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Last Updated: 14.12.2014

Printer Command Language control code listings for Hewlett-Packard PCL printers, covers most Deskjet printers for example. The zip file includes the document in both plain text and Quill DOC file versions.
PCL Control Codes (17KB)

Epson printer control code information. Both Xchange/Quill (the DOC file is too large for standard QL Quill, only suitable for Xchange Quill) and plain text version are available here.
Epson Control Codes (62K)

ESC P-2 printer reference guide from Epson. PDF file. (6.46MB) (18K) - An article from QL Today about printers, printer control codes, printer drivers and programming for printers. Plus a follow up article about HP Deskjet printer drivers for Quill/Xchange. - Inkjet Refill Text. A list of tips/notes on  re-inking the original HP Deskjet/Deskwriter HP51608A (HP DeskJet500) cartridges. (S. Johnson) (3K) - Mannesmann Tally MT91 (Cannon BJ130)? Printer DIP switch settings. A text file, showing the DIP switch settings for this wide carriage Inkjet Printer.(2K) (3K) - A short article about some of the extended control codes on the Epson Stylus Color II, IIs and 820. (2K) - Short article with details of the Psion PRINTER_DAT printer driver files. (4K) - An article with a selection of special printer_dat files for generating QL-style plain text, PC-style plain text, HTML, character translations and a special driver for HP Deskjet printers.

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