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Last Updated: 29.03.2023

A collection of graphical programs for the QL. Some of these are quite old, so may not work too well on modern hardware or emulators, but give them a try nonetheless! And with the "colour drivers" having been around for a while, there's some more modern stuff here too! - 3D Mandelbrot. Produces a 3D Mandelbrot image. (3K)

3D Terrain - A former commercial program for displaying spreadsheet data in 3D - it could be used as a mapping tool, now released as freeware. NOTE: this is a zip file in Q-emuLator format - unzip it on your PC and attach the resulting folder to Q-emuLator as a drive.(42K). (Ian Thompson & Rich Mellor) [03/11/16] - Three Dimensional Pie.  Three Dimensional Pie is a program which allows you to design pie charts for display on the screen or for printing to a dot matrix printer. (Geoffrey Wicks) (22K) - a program to handle animated GIF images on SMSQ/E systems. v1.01. View animated GIFs, convert individual frames to individual PIC files or GD2 sprites, or convert the entire animation to a GD2 dynamic sprite file, compressed or uncompressed. Support for resizing, rotation and alpha transparency. There is a GIF conversion program, and an animation file viewer/browser, along with simple SBASIC programs to handle the animations (GIF or sprite) in or alongside your own SBASIC programs. Requires an SMSQ/E system with support for 16-bit colour modes 32 or 33. 256-colour mode support to follow (note: does not work in mode 4 or mode 8 - high colour required). Note: this is not a games sprite authoring package. View the README_doc file first, then the individual Quill doc files for the various component parts of the AnimGIF package. A few sample animated GIF files are included, or you can download the large (as in about 15,000 files) collection of animated GIF files below. (269K) (D. Jones) [02/05/22] - a massive collection of over 15,000 animated GIF files in a large file called, for use with QL emulators which support filing systems. Not all the GIF files have been tested with the AnimGIF system, I don't have that much time on my hands! Note the size of download. (512K)
animgif.iso - the collection of over 15,000 animated GIFs as an ISO image, ready to burn to a CD. Windows 10 users can use the ISO image directly as a named drive by right-clicking on animgif.iso after downloading, and using the MOUNT command to assign it a drive letter, so that it can be used just like any other drive in Windows. (572K)
I've made a couple of short videos to show how the program works:
animgif.mp4 - AnimGIF itself (777K)
animgif2.mp4 - the browser part (894K) - ARTice v1.1 is a bitmap graphics drawing program written for use with the ICE pointer environment. The manual is included as a Quill _doc file, or available separately as a PDF file. Permission has been given by the author to release this as freeware. (Damon Chaplin) (40K) [07/05/18]
ARTICE MANUAL.pdf - manual for ARTice as PDF file. (332K)
See below for MiceArt (Artice v1.2 for use with ICE mouse)

Banter - A banner maker, which can create a 4 page landscape poster with up to 5 lines of large text using outline fonts (eight supplied, a font maker program is also available below). Prints to an Epson compatible printer. Former commercial DJC software, now made freeware by the author. Needs at least 400K RAM. Quill _doc file manual included. (63K) (Nick Ward) [25/04/14]
Banter C sources (25K)
Banter Font Maker (28K) - Basic Design. This program is intended to set up graphics using a joystick and store these as a BASIC program. This BASIC program, during the drawing, can be tested step by step and individual lines erased. Apart from lines, curves and circles, it is possible to define and call up 10 figures. (Herbert Zenz) (14K)

BMP A pointer driven conversion and viewing program for Windows. BMP files (most types, from 24-bit to 1-bit) and QL GD2 graphics. Handles BMP, SCR, PIC, PSA and Page Designer pages. Convert BMP files to QL graphics, or QL graphics to BMP for transfer to other computers. Also converts QL graphics from mode to mode - handles QL modes, Aurora 256 colour and mode 32 and 33 on QPC2/QXL and Q40/Q60 - and converts between QL file formats SCR/PIC/PSA/PD2/PD3. Machine coded conversion routines to help speed things up. Handles PAC type QL compressed files using RLE compression. Scaled vieiwng option. The program needs expanded memory systems (BMP files can be huge!) and a pointer driven system with Window Manager 2 - QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or recent SMQ/E systems. The current version has been considerably enhanced by Bob Spelten and well worth updating - the WhatsNew105_txt file details the latest changes. (167K) (D.Jones and Bob Spelten Jr.) [13.06.23] - A sample 512x256 Windows .bmp file to use to play with the above BMP program. (358K) [04/08/06]

BMP and SCR conversions - an article of mine from QL Today and SBASIC programs by Marcel Kilgus and Malcolm Lear and I for converting between 24 bit Windows .BMP files and 16-bit colour QL screens, with a short listing showing how to convert 256 colour QL screens (e.g. Aurora) to 16-bit colour mode 32 (24KB). Now includes Roberto Porro's improvement to the MODE32BMP_bas program (see the README_txt file in the zip file) [16/04/16]

BMP Conversion - BMP Conversion is a small set of SBASIC extensions to help with converting Windows .BMP files and loading them to the screen (34KB) (Wolfgang Lenerz) [12/1/05] - a Windows program from Phoebus R. Dokos to convert Windows BMP files to QL screens (note: not a QL program!) (11KB) [11/1/05] -A pair of SBASIC programs from Malcolm Lear to convert 24-bit BMP files to QL screens (2K) [15/02/13]

bmp2sprt - program to convert .BMP graphics files (8 bit or 24 bit) into mode 16 or 64 QL sprites (272KB) (Wolfgang Lenerz) [12/1/05] - Design circuit diagrams with this program. Includes built in symbols for most components, ICs, terminals, resistors, etc. Save, Load and Print facilities.  Released as freeware in 2014 by its author. (35K) (Lee Privett) [14/01/14] - An electronics design package. Seems to only work on a 128K QL (e.g. use RES_128 on a Gold Card). (10K) [16/05/14] - QL Cadette is a compact two dimensional drafting tool for Sinclair QL, including unexpanded 128K systems. An accompanying utility, Plot, allows drawings created with  the help of Cadette to be drawn with a plotter, or, with Epson compatible dot matrix printers fully corrected screen dumps may be generated - circles are circles, not ellipses. A plain text manual is included in the archive, and a PDF manual is available below. Bestmalt have given permission for this former QL software to be released as freeware. (Mark Mansel) (62K) [28/04/14]
QL_Cadette.pdf (620K) - pdf version of the QL Cadette manual. - CAD-QL is a CAD program for the QL, compiled BASIC, manual and BASIC source. With CAD you are able to design Hi Res diagrams on screen. Features include:  Symbol designer Screen Dump  Rubber Bands Unique Design Grid Join Dots Curves Boxes Arcs Writing to Screen Cursor speed changing Cursor Position Display Rubber Removing Grid New Symbol Old Symbol Clear Screen Set Joint or Pad. (30K) (Anthony Quinn) [10/02/14] - Chaos: A graphics demo. (4K) - Chaotic Dynamical Systems. A Fractals program, You will need some spare time to run this very good Fractals generator. SuperBASIC and Q-Liberated versions.  (John Topham) (14K) Show 24 bit colour. A small piece of software to enable you to find the colour you want. Only run this on a machine that supports high colour.(35K) (W. Lenerz) [14/02/06]

Click to see full size sample screen from Concept 3DConcept 3D - a 3D graphics package, written by the late Robert Fingerle and published by US software house Tesseract Software. Prior to his death, the author gave permission for the software to be freely released for the QL. Available in two versions, one for microdrive (MDV), the other for floppy disk (FLP), together with a scanned 45 page PDF manual and recreated Quick Reference Guide. The software will just about run in a 128K unexpanded QL from microdrive, or from floppy disk as long as you have only a floppy disk connected, not Toolkit 2 (may run out of memory if run from floppy disk on a 128K RAM QL with Toolkit 2). Will run fine on expanded memory systems. NOTE: It is important that the device you run it from is not write-protected, even for loading the demo. (Robert Fingerle) [03/02/14]
Concept 3D for MDV - microdrive version (25K)
Concept 3D for FLP - floppy disk version (25K)
Quick Reference Guide - PDF file (44K)
Concept 3D Manual - PDF file, note file size. (5.5MB)
Review of Concept 3D, from Sinclair User - PDF file. (265K)
Comparison of Concept 3D and Viewpoint, from QL World December 86 - PDF file (531K)

Convert-PCX (156KB) - Convert .PCX format graphics (mono or 16 colour) to QL mode 4 graphics as screens or PIC files. (D.Jones) [19/10/04] - Corkscrew: A graphics demo. (3K) - Enables graphics to be designed on-screen then saved as SuperBASIC programs. (10K)

Digicam (39K) - Software to handle older Kodak cameras which have a serial connection from a QL. (George Gwilt) POV/DKB images printing programs - three programs for different resolutions - for use with the BJC600 colour printer. (51KB) (J. Grimbert) [14/02/06] - Desktop Publisher is a former commercial desktop publishing program for QL, now released as freeware. (275K) (A. Astrand) [11/02/15]
Desktop Publisher manual as a PDF file (thanks to Olivier Basely for providing this). (190K) [17/02/15]

EasyCircuit - this is a German CAD and circuit design program. Originally commercial, now freeware. Includes some source files. (226K) (Andreas von Döllen) [03/02/2020] - BASIC source file for v2.11 of EasyCircuit. [03/02/2020] Engif is a graphics converter program for converting QL screens to .GIF files. Toolkit 2 and pointer environment required. (5KB) (Carlo Delhez) [14/02/06] - Fractals. A small Fractals demonstration. They require nothing but plain QDOS and are started with the 'EXEC' command. (Per-Erik Forssen) (8K)

Front Page - a range of graphical QL desktop publishing programs written by Peter Chambers. The publisher GAP Software has kindly given permission for these to be made available as freeware. Please note that I have no manual for the original version of Front Page, so if anyone has a copy which could be scanned, please get in touch. Also, the range apparently reached Front Page Extra 3. If anyone has a copy of that version we can make available, please get in touch. Please Note: in these programs, pages are stored as four sections of numbered files, so if you see a page called SAMPLE1, SAMPLE2, SAMPLE3 and SAMPLE4, you may only need to enter the filename SAMPLE in the programs when loading pages, as the numbers for the sections are added automatically by the programs.
Note the size of the Word version of the standard Front Page manual. Unfortunately, my OCR software was unable to manage the poor quality, so I've had to scan it as graphics, hence the size. luckily, the PDF version is much smaller.
Front Page (36K) - the original version. Suitable for v1.00 and v1.01 as it has a supplement section for v1.01. Manual as a Word .docx (33MB) or PDF file (1.4MB)
Front Page Extra (40K) - enhanced version of Front Page. Manual as a Word .docx (5.5MB) or PDF file (248K).
Front Page Extra 2 (34K) - adds hi-res fonts to Front Page. Manual as a Word .docx (5.1MB) or PDF file (218K) G-Ratio is a small extension to help with correcting the ratios of the original graphics commands. Non-circular circles in resolutions other than 512x256? Try G-Ratio to see if this will solve your problem. (Jens Wildgruber) (1K) [05/10/06] Generalised Bitmap Modules - utilities for manipulating bitmap images. Change bits per pixel, gamma, size, palette and so on. (176K) (ported by Roberto Porro) [14/02/06] Generalised Bitmap Modules sources. (249K) [14/02/06] 2GIF and 2TIFF are two separate programs for conversion of QL 32KB screen and PIC files to .GIf and .TIFF files. Sources included. (57K) (J. Hudson) [14/02/06] GIF to PS converter v002. (29K) (Jonathan Hudson) [14/02/06] A bitmap drawing program originally from GigaSoft, now freeware. Provides the most common commands requiredin a drawing program, and operates in mode 8. (60K) (Jochen Merz and Rainer Bieniek) [18/04/15]
German manual: .doc file (80K) .pdf file (205K)
English manual: .doc file (53K) .pdf file (182K) Grabit v4.30 is a screen grabber utility. Needs Toolkit 2, pointer environment and Menu Extension/QMenu. (80K) (Phil Jones) [14/02/06] Renders your Abacus _exp files into 3D graphs. By Hans-Gerd Peerenboom 1990. Comes with a German _doc file. (30K) [23/01/16]

Graphic Toolkit A range of various procedures and functions to help you write programs which access the Sinclair QL's graphics. The toolkit includes commands for copy protecting microdrive cartridges, moving a pointer on screen, painting, copy part screen to memory and so on. Formerly a commercial program from Pyramide, now available as freeware. (Mick Andon) (168K)
Scanned manual for Graphic Toolkit - PDF file (554K)

Graphics Construction Kit v2.3 - a SuperBASIC command extension which adds a range of new commands to SuperBASIC. Formerly a commercial program, the author has given permission for it to be made available as freeware (Axel Pabich) (55K) [24/03/16]
Scanned manual - PDF file. (151K) - a program writtenby Talent for the Sinclair User Annual 1986. It can be used to experiment with the (then) new science of Fractals, which deals with the replication of natural shapes to form landscapes, rock formations and even buildings. The program is written in SuperBASIC and the original article is reproduced below as a PDF and Word document. (8K) (Seumas Macmhicean) [24/04/18]
Graphics_Toolkit.pdf (382K) - PDF file
Graphics_Toolkit.docx (126K) - Word .docx file - Graph Plotter. Plots the graphs of mathematical functions. (Howard Clase) (5K) Graphics Viewer v1.15 , pointer driven (needs pointer environment and Menu Extension/QMenu) QL graphics files viewer. View QL screens, compressed screens, Painter and Eye-Q files along with Page Designer and Professional Publisher files. Facility to use the SDUMP facilities to print graphics (needs SDUMP extensions). Compatible with high resolution screens on systems such as Aurora, QXL and QPC. Only suitable for use with mode 4 and mode 8 graphics. (D. Jones) (99K) [05/07/05]

Image Processor (213KB) - Image editor program for QL mode 4 and mode 8 screen graphics. With mode conversion, edge detection, pixel zoom editing, file compression, and so on. Rather an old program, but still surprisingly useful. [19/10/04] IMG2PWS is a program to convert Atari IMG graphics to pointer environment PIC files. (82K) (Jon Slater) [14/02/06] - Iterator. Design Fractals or view others. (16K) - JPEG <-> GIF. The programs CPEG & DPEG implement JPEG image compression and decompression.  JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color and gray-scale images. File types supported are BMP, GIF, OS2, PPM, PGM, RLE, and TARGA. (Emiliano Barbaini) (89K)

Lang Digitiser Software - the software supplied with the Lang video Digitiser for QL, from CL Systems. A replacement manual is available here (CL Systems) (134K) [07/09/22]

Lear PCB-Design V7.59 - A program to help with PCB-Design. Please make sure you see its REVISIONS.TXT file for details of changes from version to version once downloaded if you are updating from an earlier version. The current version is pointer driven and needs expanded memory. (1.3 MB) [11/08/19] - Is a small QL painting application originally written by Rolf Bühler (c) 1986. It is written entirely in SBASIC using just QL ROM functions, does not rely on any specific extensions or machine code and will run on plain unexpanded QLs with 128K. It can demonstrate fully SBASIC drawing capabilities, while it can produce useful simple screen graphics, and can also be used to edit screen captures made by other programs. This version has been updated by Tomas Kral, who has also added in a mouse driver, Leonardo can now support serial mouse in SER1. A short PDF manual is also available. (13K) [05/10/14]
Leornado.pdf manual (82K) - A slide show from Spem of Italy. (24K) [16/05/14] Mandelbrot generator software with some example pictures. (73K) (Dietrich Buder) [14/02/06] - v2.00 The Mandelbrot Machine. Fast Mandelbrot Set Generator for the Sinclair QL. Developed under Minerva v1.79 by QView, Compiled with Turbo v2.04 by Digital Precision, Should not be run in interpreted mode. Guardian window needed if exec'd under Pointer Environment (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (24K)

MandelSpeed - A Mandelbrot plot tool, originally written by Andy Toone for CGH Services. The author has now given his blessing for it to be released as Freeware.Available in two formats, one for QemuLator users (simply download and attach the zip file to a drive slot in QemuLator and it can be run direct from that zip file) and another for everyone else.
MandelSpeed for QemuLator - (111K) [18/11/12]
MandelSpeed for other systems - (112K) [18/11/12] - Munich Draw. This is a simple, easy to handle, universal drawing program. It is not perfect, but it sets no limits. It works with both colour modes and makes it possible to use the whole screen as  the drawing area. (Elaborate Bytes) (6K) [16/05/14] - ArtICE v1.2 for use with the mouse versionof ICE. Released with permission fo the author. (Damon Chaplin) (47K) [27/02/19]
MiceArt Readme.pdf (284K) - the readme document PDF file. (284K)
MiceArt Manual.pdf - the manual as a PDF file (338K)
See above for ArtICE 1.1 for use with ICE system without mouse.

Mini Graphics Printer (173KB) - Print thumbnail catalogues of your clipart disks. (D. Jones) [19/10/04] - Open World v2.24. Convert GIF, IFF, TIF images into QL 4, 8 colours or monochrome screens. All screen resolutions supported (VGA, SVGA...). Sources of the C converter are included and can be used/altered/improved for any purpose provided that an acknowledgement to Open World is written somewhere. Manual in Quill format both in English and Italian language. Former commercial program from Ergon Development, now freeware. (178K) [23/06/14]

Peintre - Disk version of this bitmap graphics drawing program from Pyramide. Formerly a commercial program, this is now available to download as freeware. (30K) [02/03/15]
Peintre - MDV version. (30K) [02/03/05]
French manual (PDF file) for QL Peintre, thanks to Olivier Basely (417K)
English manual (PDF file) for QL Peintre (229K) - PHGTK (PHoton General ToolKit, including FJPEG, FGIF and FPNG) is a derivative update of Photon, can now be installed as SuperBASIC extension functions and convert JPG, GIF and PNG files to PIC files for use on QDOS/SMSQ systems, in modes 16, 32, 33, 64 and a new "mode 65" for chrominance/luminance, see the fjpeg_txt and fgif_txt files for details. There is a readme.txt file too, plus JPEGdetail_bas, GIFdetail_bas and PNGdetail_bas programs written in BASIC to return details of the JPG and GIF files. This latest version has an updated GIF function to include all animation frames. Should be able to render complete frames of all known GIFs, rather than partial updates as before. The 8/9/16 version onward introduces new FPIC_xxx and MODExx% functions, allowing scaling, tiling, transform, box filter (sharpening, smoothing, raised, motion blur, box blur, gaussian blur, edge detection etc), corp, border and brightness control plus mode conversion for GD2 PIC files. Now includes an updated verson of photon viewer v0.20 (the old version remains available below for posterity) (44K) [01/03/17]
Photon v0.32 update (10K) [29/08/17]
Photon sources (88K) [21/08/17]
Photon - JPEG graphics viewer, original v0.13 (Dave Westbury) (10KB) [10/1/05] - PIC2BMP is a utility to convert 4, or 8, or Q40 native colour PIC files into 24 bit .BMP files (J. Grimbert) (16K) [11/02/06] - PIC2BMP is a utility to convert 4, or, or Q40 native colour, or QPC/QXL PIC files into 24 bit .BMP files (J. Grimbert) (17K) [11/02/06] - Sources for PIC2BMP utility. (J. Grimbert) (16K) [11/02/06] - PICer v1.01 This program enables you to generate Pointer Environment Area Save Bitmap files from screens (compressed or uncompressed). These bitmaps can then be loaded into programs like Line Design, Image Processor (V2.09 or later), QDesign and also used with the companion program, VIEWER, as embedded graphics. (Dilwyn Jones) (37K)

PicView - a pointer driven graphics viewer for GD2 systems, from the Launchpad suite. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones) (42K) (53K) - a program originally written to make graphical screens for use with the Vision Mixer programs. (J. J. Haftke) (259 KB) - PQIV is an image viewer for the pointer environment, requires SMSQ/E 2.95 minimum. Has support for PCX, PNG, PIC, TIFF, GIF and JPEG and can save as PIC files or background images. This version only works on mode 33 systems (Q40 or Q60) and needs the patch program below if to be used on mode 32 systems such as QPC and QXL. Prints to Postscript files - you then need something like Ghostscript for printing. Ghostscript is available for QDOS/SMS systems thanks to Jonathan Hudson's port. (Claus Graf) [11/02/06]
Mode32 Patch for PQIV- this is a short BASIC program to patch the saving routines to provide mode 32 high colour save on QPC and QXL systems. See the README.TXT I've added to the program. (Marcel Kilgus) (2K) [03/08/07]

Photo-QL version 019, a viewer program for PC graphics files including BMP/GIF/JPG/PCX/TGA/PNG/PIC format PC graphics files. This program runs on a QL and needs "colour drivers" (183KB) (Roberto Porro) [11/1/05] - Pix Viewer. A slide-show and viewer for screens in Pix format. Needs Toolkit II. (117K) - Plant Life. A floral demostration of the QL's graphics abilities. SuperBASIC and QLiberated versions. (13K)

PngConv - A WindowsTM program which converts .png graphics files into QL sprites in 8-bit or 16-bit colour depths. Unlike many graphics converters, it can handle the "alpha-channel" transparencies of the PNG file format, so you can create sprites with transparency. The author has made it a condition that this is only made available via a link to his website, so click on the 'PngConv' link above, then locate the download link on his page, which also includes instructions on the page (it's actually very easy to use, you might not even need instructions!). (Marcel Kilgus) [15/07/14] Converts .pnm (.ppm, .pgm and .pbm) into _pic for Q40 (18KB) (Jérôme Grimbert) [11/02/06] Sources for the PNM2PIC converter program (2KB) (Jérôme Grimbert) [11/02/06] POV, or Persistence Of Vision, is v3.1g of this ray tracing package. This version has GD2 support for QXL, Q40 and soon QPC and Aurora. (ported by Thierry Godefroy) (1.3MB) [14/02/06] POV 3.1g sources, ported by Thierry Godefroy. (581 KB) [14/02/06] Image format conversion utilities recompiled with C68 v4.14e, ported by Thierry Godefroy. (140KB) [14/02/06] Professional Publisher is a former commercial desktop publishing program, now released by the author as freeware. (275K) (A. Astrand) [22/04/14]
Pro Publisher Manual as a PDF file (2M)
Derek Stewart has kindly prepared a searchable Pro Publisher manual in several formats, download the version most appropriate for your system:
Word document (713K) PDF file (284K) HTML file (291K) Libre Office ODT file (149K) - Explore 3D rotating graphics on the QL with this package from QBits. Written in BASIC, so you can study how they work, modify them and so on. (7K) (S.M.Bourne) [28/01/2020]
QB3D_Wirev3.pdf - Manual for the 3D program, as a PDF file. (1.2MB) - QBits Bitmap Design. A useful little program to help with designing bitmap graphics, e.g. for use in games. Written in BASIC, there's a version for QL and for QPC2. Lovely user interface and excellent manual as usual with the QBits software for QL. (QBits) (25K) [14/01/2020] - A 3d graphics program from QL software house QBITS. Includes a couple of demos where you have to bring a shuttle under control as it rotates and manouver it to dock with the rescue pod, and a rotating globe which shows the different continents as it revolves. (12K) [29/03/23]
QB3DGraphics2SE.pdf - manual, as a PDF file. (1.8MB) [29/03/23] - A CAD program for the QL, written in SuperBASIC (8KB) (A. McFadzean) [10/02/14] Q-CoCo, the QL Colour Configurator. The new Window Manager 2 supports System Palettes - lists of colours to be used by standard window elements like borders, inks, papers, loose items and so on, which enable WMan2-aware programs to take on a specified standard appearance. Q-CoCo lets you create Theme files which are the easiest way to make use of System Palettes. Create various colour themes with QCoCo and install the one you prefer at any time and all programs which use System Palette colours (most new software and several updated older programs) can take advantage of the standard colour themes to take up consistent appearances. (Bob Spelten jr. and Wolfgang Uhlig) (204K) [07/02/19] QCoCo sample theme files, some rather, err, colourful ones. (D. Jones) (2K) [05/10/06] Tron theme - a sample QCoCo theme described by its author as having "a look and feel about it reminiscent of the colours in the Disney sci-fi classic 'Tron' ." (Simon Balderson) (1K) [05/10/06] An improved version of the Tron colour theme. (Simon Balderson) (1K) [26/04/07] QColour is a colour picker for true colours on the QL, to play around with hue, saturation and brightness values, with the facility to transfer hex colour values via the stuffer buffer to a program of your choice. QColour can use different "skins" to change its appearance. Sample "skins" can be downloaded below. (Wolfgang Uhlig) (576K) [05/10/06] QCP is a RGB colour picker for the QL. Select a colour graphically on screen with a mouse click and send it to the stuffer buffer as either a true colour value or a system colour value. Useful for calculating colour values when programming in SBASIC for example. 16 favourite colours can be defined and stored. (48K) [06/09/08] QColour skins - sample bitmap files for use as "skins" with QColour above, or with Wolfgang Lenerz's bmpcvt extensions above. (Wolfgang Uhlig) (358K) [05/10/06] (149 KB) - QL3D1 is a 3D modeller and viewer by Mark Swift, author of the QDOS Classic emulator. 3D models can be zoomed and rotated. Includes a number of predefined models for you to tinker with. Images can be saved to disk as .AI (Adobe Illustrator) files as used by Line Design or .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. (Mark Swift) [11/02/06] QL Mandelbrot v3.07 is a program for drawing mandelbrot graphics. Includes animation feature. (139KB) (Carl L. Cronin) [14/02/06] - QLview. A SuperBASIC graphics demo for the QL. (Frank Andert) (2K) - QTImage v1.3 is an image processing program by Giorgio Garabello and his team at Quantum Technology in Italy, for GD2 high colour QL compatibles, such as QPC2 emulator. It is based on the PHGTK routines of Dave Westbury (author of Photon). Images can be resized, rotated, viewed with different zooms and it is possible to alter via a number of filter effects picture brightness, enhance colours etc. Import JPEG, GIF and PNG pictures as well as QL PIC files. (225K) (Quantum Technology) [09/08/17]

QRactal - a formerly commercial fractals program from Progs. Mandelbrot and Julia set graphics. Download as three disks, disk 1 being the program and manual disk.
Qractal Disk 1 (26K)
Qractal Disk 2 (254K)
Qractal Disk 3 (143K)

Quick Mandelbrot III - A former commercial program for exploring the julia and mandelbrot sets, now released as freeware. NOTE: this is a zip file in Q-emuLator format - unzip it on your PC and attach the resulting folder to Q-emuLator as a drive.(42K). (Kenneth Murray & Rich Mellor) [02/11/16] - conventional QDOS zip version, with QemuLator headers removed. (41K)

SCR2BMP - program to convert QL mode 4 or 8 screens to Windows .BMP format (22KB) (Norman Dunbar) [11/1/05]

SCR2PCX - program to convert QL mode 4 or 8 screens to .PCX graphics file format (22K) (Norman Dunbar) [11/1/05] Part screen to sprite converter program for assembler or BASIC. (32K) (J. Grimbert) [14/02/06] - Rather old Screen Compression package, formerly from DJC, now freeware. Supports a number of older QL graphics compression formats. (D Jones) [13/05/14]

Screen Snatcher 2 - early pointer driven version of Screen Snatcher. (67KB) (Norman Dunbar) [11/1/05]

Screen Snatcher 3 (39KB) - Non-pointer driven version of this screen grabber utility for QDOS and SMSQ systems. Handles QL or hires screens. (D. Jones) [19/10/04]

Screen Snatcher 4 - latest pointer driven version of Screen Snatcher, a screen grabber utility for QDOS and SMSQ systems. This is the version supplied with Launchpad, but will work independently. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones) - Screen Save. Used to save screen sections in memory and if required to call them out again. Screen sections may also be saved to, and loaded from disk. (Herbert Zenz) (4K)

SDUMP Manager(51K) - Pointer driven screen capture program plus an interface to act as a front end for the SDUMP screen dump extensions built into some disk interfaces and supplied as an extensions file with SMSQ/E, although current versions of SDUMP only work in mode 4 and mode 8. Capture or print all or part of a screen. Screen capture works in all modes and can save to screen files, Pic files, Psa files, 24-bit BMP files (for transfer to a PC) and mode 4 Page Designer 2 page files. (D. Jones) [08/04/08]

Shapes (56K) - A library of routines based around the use of an IBM character line and box graphics font which matches the characters of the IBM-style text font modes on some printers. Provides a set of procedures and functions written in BASIC (needs Toolkit 2) for jobs such as designing and printing simple forms. Well documented, allowing you to use and modify these routines to create your own applications - the author invites you to share any good and useful applications with other users. (David Denham) [20/10/19]

ShowQS (49K) is a DOS program (note: runs on PC, not on QL) to view QL mode 4 or mode 8 screen files as a slide show. (Carlo Delhez) [19/04/10] - Sierpinsky Triangles v2.00 Uses Fractals to draw Sierpinsky Triangles. Includes Assembler source code.  (Per-Erik Forssen) (3K)

SPEM Digitiser Software v1.0 - Software for the SPEM video digitiser. Comprises two microdrive cartridges, one containing the digitiser code and the slideshow system Look&Show, the other contains a few demo screens. A PDF manual for the SPEM digitiser is available here. (84K) - cartridge 1. Also available as an MDV image file: SPEMLook.mdv (111K) (49K) - cartridge 2 (demo screens). Also available as an MDV image file: SPEMDemo.mdv (111K) - Look & Show, & Digcode v2.13 An updated version of the SPEM Digitiser software, which now works with the Gold and SuperGold cards. (Davide Santachiara) (128K) Simple Pic Viewer v0.05 for QL mode 4 graphics files, needs pointer environment. (37K) (J. Hudson) [14/02/06]

SQRview 1.02 - a garphics viewer program, able to view JPEG, GIF, PNG and bitmap graphics plus save them as QL PIC files and where appropriate as sprite files too. Full details of this program and most recent versions may be found on the author's website at Needs expanded memory. pointer environment and GD2 colour on an SMSQ/E system. (Bob Spelten jr.) (266K) [20/11/16]

Starfield Simulation - Per Witte routine to simulate the view of a ship passing through a starfield, useful core routine for a screen saver, game or graphical demonstration. [10/12/02] - QL Screen to GEM .IMG file converter. Converts QL Mode 4 screen displays to Atari ST Gem files. BASIC and compiled versions. Needs Toolkit II. (M.R.V Peterson/Timothy Green/Shopper) (4K)

SToQL Screen Convertor - A former commercial program for converting screens from the Atari ST to the Sinclair QL, now released as freeware (109K). Source codes are included. (Alan Pemberton & Rich Mellor) [04/11/16]

Svscr - A program to save and manipulate areas of the screen. (127K) (George Gwilt) [01/04/09]

Svscr sources - source files for the Svscr utility above (56K) (George Gwilt) [01/04/09] - English translation of a French graphics package. (Alain Grenet) (6K)

The Designer is a CAD package from Pyramide, now available as Freeware. It can be operated by cursor keys, joystick or cursor emulating mouse. Produces compact output files. Can be used to make both artistic and technical drawings. (Michel Lebegue) (K) [08/03/15]
FLP version of the package (83K)
MDV version of the package on two cartridges - download MDV1 (42K) download MDV2 (K)
Manual - as a PDF file (320K)

The Painter - a pointer driven graphics program from PROGS of Belgium. Two versions - the first is v3.04 and the second is the most recent I am aware of, v4.04. Please note that as v4.04 uses non-standard QL file types, QDOS unzip can't zip up the font files, so what I did was zip up the QDOS parts I could into contained within ThePainter.Zip. Unzip ThePainter.Zip in Windows, then transfer and the other font files to a QL, then convert the font files to "QDOS File Type 4" so that they can run properly on the QL. See 'painter.txt' for further details, and use Tomas Kral's separate font patch routine below to restore the font file types. The manual for The Painter v4.04 is a separate zip file within the master zip file called, which contains Quill doc and plain text file versions of the manual.
Download v3.04 (142K)
Download v4.04 (180K)
Tomas Kral has kindly supplied a small SuperBASIC program which will take care of restoring the fonts for Painter v4.04 to the required file type 4. It doesn't need any specific extensions and has been tested to work on JS ROM. Here are brief instructions. Download and unzip the archive to get the BASIC program ftypedta_bas. The program contains a list of font names to convert in DATA statements - see step [3] below.
[1] load ftypedta_bas, do not run it yet
     LOAD ftypedta_bas <enter>
[2] type INIT <enter>, this is done only once
[3] specify font names, lines 500-590, edit as needed
[4] type RUN <enter>
[5] you may repeat steps [3]-[4]
NOTE: If a font name is misspelled, you will get not found error on line 150. Fonts specified, will be set to type 4. Font names should be 18 or less bytes long.
Download (1K) - QL TIFF Reader. A small SuperBASIC utility to view TIF file as found on IBM/PC systems. Includes 5 sample TIF files. (Giuseppe Zanetti) (19K) - Tombolagraph. A graphics demonstration of the QL. (15K) - Tortue Logo (Turtle Logo) for QL from Pyramide. No instructions. (20K) (Christian Mathieu) [13/02/18] - THREEDEE - Simple Wireframe Manipulation Program. This program allows you to show a wireframe representation of a three dimensional object on the screen and, with the simple parser, move the object in space. (Andy Dean) (7K) - Tree Fractal. See how tree branches are formed. (1K) A GIF graphics file viewer for QDOS systems. Toolkit 2 and pointer environment required. (14K) (Carlo Delhez) [14/02/06] Unpic is a package of tools to convert _scn and _pic graphics files from QL to PNG. PS, GIF, TIFF, BMP or PCX formats. Also provides binaries of libz and libpng. Now with a graphical user interface. (662KB) (Jonathan Hudson) [14/02/06] Viewer v2.18 from Beginners Club Vercelli is a graphics viewer program for QL, QXL and Aurora mode 4 and mode 8 screens and PIC files in any resolution. Needs pointer environment. Useful also as a Wallpaper and Slide Show utility. (32K) (Andrea Carpi) [14/02/06] Unpic for Windows NT, 95, MOSDOS or OS/2. Binary and documentation only. Note: NOT a QL program! The QL version is Unpic006 above. (80K) [14/02/06]

Vision Mixer 1 (83KB) - original version of this slide show and advertising graphics package. Only works on QL 512x256 screens in mode 4 or 8. (D.Jones) [19/10/04]

Vision Mixer 2 (68K) - all new pointer driven version of this slide show, presentation and advertising graphics package. Works in high colour and high resolution. Window Manager 2 required and high colour modes (mode 16,32 or 33) essential. Can work with mode 4 and mode 8 graphics - any graphics files used are converted to current screen mode 'on the fly'. Totally rewritten from scratch to use pointer environment graphics routines, yet with a much more friendly user interface than the original version. v1.01 allows filename of VMC files to be passed to an EX command, e.g. from FileInfo 2. (D.Jones) [21/10/07] (83K) - a program to help with converting JPEG, GIF and PNG to wallpaper screen images for high colour SMSQ/E systems (i.e. systems with the BGIMAGE command). Can work with SMSQ/E 3.00 or higher on 8-bit or 16-bit colour systems. (D. Jones) [18/02/19]
city.jpg - (167K) a sample JPEG file for use with the Wallpaper program.
fjord.png - (1.3MB) a sample PNG file for use with the Wallpaper program.
penguins.gif - (310K) a sample GIF file for use with the Wallpaper program.

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