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Basic Lib - A small library of QL BASIC procedures and functions used by Wolfgang Lenerz in his own programs, might come in useful if you try to recompile some of his programs.. In a format for use with his Basic Linker below and are supposed to be in a directory called dev1_basic_lib_ (Wolfgang Lenerz) (42K) [21/05/16]

Basic Linker - A formerly commercial program from Wolfgang Lenerz, who has now made it freeware. Like a traditional linker program, this allows you to split up your program into manageable sized sections which you can edit in QD editor, then 'link' or join them all up into one final output file when program editing is complete. Parsing, _sav files for QLiberator compiling, checking for presence of given machine code extensions etc. all possible. Manuals included. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (196K) [21/05/16]

Basic Reporter - Basic Reporter is a SuperBASIC programming aid. List variables, procedure and function names, etc. (D. Jones) (37KB) - 2006 updated version 2.02 of Basic Reporter recompiled with more recent version of Turbo, hard coded system variable references removed, new configuration block and extensions linked into program, output-to-file bug fixed. (D. Jones) (46K) [27/10/06]

Easyptr 4 - latest version of the pointer environment programming utility, originally by Albin Hessler and more recently updated by Marcel Kilgus. Create menus, sprites etc, controlled by simple BASIC extensions, compilable with QLiberator. Version 4 supports the GD2 high colour modes, window manager 2 etc. (268K) [19/12/16]
Easyptr Manual (PDF file) (442K)
List of updates in version 4 (text file) (7K) - Extract. A utility, that displays all procedures and functions of a chosen SuperBASIC libray or every SuperBASIC program, on request cuts out and puts them in a file without line numbers. Needs Toolkit II. (17K) -Giga-Basic provides over 70 commands and functions, making it a useful extension for the QL. Covers the areas of graphics, sprites, base conversion, full screen basic editor, direct access to medium, multitasking clocks, mouse driven screen orientated menus, pull-down menus, multitasking control commands, programmable function keys and so on. Formerly a commerical program, now freeware (André Claaßen and Gerd-Uwe Neukamp) (37K)
Original manual scanned as a PDF file (197K)
Retyped manual as a PDF file (463K) - "Got" is an extremely simple utility that analyses what parameters have been passed to it and reports the information. The main purpose of Got is to test utilities that attempt to launch other programs by displaying exactly what information they pass to it.(Adrian Ives) (19K) [25/01/06] Help is a useful system for adding help files for basic extensions. (Rich Mellor) (25K) [06/10/06] Help 1.2 is an online hyperhelp engine system from Quantum Technology. Needs PE and Menu_Rext 7 or later. (279K) [06/10/06] - Library Manager v1.0 from Easysoft.  This utility allows you to list the  procedures and functions in a SuperBasic file to the screen or printer, and extract a subset of them to another file. Includes SuperBASIC source code. (Robert M Blair) (18K) - ListNames v0.50 is a PE utility for scanning resident extension files and listing the names of basic extensions that are defined within the file. (61K) (Adrian Ives) [25/01/06] A Make utility for software developers. (Jonathan Hudson) (23K) [06/10/06] Masterbasic v1.51d is a SuperBasic programming aid. Formerly a commercial program, it has now been made freeware by Ergon Development. (130K) [06/10/06] - MenView is a simple pointer driven viewer for Easymenu-type menus. (Per Witte) (3K) [08/07/05]

Nucleon is a suite of programs to help you create your own programs. It is a formerly commercial software package from Pyramide, now available as freeware. The package includes a set of programs started via a menu:
Compact Draw is a drawing program which generates SuperBASIC code to recreate the picture.
Font Definer defines fonts and icons for use on screen and creates a new boot program which allows you to install fonts and icons
Windows is an icon driven progam to allow you to set up and adjust window channels on screen and generates the SuperBASIC code to set these up.
Maestro is used to compose music using the QL's built in BEEP function - compose the notes on screen and generate a SuperBASIC program to play the tune for you
Integrator - a program to add machine code routines to the generated SuperBASIC program (all sections created by the above programs can be merged together into one program).
Download Floppy disk version (82K)
Microdrive version (two cartridges) - Download MDV1 (34K) Download MDV2 (35K)
Manual PDF file (532K)
Manual DOCX file (4.45MB)

Outl - to demonstrate resizing a window by moving its outline. (George Gwilt) (9K) [01/04/09] - sources for the Outl package above (george Gwilt) (8K) [01/04/09] - a small set of graphical extensions used by the author in some of his own programs. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (9K) [12/05/18] P.E.Kit is an aid to producing pointer driven programs in BASIC using Easyptr. Developed by the author to assist with his own programming needs, to help avoid reptitious programming by providing a number of base procedures and functions to simplify producing pointer driven applications from SBASIC. (John Miller) (308K) [06/10/06] - Pop02 is a program listing to go with the author's article in QL Today Volume 10 Issue 3, page 21. It deals with using Easyptr to create pop-up help or hint windows where a small help 'bubble' window pops up when you rest the pointer over an item in a menu. (8K) (Per Witte) [13/09/06] - Pox02 brings together a number of useful  techniques to the attention of programmers and tinkerers who may not yet be aware of them. To name a few: Pox is a workable Hinting routine, it also demonstrates the use of larger-than-Outline  windows and dialogs in programs. It demonstrates some rudimentary inter-job communication. It uses the Home  Directory Thing, and shows some simple ways of using the System Palettes. Hopefully both beginners and more advanced programmers may find something of use. (15K) (Per Witte) [21/06/14] - Program to edit procedures. Select procedures and functions from existing BASIC programs. Selected procedures and functions are examined and further calls found, so that it becomes possible to create a comprehensive library. The BASIC program to be scanned must be loaded, and a ramdisk is required. N.B. makes direct PEEK/POKE to system variables at QL address, so may not work on systems where system variables are not at dec.163840, although source BASIC is supplied if you'd like to try fixing that. (Rainer Kowallik & Matthias Leidig) (15K) - Procedure Linker. This is a program to join together a number of resident extension files into a single large file, which may then be installed with a single LRESPR or RESPR/LBYTES/CALL sequence. Includes 'C' source code. (Richard Kettlewell) (12K) - Proc & FN Lister v1.0 This program will list all Procedures & Functions in a loaded program, in Alphabetic order, to the printer connected to SER1. Needs Turbo Toolkit. Includes BASIC source code (Robin Blair) (8K)

Procman - SuperBASIC/SBASIC programming aid. Extract procedures or functions from other programs, create your own library of routines. Pointer and non-pointer driven versions (pointer version requires Menu Extension/QMenu). Source files included if you'd like to modify for your own use. (D.Jones) (100KB)

Procman 2 - new version of the Procman programming utility. Pointer driven, no longer requires Menu Extension, uses Wman 2 and now even easier to use than the original. Handles _sav BASIC files too. (D. Jones) (56KB) [31/01/10]

QL Library Manager v2.0 - a SuperBASIC procedure and function handler. Extract procedures and functions quickly from a SuperBASIC programs to make libraries of routines. Gives cut and paste facilities for programs. A formerly commercial program from Ergon, now freeware. Manual included as Quill doc file. (Marco Ternelli) (56K) [24/07/16] QCopy is a pointer driven utility for handling QSAVEd files - BASIC programs saved in _sav format. Can be used to extract routines from _sav program files, for example. (B.J.Ansell) (21K) [06/10/06] A replacement enhanced QLiberator patch program. (Pal Monstad and Arvid Borretzen) (32K) [06/10/06] - slightly older version of the QLib Patch by the same authors, kept here for posterity. (33K) [22/05/16] QPTR is Tony Tebby's pointer environment programming package, a programming toolkit for assembler and BASIC. This is version 0.15. (W.Lenerz) (9K) [21/07/22] Source files, ready to be compiled with Qac. (If you want to recompile this, please read the readme_txt file in the zip file for the binary file, and note that you will need certain key files from the SMSQ/E sources). (W. Lenerz) (56K) [21/07/22]
The manual is available on the Replacement Manuals page. The example files supplied with the original QPTR disks. Includes examples in BASIC and assembler. - a couple of example programs showing how to use index drawing, in SBASIC and assembler. (29K) [21/07/22] -SPACE, or Standard Pointer Application Creation Extensions, is a package to provide useful tools for QPTR programmers, by providing ready made SuperBASIC routines to aid program development. (Oliver Fink) (49K) [31/10/08]

Structured SuperBASIC v2.7.2 - Structured Superbasic or SSB is a program that takes SuperBasic programs written in the SSB style and converts them to full running SuperBasic programs. It supports the following features: No line numbers, Blank lines between lines of code, Labels for GOTOs and GOSUBs, Conditional compilation, Multiple part programs, Programs written using a text editor, multi-language support. (Timothy Swenson) (131K) [09/08/22] SuperTrace is a machine code utility which allows you to trace the path of SuperBasic programs as they are running. It lets you see program lines as the interpreter sees them and eases the pain of debugging long, involved programs. SuperTrace shows the whole SuperBasic line being interpreted rather than just its line number. SuperTrace uses M68008 interrupts to question the interpreter and display the SuperBasic line currently being executed.(David Henderson) (6K) [06/10/06] - SuperBASIC Tips. A collection of SuperBASIC Procedures and Functions. Two sorting rountines, Implicit Channels Numbers & Transient Channels (Scott Telford), and Five programming tips. (6K)

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