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Last Updated:11/05/14

c68patch.zip BASIC program to patch older C68 programs that crash with copyback cache on. (2KB) (Mark Swift) [13/02/06]

cachemodes.zip Cache management for SMSQ/E. (4KB) (Mark Swift) [13/02/06]

capsmon.zip Capslock monitor v1.00 using the programmable LED of Q40/Q60 (6K) (Thierry Godefroy) [13/02/06]

col.zip COL is a small program giving RVB values of a chosen 24 bit colour - needs GD2 and SMSQ/E. (34K) [13/02/06]

colpick.zip Colour Picker program for Q40, needs SMSQ/E. (28K) [13/02/06]

fdisk.zip FDISK - A PE FDISK for Q40/Q60 under SMSQ/E. No instructions - use at own risk, says the author! (31KB) (J. Grimbert) [13/02/06]

fdisksrc.zip Sources for the FDISK utility. (15KB) (J. Grimbert) [13/02/06]

fpufns171.zip Fast BASIC Floating Point operations with FPU FNs (Simon Goodwin) (27K) [13/02/06]

libqx0.zip LIBQx0 is a C library for Q40/Q60, contains a colour picker, needs SMSQ/E (75K) (Claus Graf) [13/02/06]

lxx103.zip Q40 Linux Loader will load and bootstrap a linux kernel image. (19K) [13/02/06]

MKPARTm.zip Updated MKpart_exe for Q40 and Q60 which can create 4 QWA patitions of specified size (3K) [11/04/23]

modedemo.zip A simple demo of Q40's hi-res screen mode, written in BASIC. Sets the Q40 screen mode to 512x256 pixels and 16k colours and plots a colourful function. (2K) (Mark Swift) [19/04/14]

movp4smsq60.zip MOVEP emulation for SMSQ/E on Q60. Without this hack, some versions of SMSQ will crash when using PAN or ED in screen MODE 4 or MODE 8. MOVEP is not implemented on 68060 processors, so any attempt to use MOVEP in machine code will cause an illegal instruction exception. Early SMSQ ROMs use MOVEP extensively in the PAN routine of MODE 4 and MODE 8 screens. (5K) (Mark Swift) [13/02/06]

Q40util.zip (8K) - Q40 Utility ROM. This is the utility ROM that was originally shipped to developers on early Q40 boards. It allows you to test various bits of hardware via the following on-screen menu:  1 ROM Download, 2 Serial Ports, 3 Screen, 4 Keyboard, 5 Clock, 6 Sound, 7 Cache/Memory/Interrupt, 8 Harddisk, 9 Parallel Port. Should be loaded using the SoftROM toolkit below.
Q40util.readme (2K) - Readme text file for the Q40util.zip package above.

QDOS Classic for Q40 - ROM files for Q40, use with SoftROM toolkit below. The QDOS Classic Support Utilities Disk is available from the Emulators page.
classicr.zip QDOS Classic v3.25 Beta r. ROM image for use on Q40. (73K) (M. Swift) [13/02/06]
classicp.zip QDOS Classic v3.25 Beta p. ROM image for use on Q40. (55K) (M. Swift) [14/03/14]
classicp.readme A readme text file for QDOS Classic 3.25p (4K)

Q40util.zip Utility ROM that originally shipped with Q40. (8K)

Make Your Own QDOS Classic - This archive contains all the necessary sources in order to assemble your own QDOS Classic for Q40. The BASIC make program (MAKECLSCQ40_bas) re-assembles all Q40 specific peripheral ROM sources using the GST assembler, then builds a new QDOS Classic ROM.
MKCLSCQ40.zip (223K) The 'Make Your Own QDOS Classic' package. (M. Swift)
MKCLSCQ40.readme (1K) The Readme text file for the 'Make Your Own QDOS Classic' package above.

QSP is a sound player utility for Q40/Q60 _ub (unsigned byte) format sound files. (214KB) (Claus Graf) [13/02/06]

softrom.zip (19K) - Toolkit to  load ROM images onto Q40 computers, e.g. to load QDOS Classic above. Adds a new keyword called SOFTROM which allows ROM images to be loaded from disk or via serial port. (M. Swift) [14/03/14]
softrom.readme (2K) - Readme text file for the Softrom toolkit. (M. Swift) [14/03/14]

Xchpatch.zip (4K) - Patch for the PD versions of Xchange for Copyback cache compatibility on 68040/68060 systems. (Mark Swift)

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