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Updated: 13.03.2023

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A collection of QL-related magazines from various sources.

International QL Report

A magazine published by SeaCoast Services in the USA from 1991 to 1996. The editor was Robert Dyl, Sr.

IQLR V1 I1.pdf (6.1MB)
IQLR V1 I2.pdf (7.3MB)
IQLR V1 I3.pdf (9.6MB)
IQLR V1 I4.pdf (11 MB)
IQLR V1 I5.pdf (9.2MB)
IQLR V1 I6.pdf (7.9MB)

IQLR V2 I1.pdf (7.9MB)
IQLR V2 I2.pdf (6.7MB)
IQLR V2 I3.pdf (7.8MB)
IQLR V2 I4.pdf (9.3MB)
IQLR V2 I5.pdf (8.8MB)
IQLR V2 I6.pdf (8.6MB)

IQLR V3 I1.pdf (10.3MB)
IQLR V3 I2.pdf (11.8MB)
IQLR V3 I3.pdf (13MB)
IQLR V3 I4.pdf (17MB)
IQLR V3 I5.pdf (18.4MB)
IQLR V3 I6.pdf (16MB)

IQLR V4 I1.pdf (15.7MB)
IQLR V4 I2.pdf (14MB)
IQLR V4 I3.pdf (17.3MB)
IQLR V4 I4.pdf (18.9MB)
IQLR V4 I5.pdf (16MB)
IQLR V4 I6.pdf (18MB)

IQLR V5 I1.pdf (14.3MB)
IQLR V5 I2.pdf (12.7MB)
IQLR V5 I3.pdf (11.5MB)
IQLR V5 I4.pdf (9.1MB)
IQLR V5 I5.pdf (12.1MB)
IQLR V5 I6.pdf (14.7MB)

QLUB - All 9 issues of the early QL magazine from Sinclair. In actual fact some people say there were 10 issues, although "issue 0" was a 3 page typed introductory letter. Scanned as .PNG files, one page per file. Download each issue as a zipped collection of pages.

QLUB Issue 0 (17MB)

QLUB Issue 1 (9MB)
QLUB Issue 2 (90MB)
QLUB Issue 3 (50MB)
QLUB Issue 4 (73MB)
QLUB Issue 5 (37MB)
QLUB Issue 6
QLUB Issue 7 (42MB)
QLUB Issue 8 (24MB)
QLUB Issue 9 (31MB)

Also available as PDF files:
QLUB Issue 0 (47K)
QLUB Issue 1 (75K)
QLUB Issue 2 (1.2MB)
QLUB Issue 3 (1MB)
QLUB Issue 4 (1.8MB)
QLUB Issue 5 (778K)
QLUB Issue 6 (9MB)
QLUB Issue 7 (10.6MB)
QLUB Issue 8 (6.2MB)
QLUB Issue 9 (7.6MB)

Picture of cover of first issue of QL Adventurers ForumQL Adventurer's Forum - originally published by CGH Services. Scanned as .JPG files, one page per file. Download each issue as a zipped collection of pages.

QLAF Issue 1 (9.8MB)
QLAF Issue 2 (13MB)
QLAF Issue 3 (9.7MB)
QLAF Issue 4 (20MB)
QLAF Issue 5 (21.5MB)
QLAF Issue 6 (23.3MB)
QLAF Issue 7 (27MB)
QLAF Issue 8 (29.8MB)
QLAF Issue 9 (27.8MB)

Also available as PDF files, thanks to Derek Stewart:
QLAF Issue 1 (8.4 MB)
QLAF Issue 2 (11.1 MB)
QLAF Issue 3 (8.5 MB)
QLAF Issue 4 (10.4 MB)
QLAF Issue 5 (18.3 MB)
QLAF Issue 6 (19.7 MB)
QLAF Issue 7 (22.6 MB)
QLAF Issue 8 (23.8 MB)
QLAF Issue 9 (23.4 MB)

Picture of cover of first issue of QL Leisure ReviewQL Leisure Review - originally published by CGH Services. Scanned as JPG files, one page per file. Download each issue as a zipped collection of pages.

QLLR Issue 1 (24.7MB)
QLLR Issue 2 (25.6MB)

Also available as PDF files, thanks to Derek Stewart:
QLLR Issue 1 (20.9 MB)
QLLR Issue 2 (21.4 MB)

QL Technical Review - originally published by CGH Services. Currently only the first few issues available, hopefully I can add some more issues as I get time to scan them. All are PDF files.
QLTR-01.pdf - Issue 1 (0.96 MB)
QLTR-02.pdf - Issue 2 (1.4MB)
QLTR-03.pdf - Issue 3 (8.6MB)
QLTR-04.pdf - Issue 4 (9.3MB)
QLTR-05.pdf - Issue 5 (8.5MB)
QLTR-06.pdf - Issue 6 (8MB)
QLTR-07.pdf - Issue 7 (7.5MB)
QLTR-08.pdf - Issue 8 (9MB)

QL User and QL World - these were the best known QL magazines during those early days in the mid 1980s. These have been scanned into PDF files, note that some of them are very large file sizes. Originally, there were two QL User magazines, a short-lived one published as a supplement in Your Spectrum magazine by Sportscene Specialist Press Ltd and the second a stand-alone magazine published by EMAP Business and Computer Publications Ltd. QL User and QL World merged to form one magazine in early 1986. Currently incomplete, if anyone has PDFs of further issues of either magazine, please send them to me for inclusion here. Thanks to those people who have sent me scans of the currently available issues, including Klaus Frank, Albrecht Kleinfeld and Brian Kemmett.
QL User March 1984.pdf (2MB) QL User March 1984
QL User YS April 1984 (1.1MB) QL User (Your Spectrum) April 1984
QL User May 1984.pdf (3MB) QL User May 1984
QL User YS May 1984.pdf (6.2MB) QL User (Your Spectrum) May 1984
QL User YS June 1984.pdf (4.9MB) QL User (Your Spectrum) June 1984
QL User YS July 1984.pdf (4.5MB) QL User (Your Spectrum) July 1984
1-1984 Jul QLUser.pdf  (129MB) QL User July 1984
2-1984 Aug-Sept QLUser.pdf (83MB) QL User August-September 1984
3-1984 Oct-Nov QLUser.pdf (96MB) QL User October-November 1984
4-1984 Dec-Jan QLUser.pdf (104MB) QL User December 1984-January 1985

QL User Feb 1985.pdf (75MB) QL User February 1985
1985-03.pdf (99MB) QL User March 1985
1985-04.pdf (105MB) QL User April 1985
1985-05.pdf (101MB) QL User May 1985
1985-06.pdf (105MB) QL User June 1985
1985-07.pdf (104MB) QL User July 1985
1985-08.pdf (117MB) QL User August 1985
QL User Sep 1985.pdf (81MB) QL User September 1985
1985-10.pdf (113MB) QL User October 1985
QL User Nov 1985.pdf (76MB) QL User November 1985
1985-12.pdf (135MB) QL User December 1985
QL User Jan-Feb 1986.pdf (78MB) QL User Jan-Feb 1986

QL World Iss 1 Vol 1.pdf (58MB) July-August 1985
QL World Iss 2 Vol 1.pdf (74MB) September 1985
QL World Iss 3 Vol 1.pdf (42MB) October 1985
QL World Iss 4 Vol 1.pdf (40MB) November 1985
QL World Iss 5 Vol 1.pdf (50MB) December 1985

QL World Mar 1986.pdf (66MB) March 1986
QL World Apr 1986.pdf (64MB) April 1986
QL World May 1986.pdf (66MB) May 1986
QL World June 1986.pdf (65MB) June 1986
QL World July 1986.pdf (64MB) July 1986
QL World August 1986.pdf (67MB) August 1986
QL World September 1986.pdf (67MB) September 1986
QLWorld_1986-10.pdf (9MB) October 1986
QLWorld_1986-11.pdf (11MB) November 1986
QL World December 1986.pdf (73MB) December 1986

QL World January 1987.pdf (74MB) January 1987
QL World February 1987.pdf (72MB) February 1987
QL World March 1987.pdf (67MB) March 1987
QL World April 1987.pdf (69MB) April 1987
QL World May 1987.pdf (70MB) May 1987
QL World June 1987.pdf (69MB) June 1987
QL World July 1987.pdf (58MB) July 1987
QL World August 1987.pdf (69MB) August 1987
QL World September 1987.pdf (63MB) September 1987
QL World October 1987.pdf (61MB) October 1987
QL World November 1987.pdf (58MB) November 1987
QL World December 1987.pdf (68MB) December 1987

QLWorld_1988-01.PDF (58 MB) January 1988
QLWorld_1988-02.PDF (62MB) February 1988
QLWorld_1988-03.PDF (78MB) March 1988
QLWorld_1988-04.PDF (84MB) April 1988
QLWorld_1988-05.PDF (83MB) May 1988
QLWorld_1988-06.PDF (62MB) June 1988
QLWorld_1988-07.PDF (53MB) July 1988
QLWorld_1988-08.pdf (7MB) August 1988
QLWorld_1988-09.PDF (76MB) September 1988
QLWorld_1988-10.PDF (73MB) October 1988
QLWorld_1988-11.PDF (78MB) November 1988
QLWorld_1988-12.PDF (86MB) December 1988

QLWorld_1989-01.pdf (62MB) January 1989
QLWorld_1989-02.pdf (54MB) February 1989
QLWorld_1989-03.pdf (52MB) March 1989
QLWorld_1989-04.pdf (12MB) April 1989
QLWorld_1989-05.pdf (11MB) May 1989
QLWorld_1989-06.pdf (11MB) June 1989
QLWorld_1989-07.pdf (13MB) July 1989
QLWorld_1989-08.pdf (11MB) August 1989
QLWorld_1989-09.PDF (71MB) September 1989
QLWorld_1989-10.PDF (72MB) October 1989
QLWorld_1989-11.PDF (64MB) November 1989
QLWorld_1989-12.PDF (65MB) December 1989

QLWorld_1990-01.pdf (52MB) January 1990
QLWorld_1990-02.pdf (47MB) February 1990
QLWorld_1990-03.pdf (47MB) March 1990
QLWorld_1990-04.pdf (50MB) April 1990
QLWorld_1990-05.pdf (55MB) May 1990
QLWorld_1990-06.pdf (11MB) June 1990
QLWorld_1990-07.PDF (73MB) July 1990
QLWorld_1990-08.PDF (73MB) August 1990
QLWorld_1990-09.pdf (12MB) September 1990
QLWorld_1990-10.pdf (12MB) October 1990
QLWorld_1990-11.PDF (73MB) November 1990
QLWorld_1990-12.pdf (56MB) December 1990

QLWorld_1991-01.PDF (75MB) January 1991
QLWorld_1991-02.PDF (74MB) February 1991
QLWorld_1991-03.PDF (79MB) March 1991
QLWorld_1991-04.PDF (75MB) April 1991
QLWorld_1991-05.PDF (74MB) May 1991
QLWorld_1991-06.pdf (55MB) June 1991
QLWorld_1991-07.pdf (69MB) July 1991
QLWorld_1991-08.pdf (73MB) August 1991
QLWorld_1991-09.pdf (54MB) September 1991
QLWorld_1991-10.pdf (55MB) October 1991
QLWorld_1991-11.pdf (58MB) November 1991
QLWorld_1991-12.pdf (73MB) December 1991

QL World January 1992.pdf (53MB) January 1992
QL World February 1992.pdf (56MB) February 1992
QL World March 1992.pdf (55MB) March 1992
QL World April 1992.pdf (54MB) April 1992
QL World May-June 1992.pdf (52MB) May 1992 (Note: there was no separate June 1992 issue)
QL World July 1992.pdf (52MB) July 1992
QL World August 1992.pdf (49MB) August 1992
QL World September 1992.pdf (50MB) September 1992
QL World October 1992.pdf (46MB) October 1992
QL World November 1992.pdf (41MB) November 1992
QL World December 1992.pdf (46MB) December 1992

QL World January 1993 (44MB) January 1993
QL World February 1993 (43MB) February 1993
QL World March 1993 (45MB) March 1993
QL World April 1993 (45MB) April 1993
QL World May 1993 (50MB) May 1993
QL World June 1993 (42MB) June 1993
QL World July 1993 (42MB) July 1993
QL World August 1993 (42MB) August 1993
QL World September 1993 (42MB) September 1993
QL World October 1993 (41MB) October 1993
QL World November 1993 (28MB) November 1993
QL World December 1993 (29MB) December 1993

QL World January 1994 (29MB) January 1994
QL World February 1994 (30MB) February 1994
QL World March 1994 (28MB) March 1994
QL World April 1994 (11MB) April 1994
QL World May 1994 (11MB) May 1994

QL New User Guide (15MB) - From March 1991 to its final issue in May 1994, QL World ran a supplement called "The New User Guide". Totalling 138 pages, it was designed to complement the original QL user guide, presenting the subject from another perspective. Thanks to Klaus Frank for scanning this into one PDF document, and to Cristian on QL Forum for enhancing the scan quality while managing to reduce the file size.

QL Today - Scanned copies of QL Today magazine, scanned by Rainer Wolkwitz, are available from Urs Koenig's website.
English editions
German Editions


The QL Super User Bureau was a fairly short-lived organisation for QL users. They produced an occasional magazine called QL SUB. Four issues that I know of were released, and these have been scanned by Brian Kemmett as PDF files. Revised files, optimised by Cristian from QL Forum in 2021.
QLSUB-Issue0.pdf (14MB)
QLSUB-Issue1.pdf (18MB)
QLSUB-Issue2.pdf (18MB)
QLSUB-Issue3.pdf (19MB)


An American magazine, covering all Timex/Sinclair computers, not just QL. The issues here were kindly scanned as PDFs by Klaus Frank.
UPDATE Oct 94.pdf (6.1MB) October 1994 issue.
UPDATE Jan 95.pdf (5.8MB) January 1995 issue.
UPDATE Apr 95.pdf (5.8MB) April 1995 issue.


With permission from owner Bruce Nicholls, I am able to make available all 7 published issues of QReview magazine, which ran as a quarterly magazine from July 1993 to March 1995. As the title implies, it's largely aimed at product reviews. I am grateful to Richard Alexander for scanning these issues.
qreview_v1i1.pdf (12MB) July 1993
qreview_v1i2.pdf (17MB) November 1993
qreview_v1i3.pdf (12MB) March 1994
qreview_v1i4.pdf (12MB) June 1994
qreview_v2i1.pdf (15MB) September 1994
qreview_v2i2.pdf (14MB) December 1994
qreview_v2i3.pdf (14MB) March 1995

The Scottish QL Users Group published their own group newsletter for several years. Sadly, most are probably lost by now, but here are a few, kindly sent to me by A. F. Wilson.
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_31_.pdf (1.8MB) Issue number 31, March 1992
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_32_.pdf (1.8MB) Issue number 32, April 1992
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_37_.pdf (1.8MB) Issue number 37, September 1992
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_41_.pdf (1.8MB) Issue number 41, January 1993
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_107_.pdf (80K) Issue number 107, March 1999
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_108_.pdf (19K) Issue number 108, April 1999
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_110_.pdf (16K) Issue number 110, June 1999
sqlug/SQLUG_NUM_128_.pdf (72K) Issue number 128, December 2000

A QL magazine produced by Curry Computer in the USA during the mid 1980s.
QL Report v2 n10 October 15, 1986.pdf (6MB)
QL Report v2 n12 December 15, 1986.pdf (8MB)
QL Report v3 n1 January 15, 1987.pdf (8.5MB)
QL Report v3 n2 February 15, 1987.pdf (7.5MB)
QL Report v3 n3 March 15, 1987.pdf (7.5MB)
QL Report v3 n4 April 15, 1987.pdf (8.5MB)
QL Report v3 n5 May 15, 1987.pdf (9MB)
QL Report v3 n6 June 15, 1987.pdf (8.5MB)
QL Report v3 n7 July 15, 1987.pdf (5MB)
QL Report v3 n8 August 15, 1987.pdf (5.5MB)
QL Report v3 n9 September 15, 1987.pdf (5.5MB)
QL Report v3 n10 October 15, 1987.pdf (5MB)

An American QL magazine, edited by William Fischer. All as PDF files.
QL USA i1 1987.pdf (3.1MB)
QL USA i1 1988.pdf (10MB)
QL USA i2 1988.pdf (6MB)
QL UI i2 1988.pdf (15.5MB)

A number of American Timex/Sinclair magazines and newsletters may be found on the timexsinclair.com site.

For magazines where I have only made them available as JPEG graphical page scans, here is a handy tip from Marcos Cruz (thanks Marcos). The ".zip" filename extension can be changed to ".cbz", then a comic viewer will open the file, and you can read it as comfortably as with a PDF viewer. I've never used them, but apparently there are free readers around for the most common OS platforms, just search for "comic book reader" or ".cbz reader" on the web. Of course, the hope is that in time I'll be able to make them all available as common PDF files, but until then...

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