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Updated 22/11/2022

All sorts of QL fonts available for download, including QL system character fonts, Line Design/Proforma/Prowess fonts and miscellaneous fonts for packages like Page Designer 2 and 3 for example.

QL System Fonts

Fonts for use with QDOS/SMSQ as system fonts. Unless otherwise specified, these fonts are installed via the CHAR_USE extension in Toolkit 2, or other equivalent means of using new system fonts.

General QL Font Collections

Miscellaneous collections of QL fonts, suitable for use with BASIC via the CHAR_USE command or equivalent, and suitable for use with many QL art and publishing programs such as Page Designer 2 or 3, for example.

QL Fonts 1 (34K) - a collection of QL fonts from the Page Designer packages
QL Fonts 2 (27K) - a collection of 8-pixel wide QL fonts from the Page Designer packages
QL Fonts 3 (4K) - a small collection of QL fonts
QL Fonts 4 (32K) - another collection of assorted QL fonts

IBM Character Set QL Fonts

IBM Fonts (7K) - a small collection of IBM character set fonts for the QL. Includes line and block graphics, based on PC8 set.

Euro Font for QDOS

A font for QDOS which provides the Euro currency symbol at CHR$(181) like the SMSQ/E fonts. CHR$(181) is accessed with CTRL SHIFT u on a U.K. keyboard, for example. (3K)

ISO-8859-1 Font

An ISO-8859-1 font for QL (Marcos Cruz) (1K) (06/03/14)

Transfonter is a program which converts a standard QL font to an ISO-8859-1 equivalent, remapping characters in the process. (6K) (Marcos Cruz)

Condensed Fonts

Example using the Condensed fontsA set of fonts in various pixel widths, suitable for use with a range of CHAR_INC values from 3 pixels to 9 pixels. Useful where you want to create text in slightly different widths, e.g. to fit more text on a line or to represent slightly different text attributes. Seven different sizes of fonts included. Note that to use the fonts wider than 6 pixels, you should use CSIZE 1,0. (5K) (D. Jones) [27/02/16]

Jumbo Font

A large font designed using the full 8x9 pixel grid of each character, so that each character is as large and detailed as possible, designed to be used in CSIZE 1,0 and with a CHAR_INC width value of 9 or more to allow a gap of at least one pixel between characters. Load and install just like any other QL font. (1K) (D. Jones) [27/02/16]

Greek Font

A single font for use with commands such as CHAR_USE from Toolkit 2. (1K) (G Morris) [06/11/22]

Fonts sheetZX Fonts

A huge collection of 92 fonts ported from ZX Spectrum fonts by Andrei Tenu. Click on the image on the right to see a font sheet to show what they look like. (50K) (Andrei Tenu) [06/11/22]


A QL version of the Commodore PET character set (1K) (Mark Swift) [21/11/22]

Proforma Fonts

Proforma Font Pack 1

An eight disk pack of fonts converted from freeware Adobe Type 1 compatible fonts with the Pfb2Pff package from Progs. Suitable for use with Line Design, Proforma, Prowess etc. The eight disks may be separately downloaded as required. May be used alone or all together.

Font Pack 1, disk 1 (402K)
Font Pack 1, disk 2 (421K)
Font Pack 1, disk 3 (373K)
Font Pack 1, disk 4 (402K)
Font Pack 1, disk 5 (383K)
Font Pack 1, disk 6 (407K)
Font Pack 1, disk 7 (407K)
Font Pack 1, disk 8 (359K)
Font Pack 1 description text file (4K)

I thought that the source files for these fonts had been lost forever, but recently I managed to recover most of the freeware Type 1 fonts I used to convert these fonts. So, I thought I'd make them available here in case they are of interest to anyone (e.g. to produce documents on both QL and other systems using the same fonts). Also included is a subset of the fonts as True Types (all that I could find, at least). Note the file size of the fonts collections. (8.5MB) [06/08/16] (6.2MB) [14/08/16]

Proforma Font Pack 2

A one disk set of fonts for use with Line Design, Proforma, Prowess etc.
Font Pack 2 (363K)

Proforma Font Pack 3

A small collection of fonts of Celtic-appearance for Line Design, Proforma, Prowess etc.
Font Pack 3 (81K)

Phoebus Dokos Fonts

Two font families by Phoebus R. Dokos for use with Line Design, Proforma, Prowess etc, both fonts having Euro currency symbols accessed either via the \paragraph\ entity, or with CTRL SHIFT u on U.K. keyboards. (58K) - a family of Guardian serifed fonts (normal, bold, italic, bold-italic) (52K) - a family of non-serifed SuisseLatin fonts

Other Fonts

Professional Publisher fonts

Two freeware fonts for the Professional Publisher program from Digital Precision. (6K)

Two HDF fonts for Professional Publisher and Page Designer 3 (note: not suitable for earlier versions of Page Designer unfortunately), designed to look like the fonts Sinclair used on their QL products in the mid 1980s, the HDF fonts are from Ralf Reköndt. (3KB)

Text 87 Screen Fonts 1

A small collection of screen display fonts (_f87 files) for use with the Text 87 word processor (7K)

Text 87 Screen Fonts 2

Another collection of screen display fonts (_f87 files) for use with the Text 87 word processor (26K)

Sinclair-style Font True Type/ATM/Proforma

Sampe of Sir Clive fontSirClive.ttf is a freeware True Type font, suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. It has been specially designed by Paul Reid, as a tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair, as Paul puts it in the accompanying text file, "the single-most reason many got into computing in the first place". I have converted the font to Adobe Type 1 and from there to _pff format for use with Proforma and Prowess on the QL. My thanks to Timothy Swenson for finding this font. (5K) True Type version (10K) ATM Type 1 (2K) QL Proforma/Prowess _pff font file.

SF Square Head font sampleAnother freeware Windows True Type font with lower case characters which look like the fonts Sinclair used in the mid 1980s - handy for when you need to recreate the Sinclair logo for historical documents, etc. Includes bold, italic etc variants. Install in Windows as you would any other True Type font. I have also converted them ATM Type 1 (.afm/.pfb) and Proforma fonts for use on QL. (59K) Windows True Type version (109K) ATM type 1 (23K) Proforma/Prowess version (for use with Line Design etc).

QL JS ROM Font sampleQL JS ROM Font is a True Type font for Windows, with characters which look like the QL character set of the JS ROM. I am grateful to Lee Privett for this font. (21KB) - True Type version. (45K) - ATM Type 1 version (8K) - QL Proforma/Prowess _pff font file.

QL Classic OTF fontsQL Classic (100K) - Cristian on QL Forum has made available his OpenType font set reproducing the classical QL characters. Includes also some extra symbols (Euro, TM, bullet etc). It simulates the width of the characters as they appear on a 4/3 display. There is also a monospace version so you can perfectly align your PROCedures when displaying your progs. 9 variations in all. Cristian says "It's not a super-professional product, but It's freeware (not for commercial purposes!)".

Sample of the Saxony-Serial-Regular fontSaxony-Serial-Regular is a font similar to that which was used in QL advertising and documentation. It produced the distinctive 'Sinclair QL' text on the QL boxes, for example. Useful if you wish to re-create this style of text. The zip file contains Windows True Type, Type 1 and QL Proforma/Line Design _pff font.

Download the Saxony-Serial-Regular fonts (81K)
Another similar font is Syntax. At the moment I only have the True Type version:
Download the Syntax font (26K)

ZX Spectrum font. An 8x8 pixel font design, so that text can look like it was printed on the Spectrum. Thanks again to Timothy Swenson for locating this one. (5K) True Type font format. (22K) ATM type 1 format. (4K) QL Proforma/Prowess version (for use with Line Design etc).

ZX81 Fonts. Two fonts (zx81.ttf and zx81 vdu.ttf) which are based on the Sinclair ZX81 typeface. Truetype format only at present. (12K) - a small character set for QL, mapping the ZX81 64 character set onto QL character codes 128 to 191. Use in CSIZE 1,0 or CSIZE 1,1 on QL, as it's an 8 pixel wide font, and use Toolkit 2's CHAR_INC command to set the character spacing to 8 pixels across and 8 pixels down. (D. Jones) (3K) [28/03/2020] - a small character set for QL, mapping the ZX80 64 character set onto QL character codes 128 to 191. Use in CSIZE 1,0 or CSIZE 1,1, on QL, as it's 8 pixel wide font, and use Toolkit 2's CHAR_INC command to set the character spacing to 8 pixels across and 8 pixels down. (D. Jones) (2K) [29/03/2020] - a QL character set, made to look like a ZX Spectrum font. Covers character codes 32 to 127. (Author Unknown) (1K) [29/03/2020]

Font Programs

Some font viewing and editing software.


A program written in SuperBASIC to convert a QL screen font into a set of DATA statements to include within a program, so that the program may install and use its own font, rather than having to load a font file from disc. A couple of example fonts included. (6K) (D. Jones) [27/02/16]


A program described as "the ultimate character designer" in its time, this font editor was released as Freeware in 2014 by its author. A CTL1 joystick or cursor key system can be used to 'draw' the font on screen, with further facilities available from the keyboard. Includes help screens accessed with F1 key. A few sample fonts supplied. Originally released by TLOSoft in 1986/7.
Download Char (43K)

Character Map

Font viewer and character map program. Tells you which keys to press to get the character on UK and German keyboards. (117K) (Andrei Tenu) [6/11/22]

Font Viewer v1.00

A pointer driven font viewer program for QL fonts. Needs pointer environment and Toolkit 2. Can view both ordinary 5-pixel wide QL character founts and 8-pixel wide ("fat") founts which can only be used in CSIZE 1,0 in mode 4. A few sample fonts included.
Download Font Viewer (49K)

Font Editor

A pointer driven font editor for QL fonts (including Minerva fonts) by Oliver Fink.
Download Font Editor (65K)

Font Editor

A pointer driven font editor for QL fonts. Requires expanded memory, Toolkit 2 and Window Manager 2 (either SMSQ/E 3.00 or later, or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later). Can handle wide (8x9) fonts as well as standard 5x9 in any character range. Facilities to make bold and italic fonts, copy characters, merge fonts and so on. Several example fonts supplied. (D. Jones) [21/11/09]
download (64K)


A short SuperBASIC program to install an extension called UDG, which is a very early Sinclair routine for User Defined Graphics. It was originally sent out by Sinclair in response to Help queries regarding fonts and user defined graphics - I scanned the document and the text file version and BASIC program are in the zip file below, while the PDF is a scan of the original document for posterity. (2K) - SuperBASIC program and text file
udgs.pdf (91K) - scanned PDF of original Sinclair help sheet

Quill Fonts Patch

Allows you to use alternative fonts instead of the High/Low fonts in Quill. (14K)

Font Extension

Rich Mellor extension for installing new fonts. 2 sample fonts included, called italics_fnt and bold_fnt. Assembler sources for the extension included. (8K)

BGI Fonts

One of the earliest vector fonts system for the QL. (82K)


A program to create and download fonts to printers with suitable download font buffers. (83K)


A very simple screen proportional fonts system written in BASIC, available to download on the BASIC programs page.

QBits Font Editor

A great little font editor by QBits, written in BASIC. (18K)
02 QBFontEditor.pdf (828K) QBits Font Editor manual as a PDF file.

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