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Updated: 08/12/23

A collection of software all related to the task of creating, reading or modifying configuration blocks for QL executable programs. [28/07/04]

Basconfig v1.12a (42K) - Utility to create level 1 config blocks for use with BASIC or compiled BASIC programs (O. Fink) [28/07/04] (88K) Updated BasConfig v1.21 (also called Q-Config in the package), now able to create level 1 or 2 config blocks, and able to create assembler config blocks as well as binary ones. (R.Mellor) [28/07/04] (17K) - Jonathan Hudson utility to add config blocks for C68 applications [28/07/04] (4K) - Some notes on creating Level 1 Config blocks [28/07/04] (19K) - Some notes on creating Level 2 Config blocks [28/07/04]

A document combining the Level 1 and 2 config notes is available as a PDF file on the Replacement Manuals page, under Technical Guides. (16K) - Level 1 Config block generator (Timothy Swenson) [28/07/04]

MkConfig.htm (13K) - An article and program showing how to make a simple config item in compiled S*Basic programs. (Per Witte) [21/06/14] (30K) - Level 2 MenuConfig program v3,36, needs PE and Menu Extension [13/11/17] (14K) - Level 2 MenuConfig program v3.34, needs PE and Menu Extension [28/07/04] (5K) - Level 1 Config program. [28/07/04]

U-Config - George Gwilt's config blocks generator can be found on the Turbo page. (13K) - Small program to extract the version number from a program containing a config block (J. Hudson) [03/07/14]

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