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Updated: 23/10/22

3dborder.png 3D-Borders. A diagram to aid selection of QL-compatible and incompatible 3D-borders available in the new Window Manager 2. This is a PNG graphics file which you can print in your browser for reference. (Marcel Kilgus) (6K) ChainSprites is a small procedure to join a mode 4 and high colour sprite, so that the correct one will be found by the system during display to ensure that the sprite works in both modes. Fuller description in the articles below, and in QL Today Vol 8 Issue 6. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (1K) [05/10/06] this program lets you chain two or more sprites together to form extended sprites. You can join a mode 4 sprite with a mode 16 sprite, for example, so that the most appropriate one is shown for the current colour depth mode of your system. Needs Toolkit 2, pointer environment, menu extension (menu_rext) and QLIB_run from the QLiberator compiler software on your system to run. (8K) (Bob Spelten jr.) [23/10/22] Recent versions of SMSQ/E let you use a 6x10 pixel sprite as a cursor using simple SBASIC extensions. This package shows you how and provides several sample cursors ready to use. No need to stick to just a flashing red rectangle cursor now! (7K) (D. Jones) [05/04/14] - as a companion package to the above, this one is a small SBASIC routine to provide a caps lock indicator which changes the cursor sprite to a capital C or up arrow (or any 6x10 sprite) when caps lock is on, or a different sprite when it's off. (3K) (D.Jones) Article about conversion between Windows BMP and GD2 graphics (36K) [20/07/06] Article about graduated GD2 colour fills (71K) [20/07/06] Item2Sprite is a small routine for providing a drag-and-drop routine, converting the text of a menu item to a sprite, so that the pointer sprite looks like the item being dragged during the drag-and-drop (Wolfgang Uhlig and Per Witte) (2K) [05/10/06] Article about new features in SMSQ/E version 3 and Window Manager 2 (40K) [20/07/06] Extensive documentation on "colour drivers" - the GD2 version 2.98 of SMSQ/E (84K) [20/07/06]

smsq-e-systemcolours.htm SMSQ/E system colours reference - a colourful chart which lists the System Palette colour numbers and a description of what's what. This HTML file, which can be viewed and printed in your browser, is a very handy reference document for anyone writing programs which use the Window Manager and System Palette colours. (18K) [05/10/06] Article by Wolfgang Lenerz and Marcel Kilgus about GD2 sprites (45K) [20/07/06] Article about the System Palette (24K) [20/07/06] This is a patch program to patch QPC2 & Q60 versions of Text87plus4 that have been created using Marcel Kilgus's Text87 patch program. What this patch does is to change the colours. Fed up with traditional QL colours? Perhaps not, but the author got fed up with traditional (mode 4) colours for Text87 on his Q60 and so with this patch you may enjoy Text87plus4 in pink, green, brown, beige, grey, purple or any other colour combination that works for your imagination. The program is a SBASIC executable which gives a quick select menu of 6 different colour combinations and a crude editor to create any other colour combination that works. (5K) (Duncan Neithercut) [03/11/06] Article about using colour theme files under Window Manager 2, including a collection of _THM files created with QCoCo and a short BASIC program to apply the theme files. (11K) [30/07/06] A small collection of what the author describes as "possibly useful programs scripts and code snippets to showcase the use of Themes in general and the new Theme File Format THB, in particular". Colour themes are essentially lists of system colour numbers designed to give a standard uniform appearance to programs which understand the Window Manager 2 concept of colour themes. Only relevant to users of SMSQ/E and Window Manager 2. (Per Witte) (16K) [27/08/19]

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