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Last updated: 11/06/2023

Turbo is a comprehensive BASIC compiler for the Sinclair QL's on-board SuperBASIC language. Originally marketed by Digital Precision Ltd as a commercial product, the package is now freeware and maintained by George Gwilt - his website is at http://gwiltprogs.info/ . The source files are available from the official Turbo pages on the Scottish QL Users Group site maintained by John Sadler at http://www.jms1.supanet.com.

Turbo Compiler updated by George Gwilt (64K) [27/10/14]

Turbo Sources Source files for the Turbo compiler (195K) (George Gwilt) [26/06/16]

Turbo Toolkit v3.44, updated by George Gwilt, Mark Knight and David Gilham (32K) [26/06/16]

Turbo 510 An intermediate release of the Turbo Toolkit and Turbo Parser, to address an issue with PEEK_F and POKE_F commands on SMSQ/E systems. Not required om Qdos and Minerva systems. See the updates text file for full details. (92K) (Per Witte) [01/08/2022]

Turbo Manuals updated for use with more recent Turbo compiler and toolkit versions (260K) [26/06/16]
Turbo Manuals as eBooks available here, or from iTunes store.

TurboPTR  - compile pointer driven BASIC programs with Turbo with this package, an alternative to QPTR in some ways! Note that the SETW files included in previous versions are now available from the C page (360K) (George Gwilt) [27/01/12]

TurboPTR sources The source files for TurboPTR (91K) (George Gwilt) [27/01/12]

TurboPTR examples and description Text files and examples for TurboPTR (241K) (George Gwilt) [21/10/08]

UConfig UConfig stands for Universal Config, software from George Gwilt to include config blocks in Turbo compiled programs, C and assembler (51K) [27/01/12]

UConfig sources Sources for the UConfig package above, from george Gwilt (22K) [27/01/12]

Turbo Extras, updated versions of programs supplied with the original Turbo compiler - Task Commander, Dataspace_Task, Turbo Toolkit demo files, Library Manager and Make Modules (89K) [27/01/12]

TurboFix v2.0 - a small program to patch and update certain keywords in older versions of Turbo Toolkit. Not needed for the current versions of Turbo Toolkit. (4K)

TurboFix_asm.zip - assembler source file for TurboFix.

Turbo Patch - a small program to patch programs compiled with older versions of Turbo Compiler to run on more modern systems. Allows system variables to be at any location, not just at the address used by the original QL system. Not required with programs compiled with current Turbo Compiler versions. (3K)

superchargese.zip - Supercharge Special Edition SuperBASIC compiler, with the lenslock copy protection removed. Supercharge was the predecessor to Turbo Compiler. Included here mainly for historical reference. (55K)
Supercharge_manual.pdf - Manual for Supercharge, searchable version, kindly supplied by Petri Pellinen. (21MB)

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