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Last updated: 28/01/2020 - A program to analyse BEEP settings etc (2K) - A program to test BEEP settings, plus 'random' setting facility (2K) - A simple pointer driven program to play with BEEP settings to create various sounds. Once you've created the sound you want, it can be sent as a BEEP command via the Stuffer Buffer, or copied to the Scrap system. Needs Pointer Environment, Window Manager 2, and Toolkit2. (41K) (D. Jones) - A new device driver for QL sound. Just bleeps. (4K) (Derek Moody) - Pointer driven audio CD player for QPC2 (51K) (Beginners Club) - Pointer driven audio CD player for QPC2 (69K) (Peter Jager) - On-screen music writing and playing program for the QL (9K) (J.Lucy) - a program that BEEPs the "QL Fight Song" by Al Boehm, as printed in Quanta magazine August 1999. (3K) (Mark Swift) - Midi Source. An Assembler source code file to connect a MIDI device to SER1. (2K) - Midi Player 2 software, designed for use with the QL network port, so unsuitable for use with most emulators sadly (56K) (Al Boehm) - Molly Tune. Music programs for playing with the QL's sound generator. (3K) - an article from QL Today with a helpful program for calculating the frequencies of musical notes (15K) (D. Jones)

music - an article originally published in QL World magazine, write notes and simulate voices with this assembler code, sources included, along with scans of the original article. (Arrakis) (574K) [21/08/16]

Music Manager v1.2 - a program which allows you to edit, compose and listen to music. It has the ability to produce simple code that can play in the background of various programs. Formerly commercial program from Ergon, now freeware. (Davide Santachiara) (43K) [24/07/16] - A BASIC program to play sheet music from a DATA statement (3K) (Mark Swift) - A simple program written in BASIC to play a musical scale. (2K) (Mark Swift) - A program to experiment with QL sounds from QBits. Usual high quality manual from this author. (8K) (S.M.Bourne) [28/01/2020]
QBITS Exploring QL Sounds.pdf - Manual PDF file for QBQLSounds package. (1.8MB)

The QL Sampled Sound System - The QL Sampled Sound System v2d for QDOS Classic on Amiga and Q40 and possibly other suitably equipped QL hardware, plus demo files. Disk 1 contains the system code etc. QL SSS uses unsigned byte or '.ub' uncompressed sound files. See the SOX utility below for sound conversion routines. (184K) (Simon N. Goodwin) - example '.ub' unsigned byte sound files for use with QL SSS (534K) - more example '.ub' files (364K) - more example '.ub' files (467K) - more example '.ub' files (175K) - more example '.ub' files (497K) - more example '.ub' files (1,159K) - Version 2e of the QL Sampled Sound System, slightly enhanced by Marcel Kilgus. (184K) [12/10/06] - A small collection of standard alert sounds saved in the raw (unsigned byte) format required for the Sampled Sound Systems (28K) (Mark Swift) - QL Sampled Sound system. Provides SOX and other sound format conversion utilities for QDOS systems. SoX (also known as Sound eXchange) translates sound samples between different file formats (e.g. .wav and .ub), and optionally performs various sound effects. Can also convert modem voice mail sound formats. Large number of files, including program sources. (490K) (J. Hudson) - a collection of example sound routines for the QL (2K) (Mike Jonas) - Compose, edit, play and select medleys on the QL, several example _TUNE files provided. (12K) (Peter Hale) - provides some extensions for playing '.ub' sound files on QPC2 or Q40/Q60 or any other QL-compatibles with the hardware to play '.ub' sound files (56K) (Wolfgang Lenerz) - Create and produce sounds on Q40, Q60 and QPC2 (47K) (George Gwilt) [27/01/12] -  Sources for  George Gwilt sound program above (14K) (George Gwilt) [27/01/12] - program to help you experiment with BEEP command settings, menu driven parameter value setting then ask it to play the sound. (2K) (D. Jones) - sound playing utility for use with SOX on a Q40/Q60 system. Plays '.ub' sound files, but with SOX present can play many formats (41K) (Jonathan Hudson) - calculate vented cabinets of loudspeakers (9K) (Ewald Pfau) - QL SYNTH by Simon N Goodwin. Please note that you should start SYNTHESISER_BAS in TV Mode (F2 or WTV 8) (3K) [04/06/15] - Provides sound and serial input extensions for Archive (4K) (Tony Firshman)

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