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Last Updated: 22.05.2016 - Communications Buzz Words. A text file of commonly used terms in communications. (4K) - - Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access. Accessing The Internet By E-Mail, 5th Edition - January 1996. If you don't have direct access to the Internet through your BBS or online service, You can access almost any Internet resource using e-mail. Maybe you've heard of FTP, Gopher, Archie, Veronica, Finger, Usenet, Whois, Netfind, WAIS, and the World-Wide Web but thought they were out of your reach because you don't have a direct connection. Not so! You can use simple e-mail commands to do all of this and much more on the Internet. And even if you do have full Internet access, using e-mail services can save you time and money. ("Doctor Bob" Rankin) (23K) [22/05/16] - Supra Fax Classes. Two text documents detailing Fax clases 1 & 2 commands for Supa Faxmodems. (23K) (223K) - Going Online is a series of articles by Bill Cable about going online with a QL.

Internet On The QL - This is a pair of articles by Phoebus R. Dokos explaining how to connect to the internet using a QL emulator supporting TCP/IP connection facilities and using programs like QL Lynx, QL FTP and the QL email applications. The second part deals with internet connections using DOS software running on the Conqueror emulator on QL hardware, and also Jon Dent's soQL system. article part 1 article part 2 - A pair of articles, one about 9600 baud modems (9600info_txt) and the other about communications buss words (ComWords_txt) - The Nokia FAQ v1.0 This FAQ addresses issues surrounding the Nokia 2110 Family of Digital Mobile Phones. This currently includes the 2110, 2110i and 2110e. It includes practical questions, background information and lists of net resources. (Ross Irvine) (9K) [22/05/16] - XMODEM/YMODEM Protocol Notes. A compendium of documents describing the XMODEM and YMODEM File Transfer Protocols. (Chuck Forsberg) (21K)

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