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Updated 09/12/18

Adder Assembler the assembler that went with Adrian Dickens' "QL advanced user guide", published by Adder Publishing. (30K)
Manual as a PDF file (2.4M)

AREF2 Cross reference generator for GST assembler text sources (86K) (H.P.Recktenwald) [31/07/04]

Asm20 Asm20 is a 68000 series assembler (10K) (Andreas Rudolf) [31/07/04]

BT Frame Allows use of QPAC2 Button Frame in your own programs. Source assembler code included. (4K) (Jochen Merz) [31/07/04]

Computer One Assembler - The Computer One assembler, formerly commercial software, now freeware. Thanks to Oliver Fink for the scanned PDF of the manual. (36K) (Tony Cheal) [04/06/15]
c1assembler.pdf - scanned PDF of the manual (1.37MB)
c1linker.pdf - scanned PDF of the Linker manual (95K)

Computer One Monitor Machine Code monitor v2.00, formerly commercial software, now freeware (16K) (Tony Cheal) [31/07/04]
PDF manual
for the Computer One Monitor (673K)

DEA Disassembler program from Ergon Development, freeware v5.21 version. (188K) (Marco Ternelli) [31/07/04]

DISA - v3.04, the last official release of this pointer driven disassembler program, now officially released as freeware.  (56K) (Jochen Hassler) [26/01/17]
DISA v3.05 - adapted by Marcel Kilgus for high colour systems (55K) (Jochen Hassler/Marcel Kilgus) [26/01/17]
DISA 3 Manual - (1.2MB) as a PDF file, original scanned by Dave Westbury.
DISA 3 Manual - (235K) as a smaller PDF file by Marcel Kilgus.
For posterity, a copy of Disa v2.01 (161K) is here, and a copy of the manual for Disa v2 is here (1.4MB) - thanks to Norman Dunbar for the PDF.

Disassembler A disassembler program written in BASIC, including a compiled version (Philip A. Holiday and Kees van der Wal) [31/07/04]

D68K A SuperBASIC toolkit for disassembling files and memory. Adds the extensions MDIS (disassemble code in memory), FDIS (disassemble code in file), and D68K (disassembles on machine code instruction at a given address to a C string in a given buffer address). (5K) (Mark Swift)

EasyPEasy - An easy way of writing PE programs using Assembly Language. This package contains a lot of useful information. (George Gwilt) (73K) [31.10.11]

FP Save FPU support for 68020+ QDOS/SMSQ systems, v1.20 (48K) (George Gwilt) [13/07/05]

FP Save sources Source code files for FP Save (22K) (George Gwilt) [13/07/05]

FP Save examples Example files for FP Save (25K) (George Gwilt) [13/07/05]

GDLIB Source code for routines used in several of George Gwilt's programs (17K) (George Gwilt) [26/06/16]

GST QL Assembler and Macro Assembler
In 2012, permission was given for the former GST QL software to be released as freeware. With much appreciated help from Rich Mellor, here are the QL Assembler and Macro Assembler packages. I am also grateful to Quanta committee for permission to make generally available the Quanta updated version of the Macro Assembler (Q-Mac as it was referred to within Quanta). As these files were prepared in good faith in rather a hurry on 24/09/13 , and I am not familiar with these programs, if anyone finds any problems please let me know so that any problems can be resolved.

gst/ GST QL Assembler, now released as freeware (38KB) [24/09/13]
gst/GST_QL-Assembler_Manual_ASM.pdf - manual for the QL Assembler (10MB) [24/09/13)

- Macro assembler, floppy disk version (78KB) [24/09/13]
gst/ - Macro Assembler, microdrive version, program cartridge files (58KB) [24/09/13]
gst/ - Macro Assembler, microdrive version, library cartridge files (26KB) [24/09/13]

- Q-Mac Macro Assembler, Quanta version. See the UPDATES.TXT file in the archive concerning the changes in the Quanta version. (115KB) [24/09/13]

gst/GST_QED-ScreenEditor_Manual.pdf - Manual for the screen editor (PDF file) (103KB) [24/09/13]
gst/GST_QL-Linker_Manual_QLINK.pdf - QL Linker manual (PDF file). Out of interest, this includes a description of the S-ROFF Relocatable Files format in Appendix B. (169K) [24/09/13]
gst/GST_QL-MacroAssembler_Manual_QMAC.pdf - Macro Assembler manual (339KB) [24/09/13]

Gwass Assembler Gwass Macro Assembler for 68020+ processor systems (79K) (George Gwilt) [27/01/12]

Gwass Assembler sources - Gwass Macro Assembler source files (157K) (George Gwilt) [27/01/12]

Gwass Extras Additional Gwass documentation files (40K) (George Gwilt) [31/10/11]

Gwass Lite Gwasl is a Macro Assembler for 68000/68008 QL systems (18K) (George Gwilt) [02/04/14]

Gwass Lite sources Gwasl source files (28K) (George Gwilt) [02/04/14]

HD Hexadecimal Dump. Unix utility ported by Roberto Porro (22K) [31/07/04] - IDIS is an intelligent disassembler, a formerly commerical program which has now been released by its author Philippe Lagarrigue as freeware. (42K) [05/06/16]

Loader Convert machine code files into SuperBASIC loading programs (4K) (Ralf Biedermann) [31/07/04]

MultiMon MultiMon v2.1 of Jan Bredenbeek's machine code monitor, disassembler and debgugger. Instructions in Dutch and English. (25K) (Jan Bredenbeek) [15/02/17]
Source files for MultiMon also available. (36K)

Net_Peek and GWDiss - Collectively known as GWPK by the author, Net-Peek displays RAM across a network, while GWDiss disassembles all 680x0 processor instructions. GWDiss needs a 68020+ processor system to run. (36K) (George Gwilt) [02/04/14]

Net Peek and GWDiss sources (60K) (George Gwilt) [02/04/14]

P-Link Utility to join two or more extensions file into one file (12K) (Richard Kettlewell) [31/07/04]

QL80 Assembler - QL80 is a Z80 assembler running in QL SuperBASIC. Using this, the author has cross-assembled a number of code files for a ZX Spectrum. (26K) (Marcos Cruz) [10/07/11]

QL Z80 Assembler Z80 cross-assembler for the QL (173K) (Gunther Strube) [31/07/04]

Q-Mac Macro Assembler v1.06 - Quanta updated version of the GST Q-Mac macro assembler, now released as freeware basis following permission received from Jeff Fenton of GST to release all GST QL software on non-profit basis. (115K)  [19/02/12]
QMAC.pdf - GST intruction manual for the macro assembler (further updates notes within the QMAC zip file). (342K)
QLINK.pdf - Instructions for the QL Linker (168K)
Scr_Ed.pdf - Instructions for the GST QED editor. (140K) - An index for QMac and Linker. (David Westbury) (2K) [23/10/2021]

QMake - a "make" tool which "takes a linker file as input, collects all files that make up the executable and assembles any where the source is newer than the relocatable file" (Marcel Kilgus's description of this program). Used for jobs such as building versions of SMSQ/E. For use with the GST/Quanta Assembler and linker. Bernd Reinhardt gave Marcel permission to release this useful utility. This is version 4.31 and released with a PDF file manual. (36K) (Bernd Reinhardt/Marcel Kilgus) [14/03/17]
qmake.pdf - manual (53K)

Q-Snail Q-Snail is a 68008 assembler program written in SuperBASIC (28K) (Giles Todd) [31/07/04]

Reass Reassembler will reprocess a disassembly listing produced by the Talent Assembler Workbench into a form which is suitable for reassembly (10K) (Martin Head) [31/07/04] Star 1.04.04 is a macro assembler for the Saturn processor as used in HP48 calculators. The cross-assembler was ported to the QL by Roberto Porro. (396K) [06/10/06]

Super Kit Merger - Utility to join two or more extensions files into one file. Can create a loader file too. Source SuperBASIC file included. (10K) (Emmanuel Verbeeck) [05/02/12] - Talent Assembler Workbench v1.3, formerly a commercial program. (57K) [13/02/18] - Updates to the Assembler Workbench v1.4. Updated by Bruuno Coativy. See the artqu05_doc and artqu06_doc files for details. (14K) [13/02/18] - Further updates to the Assembler Workbench v2.2. Updated by David Westbury. See the changes_txt and manual_txt files. (145K) [13/02/18] - TidyAsm v0.30 tidies up the output of disassemblers such as DP's IDIS. Needs PE. (59K) (Adrian Ives) [25/01/06]

Trapper QL Trap, a simple trap handler for the QL (5K) (Jonathan Hudson) [31/07/04] - Z80 Disassembler. A SuperBASIC Disassembler for the Z80 MicroProcessor (Rainer Kowallik) (4K)

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