/12 GC QL Mouse project added to Hardware Docs page. Blockwall game added to Games page.

20/11/12 Italian versions of Quill, Archive, Abacus and Easel available on Psion programs page.

18/11/12 Rockfall added to Games page. MandelSpeed and Lear PCB Design v7.25 added to Graphics page.

13/09/12 Microvitec service manual for their series-3 monitors available from replacement manuals page.

06/08/12 Minor correction to Articles page. Home Thing (Home Directories) by Wolfgang Lenerz added to Toolkits page.

15/07/12 New QJewels game available from Games page.

11/07/12 QL Today index updated for Volume 16 of the magazine.

29/06/12 PCB Design 7.24 update on Graphics page. SETW updated on C page. Turbo compiler updated on Turbo page.

18/06/12 Added Tobias Fröschle's Analogue Clock program for GD2 systems to the Utilities page.

10/06/12 Replacement manual added for CST QPlus4.

25/05/12 Minor change to C68 documentation files on eBooks page.

21/04/12 Q-emuLator document added to Articles page.

10/04/12 Fixed stylesheet issue with quoted font family names which prevented it working on Firefox. Note: Firefox users, you must also have theoptions in Tools->Options->Content set to allow pages to select their own fonts and colours for Stylesheets to work as intended.

05/04/12 Updated link to Thierry Godefroy's QL site.on Links To QL Websites page. Changed Q-Stripper download on File Transfer page to a link to Norman Dunbar's Q-Stripper pages on Sourceforge, which has latest version of this excellent utility for viewing QL and DOS Quill document files, on Windows and Linux.

28/03/12 Updated Quanta page, and added a report and pictures from Quanta workshop and AGM 2012.

25/03/12 Updated shows page.

08/03/12 Added link to Marcel Kilgus website from Sprites page to allow download of his PNG to SMSQ/E sprite converter program for Windows.

20/02/12 Added the Adventure 93 two disk set of Alan Pemberton adventures to the Games page.

19/02/12 GST QC system added to C page. Updated QMAC assembler v1.06 added to Assembler page. GST QL Assembler also added to Assembler page. New page dedicated to the GST 68K/OS system for the QL. Corrected link to Turbo manual PDF version on eBooks page.

15/02/12 Online version of QL manual now available via the Documentation Page. Also available as eBooks from the eBooks page

14/02/12 Ser-USB manuals available to download from eBooks page, thanks to Adrian Ives.

13/02/12 QIMI circuit diagram also now available as a .PNG file as well as a QL PIC file on Replacement Manuals page. PCB Design v7.23 now available from Graphics page.

09/02/12 QPTR Guide added to the eBooks page  (thanks to Norman Dunbar).

07/02/12 Three more eBooks converted by Adrian Ives added to the eBooks page.

05/02/12 Shows page updated again. Super Kit Merger program added to Assembler page.

04/02/12 Added details of Quanta Workshop and AGM on 24-25th March to home page and Shows page.

01/02/12 on Toolkits page updated again (specifically the RETRY_OPEN extension).

28/01/12 on Toolkits page updated.

27/01/12 GWASS assembler program and sources updated on Assembler page. Some changes also to Turbo, C, Toolkits and Sound pages.

26/01/12 Further extensions from Adrian Ives (OSCECK and RETRY_OPEN) added to on Toolkits page.

25/01/12 ISRES extension (part of  Adrian Ives extensions collection) on Toolkits page updated.

13/01/12 Catchjack game added to Games page.

12/01/12 Further work done on the eBooks section.

08/01/12 Added new version of the Shell program by Adrian Ives to Shells page. New version of QStripper for Windows from Norman Dunbar (now works on Windows 7-64 bit as a 32-bit app) on File Transfer page. Started a new eBooks section within the Documentation pages, so that we can get QL documents and books for tablet PCs, Kindles, etc etc.

13/12/11 Corrected out of date link to Just Words! website on Misc Programs page.

12/12/11 Updated version of QaLendar 2012 now available on Calendars page. Updated version of Postcodes program on Misc Programs page.

28/11/11 Lear PCB Design now at version 7.21 on Graphics page.

21/11/11 Added QaLendar2012 to Calendars page.

30/10/11 Added QPConDOS to File Handling page.

29/10/11 Added Job2Bas, zipped unzip5.41 and S*BASIC versions to Archivers page.

14/10/11 Added link to Memory Lane Computing's blog about Ser-USB, Q-BUS etc. on the QL Web Pages page.

11/10/11 Minor update to Paragraph v2.03 zip file (2 superfluous files included in error)

09/10/11 Paragraph v2.03 (Prowess based pointer driven word processor) now released as Freeware by the author Francois Lanciault and added to Prowess page.  Replacement manual for the version of QIMI supplied by Quanta added to Replacement Manuals page.

07/10/11 Added QIMI manual to Replacement Manuals page.

24/09/11 Added PDF versions of Aurora manuals following request on ql-users list.

17/09/11 Corrected link to Wolfgang Lenerz's QL software downloads page.

06/08/11 Glossary substantially updated.

20/07/11 Removed this site from Quantum Webring as it was irritating people by automatically redirecting to the webring hub without giving the user the choice. Added Brian Kemmett's index to QL Today magazine for Volume 15.

19/07/11 Replacement manual for ABC ROM-port keyboard interface added to replacement manuals page.

10/07/11 Purge of "dead" links in the links to QL websites page. Postcodes program added to Misc Programs page. Link to Roger Godley's GD2 Xchange (via Just Words! website) added to Psion Programs page. QL80 cross-assembler available from Assembler page. Spectrum disk copier Kopiila and an MSX screen converter added to File Transfer page. Asalto y Castigo added to Games page.

13/06/11 Super Forth and Reversi (the forth is 83 standard) now released as PD, available on the Programming Languages page.

11/06/11 Special version of Unzip for QemuLator for Windows added to Archivers page, with thanks to Rich Mellor.

10/06/11 Lear PCB Design version 7.19 now available on Graphics programs page.

21/05/11 Added Twitter button to home page.

06/05/11 Some manuals such as QL Technical Guide added to Replacement Manuals page (Technical Guides section).

22/04/11 A more recent version of the Toolkit 2 ROM image added to the P.E. page (thanks to David Buckley).

19/04/11 Updates to QL CD-ROMs page. Latest English versions of Quill (2.35), Archive (2.38), Abacus (2.35) and Easel (2.35) all added to Psion programs page, with grateful thanks to Rich Mellor for helping locate copies of these versions.

18/04/11 QL Today indexes now available as a 5-year set (to reduce download sizes) as well as individual year PDFs. Quanta workshop advert removed from home page and shows page. Quanta page updated after AGM. Show report added here.

14/04/11 A replacement manual for the Sinclair QL Printer is now available from the Replacement Manuals page. Indexes to QL Today amagazine now all available as PDF files on QL Today page. Corrected error on Quanta page.

13/04/11 QL Today index files now include index for Volumes 12-14, kindly submitted by Brian Kemmett. Added more details of this weekend's Quanta QL show and AGM to home page.

11/04/11 Added Word Doc and PDF file versions of Trump Card manual to the Replacement Manuals page.

06/04/11 ZX81-style Truetype fonts added to Fonts page.

04/04/11 Added short document about wiring for USA/German QL serial ports to hardware docs page. Article about serial links updated with USA QL pinout information. Added Sinclair QL Printer manual to replacement manuals page.

31/03/11 Glossary further updated. Replacement manual for PCML Q+ disk interface (Word version) now half the original file size. Micro-Peripherals disk interface utilities disk now available, along with relevant extract of the interface manual just for the utilities disk.

24/03/11 Added Lee Privett's "I Want 2 Learn 2" site to my QL websites links page.

19/03/11 Added updated Glossary file to the Documents section.

17/03/11 Added runtime QL archive package and sample user-written machine code routines for Archive to Psion programs page. Added to same page Archive _pro unprotection program, allowing protected Archive older application programs without source files to be loaded, edited and saved.

16/03/11 Added a short listing to allow Unzip's executable file header to be restored to get around situations where the self-executable fails to run properly on some emulators. This gets around the catch-22 situation where you need to have a copy of Unzip to Unzip your first copy of Unzip on a new system... See the Archivers Page.

15/03/11 Several articles added to the Documents section.

14/03/11 Added circuit diagrams of Medic QL expansion boards to Hardware Docs page. Added some Minerva utilities and support disk to QL ROMs page. Added several old PD games to Games page.

10/03/11 Added some documents about the SuperQBoard to the Hardware Docs page.

08/03/11 Added Lee Privett's QL Image Repository and QL Blog sites to the links page.

28/02/11 Added ATM type 1 and Proforma _pff versions of Lee Privett's QL-style True Type font to the fonts page.

25/02/11 Added links to Dave Park's QL websites to links page. Added QL-style True Type font to Fonts page. Updated QL shows page with details of Quanta workshop and AGM in April. Added new version of PCML Disk Interface manual to Replacement Manuals page.

31/01/11 George Gwilt's new website address added to Links To QL Sites page.

19/01/11 Replacement manual for MicroPeripherals/Sinclair Floppy Disk System available to download as a PDF file on the Replacement Manuals page, with thanks to Rich Mellro for supplying the scanned file.

27/12/10 Latest version of Geoff Wicks's General Election program added to the Miscellaneous Programs page.

24/12/10 Added Santa's Maze game to the Games page.

23/12/10 V7.18 of Malcolm Lear's PCB Design program is now available to download from the Graphics page.

20/12/10 Added Wordsearch and Wordspot to Games page. Also added 3 disks of adventure games for the Infozip interpreter on the Games page. Added latest version of QStripper for Windows (Quill doc file viewer for Windows) to File Transfer page.

14/12/10 Added link to a Spanish QL blog site on the links to QL websites page, and added SUSPEND extension to Toolkits page

13/12/10 Corrected Infocom package on Games page (executable file headers missing). Fixed the Inform package on same page too..

12/12/10 Added SirClive.ttf and ZX Spectrum.ttf font files to Fonts page, with thanks to Timothy Swenson for locating these fonts. I have added ATM type 1 and Proforma (QL) conversions.

11/12/10 Added SFSquareHead True Type font, with characters like the 'sinclair' logo of the 1980s, to the Fonts page.

09/10/12 QaLendar 2011 now available on Calendars page

02/12/10 Added details of the new QL Forum to Mailing Lists page.

01/12/10 Restored the Easyptr Articles page in the Documentation section (page had somehow been deleted in error).

26/11/10 Added articles about QLay2 (and its tools programs for file transfer) and QL2K to to the QLay page.

03/11/10 Beeper program added to Sound section page. A Puzzle program added to Games page.

30/10/10 Some information about the new versions of Q-emuLator for Windows and OSX announced today.

27/10/10 Marquee program added to Misc programs page. QXL Status program added to Files section.

19/10/10 Added replacement manual PDF files for CST RAM Plus expansion card and PCML Q+ disk interface to replacement manuals page, with thanks to Rich Mellor.

11/10/10 Finnish QL ROM image (version MGY, QDOS version 1Y13) added to QL ROMs page, with thanks to Urs König for supplying the image.

30/09/10 Removed a few broken links from the Links To QL Sites page.

22/09/10 Corrected the GST-QC compiler download on the Languages page. Also made available a copy in a QXL.WIN file for use with emulators such as QPC2 (thanks to Urs König).

15/08/10 Corrected a couple of addresses on QL Web Links page.

04/08/10 Mailing Lists page updated with details of the current Spanish QL forum. added to QL web links page. Fixed a bug in the message form script.

22/07/10 V7.17 of Lear PCB Design now available on Graphics page.

12/07/10 GST QC 'C' language compiler now made freeware and available to download from the programming languages page.

21/06/10 Added Dave Walker's ICL OPD Transfer software to the File Transfer page (requested by Rich Mellor!)

15/06/10 Lear PCB Design v7.16 now available from Graphics page.

09/06/10 Finished implementing the "new look" for the site, barring mistakes of course. Known issues at the moment which I haven't yet figured out how to fix: (1) Firefox browser seems to insist on using a Serif font irrespective of setting in the Style Sheet, (2) Internet Explorer sometimes gets text alignment and/or cell width within a table wrong if picture is in left hand cell. Changing the entire website took a long time, there are bound to be a few things not working properly, so if you find any issues, please let me know!

28/05/10 Lear PCB Design now v7.15, on Graphics page.

15/05/10 Updated Quanta page and corrected out-of-date URL on Back To QL page.

03/05/10 Added Minerva manual in PDF format to Replacement Manuals page.

22/04/10 Updated my QL shows page.

19/04/10 Lear PCB-Cad on graphics page now known as PCB-Design and updated to v7.14. ShowQS (DOS program for viewing QL mode 4 and 8 QL screens) added to graphics page. QL Disk Reader (DOS program) added to file transfer page.

02/03/10 Corrected minor mistakes on QaLendar page and Links to QL Websites page. Quanta AGM notice with direct link from home page.

23/02/10 Lear PCB Cad v7.11 now available on Graphics page. Older non-pointered version now removed.

06/02/10 Just Words! website address updated on Links To QL-Related Websites page. QL Shows page updated with Quanta AGM/Workshop 2010 details.

31/01/10 Version 2 of Procman S*BASIC programming aid now available from the Programming Utilities page.

13/01/10 Lear PCB Cad 7.09 now available on Graphics page

20/12/09 QaLendar 2010 now available from QaLendars page. Other calendar-making programs for QL available from Utilities page.

16/12/09 Lear PCB Cad 7.08 now available on Graphics page.

15/12/09 Sell-My-Retro auction site added tolinks to QL-related websites page. One other link minor correction.

07/12/09 Lear PCB Cad now version 7.06 on Graphics page.

01/12/09 BetterBasic program on Chas Dillon programs page now v2.25 - minor amendment to allow it to run on SBASIC.

21/11/09 on Fonts page now fixed (was corrupt). Minor update to Lear PCB Cad on Graphics page (now runs OK on QL2K).

19/11/09 QL e-zines page now migrated from the old Topcities page to this site at ezines/index.html.

17/11/09 QL Shows page updated.

13/11/09 PCB Cad v7.05 (PE version) now available on Graphics page.

7/11/09 Pointer driven version of PCB-Cad added to Graphics page.

27/10/09 Update link to Davide Santachiara's website on links to QL-related websites page.

22/10/09 One software package removed from Fonts page at request of author.

26/09/09 Replacement software for Miracle MIDI interface (only works with that interface) now available on Miscellaneous software page. Zip Manager front end for Zip/Unzip updated to V1.06 to fix bug in Delete command. Zip Manager can be downloaded from the Archivers page.

24/09/09 Lear PCB Cad now at v6.67, with a further small amendment to improve compatibility with older QL systems.

18/09/09 Version 6.66 of PCBCad, to improve compatibility with older QLs, available on Graphics page.

16/09/09 Version 6.65 of Malcolm Lear's PCBCad program now available on Graphics page.

31/08/09 QL Shows page updated to include "QL & Mac Are 25" event later this year in Switzerland. Sprlib program (complementary to Duncan Neithercut's Eddicon program) now available on Sprites page.

30/08/09 Source files for Digital C SE now available from Languages page.

19/08/09 Q-Pass passwords database utility now available from Database programs page. Maths Toolkit on Toolkits page now includes a basic English translation.

06/08/09 New GD2 sprite editor (Beta version) from Duncan Neithercut now available from Sprites page.

Digital C SE now available for download from Languages page, with permission of the author.

27/06/09 Knitwear program added to Miscellaneous Programs page.

04/06/09 Added the missing last part of Simon Goodwin's file browser in the very last QL World from 1994 to the Articles page.

02/06/09 New version of Chord-It on educational programs page. Re-released games package by same author on games page, under the title of Phillip Sproston Games.

18/05/09 New pointer driven Sudoku program from Frank Dibowski available from games page.

03/05/09 New version of uQLx for Windows from Phoebus Dokos on emulators page.

01/05/09 Quanta page updated (new picture). Minor changes (e.g. mis-spelled name and misaligned photo in table) to Quanta AGM 2009 page.

25/04/09 Chord-It guitar chords database program by Phillip Sproston added to Education programs page.

22/04/09 Quanta page updated after AGM. New page with pictures from QL Is 25. My software CDs page updated.

01/04/09 Major rewrite as the site moves to TFS hosting. Now uses Style Sheets for a more consistent appearance throughout. Many broken links fixed throughout. My software version numbers list updated. Svscr and Outl (George Gwilt) updated.

21/03/09 U-Config update on Turbo page. New link to U-Config from the Config utilities page. A couple of lexicons added to the dictionaries listed on Dictionaries page. Minor update to QL shows page.

20/03/09 New Q-Dict dictionary program and translation dictionares added to Dictionaries page.

19/03/09 Added "QL" FavIcon to home page and FavIcon "how-to" article to HTML Utilities page.

12/03/09 TK2 v2.13 ROM image added to PE files page. Thanks again to Urs König.

11/03/09 MGF French QL ROM added to QL ROMs page. Slightly more recent binaries for uQLx added to Emulators page. Both thanks to Urs König of Switzerland.

06/02/09 Gwass updated on Assembler page. SETW updated on C page. Lear PCB Cad updated on Graphics page. Link to Quo Vadis Design QL software sales page now on website links page.

19/01/09 QL web links page updated (thanks to Javier Guerra). QL emulators page updated and "broken" links updated.

16/01/09 Lear PCB Cad now v6.62. QL Is 25 logo added (courtesy of Javier Guerra).

28/12/08 Lear PCB Cad updated on Graphics page. UConfig updated on Turbo page. SETW updated on C page. Shows page updated.

13/12/08 QL Today cover disks list updated.

10/12/08 Magazines page updated.

09/12/08 TurboPTR package updated on Turbo page.

30/11/08 EasyPEasy package added to Assembler page. TurboPTR updated on Turbo page. Zip Manager updated on Archivers page. PtrView package updated on Launchpad download pages.

04/11/08 Lear PCB Cad v6.59 now on Graphics page.

31/10/08 Added SPACE package to programming utilities page.

21/10/08 Updates to TurboPTR package on Turbo page.

19/10/08 Updates to PCBCad and QCoco on Graphics page.

11/10/08 Minor corrections to Emulators page link to QL2K and corrected Norman Dunbar website address on QL website links page.

09/10/08 Updates to QL Web Links page, Gwass assembler (on Assembler page), Cptr and Setw (on C page), and TurboPtr (on Turbo page) from George Gwilt.

02/10/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.56 now available on graphics page.

26/09/08 Latest version of Gwasl (George Gwilt's Gwass Assembler Lite version) for 68008 systems now on Assembler page.

23/09/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.54 now available on graphics page.

21/09/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.53 now available on graphics page.

08/09/08 Up to date versions of QCoCo and QCP added to graphics page. New pointer driven Font Editor for Wman2 systems now available from Fonts page.

03/09/08 Corrupt zip files on Turbo page corrected, with minor update to Turbo manuals package.

02/09/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.52 now on Graphics programs page.

29/08/08 Shows page updated. Lear PCB Cad 6.51 now on Graphics programs page.

19/08/08 Version 1.60 of Euro Converter now available on Business page.

18/07/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.50 update now available.

01/07/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.48 update now available.

19/06/08 QL Web Links page updated - some links removed.

16/06/08 Shows and QL Web Links pages updated.

28/05/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.46 update now available.

12/05/08 QL shows page updated.

05/05/08 QL emulators page, small update.

04/05/08 QL Web Links page updated. Shows page updated.

18/04/08 Added EpsonPS program to Printing programs page. This takes Epson printer output and converts it to Postscript.

16/04/08 Updated Quanta page, reflecting committee after AGM 2008. Added show report and pictures from the Workshop/AGM 2008 (link from Quanta page).

15/04/08 Some programs updated on Turbo page (Turbo compiler and UConfig packages). Details of new Toolkits CD added to QL CD-ROMs page. Updated QL On A Stick page (extra emulator). Restored an updated message form page to see if hackers will leave me alone now.

08/04/08 New program Sdump Manager added to Graphics page.

04/04/08 Lear PCB Cad 6.43 now on graphics page.

24/03/08 X-Words, a crossword and word puzzle solving program, added to Games page.

13/03/08 Norman Dunbar's website ("QDOS Internals") address updated on QL websites page.

04/03/08 Updated Javier Guerra addresses on links to QL websites page.

03/03/08 Version 6.42 of Lear PCB Cad now available from Graphics programs page.

14/02/08 Version 6.40 of Lear PCB Cad now available from Graphics programs page.

21/01/08 Version 6.39 of Lear PCB Cad now available from Graphics programs page.

30/12/07 Shows page updated.

18/12/07 Shows page updated

17/12/07 Lear PCB Cad 6.38 now available on Graphics page.

06/12/07 Lear PCB Cad 6.36 now available on Graphics page.

30/11/07 Lear PCB Cad 6.35 now available.

27/11/07 Message form script removed due to malicious users sending me hundreds of messages a day.

16/11/07 Lear PCB Cad 6.33 now available on Graphics page.

03/11/07 Lear PCB Cad 6.30 now on Graphics page.

25/10/07 Lear PCB Cad 6.29 now on Graphics page. Gwass15 assembler version now on Assembler tools page.

21/10/07 List of my programs versions numbers updated. Brand new Vision Mixer 2 program now on Graphics page. QL web links page updated.

20/10/07 Lear PCBcad program v6.27 now available on Graphics pages. Urs König's website address updated on QL websites links page.

11/10/07 Shows page updated.

10/10/07 New page added, with information about QL On A Stick project. Traders page updated. Quanta page updated.

09/10/07 Minor correction to the version of Lear PCB Cad uploaded yesterday.

08/10/07 Lear PCB Cad 626 now available on graphics page. Corrected the Editor 2000 archives on Editors & Viewers page, which previously contained some files from an older version. Mark Knight has kindly supplied a corrected pair of archives (including sources) for v3.07K

04/10/07 Zip Manager program (on Archivers page) now v1.04. Q-Trans 2 (on Launchpad pages) now v2.09.

28/09/07 Launchpad v2.09 (improved user account login) and Q-Trans 2.08 (RENAME bug when used on QDOS systems fixed) now both available from Launchpad pages.

04/09/07 Restored Danish MGD QDOS 1.13 ROM, deleted from site in error over the summer. Added Proportional Screen Printing routines and fonts to Basic Section page.

29/08/07 Go! version 1.02 on Utilities page.

28/08/07 Go! version 1.01 on Utilities page. Shows page updated.

22/08/07 Amended QL Shows page.

15/08/07 Added documents to Articles page.

13/08/07 Add documents to Basic, Printers and Arcticles pages.

09/08/07 Added documents to BASIC Documents page.

08/0807 Additional article added to the BASIC page in the Documents section.

07/08/07 Repaired the Archivers page (half of it was missing after last update). More additions to the Documents section.

06/08/07 Another attempt to fix the Zip Manager bug when running in 512x256 mode 4 - v1.03 of Zip Manager now on Archivers page.

05/08/07 Launchpad version 2 and demo version (v2.08 of both) now available for download from Launchpad/Demo Version page. V2.08 fixes a small bug leading to loss of menu sprites when the program is loaded into high memory addresses on large memory systems, due to address pointer value changing to exponential notation.

04.08.07 Graphics page now includes a short BASIC program to patch the Q60 program PQIV to provide mode 32 picture handling for QXL and QPC2 systems. Articles page in QL Docs section now set up.

03.08.07 Suqcess v2.05 latest demo version from Bob Spelten jr added to Demo Versions page. PE v2.03 test version added to Pointer Environment page (note: needs version JS or later ROM - preferably Minerva).

02.08.07 Launchpad v2.07 demo and upgrade versions added to Launchpad pages. Q-Trans v2.06 update added to same page. Zip Manager v1.02 now on Archivers page. Versions numbers list updated.

01.08.07 Lear PCBCad (on Graphics page) now at v6.20. Launchpad v2.07 and Q-Trans 2.06 available for download (improvements to resizing routines).

29.07.07 Oops, it seems Jonathan Hudson's QDOS page is still there, just no link from his home page, so reinstated it on my links page. oops again, it seems there was a pair of pages about the QL ROMs, so information from both have now been merged.

27.07.07 Managed to extract source code for Cocktails Waiter, now included as an untokenised boot_prg with the package. Removed link to Jonathan Hudson's website as it no longer contains QL material.

26.07.07 Cocktails Waiter program now added to Miscellaneous program page. Version Numbers list for my programs updated to include Go and Converter, plus other recently updated programs.

24.07.07 Two former DJC programs by Mike Crowe added: MegaToolkit is on the Toolkits page, while Squidgy Around The World is on the Games page.

19.07.07 Beta test version of new drive conversion utility (e.g. MDV to FLP or FLP to WIN) on File Handling Programs page.

07.07.07 Go! program added to Utilities page.

06.07.07 Updated QL shows page. QL Today page now has index to Volume 11 of the magazine, by Brian Kemmett. Greek ROM added to QL ROMs page.

29/0607 Version 6.17 of Malcolm Lear's PCBCAD program now on Graphics page.

05/06/07 Uploaded Zip Manager again to Archivers page - hopefully all 58K of it will be there this time. Uploaded version 6.16 of Malcolm Lear's PCB Cad program. Corrected some small errors in the Launchpad description pages.

03/06/07 Zip Manager program added to Archivers program page.

01/05/07 and 09/05/07 Started the process of moving the QL documentation files from the TopCities site to this site, to consolidate files on this site. The TopCities pages will stay there until the move is complete, but will probably not be updated any more.

26/04/07 Added version 2 of Tron colour theme (Simon Balderson) to Graphics page. Fixed link to Freeola ISP's home page.

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