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Last updated: 19.01.2024

The QIMSI is a QL add-on designed by Peter Graf (who also gave us the Q40, Q60, Q68 and QL-SD) and supported by Stephan Preuss. It includes a
microSD card interface, a pointer environment-compatible mouse interface, a sampled sound interface, external keyboard facility and more, in a small card about the size of an original Toolkit 2 ROM cartridge board, which plugs into the ROM expansion slot on a QL. The board includes a 40MHz 68000-like coprocessor with a small ROM/RAM, although this part isn't so easy for the user to access. The QIMSI is built and sold on a non-profit basis in Germany - details can be found by searching for QIMSI in the hardware section of the QL Forum, or contact Stephan (Username Maskenlos) with a private forum message.

This page is here to enable QIMSI users to download replacements for the software and manual associated with this board. It is hoped that QIMSI support will become part of SMSQ/E in time - keep an eye on Wolfgang Lenerz's Official SMSQ/E Site at https://www.wlenerz.com/smsqe/ for any new downloads, and of course join QL Forum where they launched and announced anything to do with QIMSI.

manual.pdf (617K) The QIMSI manual as a PDF file.

qimsi_mice.txt (1K) A text file with a list of mice known to be compatible with QIMSI.

qimsi_mouse.zip (3.5K) QL mouse driver for QIMSI (mouse_bin) and 'C' source file (mouse_c).

playss.zip (11K) Sound player system, to use _ub or "unsigned byte" sound files. This player can run on a 128K QL, but is better when used on larger memory machines.

playss_examples_src.zip (639K) A few _ub sound files and some C source code for the sound player.

Empty ready-made QLWA.WIN file system containers in a selection of sizes for QIMSI, to save the trouble of preparing them with an emulator. In case you've never come across them before, QLWA.WIN is the container file system which stores your QL files on the FAT32 formatted micro-SDHC card. The QLWA.WIN should be the first file copied to the newly-formatted (i.e. empty) micro-SDHC card so that the QLWA.WIN is not fragmented on the card.  While it may seem obvious to go for the largest size, be aware that if your QL has only a small RAM, it may be better to use a smaller QLWA.WIN so that the driver doesn't use too much of the available RAM. Don't worry, this is all clearly explained in Chapter 3 of the QIMSI manual!
empty_8mb.zip (38K) zipped 8MB QLWA.WIN container.
empty_16mb.zip (33K) zipped 16MB QLWA.WIN container.
empty_64mb.zip (134K) zipped 64MB QLWA.WIN container.

Qimsi V2.4.stl.zip (12K) If you'd like a case for your QIMSI card, and have access to a 3D printer, here is the 3D printer file from "QLObi" on QL Forum. He said that the best result is in PLA or ABS print, not in resin print (that gives a better look, but is mechanically less stable).

Jan Bredenbeek has produced a Minerva PS/2 keyboard driver for QIMSI (does not work with original Sinclair ROMs). Get this from Jan's Github site at https://github.com/janbredenbeek/QIMSI-KBD

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