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Last Updated: 13.09.2023


Abacus File Format notes (4K) - Some notes on the Abacus spreadsheet format, from Christopher Cave
Abacus and Quill Transfer Files (6K) - notes from Psion regarding the format of Quill and Abacus Transfer files, the format used to move files from these programs between the different versions of these programs on different target machines without the loss of data that might occur if export files were used, for example.
Discover Disk Format Reference (10K) - Dave Walker's documentation on the disk formats supported by his Discover and Multi Discover programs. Includes his notes on the QL disk format.
Easel Graphics Files(16K) - The format of saved Easel graphics files, generated by printing graphics output to a file, is explained in this short article, along with the additional format permitted by the Xchange version of Easel.
Easybase File Format (2K) - notes on the database file format used by the EasyBase database software.
File Headers (2K) - Information on the 64-byte file header used by QDOS files.
Filename Extensions (11K) - A QL Today article listing filename extensions in common use, so that you can tell from the _xyz filename suffix what type of file it is.
Foxpro Database to QL DBAS (6K) - Information on the file structures of Foxpro files plus a BASIC program to do the conversion, from Francois van Emelem, first published in QL Today. QL DBS files are database files for D. Howells's DBAS database utility, available from Quanta library. (2K) - Line Design 2 page format
Microdrive image formats (79K) - A PDF document about the formats of the various microdrive image file formats, including QLay, QemuLator and Mdump 1&2 formats. Also includes some information about the QL microdrive cartridge format. Since there is more than one microdrive image format,  try using the CONVERT2_MDI extension to convert QLay format, for example, to MDI driver format - use the MDI Driver software available from the Utilities page. (Martin Head)
PIC Files - Some information about QL screen save Area Save files (_pic and _psa files), the format commonly used by QL pointer environment software.
QL Graphics (6K) - File format information for all sorts of QL graphics program files
QXL.WIN Files - Some information from the Austrian QL group's website and Tony Tebby about QXL.WIN files
SAV file format - PDF article about the format of BASIC _sav files. Also as a Word .doc file
- Article about the new graphics sprites formats in SMSQ/E version 3 by Marcel Kilgus
Sprites2 - More in-depth information about the new graphics sprites formats in SMSQ/E version 3 by Wolfgang Lenerz
SROFF_files.pdf (1.5MB) - An extract from the GST Linker manual, describing the format of files output by that linker, including the little-documented S-ROFF (Sinclair Relocatable Output File Format) format.
Textidy_Ref (19K) - a set of notes from Dave Walker concerning the format of the files used by the Psion software.


- included here for information for those wishing to write QL applications to process graphics files for other computing platforms. These are zipped plain text files. (9K) - Windows .BMP (BitMaP) file formats (36K) - .GIF file formats (Graphics Interchange Format GIF87a and GIF89a) (23K) - IFF file format (5K) - JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file format (12K) - PCX (Z-soft Paintbrush) files (69K) - PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files (15K) - assorted Atari ST graphics file formats (71K) - TIFF (Tag Image File Format) 4, 5 and class F formats

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