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Last Updated: 31/10/17 Archive/Pipedream file conversion program - use in conjunction with the QL/Z88 file transfer program below. (D. Jones) (26K) [28/12/06] Z88/QL file transfer program (Phil Borman) (46K) [28/12/06] Catdoc converts M$ Word documents, including Word 97 documents, to text (Jonathan Hudson) (194K) [28/12/06] Copy2Mac converts Quill DOC or TXT file to RTF file for use on PC, Mac or Psion 3. (Chris Fowler) (23K) [28/12/06] AddCR and RemCR are a pair of command-line utilities to add and remove Carriage Returns to and from text files. Useful for migrating between MSDOS and QDOS/SMSQ (Adrian Ives) (25K) [08/07/05] Discover is an alien disc copier program for the QL. It allows QL disc systems to read floppy disks formatted on some other computer systems such as DOS. Discover is Shareware - it functions in a limited demo mode (largest file transfer 2 kilobytes in unregistered mode) until you get a registration code from the author (codes are currently free), then it is able to read MSDOS and Atari ST discs at the basic registration level, or if you obtain the second registration level it can also read CPM, BBC DFS and ADFS, Unix CPIO and Spectrum/SAM Coupe disc formats. This version can also read MSDOS removable media such as Zip and Syquest attached to a QL via a Qubide interface. (Dave Walker) (119K) [05/07/05] A beta test version of Discover able to read CDROMs connected to a recent Qubide interface on a QL. This is just the program itself, not the full package as above. (Dave Walker) (55K) [05/07/05] Doc2Rtf is a utility to convert DOC files to RTF files (Mark Swift) (18K) [28/12/06] - updated version of above from Tomas Kral. Requires Turbo Toolkit. (19K) [22/02/15]

doc2rtf.lha Amiga version of the above program, converts Psion Quill _DOC files to Rich Text Format on Amiga. (47K) (Simon Goodwin) [19/04/14] Program to convert Perfection word processor documents into plain text for import into other word processors (Norman Dunbar) (16K) [05/07/05]

Kopiilo - a Spectrum disk copier program, for Disciple disks, written in QL SuperBASIC. Works via SER2. Notes in the listing itself. (1KB) (Marcos Cruz) [10/07/11]

MSXSCR - MSXSCR is a program to convert MSX computer screens to QL mode 8 screens. The program reads the content of the MSX screen file, byte after byte, calculates the color of the corresponding pixel on the QL screen and draws it. At the end it saves the picture in a file. The 8-color formats of QL and MSX2 are similar, so the task is much easier than translating a Spectrum's screen picture to the QL, says the author. (1K) (Marcos Cruz) [10/07/11] MultiDOS is a program to transfer files between MSDOS, TOS and QDOS disks. This is the English version. Requires the modified QLiberator compiler runtimes available from the Toolkits page. (Thierry Godefroy) (32K) [07/02/06] This is the French version of MultiDOS by the same author, also requires the modified QLiberator compiler runtimes. (32K) [07/02/06] - MULTIDOS TRS-80/GENIE Disk Access v1.9 Transfer files from Tandy TRS 80 and Video Genie computers floppy disks to the QL. [Note: similar name to above program, but they are not the same!] (Simon N Goodwin) (24K)

OPD Interchange - Dave Walker's software allowing the QL to read ICL OPD or Merlin Tonto cartridges. Provides a new MDV driver for the QL which reads OPD cartridges, and an OPDCOPY program for file transfer, including transparent conversion of Xchange files between the two computers. Further details available from Dave Walker's site at There are 4 files to download in all:

  1. - User manual in Quill _doc format (2 files, 13K).
  2. - Basic conversion guidelines (2 _doc files, 13K)
  3. - Binaries, to be used on a QL, with various _doc files (50K)
  4. - Source files, various _asm and _link files (170K) Psion Organiser/QL file transfer software, originally published by Transform, now freeware. Needs a suitable cable connection. This version has been saved as a zipped microdrive image .MDV file. (44K) [07/08/20) This is the original QL version. When run it creates a cloned working copy as per the version below. (21K) [07/08/20] A ready-to-run copy created from a master copy. (19K) [07/08/20] Perfection to RTF Rich Text File word processor file conversion. (Pedro Reina) (51K) [28/12/06]

pilot-xfer.zipPilot Transfer - connect Palm Pilot PDA (all models) to QDOS systems (J. Hudson) (1.25MB) [08/07/05] A formerly commercial program, now freeware, QL-2-PC is a file transfer utility for word processing files between QL and PC. Converts Quill, Perfection and Text 87 to plain text, RTF or HTML, or HTML into ASCII. (Geoff Wicks) (211K) [08/01/07] QL to PC file transfer software, originally published by Transform, now freeware. Needs a suitable cable link. Includes QL software and a PC program called TRAN4.EXE . The QL software has been saved as a microdrive image .MDV file - both the QL and PC software are in the zip file. (47K) [07/08/20]
QLtoPC-Manual.pdf manual for the QL to PC file transfer software. (1MB) [07/08/20] just the PC program TRAN4.EXE (32K) just the QL software, extracted from the .MDV image and saved as a zip file. (15K) QLIBM is a program for reading IBM format disks on a QL (Wolfgang Lenerz) (27K) [28/12/06] QLread is believed to be a Mac program, a disk utility allowing you to list and read files from a QDOS formatted floppy disk on a Macintosh computer. This program is untested - I have no Mac to try it on! (27K) [28/12/06]

QL Disk Reader - a DOS program which can read files from a QL floppy disk. A formerly commercial program from Utility Room. (10K) [19/04/10]

Quill-View - A Quill doc file viewer for Windows (XP onward) and Linux. Windows users can drag and drop a Quill document file onto Quill-View's icon to view the document in a browser, or by holding down the ALT key while dropping, as a plain text file in something like Notepad. There are also command line options. A third version of the program is for QDOS systems. (Mikael Ström) (575K) [08/06/16] Quill DOC to RTF Rich Text File word processor file conversion (Pedro Reina) (36K) [28/12/06] - a program to read/write type container files, and (expermimentally) qubide formatted container files from any java enabled PC. (145K) (Wolfgang Lenerz) [31/10/17] - Spectrum To QL. A suite of programs to aid the transfer of files between these two Sinclair computers. Needs Toolkit II. (14K) - Strip CR. Strips Carriage Returns & expands Tab markers in ASCII files, Ported over from the PC. (1K) The Stripper is a utility to strip control codes from a Quill DOC file to aid with transfer of files from QL to other computer systems. (D. Jones) (20K) [05/07/05] A C compiled version of The Stripper (Phil Borman and Norman Dunbar) (17K) [05/07/05]

Q-Stripper - A version of The Stripper by Norman Dunbar for Windows and for Linux, which allows Windows or Linux users to open multiple Quill documents and save them in various other formats - text, html, Docbook XML and PDF. Download the required version and any support files required from Sourceforge - click here to visit the page. - Tas <> Qed. TASQED and QEDTAS are programs for converting text files from QL to Spectum Tasword files, and vice versa. (Jack Raats) (2K) Text2Exp is a small program to convert columned text into an export file for import into databases etc. (D. Jones)(7K) [05/07/05] Textidy is a file conversion program, designed to convert between a number of file formats, including Quill and plain text. This program converts the text files, then you should use a disc copier program such as Discover to transfer between QL discs and discs for other computer systems. (Dave Walker) (80K) [05/07/05] TidyUp is a simple program to assist with transferring text files between Windows and QDOS. It performs the tedious tasks like adding or removing end of line carriage return characters, translating DOS, Windows and/or QDOS character sets, removing email quoting marks from start of lines and removal of multiple spaces or single line feeds in an attempt to perform very simple tidying up of text to save you some tedious editing by hand. (D. Jones) (63K) [07/02/06] TidyUp version 2 (see above for version 1 for older systems). This version needs Wman 2 or later (recent SMSQ/E v3.00 or later, or pointer environment version 2 or later) and can use System Palette colour themes. (D.Jones) (40K) [26/03/06] Translate PC utility to aid with conversion of characters in text files between QDOS and DOS systems (D. Jones) (39K) [05/07/05]

unfold.zipUnfold v1.03. Join together adjacent lines on stdin to undo the effects of a previous FOLD, and remove any Carriage Returns from the input stream. Send the result to stdout. Use this utility to recover paragraph structure from a text file that has been produced with hard line breaks for subsequent importing into a Word Processor. The best results are obtained if the source has blank lines after each paragraph, otherwise you end up with one VERY long line! (Adrian Ives) (17K) [25/01/06] - WP_DATA is a printer driver for Perfection Special Edition which converts Perfection files into WordPerfect format retaining underlining and bold text. (Geoff Wicks) (1K)

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