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Last Updated: 08.12.23

A selection of replacement manuals for various QL hardware. All manuals are placed here with the permission of the various product owners, please respect their copyright as applicable in each case and the permission to download and use these extend only to their use as replacement manuals for these products (e.g. for someone who has lost their manual or purchased a second hand device without a manual). In particular, please note that rights to the QL Manual itself and QL ROMs are held by Frank Davies and Paul Holmgren in North America and you need permission from them to download and use the QL Manual in North America.

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ABC Keyboard Interface-

ABC Keyboard Interface Manual

This is a replacement 8 page manual for the ABC Electronic QL Keyboard Adaptor which plugged into the QL's ROM port. Available as a PDF file only.
ql_abc_keyboard_interface.pdf (1.5MB)

CST QPlus4 manual

Picture of CST Q+4 expansion unit

A replacement manual for the QPlus4 four slot expansion unit for the QL from CST.
cst_qplus4.doc (806K) - Word .doc file
cst_qplus4.pdf (43K) - PDF file

Picture of CST RAM-PlusCST RAM-Plus manual

A replacement manual for the CST RAM-Plus device, a memory expansion card with 512K RAM, through port, and up to 4 EPROM sockets. Available as a PDF file only.
cstramplus.pdf (158K)

Dattel Disk System

A manual for the Dattel floppy disk system for the QL. Made by Dattel, this was marketed by French company Pyramide. The manual was scanned by Richard Alexander and made into a PDF by Cristian of QL Forum. Further information on this rare QL disk system on the QL Wiki, at
Dattel_QL_Disk_Manual.pdf (3MB)

Digitiser Manuals

Picture of Lang Digitiser


A Quill DOC file replacement manual for the Lang QL video digitiser from CL Systems. (7K)

The software for the Lang digitiser is available here.


A Qull DOC file replacement manual for the SPEM QL video digitiser. (7K) - zipped Quill DOC file version.
spemdigi.pdf (147K) - PDF version.

The software for the SPEM digitiser is available here.

Di-Ren Interface Manuals


Picture of Di-Ren keyboard interfaceReplacement manual for the Di-Ren keyboard interface. Consists of a plain text file and the 5 diagrams as 512x256 mode 4 screens. Also available for download is v1.02 of Diren's Keyboard Translate Utility for remapping keys on the keyboard.
Diren Keyboard Interface manual (11K)
Download Keyboard Translate Utility (6K)


Picture of Di-Ren Micro Process ControllerThe Micro Process Controller is a 6 relay switchbox which works from any parallel interface (or via a serial to parallel converter) and programmed simply by sending byte values to it. The MPC has a through port to connect a parallel printer or a second MPC unit. The zip file contains a Word DOC file version and a PDF file version of the manual. (76K)
Micro Process Control Utility - software for the Micro Process Controller (19K)

Picture of Di-Ren Network ProverNETWORK PROVER

A small box with an LED which shows the status of the QL network. So simple to use, it doesn't really need a manual, but here is a copy in case. (14K)

Disk Interface Manuals

Replacement manuals for older QL disk interfaces. Additional manuals can be found under Miracle Systems Manuals above.

CST Q-Disc pictureCST Qdisc - replacement manuals for three versions of CST's QDisc interface, one of the best known of the early QL disk interfaces. This interface has no on-board RAM. If you are uncertain which version of the interface you have (I have no information to assist with identifying them), I suggest you download version 3. The diffference between the manuals is just documentation of the extra commands contained in the ROM on each version of the interface - the later interfaces had a greater subset of the Toolkit 2 commands. CST did release 4 versions of the QDisc interface, but I only have manuals for the first three.
CST QDisc version 1 Zipped Quill doc (12K). PDF version (95K)
CST QDisc version 2 Zipped Quill doc (13K). PDF version (100K)
CST QDisc version 3 Zipped Quill doc (23K). PDF version (136K) - a copy of the utilities disc v3.0 supplied with the CST Qdisc interfaces (11K)

Picture of Cumana interfaceCumana QL disk interface. Replacement manual as a Word DOC file (diagrams included)
Cumana disk system manual as Word DOC file (73K)

Falkenberg Hard Disk Interface. A replacement manual for Jürgen Falkenberg's QL interface for MFM/RLL type hard disk systems.
Hard disk interface manual as Word DOC file (58K)

Picture of PCML disk interfacePCML Q+ Disk Interface A replacement manual for the PCML Q+ disk interface for the QL, including documentation for its PCML toolkit v1.14/v1.16.
PCML Q+ manual as a PDF file - This is the original manual as supplied with the interface. (954K)
Lee Privett has kindly produced an improved version, with a few corrections:
pcml q+ floppy disk interface.pdf - PDF version (561K)
pcml q+ floppy disk interface.doc - Word .doc version (1.8MB)

Picture of Sandy SuperQBoardSandy disk interfaces. A general manual for several of the interfaces released by Sandy UK PCP, includes the SuperQBoard interface. Quill DOC file.
Sandy disk interfaces manual (26K)
Sandy disk interfaces manual - PDF (27K)

SuperQBoard_User_Manual.pdf (2.5MB) - a complete 73 page PDF manual for the Sandy SuperQBoard (non-mouse version). Includes sections on the floppy disc driver, ramdisc, printer port and the BASIC extensions (Toolkit 2). I'm very grateful to Dean Payne at the Retro Computer Museum for this scanned PDF. Please note the size of the download file. 

SuperQBoard_User_Manual_OCR.pdf (2.1MB) - thanks to Tobias Fröschle for OCRing the SuperQBoard manual, to make it a searchable PDF. I'll leave the original manual above, as there are a few cases where the OCR isn't 100% perfect.

SuperQBoard_Manual_comp.pdf (5.8MB) - another version of the SuperQBoard manual, scanned by Jean-Yves Rouffiac. Contains the "Interface Description" introduction section, which describes the various configurations of the Sandy interfaces.

Picture of Technology Research TRL128 disk interfaceTechnology Research Ltd Delta 128 disk interface with 128K RAM. Quill DOC file, with 3 QL PIC file diagrams.

TRL Delta 128 interface manual (42K)

Generic disk interface manual. A general purpose manual suitable for most older disk interfaces which conform to the QJump FLP type of interface. If you need a manual for one of the interfaces listed here, download the specific one for that interface, it is best to use the correct manual after all! If all else fails, download the Generic one which should be enough to get you going!
Generic disk system manual as Word DOC file (73K)

HxC unitHxC Floppy Disk Emulator

Rich Mellor has kindly supplied this article which has instructions on how to use the HxC Floppy Disk Emulator, which connects to a standard QL floppy disk interface and allows you to use an SD card to store floppy disk images for use with your QL.

The instructions are available to download as a PDF file.

Sinclair%20QL%20How%20To%20Use%20HxC%20Article.pdf (361KB)

Picture of ICE ROM cartridge for QLICE Manual

ICE ir Icon Controlled Environment, was an early mouse and pointer software system for the QL, supplied in a plug in ROM cartridge. Ice provided a graphical front end for QDOS and could be driven by cursor arrow keys, joystick, or a cursor-emulating mouse where available. Note size of the PDF to download.
QL_ICE_UsersManual.pdf (10MB)

Picture of QL Keyboard 90JFC QL Keyboard-90 keyboard interface

A replacement manual for the Falkenberg QL-Keyboard-90 interface. Available to download as a Word .doc or PDF file.
Download as Word doc file (403KB)
Download as PDF file (191KB)

Picture of JFC QL-Scanner deviceJFC QL-Scanner

Replacement manual for the Juergen Falkenberg print-head QL scanner device. Available to download as a Word DOCX or PDF file.
Download as Word DOCX file (44K) - English version
Download as PDF file (164K) - English version
QL A_D If.pdf (3.3MB) - PDF scan of the German manual
The software driver disk is also available to download as a zipped file:
JFC Scanner V2.00 zip file (446K)
JFC Scanner V2.21 zip file (41K)
QL Scanner.pdf - German version (8.5MB)


Replacement manual for the Juergen Falkenberg QL-WIN hard disk card, available to download as a PDF file.
QL_WIN_CARD.pdf (4.6MB)

Level 2 Upgrade ROM Manual

This is a replacement manual in plain text format for the Level 2 Upgrade ROM for Trump Card and SuperQBoard. The level 2 ROM itself is not included, it is copyright Jochen Hassler. This provides level 2 filing system (hard directories etc) and the ATR device for reading Atari and DOS format disks. Note that this download does NOT include the ROM image, and that the level 2 Trump Card versions supplied by Qubbesoft P/D do not include the ATR device driver. (8K) Plain text.
flp_level_2.pdf (3.3MB) PDF file.

Piture of an MCS Multi-ROM (with cover removed to show circuit board)MCS Multi-ROM Manual

The MCS (Micro Control Systems) Multi-ROM was a small device which plugged into the QL EPROM slot.  It contained 16K of RAM and came with some controlling software. It could be used to simulate ROM cartridges by putting an image of a ROM into the 16K RAM, allowing plug-in ROMs to be interchanged and was especially ideal for developing ROM based software as code could be quickly downloaded to it without having to blow EPROMs. This is a PDF of the original manual for this rare little device.
MultiROM_Manual.pdf (961K)

MCS Disk Interface Utilities ROM

16K plug-in ROM image of tools and utilities for the MCS Memodisk disc interface system, and manual as a PDF file.
mcs_tools_rom (16K) [17/08/20]
MCS Memodisk Utilities.pdf (1.3MB) - manual for the utilities ROM as a PDF, or as a much larger Word DOC file (4.4MB) [17/08/20]

Mersey Mouse

Picture of a Mersey Mouse (click to enlarge)A cursor emulating mouse kit from members of the Merseyside QL group in the 1980s. Supplied in kit form, the interface was usually installed inside the QL with a socket to allow a mouse to be attached. There were a few examples of these built into external cases, plugged into the CTL sockets too - the picture shows one I came across with a dot matrix printed label indicating 'Mersey Mouse mk 2' with a switch which allowed you to switch one of the mouse buttons between ENTER and ESC. These scanned documents are from Steve of QBits and include a circuit diagram and installation instructions. Not that many of these were made, so if you get hold of one of these rare interfaces, you have a collector's item on your hands! (Scanned as three JPEG files). (2.7MB)

Micro Peripherals Ltd Disk Interface

MP disk interface and utilities diskReplacement manual for the Sinclair/MicroPeripherals disk interface system. This QL floppy disk interface isn't quite the same as most of the other "FLP" systems, so a replacement manual is a must (e.g. to know how to set the DIP switches on the interface!). I am grateful to Rich Mellor for sending me this scanned manual. Available as a PDF file only. microP-diskInterface.pdf (1.2 MB) (59K) Utilities disk for use with the Sinclair/Micro-Peripherals disk interface. The instructions for these utilities are in the manual for the interface itself above, although Brian Kemmett has kindly prepared a scan of just the utilities pages if you'd just like to explore the content of the floppy disk by itself, without downloading the full manual. microp-diskutils.pdf (543KB)

MicroPpsu.pdf (1.2MB) Document with pictures of the Micro Peripherals/Sinclair disk system, shows power supply pinout and connections at the rear of the drive for second drive. Also available as a Word document, but note file size (8.7MB)

An Italian replacement ROM v5.3 for this interface: (6K)

Miracle Systems Manuals

Replacement manuals for Miracle Systems products. Over the years, Miracle Systems produced many of the best known QL add-ons such as memory expansions, disk interfaces, printer interfaces and so on.

Picture of a Trump CardTRUMP CARD MANUAL

Miracle Systems Ltd manual for the Trump Card as a plain text file - useful if you have bought a second hand Trump Card which came without a manual, since the manuals are now out of print. You will also need the Toolkit 2 manual above. Thanks again to John Hitchcock for this file.
Trumpcard manual (12K)

Lee Privett has kindly prepared the Trump Card manual as a Word .doc and .pdf file.
Download Miracle Systems Trump Card manual as a Word .doc (678K)
Download Miracle Systems Trump Card manual as a .PDF file (407K)


Thanks to Derek Stewart, here is the manual for these rare Miracle Systems variants of the Trump Card. The Ace Card was a 256K version of the Trump Card while the Trey Card allowed a Miracle 512K Expandaram to be added to the onboard 256K RAM. Note that this is scanned as an A4 sized manual instead of the original folded A3.

Picture of a Gold CardGOLD CARD MANUAL

Miracle Systems Ltd Gold Card manual as a plain text file, scanned by Dave Westbury.
Gold Card manual (8K)

Picture of a Super Gold CardSUPER GOLD CARD MANUAL

Miracle Systems Ltd Super Gold Card manual supplement, scanned by Dave Westbury.
Super Gold Card manual (7K)

Picture of a QXL cardQXL MANUAL

Miracle Systems Ltd QXL manual supplement, scanned by Dave Westbury.
QXL manual (24K)
QXL SMSQ software v2.76 (153K) - the most recent version of the original SMSQ system software for the QXL. Note: if you want to use the latest SMSQ/E, visit the SMSQ/E Registrar's website where you can download the SMSQ/E binaries.

Miracle Systems hard disk driveMIRACLE HARD DISK MANUAL

A replacement manual for the Miracle Hard Disk system.
Miracle Hard Disk manual (10K)
win.rext (4K) - the driver extensions for the Miracle Hard Disk. Useful if you have acquired a second-hand unit without software, for example.

Miracle serial-parallel interfaceCENTRONICS PRINTER INTERFACE

One of the most popular QL add-ons of all time. These were serial to parallel centronics printer adaptor cables, allowing parallel printers to be plugged into the QL serial ports.
Printer Interface manual (1K)

Or, here is a PDF of an original Miracle Systems QL Centronics Printer Interface manual:
QL_CentronicsPrinterInterface_UserManual.pdf (78K)

Miracle 4-drive adaptorDISK ADAPTOR

A small disk adaptor card was produced allowing 4 disk drives to be plugged into interfaces such as Gold Card and Super Gold Card which normally only allowed 2 drives to be used.

Disk Adaptor manual (2K)


The manual for the black Miracle Extra High Density (ED) disk drives supplied for the QL. These disk drives allowed ED disks to be formatted to a capacity of 3.2MB on QL systems, and were also capable of reading DD and HD disks.
ED Disk Drives manual (2K)


A short article showing how to construct an adaptor lead from the printer connector on a Super Gold Card to a standard Centronics-style connector.
Printer Cable Adaptor article (1K)

Monitor Manuals


 scanned replacement manual for the original black Sinclair Vision-QL RGB monitor. Includes a scanned circuit diagram. Originally an A3 sized sheet, I have scanned it in 2 halves, as 2 A4 sized sheets (left and right halves).
visionql.pdf (57K) - Adobe Acrobat PDF format
circuit1.gif (417K) - Left half of circuit diagram
circuit2.gif (249K) - Right half of circuit diagram
visionQL_circuitdiagram_a3.jpg (2.2MB) - the circuit diagram, scanned as 300dpi A3 format.

Picture of Microvitec Cub monitor for QLMICROVITEC CUB QL MONITOR

A scanned replacement manual for the original black Microvitec Cub QL RGB monitor.
mvcub.pdf (54K) - Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Microvitec Service Manual For Series-3 Colour Monitors, PDF file.
Microvitec Service Manual (779K)

Picture of a SCART connectorSCART CONNECTION (29K) - Article from QL Today about hooking up a QL to a SCART video connection (use a TV as a monitor).

Q40/Q60 Manual

The Q40/Q60 mainboard user manual, Q40/Q60 hardware documentation and the Q40/Q60 SBASIC part of the SMSQ/E manual. This is only the Q40/Q60 specific part of the SMSQ/E manual, you'll need a legitimate general SMSQ/E manual to complement this. (183K)

Q-488 IEEE

A replacement manual for the Q-488 IEEE interface from CST. Further details of this interface on QL Wiki.
Q488%20IEEE%20INTERFACE_OCR.pdf (2.06MB)

QIMI-Related Files

Picture of a QIMI interface (Quanta version)David Westbury has kindly supplied a circuit diagram of the QIMI mouse interface and some programming information about the registers used, etc.
Click here to download a 512x256 QL _PIC file circuit diagram (6K), or click here for a .PNG file version. (10KB)
Click here for the register programming information. (2KB)

QIMI Manual: This is a replacement manual for the original QIMI mouse interface, as supplied by QJump. May prove useful for those buying a second hand interface without a manual.
QIMI manual as a Word DOC file (68K)
QIMI manual as a PDF file (99K)

QIMI Manual. This is a replacement manual for the version of QIMI supplied by Quanta some years ago
Quanta QIMI manual as a Word DOC file (76K)
Quanta QIMI manual as a PDF file(195K)

QL Manual

Picture of QL manualIntroduction to the user guide, SuperBASIC Programming section, Keyword and Concepts guides from the QL manual are available for download here. Useful if you bought a second hand QL or have lost your copy of the manual. See also under 'Articles' below for introductions to the Pointer Environment. Click on the links to download the files.
North American readers: Please note that you will need permission from the joint rights holders Frank Davis and Paul Holmgren to download and use these files! Click here to send an email to Frank.
Introduction to the QL manual (30K) (Plain text)
SuperBASIC programming section (114K) (Plain text)
Keywords section (25K) (Plain text)
Concepts section (35K) (Plain text)
QL Manual as a zipped PDF file (2.4MB) N.B. Note size of file prior to downloading!

QPC Keywords Guide (846K) Martin Head's QL-manual style enhanced Keywords guide, version 1.05 (ODT, PDF and RTF files) [31/03/23]
QPC Concepts Guide (676K) Martin Head's QL-manual style enhanced Concepts guide, version 1.03 (ODT, PDF and RTF files) [31/03/23]

Alternatively, an online QL user guide is also available on this site - click here to go to that page.
And an eBook of the QL manual, OCRed and in PDF and other eBook formats, is available on my eBooks page here.

User "greenscreen" on QL Forum has made a high quality scan of the QL manual without OCR (to keep the quality as high and faithful to the original as possible). You can download the original here or in case of difficulty, download a copy from this page. Be aware that it's a massive 133MB in size, so download may take some time.
Sinclair QL User Guide.pdf  (133MB)

Qontrol-II board pictureQontrol-II

A rare hardware interface board for control applications. Designed by Colin Opie as part of the Qonnexions series in QL World in 1987, and marketed by Care Electronics. This manual documents the hardware as well as the BASIC extensions and assembler routines in the on-board EPROM.
Qontrol-II manual as Word DOCX file (442K)
Qontrol-II manual as PDF file (460K)


A replacement manual for the QSound-QPrint sound card and parallel printer port from ABC Electronik.
QSOUND-QPRINT.pdf (356K) - PDF file.
QSOUND-QPRINT.docx (130K) - Word DOCX file.

Qubbesoft Manuals

Picture of AuroraAURORA MANUAL

A replacement manual for the Aurora QL compatible motherboard. Useful if you have lost your manual or bought a second user Aurora without getting a manual with it!
As a Quill DOC file (37KB)
As a PDF file (513KB)


The Aurora technical details (registers, screens, detecting Aurora, extended ROM details etc) from Aurora designer Zeljko Nastasic
Aurora Technical Guide text file (6K)
Aurora Technical Guide
PDF file(130KB)

Picture of a Q-PlaneQPLANE MANUAL

This is a Quill DOC file manual and a PIC file diagram of the QPlane backplane from Qubbesoft P/D. (6K)


Picture of a QubideReplacement manual for the QUBIDE QL IDE interface from Qubbesoft P/D, along with various ROM version images and a few technical information files. Includes copies of manuals for version 1 and 2 QUBIDEs in Quill DOC and plain text file formats. Includes a file called CHANGES.TXT which lists differences between the various ROM versions up to 2.02. Also includes a few basic utility programs. (155K)

With thanks to Roy Wood, here is a version of the Qubide manual and version 2 upgrade sheet as a M$ Word file. This has been slightly updated since the above version. (78K)

Qubide ROM images and links to José Leandro's Qubide clone page in Spanish and English plus Habi's Qubide Image Editor software for Windows may be found on my QL ROMs page.


A replacement manual for the QEP III Eprom Programmer for the QL, formerly sold by Care Electronics and latterly by QUBBESoft P/D. Quill DOC file (9K)
qepiii.pdf PDF file (98K)

Schön Keyboard Manual

A scanned PDF of the assembly instructions for the Schön replacement keyboard for the QL.
Schön Keyboard.pdf (1.1MB)

SER8056 Printer Manual

The Ser8056 was a very popular low cost thermal paper printer in the early days of the QL, and is still to be found second hand. This version of the manual has added information about graphics modes. Quill DOC, plain text and RTF file versions, with PIC file diagrams.

Sernet Manual And Articles

A manual (all 3 pages of it) for the Sernet serial link network. Includes a couple of other helpful articles from QL Today magazine on the subject. (24K)

Sinclair QL Printer

Sinclair QL PrinterThe offical Sinclair QL printer was a badged Seikosha SP1000A printer, with a special ROM for the QL character set. I am grateful to Lee Privett and Urs König for assistance with preparing this replacement manual. Available as a Word .doc file, or a .pdf file. Note the file size before downloading!
Sinclair QL printer manual Word .doc file (5.01 MB) N.B. note file size!
Sinclair QL printer manual PDF file (1.4 MB)

A ROM image from this printer may be found on the QL ROMs page.

Technical Guides

A set of technical manuals for the QL.


The original Sinclair QL Technical Guide from Sinclair, in searchable formats.
QL Technical Guide (850K) as a PDF file.
QL Technical Guide (1.4MB) as a Word DOC file.


The guide to programming for SMSQ!
QDOS SMS Reference Guide v4.5 (1.106MB) - as a PDF file.
QDOS SMS Reference Guide v4.5 (476K) - as an ODT file.

SMSQE and GD2 - Further programming information available on the SMSQE and GD2 documents page.


The original programming guide for the QPTR system (5th Edition)
QPTR manual (601K) PDF file.
QPTR Update Pages (39K) A set of update pages for the QPTR guide.


Wolfgang Lenerz has updated the QPTR manual and released it as this 6th edition (for posterity, the 5th edition above will remain available). Available as a LibreOffice ODT file or as a PDF file.
QPTR605.odt (1.175MB) - v6.05 LibreOffice .odt file
QPTR605.pdf (881KB) - v6.05 PDF file


The 6th edition of the QPTR manual removed the information on Config Blocks, so here is a separate document about both Level 1 and Level 2 Config.
config1and2.pdf (149K) - as a PDF document.
config1and2.docx (37K) - as a Word document. (5K) - the level 1 and 2 macro files referred to in the Config document.


The original guide to TCP/IP stuff in the uQLx emulator, from Richard Zidlicky. The QPC2 implementation is mostly compatible, so this provides useful information. Click on the link to bring up a table of contents, then click on the link to the section required.
QL Socket API table of contents

Additional information available at this page.


The original QL Service manual is available in several searchable formats from the eBooks page.

A scan of the original paper Service Manual (not searchable, but should be no OCR errors) is available here as a PDF file (54MB) (Klaus Frank)

Alternatively, an online HTML version may be found on here.


RWAP Software's excellent SuperBASIC Reference Manual is available to read online nowadays. Have a look at it here - or via the foreword page here -


The SBASIC manual is available to read on my eBooks page.

Tandata Manuals

Q-CONNECT user manual.pdf - thanks to a member of QL Forum for scanning the manual for the Tandata Q-Connect modem systems for QL as a PDF file. (5MB)

Tetroid Manuals

Picture of a Tetroid Disk InterfaceTetroid is a Russian producer of hardware add-ons for the Sinclair QL. Based in Novosibirsk in the Russian Federation, Tetorid has released disk interfaces with and without Compact Flash card interfaces based on Trump Card and QUBIDE systems, along with a Gold Card clone, ROM switcher, Gold Card/Super Gold Card battery replacement, backplane and a power module (7805 replacement).

TDI manual correct 2.pdf (620K) - short manual for Tetroid' Disk Interface with Compact Flash card support.
QubATA_TDI.pdf (K) - manual for Alain Haoui's QUBATA driver v3.10T included with Tetroid Disk Interface.

QL power manual correct.pdf (1.3MB) - installation manual for Tetroid's QL Power Module, a replacement for the internal QL power regulator.

TF Services Product Manuals

Replacement manuals for some off the hardware add-ons from TF Services.


Picture of SuperHermes LiteA replacement manual for the superHermes LITE from TF Services. superHermes LITE provides a replacement QL second processor (improved Hermes) and an IBM AT keyboard interface for the QL. Useful if you have lost your manual or bought a second user board without getting a manual with it (although you will still need the Supplementary Filesdisk from TF Services)! The manual is available in plain text or Quill DOC file formats:
As a Quill DOC file (9KB)
Also available, courtesy of Phoebus Dokos, is the US keyboard driver (38KB) for superHermes LITE


Superhermes pictureThe SuperHermes manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format, in fact comes in two formats, one a printable PDF file. Supplied by Tony Firshman of TF Services.
SuperHermes PDF manuals (614KB)

SuperHermes extensions and keyboard layout files:
Current keyboard doc file (4K)
Current updates doc file (5K)
Driver module for SMSQ/E from David Gilham (3K)
Phil Borman's utility to add Qubide hard disk parameters to SuperHermess eEPROM (2K)
Danish (21K)
French (40K)
German (38K)
Italian (26K)
Norwegian (26K)
Swedish (25K)
UK (25K)
USA (38K)


Picture of Minerva mk1 boardThe Minerva manual in Adobe PDF file format.
minerva_manual_11.pdf (455K)
Ancillary Minerva files to download: Minerva configuration program, in BASIC (3K) (1K)
Minerva 1.98 utilities disk (301K)
Current updates doc (13K) List of version numbers (6K) for Super Gold Card users to read Minerva Mkii date and set clock. Basic and compiled Basic (12K)
Extensions to revert to British keyboard (4K)
Phil Borman's utility to set Qubide hard disk parameters in MKII I2C RAM (2K)


Minerva MkiiDocumentation for the add-on devices available from TF Services for the Minerva Mkii's I2C (Inter-IC Communication) interface, supplied in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.
I2C products manual (308KB)
Ancillary I2C files available to download:
Simple 4 channel digital scope (7K)
Simon Goodwin's sound routines for analogue interface (164K)
Phil Borman's patched I2C io_rext for SMSQ (1K)


Picture of a RomDisqReplacement manual for the RomDisq flash memory device for the QL from TF Services, supplied in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.
Romdisq PDF manual (22KB)
Ancillary files for RomDisq:
V2.14 RomDisq driver - mandatory bug fix for drivers v2.10 and earlier. EXEC the driver to write the new driver to RomDisq. This replaces v2.13L - essentially the same as 2.13L but the EXE file is half the size (14K)
Current manual in text format for v2.14 driver (9K)
List of updates to RomDisq (2K)


MPlane diagramReplacement manual in PDF file format for the MPlane low profile backplane for QL and Aurora from Tony Firshman of TF Services.
MPlane PDF manual (8KB)


Picture of Hermes chipReplacement manual for the Hermes IPC replacement chip from TF Services. DOC, TXT and RTF files.
Hermes manual(21K)
Some ancillary files available to download:
Current updates text (1K)
Current extensions v2.20 (1K)
Program to toggle keyclick function (1K)
Hermes Utilities 2.20 - the utilities disk (17K)

Toolkit 2

Picture of Toolkit 2 cartridgeTony Tebby has authorised the distribution of the user guide for Toolkit 2, a suite of QL extensions now built into many hardware expansions and some QL emulators. This is a plain text file version of the Toolkit 2 manual, which may come in useful if you have lost your manual, or bought second user hardware with Toolkit 2 on board, which came without a manual. Thanks to John Hitchcock for sending me the manual on disk originally.
Toolkit 2 manual (40K)
Reconfigurable Toolkit 2 (2K)
Toolkit 2 Tutorial (15K) - A tutorial originally published in QReview magazine

Picture of a U+5 expansion bus systemU+5 QL-Bus

A manual for the U+5 DMA Bus-system for the QL from Ulrich Rosowski, also sold by ABC Electronic. This very rare expansion system provided 5 buffered expansion slots for the QL.
U+5 manual, Word DOCX file (2.3M)
U+5 manual, PDF file

QJump Config

Ralf Reköndt has re-created as a PDF file the original QJump Level 1 Config information in as close a format (typeface etc) as possible to the original.  The documents were printed with QPLQ, an inhouse typesetting program, written in SuperBASIC from QJump
Config_level_1.pdf (39K)

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