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published by Jochen Merz Software, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 302, D-47169 Duisburg 11, Germany

Updated: 14.01.2015

Volume 4 Issue 4 of QL TodayQL Today was the definitive source for news and information around the QL scene in its time. It ncluded not only news and articles about the QL, but about its compatibles and emulators too. Catered for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

QL Today was set up in 1996. Each issue consisted of up to 60 pages and was only available by subscription by mail order from Jochen Merz Software or QBranch (see below for details). The magazine was most recently edited by Geoff Wicks.

All the major QL hardware and software suppliers advertised in QL Today.

There were lots of articles by famous QL authors - series on programming in BASIC and assembler, about graphics, show dates, reviews, hardware, cartoons even!

Please note that QL Today has published its last issue in 2013 at the end of Volume 17. I recommend readers consider joining Quanta if not already members.

Cover Disks

Picture of 5 cover disks

From time to time, a cover disk was included with QL Today - you can download the back issues of the English cover disks in case you have lost your original copy or missed an issue. You will need a copy of QL Unzip to decode the zipped cover disk files, you can get a copy from Jonathan Hudson's Web site or from the Archivers Page on this site. Note that apart from fixing broken zipped files on disk 1 and a minor fix to allow disk 2 to run on non-SMSQ systems, the disks are as originally published, so you may need to seek out more recent versions of some of the programs which have since been superceded.

Cover Disk 1 - Volume 1 Issue 6 (HTML Machine broken ZIP file now fixed 6/11/00) [434KB]
Cover Disk 2 - Volume 2 Issue 2 (Club QL 100th Anniversary Issue) [502KB]
Cover Disk 3 - Volume 2 Issue 6 [585KB]
Cover Disk 4 - Volume 3 Issue 6 [600KB]
Cover Disk 5 - Volume 4 Issue 4 (CueDark system) [232KB]
Cover Disk 6 - Volume 4 Issue 6 [486KB]
Cover Disk 7 - Volume 5 Issue 1 (ProWesS system) [639K]
Cover Disk 8 - Volume 5 Issue 5 (Updated Turbo 4.4 and manuals) [458KB]
Cover Disk 9 - Volume 5 Issue 6 (Updated Turbo 4.7, TurboPtr 2.4, Gwasl 1.6 and Sprted) [614KB]
Cover Disk 10 - Volume 6 Issue 3 (Demo versions of commercial software, disk 1) [624KB]
Cover Disk 11 - Volume 6 Issue 4 (Demo versions of commercial software, disk 2) [606KB]
Cover Disk 12 - Volume 7 Issue 3 (Atapi/CD drivers and front ends) [411KB]
Cover Disk 13 - Volume 8 Issue 4 (Launchpad demo version) [543KB]
Cover Disk 14 Volume 9 Issue 4 (QDT demo version) [555K]
cdisk15.zip Volume 11 Issue 2 (Image Sampler, POX and QL2PC) [1270K]
cdisk16.zip Volume 11 Issue 5 (archives) [668K]
cdisk17.zip Volume 12 Issue 4 (toolkits) [483K]

Magazine Index

If you'd like a list of what's been in past issues of QL Today, click on the links below to get an index to the English volumes published. The indexes were prepared as PDF files by Brian Kemmett, to whom I am very grateful. The yearly PDFs can be downloaded as single year files, or as a 5 year set (see below).

Volume 1 index (501K)
Volume 2 index (485K)
Volume 3 index (484K)
Volume 4 index (496K)
Volume 5 index (491K)
Volume 6 index (483K)
Volume 7 index (477K)
Volume 8 index (477K)
Volume 9 index (480K)
Volume 10 index (470K)
Volume 11 index (459K)
Volume 12 index (455K)
Volume 13 index (456K)
Volume 14 index (444K)
Volume 15 index (449K)

Alternatively, download them all of them as one large zipped file:
qltodayindex.zip (6.9MB)

To reduce the download sizes, Brian has combined 5 PDFs into one to produce a pair of 5 year indexes:
Combined Index years 1 to 5 (445K)
Combined Index years 6 to 10 (339K)
Combined Index years 11 to 15 (364K)

For anyone who'd prefer a massive all in one index to all 17 volumes of QL Today, here it is as a single PDF file:
Complete Index Volume 1 to 17 (1076K)

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