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Last Updated: 08/01/17 (11KB) - Dbf2Html Archive database to HTML conversion (Per Witte) (36KB) - Lets you use Quill to create HTML files (D. Jones) (2KB) - Add a "QL" icon to your website's home page to let every visitor know it's a QL-related website. This includes a 16x16 pixel favicon.ico icon and just needs a small link added to the header part of a html page to tell the browser where it is (may need to clear browsing history to ensure the browser displays it correctly if the browser has visited the page before). (7KB) - HTML Machine. Pick and insert HTML tags from menus into any editor using the stuffer buffer. (Roy Wood) (18K) - version 1.02 of above HTML Machine. Needs pointer environment and QLiberator compiler extensions QLIB_RUN. (Roy Wood) [22/05/16] (10KB) - J.D.Mitchell printer driver for Quill to generate HTML. (115KB) - SuperBASIC to HTML conversion by Per Witte (v0.98) (15KB) - Convert text file on stdin to html on stdout (1KB) - SuperBASIC program to convert plain text files to simple html files (15KB) - Convert HTML on stdin to text on stdout

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