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Last updated: 04.10.2018

ANSI_Editor.zip - Ansi Editor. A ANSI text viewer/editor (No Documentation) (8K)

DME - DME Editor ported to QDOS by Dirk Steinkopf (126K) [9/3/03]

DocView - A small pointer driven document viewer (Pal Monstad) (34K) [9/3/03]

edi182.zip Edi is an unusual little editor which is LRESPR'ed and when files are opened it sets up a device which allows text to be accessed via that device using the standard QL file open commands, e.g. an assembler could access the source text file from a running copy of this editor. (H.P.Recktenwald) (27K) [19/10/06]

Editor 2000 - v3.07K of Chas Dillon's The Editor (updated by Mark Knight) (214K) [8/10/07]

Editor 2000 - Source files for The Editor (166K) [08/10/07]

Elvis - Elvis editor v1.6 (ported by Dave Walker) [9/3/03]

Screen dump from MicroEMACSMicroEMACS - v4.00 QDOS/SMSQ port of this powerful editor and extensions by Thierry Godefroy, with PE menus and support for FileInfo 2, QMenu (file selector and scrap), The Shell and Syntax Highlighting. 

MicroEMACS - v4.00 - download main program zip file (904K) [30/01/13]
MicroEMACS - v4.00 update 18
. Update, for those who have an earlier release. (517K) [30/01/13]

Source files (non-QDOS) for MicroEMACS v4.00 - GZIP file. (1.05MB) [30/01/13]
Source files (non-QDOS) for MicroEMACS v4.00 - ZIP file version. (1.14MB) [30/01/13]

ctags403a.zip - Exuberant ctags v4.0.3a.  A "tags" files generator (for use with MicroEMACS): now understands SBASIC, _ssb, C, asm, perl and scheme sources (among others). (251K) [30/01/13]

MiniView - a minimal plain text file viewer (Dilwyn Jones) (21K) [9/3/03]

MView - a multiple document viewer v3.10 (Christopher Cave) (56K) [05/02/06]

Notepad - A mini notepad for noting down information. Needs Toolkit 2 to run. Released as Freeware in 2014 by the author. (Lee Privett) (5K) [14/02/14]

Perfection update - a new update of the Perfection word processor and editor originally sold by Digital Precision Ltd. This is version 6a12, supplied as an update to the original version. That is, to download and use this version you should already own an earlier version of Perfection. This zipfile contains the Perfection binary, the configurator program and a short readme file from the author of this update, David Gilham. This version is supplied as a version which works better with the high resolution screens available on modern QL compatible systems and emulators. (68K) [16/01/06]

PerfectionHelp.zip - Perfection alternative help file. An alternative help file for Perfection Special Edition (v5.14). (Geoff Wicks) (4K) [22/05/16]

PtrView - pointer driven text file viewer from the Launchpad suite. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

Q-Writer - turns your Epson-compatible printer into a writer. Many founts to choose from. Works by keywords which assign channels for what you want to print to an NLQ device. Permission received from the author to make this available as freeware. (34K) (Jochen Merz) [22/05/18]
Manual for Q-Writer II (mostly the same as this version of the software, but with a few added features, trial and error will soon show the differences): Qwriter2.pdf (109K, PDF file)

QD 2018 - Jochen Merz's QD editor has now been released as freeware in 2018, to celebrate its thirtieth birthday (originally written in 1988). Marcel Kilgus made small changes to allow it to work better in plain old mode 4 and supplied a PDF manual for the program. Requires pointer environment and Menu Extension. (Jochen Merz/Marcel Kilgus) (225K) [17/08/18]
QD2018_manual.pdf - manual for QD, in PDF format (242K) [17/08/18]

QL Playwright - a simple to use specialised word processor designed specifically for writing film, theatre and TV scripts. It simplifies laying out scripts in the form required by drama teams. Now released as freeware - note thatit has my name somewhere in the protection system, apparently I was user number 22! (52K) (Andrew Pritchard) [09/01/17]

QL Scriptwriter - updated and much revised version of QL Playwright from the same author. The manual is included, although it's in Scriptwriter format. Ctrl-H shows a screen of keyboard shortcuts, while Ctrl-E followed by "2" lets you load a script file, the user guide is called GUIDE_PWD. Now released as freeware with permission from the author. (236K) (Andrew Pritchard) [09/01/17]

QED - A compact freeware text editor v1.01 (Jan Bredenbeek) (23K) [9/3/03]
QED102c - version 1.02c of this editor, released by the author in 2017 (Jan Bredenbeek) (23K) [20/02/17]
Note: with the release of version 2 of this editor (see below) I'll leave this older version here for now, for posterity. QED sources are available from the QL github, or in case of difficulty, here (45K) [20/02/17].

QED202.ZIP - This is the most recent version 2.02 which includes several enhancements like auto-indent, TK2 default directories and editing multiple files simultaneously. The Help file and configuration program QEDCONFIG_BAS have also been updated and are included in the distribution file QED202.ZIP. See the CHANGES.TXT file in the archive for details of latest changes. (Jan Bredenbeek) (33K) [04/10/18]
QED-2.02.zip - source files (71K) [04/10/18]

Quick Posters - a text poster editor specifically for Star LC dot matrix printers, i.e. printers supporting quad size text (D. Jones) (66K) [9/10/04]

Quill RC - C source code for a Quill document reader (Emilio Barbaini) (2K) [9/3/03]

S-Edit - a flexible and easy to use text editor with plenty of facilities (Ralf Reköndt) (162K) [9/3/03]

sedit63.zip - S_Edit v2.26 release 63, an update of the S_Edit text editor, for GD2 systems. This program needs Window Manager 2. (Ralf Reköndt) (32K) [21/01/06]

sed2p05.zip - SED is the GNU Free Software Foundation version of Stream Editor. A stream editor is used to perform basic text transformations on an input stream (a file or input from a pipeline). While in some ways similar to an editor which permits scripted edits, sed works by making only one pass over the input(s), and is consequently more efficient. But it is sed's ability to filter text in a pipeline which particularly distinguishes it from other types of editors. Ported by Peter Tillier(169K) [12/07/16]

Spy editor v3.00 - a compact, fast and flexible text editor program from A.R.K. (Applied Research Kernel) especially suitable for programmers. A 10 year licence to make this program (and MasterSpy below) freely available has been granted to me, commencing February 2014. (49K) (Richard Howe) [27/02/14]
Spy24.zip (16K) - another version (v2.4) of the Spy editor.
(Manual and Configuration Parameter Sheet to follow)
Master Spy v3.3 - latest known version of MasterSpy editor from 1997 (89K) and manual for v3.3 as a PDF file (17MB)
Master Spy v2.1 - enhanced version of Spy editor from A.R.K. (76K) (Richard Howe) [27/02/14]
MasterSpy1v3.zip (38K) - earlier version of MasterSpy v1.3.
Manual for Master Spy 2.1 - available as PDF file (318K) or Word DOC file (120K).
Configuration Parameter Sheet (referred to in the manual) as a PDF file (98K) or Word DOC file (39K)

Viewer - text file viewer v1.21 with limited graphics display and hyperlinking facilities, including a basic PIC file cropper (Dilwyn Jones) (112K) [9/3/03]

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