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Updated: 02.12.2010

There are a number of mailing lists now available to QLers. Mailing lists are a sort of newsgroup by email. The contributions to the lists are sent and received by email, allowing you to read them in your own time. The QL-Users list is perhaps the most widely used one, but they are all worth subscribing to.

QL Users Email Mailing List

Bruce Nicholls
Bruce Nicholls

The QL Users Email Mailing List is a sort of newsgroup-by-email system owned by Bruce Nicholls of Quo Vadis Design (formerly editor of Q-Review magazine for the QL). When you subscribe to the mailing list, you receive the contributions as emails, and you can contribute messages and replies to the group by sending emails to the list. Subjects discussed range from QL problems, to jokes, in depth discussion and debate (occasionally a bit heated and controversial!) on the future of the QL, ideas development and just about anything (sometimes vaguely) related to the QL and its compatibles. I've been on this mailing list for quite a while now and find most of what is on there quite interesting. You can either be an active member and contribute to the discussions or sit back ("lurk") and just read what's going on.

If you have used this group before, you may have been aware it worked via the Norwegian nvg.ntnu.no organisation. This then changed following difficulties with anti-spam measures experienced by some list members to the quanta.org.uk address, then most recently (20/03/04) it changed to Bruce's own q-v-d.com address. The list is still owned by Bruce Nicholls of Quo Vadis Design. Further details on Bruce's website at http://www.q-v-d.demon.co.uk/smsqe.htm

To join the group you simply send an email to Ql-Users-q-v-d.com-request AT lists.q-v-d.com (remove the spaces and change AT to @ which I've added as a mild anti-spam measure) with the exact word of
in the body of the email (NOT in the subject line). Remember to put 'subscribe' in the body of the message. If you want the emails to go to the address you are using to send this email, you do not need to specify an email address. If they are to go to a different address, add that email address like this:
subscribe address=email.address
where email.address is the email address to which you want the emails sent.

A password will be generated and sent to you.

After a while, the list manager will start to send you emails, including a short list of instructions. Should you wish to remove yourself from the list (e.g. if you are aware or you decide you don't want to be part of the list) you can similarly send an email to unsubscribe yourself from the list by including this command in the body of the email:
unsubscribe [password] where [password]is the password you were supplied with when you subscribed (or current password if changed).

Once you have subscribed, you need to know how to send messages to the list. Simply send emails to ql-users AT q-v-d.com (obviously, change the AT to an @)

If you'd like to send an email to Bruce Nicholls (owner of the QL Mailing List) to know more about this mailing list, send the email to ql-users-q-v-d.com-owner AT lists.q-v-d.com

IMPORTANT: Where it says above that a command should be in the BODY of the email, it means just that. DO NOT put the command in the subject line, it may not be processed properly and may be sent as an email to the list, for example, rather than being intercepted as a command to unsubscribe or whatever!

If you prefer, it is also possible to get information about and to subscribe/unsubscribe from a page on the World Wide Web at: http://lists.q-v-d.com/listinfo.cgi/ql-users-q-v-d.com

QL Developers List

The QL Hardware/Q40/Q60/Linux mailing list. This list is for discussion related to QL Hardware and Q40-Linux, be it news, developments, help or queries.

Another mailing list from the same stable, this one being more aimed at hardware and software developers. Subscription is exactly the same as for the QL-Users list above, but you should substitute ql-developers for ql-users in the information given.

Note: For both lists you now have to send an extra email to be approved for list inclusion (to stop more spam) once the initial subscribe request has been received.

Further information from: http://lists.q-v-d.com/listinfo.cgi/ql-developers-q-v-d.com

(Note: As I am not a subscriber myself, I don't know the current status of this list and will amend this information on receipt of further information)

QL Forum

Peter Scott runs the QL Forum, which describes itself as "A place for Sinclair QL users to meet!". It has discussion, software, hardware, QL emulation, QL compatibles, For Sale and Wanted areas. You need to register with the QL Forum to post message son it, although limited access to read postings is possible for non-members. To register and use the Q Forum, just go to http://www.qlforum.co.uk

QL-Chat, Spodmail and QL-News

Sadly, I believe that QL-Chat, QL Spodmail and QL-News lists are all no longer in existence.

Spanish QL Forum

Spanish forum about the QL: http://www.speccy.org/foro/viewforum.php?f=15

QL Hardware Discussion Group

This is a discussion group for Sinclair QL hardware. To join, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QLhardware/

Do you know of any other QL mailing lists etc which should be featured on this page? If so, please let me know about them.

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