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Wolfgang Lenerz's document in .odt and .pdf formats about the DV3 device driver system included in SMSQ/E. The document explains about the four broad parts of these device drivers and gives information helpful to device driver writers. The information is largely already contained in the SMSQ/E sources (the document points you to various SMSQ/E assembler source files where you'll find the relevant code), but it's still a very useful document as it provides an overview as well as pointers to where to look in the sources, and a list of the types of formats supported by the latest SMSQ/E. The latest version of this document will be available on Wolfgang Lenerz's site - follow the link from my QL web links page. (77K)


An article from QL Today, an introduction to the use of the new colours available to SMSQ/E based systems with "colour drivers" or GD2. Also includes some notes on producing graduated blocks of colour. (71K)


Articles from QL Today. The first is a listing by Malcolm Lear to assist with conversion of 24-bit BMP graphics files from Windows to QL graphics. The second article deals with converting QL GD2 screens (16-bit and 256-colour 8-bit graphics) to Windows .BMP file format. (36K)


The user documents for the original SMSQ/E. These are Tony Tebby documents dating back to about 2002. These are original documents, not updated over the years. Reading these will give a lot of general information about SMSQ/E and SBASIC, and you will be able to see how SMSQ/E has moved on since then. Available as Word 2003 .doc files and PDF files

Word DOC FilePDF FileDescription
smsqe/MainUser.doc (150K)smsqe/MainUser.pdf (273K)SMSQ/E main user document
smsqe/GOLDuser.doc (36K)smsqe/GOLDuser.pdf (154K)Supplement for Gold Card users
smsqe/Aurora.doc (28K)smsqe/Aurora.pdf (66K)Supplement for Aurora users
smsqe/QXLuser.doc (114K)smsqe/QXLuser.pdf (230K)Supplement for QXL users
smsqe/Q40user.doc (69K)smsqe/Q40user.pdf (244K)Supplement for Q40 users
smsqe/STuser.doc (53K)smsqe/STuser.pdf (139K)Supplement for Atari ST emulator users
smsqe/GD2user.doc (464K)smsqe/GD2user.pdf (576K)Supplement for Graphics Device Interface 2, or GD2 ("colour drivers")
smsqe/V2_98.doc (32K)smsqe/V2_98.pdf (28K)SMSQ/E v2.98 supplement


Articles about adding modules to SMSQ/E and about Language Dependent Modules. (34K)


An article about the development of SMSQ and some of the problems the author faced along the way! A really interesting read. (32K)


Articles about the version 3 release of SMSQ/E by Phoebus Dokos and Wolfgang Lenerz. SMSQ/E version 3 now includes the Window Manager version 2. These articles document the new assembler calls and SBASIC extensions. Essential reading if you wish to write programs to make use of the new facilities! (40K)

SMSQ/E Manuals

These may be found in various formats on the eBooks page. The QDOS/SMS Refernce Guide may be found on the Replacement Manuals page.


Articles about the new sprites in GD2 systems. Additional information may be found in the articles on SMSQ/E 2.98 and SMSQ/E 3 above. (45K)


An article from QL Today about using the new Window Manager 2 extensions from SBASIC, to make full use of the new system pallette colour themes etc. (24K)


A diagram to aid selection of QL-compatible and incompatible 3D-borders available in the new Window Manager 2. This is a PNG graphics file which you can print in your browser for reference. Click ont he link below to load the diagram. (Marcel Kilgus)
3dborder.png (6K)


A colourful chart which lists the System Palette colour numbers and a description of what's what. This HTML file, which can be viewed and printed in your browser, is a very handy reference document for anyone writing programs which use the Window Manager and System Palette colours.


Article about using colour theme files under Window Manager 2, including a collection of colourful _THM theme files created with QCoCo and a short BASIC program to apply the theme files. (11K)


Q-Coco is a program by Wolfgang Uhlig to help with designing colour themes for GD2 systems. Once a colour theme is set, programs which understand the System Palette can take on a standard uniform appearance. Programs which are suitable include recent versions of QPAC1, QPAC2, QMenu, QD, QSpread, Suqcess, Msprv, Qwirc, D-Miner, Ped, Launchpad, Q-Trans, Calculator, Calendar, Screen Snatcher, Q-Diary, Reformat, Pic Viewer, QStarter, QFiles, 2Sides, Sort & Column Print. QXLWIN Manager and many others. Q-Coco is the best tool for creating colour themes - this is a review of the program (available from my Graphics page) as printed in QL Today. (279K)


A few basic questions and answers on how to get going with Window Manager 2 and what is needed. (2K)

Further GD2 information and programs available from my GD2, Graphics and Sprites pages.

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