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Atapi-CD - Atapi and CD-ROM system extensions, which include Atapi Extensions Thing v0.20 for Qubide and Q40/Q60. SMSQ/E is required. Handles the hardware related ATA or ATAPI protocols. Use with the CDROM thing, a CD-ROM driver and extensions thing v0.06. Used with the Atapi thing to give access to "QLWA" and "QXL.WIN" type CDs along with a degree of access to audio CD facilities. QCDEZE (see below) is an ideal companion program. (Thierry Godefroy) (71K) [9/3/03] - TURBO_ST_QL. A utility for transferring screens from the Atari ST to the Sinclair QL format. May need the public domain utility ST_QL_EXE by Stefan Schmidt (not supplied) ##Untested No Atari## (Alan Pemberton & Rich Mellor) (8K) - Cataloguer v1.12. Directory to screen or printer (E. Verbeek) (24K) [08/07/05] - v1.20 The Cataloguer. Print detailed disk catalogues of your disks to file, screen and printer. Developed on Minerva v1.79 by QView, Compiled with QLiberator v3.34 by QLiberation Software, Uses the W.I.M.P. Designer Toolkit v1.1 by Talent+, Not compatible with the Pointer Environment (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (29K) Compare directories utility (Adrian Ives) (61K) [08/07/05] - microdrive to floppy disk program converter (E. Verbeek) (3K) [08/07/05] - Converter is a drive conversion program, allowing you exchange strings in a program, e.g. MDV to FLP or FLP to WIN (not just limited to 3 character names). Needs WMAN 2, which means SMSQ/E v3.00 or later or QDOS with pointer environment version 2.00 or later. Also needs Toolkit 2 and expanded memory. (D. Jones) (44K) [19/07/07]

The Copier is a very useful little program for copying entire disks including sub-directories. It reads the subdirectories on a disk and can optionally recreate them on the destination disk. (D. Jones) (35K) [05/07/05] - File copiers and MORE viewing utility (David Burns) (9K) [08/07/05] - An advanced pointer driven file manager fromthe author of the Easyptr package, Cueshell 2.14 is now released as freeware. Cueshell is described by Marcel Kilgus as "one of the most advanced programs for the Pointer Environment ever written, featuring a Multiple Document Interface (smaller directory windows within the larger application window) and drag&drop file management". Allows you to manage large directory trees, execute programs and is FileInfo II aware. Requires pointer environment. (Albin Hessler) (151K) [09/04/18]  - German and English PDF manuals for Cueshell. (758K) [09/04/18] Utility to set dataspace of an executable jobs (Norman Dunbar) (10K) [08/07/05] - DBF Export. When working with Psion's "Archive" database system , sooner or later you will be faced with the most alarming error message the program can give: error 91 ("incomplete file transfer"). Probably this will happen when you try to open a VERY large database file, just before realizing that it might be wise to make a backup. This utility will attempt to recover the data from a damaged Archive database file. Needs Toolkit II. (Wolter Willemsen) (28K) - DCOPY v1.2 QL Disk Sector Copier. a program to copy disks on a sector by sector basis. This will allow you to copy disks in a variety of formats,   ie QDOS, MSDOS, Atari TOS, without knowledge of the contents. Needs Toolkit II and a disk interface with Direct Sector Access. (Jonathan Hudson) (9K) - Directory device driver extensions v0.06 allowing shared files in read AND write modes (Tiago Leal) (4K) [03/07/14] - v1.2 Device Manager. Copy, Delete, Dir, Exec, Format, Lrun, Rename, Type etc files. (J. Pennycook) (6K) - Dir Edit v0.99 This short program enables you to edit the directory of a device using the QDOS line editor.   It uses a superbasic extension EDLINE$ from QL World (Jan/Feb 1988) and several of the Toolkit 2 commands.  The advantage over the RENAME command is that you just edit the old name, you don't have to type in either the old name or the new name. (Howard Clase) (3K) - DirNames is a set of functions written in BASIC for simple parsing of filenames (David Denham) (5K) [05/02/06] - DirTo. Disk directory readers, can create files for Abacus to import, sort etc (Ed Kingsley and Real Gagnon) (8K) [08/07/05] - DirTools is a pair of programs, DirList v0.40 which creates a list of directories present below the specified root, writing the output to a plain text file, and MakeDirs v0.80 which operates in the reverse direction, reading the contents of a plain text file (as created by DirList) and re-creating the directories on the target. (Adrian Ives) (115K) [08/07/05] - Disk/Directories copying extension for the Sinclair QL, version CD19 (H.P.Recktenwald) (30K) [08/07/05] - Directory Labeler. A SuperBASIC program to print a disk directory to a printer. (1K) - Disk copy utility. (3K) - DiskDir is a rather old program to display a sorted directory listing to screen or printer (D. Jones) (9K) [08/07/05] - Reads floppy disk header information, and the header information from the stored files. Needs Toolkit 2. (2K) - Disk Inspector. A SuperBASIC program to View, Save, or Load sectors of a floppy disk. Requires a disk interface which supports Direct Sector Access, and Toolkt II. (Jeremy Davis) (2K) - Disk Recover. A SuperBASIC program to aid in the recovery of deleted and damaged files from floppy disks. Needs Toolkit II and a disk inerface that supports Direct Sector Access. (Richard Cooke) (2K) - Disk-Renamer v1.2 Renames floppy disks without re-formattiong them. Needs Toolkit II and a disk interface that supports Direct Sector Access. Includes SuperBasic source code. (=ETAMAX=) (23K) - Disk Monitor 2.4. Doctor your disks. Rescue corrupted disks. Alter programs. Edit directories. User friendly. Hex and Ascii on screen entries for file or sector editing. Former commercial program from Ultrasoft. (Martin Berndt) (10K) [09/05/14] - Disk Utility v2.00 This program consists of a suite of general utilities for managing files on floppy diskettes. It requires at least 100K of system memory and two 3.5" disk drives for all functions to operate. The program works with 720K, 1.44M and 3.2M 80 cylinder diskettes. It may function with 360K or 40 track diskettes but these types have not been tested. Needs Toolkit II and a disk interface that supports Direct Sector access. (25K)

Disktool - a disk copier/formatter/protector v2.30, former commercial program from Ultrasoft, now freeware with permission of the author (30K) (Martin Berndt) [21/05/18] - Disp is a directory display utility (George Gwilt) (7K) [31/10/11] - Disp sources (George Gwilt) (13K) [31/10/11] - Diskmate 5 is a disk and file management utility. Needs pointer environment and menu extension (menu extension not supplied). Includes English and German manuals. It used to be a commercial program, but is now freeware (Pål Monstad) (217KB) [30/01/05] - A version of Diskmate 5 "hacked" by Marcel Kilgus to use the GD2 colours. (51K) [30/01/05]

(for posterity, e.g. for collectors, a copy of the demo version of Diskmate 5 may be found on the Demo Versions Page) - Doctor Editor v30.01.94 DOCTOR is a hex editor for files with fixed length. The program is made so it is impossible to alter the filelength. If the file processed is an executable task, the dataspace of the original file is maintained. Needs Toolkit II and Turbo Toolkit. (Arvid Borretzen) (29K) [14/12/14] - Update of the above Hex editor program (Arvid Borretzen) (17K) [08/07/05] - Editfname v1.00 - Change filename case without needing COPY (Adrian Ives) (16K) [08/07/05] - Encode v0.80 is a very simple utility for encrypting the contents of any type of QDOS/SMSQ file, binary, text, etc. (Adrian Ives) (58K) [25/01/06] - Explorer  v1.91d An updated file management utility for Miracles Hard-Disk. There are 2 versions of Explorer supplied, one without runtimes and line numbers, and the other with them linked in. (Chris Fowler) (44K) - FBack v1.0 Fast disc copy. Copies all files from source to destination.  Defaults to 'flp'. Includes BASIC source code. Based on a program by Tony Tebby. (Robin Blair) (9K) - Fast cartridge/disc copier (Rob Sherratt) (6K) [08/07/05] - Diskette unit fast backup program using direct sector access. Requires Tony Tebby diskette firmware release 1.10 or later. (2K)

Fast Find - v0.91 of a program designed for very rapid file searches and a multitude of ways of finding files on a hard disk for example. The author claims this program leaves other file finders standing - it certainly does seem to be one of the fastest I've used. (Per Witte) (111K) [9/3/03] -FComp or File Comparator, a utility to compare two files (Adrian Ives) (56K) [08/07/05] - Fgrep2. This program will find a string specified by a regular expression, in a file or group of files. Based on the Unix Grep command. (Allen Holub. QDOS port by Erling Jacobsen) (16K) - File Finder v1.4 A utlity that reads the contents of your date media, Then enables you to quickly search for required files. Needs Toolkit II. (K Flicker/F Giebner) (22K) - FiFi is a pointer driven file finder program. Specify up to three strings to search for, which may be combined so that you can search for a file containing one string but not another, for example. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (185K) [09/04/18]

File Finder is a little program for searching for files containing given text strings. Can optionally search through sub-directories. Great for finding those lost files in the dark depths of your hard disks system or in a floppy disk full of text files! (D. Jones) (29K) [05/07/05] - File Finder is a boot program allowing single key seelction of programs (3K) [08/07/05] - Displays the file header information on a directory device. (1K) - File Manager is a program to list, view and handle files (5K) [08/07/05] - Filemaster v1.1 is a file management program, which includes the updated Filemaster Plus v1.0 and manual. Former commerial progrm, now freeware. (64K) (J Haftke) - File Selector is a small program to use the files menu of QPAC2 (Roy Wood) (20K) [19/10/06] - Find is a 'quick and dirty' (quoting the author) file finder program (Adrian Ives) (61K) [08/07/05] - FLPClone is a low level disc copier capable of copying whole discs using direct sector access etc. It can also copy disks that are in alien format such as MSDOS format disks. (Dave Walker) (35K) [05/07/05] - Flp Renamer. A SuperBASIC program to rename a floppy disk. Needs ToolkitII and a Disk interface that supports Direct Sector Access. (1K)

Floppy Disk Utilities - Floppy disk editor, file recovery, disc copier/formatter/verifier etc. Former commercial program from Ergon Development, now freeware. (168K) [21/05/05] - File Search II v2.04 Search all files matching a wildcard, for for a specified string. With options to search one directory or whole trees. (P.A. Borman) (12K) - FTidy is a file handling utility (Howard Clase) (27K) [08/07/05]

Gopher - file search utility, locate files containing given strings, can search through sub-directories. Ideal for locating mislaid files on a hard disk, for example! (Norman Dunbar) (47K) [9/3/03] - Hard Drive Check. DRVCHK and DRVLINK. These two programs are utility software that can be used to identify (and sometimes fix) problems on Hard Disks that use the Tony Tebby Disk Drivers. These two programs are copyrighted by TONY TEBBY, but he has kindly given permission for them to be freely distributed. (Dave Walker) (7K) - More recent versions of DRVCHK and DRVLINK programs. English and German versions. Thanks to Wolfgang Lenerz for supplying these. (14K)
Manual for HardDriveCheck2 as Word docx file (14K) or PDF file (180K).

HD Utils - a set of BASIC programs for handling sub-directories on QL hard disk systems - shows how to use recursion to good effect when reading sub-directories. Routines to DIR whole sub-directories, search for names through sub-directories and copy whole directories. Based on an article published in QL Today magazine Volume 3 Issue 5. (D.Jones) (10K) [05/07/05] - IBMDisk v2.00 IBMdisk is a program to enable a Sinclair QL computer with 3.5 inch disks and  the TK2 direct sector read/write functions  to access data on an IBM PC format 3.5 inch disk. (Jonathan Hudson) (21K) - IBMDisk v1.5, earlier version of IBMdisk kept here for posterity. - In/Out Kit v1.05  A Toolkit that provides direct sector Input/Output for both Floppies and Microdrives. (Reads Spectrum, QL & OPD media) (Dave Walker) (45K) - Locate files by searching for filenames through subdirectories (D. Jones) (15K) [08/07/05]

Make Dirs is a directory creation aid - select the drive/directory in which you wish to create a new directory and type in the directory name. Much simpler directory creation - no more trying to remember a long path name for long winded MAKE_DIR commands! Pointer driven files/directories menu. Needs Toolkit 2 and Pointer Environment. (D. Jones) (59K) [05/07/05]

Media Manager SE sources - Media Manager SE was a comprehensive disk handling package by Chas Dillon, most recently sold by Digital Precision. Some time ago, Chas made the sources public. I don't think I'm allowed to put the actual compiled program here, but the sources are mostly in BASIC for the Turbo compiler, so anyone wishing to write their own foreign media reader or damaged disk handler may find this of interest (Chas Dillon) (99K) [21/05/05] (2K) some additional extensions required for compiling the sources. Thanks to Derek Stewart for locating these. - Cartridge Manager, a front end program (John Pennycook) (11K) [08/07/05] - MD5SUM is a file checksum generation utility (J. Hudson) (31K) [08/07/05] - Translation Of A French Disk Management Utility. (J.P. Cavalerie) (3K) - MenuDiskUsage is a utility to scan subdirectories in a recursive way and report disk usage for each directory entry. This program is intended to be usefull for people coping with hard disk(s), sub-directories and many files. It will be useful to locate quickly directories which hold a significant space or to compute disk space on some media needed to backup a whole directory or a tree. PE and Menu_Rext needed. (21K) (Alan Haoui) [05/11/06] - Menu driven utility to set QDOS file headers, needs PE and Menu_Rext. (21K) (Alain Haoui) [05/11/06] - MSDOS Reader VQ1.2 A Menu driven utility to copy MS-DOS files to the QL. Needs Toolkit II. (The Utility Room) (17K) - MenuSearch v1.04, a filename based search, wildcards allowed. (Alain Haoui) (27K) [05/11/06] - Mtools for QL is a QL port of a Unix utility to handle MSDOS disks from a QL (J. Hudson) (501K) [08/07/05] - Non QL Disk Reader. A set of associated SuperBASIC programs all concerned with reading data of disks in various formats, and (in some cases) performing some basic conversions. Covers Acorn Archimedes & BBC A/B, SAMDOS, MS-DOS, & QDOS. Needs Toolkit II. (Richard Kettlewell) (27K) - PMF lets you DIR, VIEW, PRINT and pattern match files (Mike Jonas) (7K) [08/07/05]

QBFtidyzip - file handling program - copy, rename etc files with this useful BASIC program from QBits. v6. (S.M.Bourne) (6K) [28/01/2020]
Manual, as a PDF file (1MB)

QCDEZE - v1.12. A GUI front end for the Atapi-CD thing above. Browse an ISO-9660 CD-ROM on a compatible Qubide or Q40/Q60 system. Works only on an SMSQ/E system. Some useful additional files supplied, one with information on ISO-9660, a Scrap-Manager program and a graphics conversion and viewing program for Q40/Q60 screens able to display PCX, BMP, IFF, PIC and 32k QL screens. (Duncan Neithercutt) (177K) [31/10/03]

QCDEZE2 - v2.0. Latest version of QCDEZE. Uses GD2 and WMAN colours and theme graphics. See the Quill doc file included in the zip file for latest information on this release. (Duncan Neithercutt) (94K) [19/11/17]

Q-Trans is a pointer driven dual window file handler from the Launchpad suite, but can work independently. Copy, view, delete, format, print, create directories, all the usual file handler facilities plus a new Trash-can facility for non-permanent file delete if you use the Trash command instead of delete. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

QFiles - A short and simple program to provide a button which fires up the File_Select$ menu from Q-Menu to select a file and stuff its filename into the stuffer buffer ready to be inserted into another program with the usual ALT SPACE keypress to recover the content of the stuffer buffer. Provides an indirect means of pointer driven file selection for older non-pointered programs such as Quill. Requires the Menu Extension from Jochen Merz Software. (D. Jones) (16K) [05/07/05]

QFormat - Quickly reformat DD, HD or ED disks with this useful program. See below for pointer driven version. (Norman Dunbar) (18K) [9/3/03]

QH is a system for storing file headers for executable QDOS programs on non-QDOS formatted media. We have all run into the problem of managing to copy QL programs onto the native hard drive or floppy disks of another computer, only to find that the programs won't execute from there due to the loss of the file type byte and dataspace value. QH stores the dataspace of such QDOS programs in a separate short "_qh" file, enabling you to restore this header later via a simple short SuperBASIC program, ready to execute. The main program can either create QH files for all programs on a given drive or in a given directory, or scan through all sub-directories creating "_qh" entries for all executable programs. (D. Jones) (6K) [05/07/05]

QLone - now freeware, this is a microdrive cartridge cloning utility based on simple BASIC extensions. Can also copy a cartridge protected with random number formatting. Includes an enhanced QLone+ with more extensions. At the moment, only a manual (in German and English versions) for the standard two extension QLone is included. (Martin Berndt) (19K) [21/07/15]
QLONE from Ultrasoft review.pdf - a short review of the program, PDF file format, from QL World November 1986 (252K)
QLone_English.doc - Manual as a Word file. (26K)

QLone+ - also now freeware. (Martin Berndt) (7K) [21/05/18]

Toolbox II - an enhanced version of QLone, including BASIC extensions, ramdisc and a diskmon utility. Thanks to Martin Head for recovering this and preparing the microdrive image file versions as follows. There is a short program in the manual for copying the files from the microdrive images to a floppy disc.
QToolboxII.mdv (112K) - in QemuLator MDUMP format.
ToolBoxII_mdi (133K) - in MDI drive (microdrive image) format.
ToolboxII.mdv (171K) - in QLay MDV format. (68K) - all three versions in one zip file.
ToolboxII.pdf (3.76MB) - manual for Toolbox II, PDF file. - an orthodox file manager program with a text-based user interface for QDOS with expanded memory, providing a dual-window system for file manipulation. Configurable startup options. (Andrei Tenu) (79K) [24/05/19] - source files for QL Commander. (30K) [24/05/19]
QL Commander v2.0.pdf - manual for QL Commander, as a PDF file. (1.7MB) [24/05/19] - manual for QL Commander, as a Quill doc file. (10K) [24/05/19]

QPConDOS - Ever wanted to run your QPC programs from a simple DOS/Windows directory? This program adds QL executable file headers to QL jobs stored on DOS/Windows drives and patches the various SBASIC procedures and functions including EXEC, EXEC_W, EX, EW, EXEP, EX_M, ET, HOT_LOAD, HOT_CHP, HOT_CHP1, HOT_RES, and HOT_RES1 to start QL programs from the Windows directory. No more QXL.WIN! IMPORTANT: make sure you read the instruction file INSTALLATION.TXT supplied first! (Malcolm Lear) (12K) [30/10/11] - Qristen is a pointer driven utility for renaming floppy disk medium names, using direct sector access. (36K) [05/02/06] - QVFS - a virtual filing system for QL systems, which gives long filenames (up to 255) characters (H.P.Recktenwald) (49K) [10/10/06]

Qwirc - QL Winchester Rename Console v0.66. Lists all WIN devices attached to your system by name, with summary of size and free space and other information. Qwirc lets you rename the hard disk, set the read/write status as seen by SMSQ/E and mount and unmount devices. (Per Witte) (59K) [05/03/05] - QXL.FSCHK lets you check SMSQ/E QXL.WIN hard disk file systems. (9K) (J. Hudson) [13/02/06] - v1.5 of the disk formatting utility for QXL users (Dave Walker) (15K) [08/07/05] - A simple pointer driven program to list and alter the 8 QXL.WIN and DOS devices on QPC2. (D. Jones) (38K) [27/10/10]

QXLWIN - a copier for Q40/Q60 which allows you to copy files from a QXL.WIN file held on a CD-ROM on a Q40/Q60. Needs the Atapi-CD thing system above. Version 1.08 (Wolfgang Lenerz) (85K) [31/10/03]

QXLWIN Explorer - a Windows program to read and explore QXL.WIN files from Windows 95 or NT onward. It displays a tree view of the QL files in the QXL.WIN and lets you view individual QL files in it and export QL files to the PC side of things. It can even transfer executables to QLAY or Q-emuLator QL emulators. (Frederic van der Plancke) (225K) (07/03/14)

QXLWIN Manager - utility to assist with setting WIN and DOS device names on a QPC2 or similar system with redefinable WIN and DOS device names. This version can use System Palette colours on suitably equipped systems. Version 1.02 (D. Jones) (38K) [30/06/05] - ReadOnly is a simple write-protecting system for files on a QL hard disk system which works by maintaining a list of files to be write protected and the readonly job opens a readonly channel to those files so that other programs are prevented from writing to them. (Franz Krojer) (12K) [08/07/05] - Recode converts files from QDOS-MSDOS-MAC-Mainframe etc (Franz Krojer) (167K) [08/07/05]

Recover - An Archive database recovery utility. BASIC source included for you to see how it works. (34K) [21/05/05]

RecoverQ - RecoverQ is a program which can be used to recover damaged files from HD/DD/ED floppies, backing up (and possibly repairing damaged) floppy disks, copying foreign media such as DOS, Atari or QL with "bad" structures, surface testing, fast formatting or formatting to user defined specifications. Needs the IO2, PEX and QLiberator runtime extensions - follow this link to the author's website. (Hans-Peter Recktenwald) (49K) [21/05/05]

RecoverX - RecoverX can be used to recover and/or extract single or all files en bloc from QXL.WIN files or (pseudo-) drives. F6 Forth program. Sources available below. (Hans-Peter Recktenwald) (72K) [21/05/05]

RecoverX Sources - F6 Forth sources for the RecoverX program above (Hans-Peter Recktenwald)(115K) [21/05/05]

Reformat - v1.01 of a pointer driven fast disk reformatter for rapid reformatting of QL format DD, HD and ED floppy disks. Needs Window Manager 2 or later, pointer environment and Toolkit 2. Based on QFormat by Norman Dunbar. (51K) [02/07/06] - Rename Disk. A small SuperBASIC program to rename floppy disks. Requires a disk interface which supports Direct Sector Access, and Toolkit II. (1K)

ResQL - Program for recovering damaged files or floppy disks (Hans Lub) (32K) [21/05/05]

Restore Dataspace is a pointer driven program to restore the executable file header on programs which have lost the dataspace and executable file header, e.g. when unzipped in Windows on a PC or older programs compressed or archived with older archiving utilities which do not preserve the QL executable program file header. You will need to know or be able to guess the dataspace required. Program requires extended environment and Toolkit 2, and works on QDOS or SMSQ-E. (D. Jones) (35K) [05/07/05]

Rettunge - Rescue deleted files on QL disks. (Ralf Biedermann) (10K) [21/05/05]

Revive - Recover files from damaged QDOS disks - works with HD disks (S Goodwin) (39K) [13/03/14] - Search is a file locater program, useful for hard disk systems (Arvid Borretzen) (26K) [08/07/05]

Sector Copier - a simple to use program for making fast copies of DD disks using Direct Sector Access. Source basic file is included. (Norman Dunbar) (15K) [9/3/03]

Sector Editor - Disk sector editor program for DD QL disks. Written in SuperBASIC (6K) [21/05/05] - Seek Test. A utility for testing discs read/write integrity. NOTE - This program can destroy the data on the disk. Use with care. Needs Toolkt II and a disk interface that supports Direct Sector access. (David J P Bodger) (2K) - Sformat formats DD disks to increase capacity and speed up data transfer (Thierry Godefroy) (23K) [08/07/05] - ShowLines v0.30 can be used to scan a text file, displaying all lines that contain a given string. (Adrian Ives) (61K) [25/01/06]

Sortback - lets you create a backup of a disk with the filenames sorted into order (as long as you use a freshly formatted blank disk for the copy). Of course, there are other ways of doing this including use of the QPAC2 files menu, but offered here for those who don't use such QL software. (D. Jones) (31K) [05/07/05] - Spacer. A SuperBASIC extension, that automatically inserts numbered lines between groups of files on directory devices, to act as markers between groups of programs. It does this  by adding the line in the first free directory entry. (1K)

Sync - a short BASIC program to syncronise files between two media. Can synchronise an entire drive with another drive or just a specified directory. Files are copied in the appropriate direction automatically depending on which was most recently updated. Creates new directories and copies contents into them if new directories detected. Useful when taking your files with you on a USB pen drive, for example, to make sure that both the computer and USB pen drive contain the latest versions of all files. (D. Jones)(5K) [19/08/18]

Sync 2 - a compiled, pointer driven version of Sync. Runs only on Window Manager 2 systems. (D. Jones) (47K) [11/03/19] - TCopye is a very fast sector copier and file compacter (Ralf Biedermann) (13K) [08/07/05] - Formats Disks To 1550 Sectors. Note - Forcing an 80 Track drive to format to 84 tracks may damage your drive. (1K) -Transliterator, exchanges strings in files e.g. MDV to FLP. Exchange any string in a file to any other of the same length, regardless of the size of the file, without loading it into memory. (13K) [08/07/05] - TypeInFile v0.30 Pass a file to another as if typed in, or use the Menu Extension's 'scrap' facility (Adrian Ives) (64K) [08/07/05] - a development of the wildcard file finder program that was published in QLWorld in 1989. It is SBASIC as was the original, but other than having the wild card search code under the bonnet looks nothing like the original, it now uses WMAN colours and handles hard drives. Offers a little bit more functionality than some other search programs that are already out there. (8K) (Duncan Neithercut) [23/11/17]

WIN-DOS is a program to list the definitions of WIN and DOS drives on QPC2. Lists drive capacities in sectors and Megabytes. Lets you change the medium name of a QXL.WIN if required. Direct sector access required to change media names. WIN-DOS needs a display width of at least 800 pixels. (D. Jones)(36K) [05/08/13]
WIN-DOS 1.01 - updated version from Bob Spelten Jr. Now able to handle NFA drive names on SMSQmulator too, and handles renamed drive names. See the _doc file for details of all changes. (27K) [21/04/17] - Win Editor V1.11 A Disk editor for the Rebel hard drive. View, edit, and extract sectors and blocks from a disk connected to the Rebel disk interface. (P.A. Borman) (10K)

WinEd - WIN, FLP and file editor. Edit sectors on a hard disk or floppy disk, for example. The documentation is in the zip file, as text or quill document. It needs the menu extensions. (53K) (Wolfgang Lenerz) [12/02/18] sources for WinEd. Wolfgang says you will also need the SMSQ/E sources for the key files. (62K) (Wolfgang Lenerz)

WXQT2 - v0.09 of a Unix and Windows program to transfer files between QXL.WIN, host operating system and floppy disks. Requires the QXLtool and QLTools software, and provides a dual window (source and destination) graphical file manager display. The .zip file below is a Windows binary download which includes Helpfiles (in a folder called DOC), QLTools (to handle floppy disks) and QXLtool (to handle QXL.WIN file systems), plus a .dll file required. - Windows binary (2.2M)
wxqt2 source and documentation (111K) - (203K) QDOS/SMSQ floppy disk reader/writer for Unix, Windows NT/95,OS2,DOS and VMS. This is v2.14 suitable for stand-alone command line use, or with WXQT2 - (156K) Software to read and write, format, make directory etc for QXL.WIN file systems, on Windows, Unix and QDOS. v1.14 is also suitable for use with WXQT2.
The original files are available from Jonathan Hudson's site at (22K) - This is a version of qltools modified to operate directly on .hfe files as used by the HxC floppy emulator. It will need the libhxcfe.dll from the this is available by downloading and extracting the HxCFloppyEmulator software. (Graeme 'XorA' Gregory) [21/03/14]
QLTools batch copy - DOS batch file to batch copy files to an SD card image and using the Windows exe version of QLTools (command line) with the HxC floppy emulator, .HFE files. Hopefully of use to HxC users, as the QLTools currently has no facility to process batches of files. (Ian Johnston) (25/03/14) (1K) - Xtract v1.00 extracts the text following the first (or nth) occurrence of a key string in the specified data files. (Adrian Ives) (19K) [25/01/06]

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