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Last Updated: 17/11/2020

eddi.zip Eddicon is an icon/sprite editor to create sprites in mode 64 or mode 4 or to save them as .bmp for use in Wolfgang Lenerz program. Existing sprites in a variety of modes such as 32 and 33 (QXL/QPC and Q40/Q60) can be loaded and edited. Or sprites can be created from scratch. The editor has a number of novel features including an independently editable alpha channel, undo function and a simple merge to combine 2 sprites of the same size, and other features such as home directory and colour theme awareness. It is in an alpha/beta status but is fully usable, but there may still be bugs due to the complexity of the program, that require additional users to identify. (Duncan Neithercut) (92K) [06/08/09]

sprlib.zip Complementary to Eddicon above, this is a program to concatenate a list of sprites into a single library file that can be loaded by LRESPR or linked into a Qliberated program using the REMark $$asmb directive. The addresses of the sprites in the library may be accessed through a single keyword that is part of the library file. This makes it straightforward to add multiple high colour sprites to Qliberated programs. Eddicon uses this system for its mode64 icons although the sprite library maker program will work with sprites of any mode and a mixture of modes in a single file. (Duncan Neithercut) (21K) [31/08/09]

lpsprites.zip Launchpad Sprites - A collection of mode 4 sprites created with Easysprite, as used in the Launchpad package. Use them in your own programs if you wish. (D. Jones) (88K) [08/07/05]

mode.zip Mode is a small utility to explore the supported sprite modes of your GD2 system. (26KB) (J. Grimbert) [11/02/06]

modesrc.zip Mode utility sources. (9KB) (J. Grimbert) [11/02/06]

msprv07.zip Msprv multiple and Sprv single sprite viewer programs. Supports most colour modes. Complete with source code in Basic and assembler (Per Witte) (64K) [08/07/05]
msprv007.zip - update to Msprv, from Bob Spelten jr. (92K) [09/10/14]

pngconv.zip - Windows program to convert PNG image files to the new SMSQ/E sprite formats. Includes ability to convert alpha-channel information so that sprites with transparency can be converted. Note: the link takes you direct to the author's website as he does not permit redistribution. (Marcel Kilgus) [17/11/2020]

prtsprtr.zip Prt2Sprite is a pair of utilities to convert _blk files (Monnet program) into sprite definitions in either assembly or basic, only for MODE 4. (31KB) (Jérôme Grimbert) [11/02/06]

prtsprts.zip Prt2Sprite program sources. (7KB) (Jérôme Grimbert) [11/02/06]

qlsprt4.zip A collection of mode 4 sprites gathered from various QL freeware programs (Timothy Swenson) (31K) [08/07/05]

qlsprt16.zip A collection of mode 16 sprites (Francois van Emelen) (27K) [08/07/05]

SMSQEsprites - Java program for converting image files gif, bmp, tif, png, jpg image files to SMSQ/E sprite files in modes 4,16,32 and 64. You can add a reflection of the image, which will slowly fade away. Needs Java 7. The program is called SMSQESprites.jar and is in the "dist" subdirectory of the archive. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (69K) [26/09/13]

Sprite Editor
Sample screen from the Sprite Editor

sprted.zip Sprted is a sprite editor program for GD2 colour systems. No manual, but click here to visit the author's page about the sprite editor, or see below for minimal documentation. (81K) (Jérôme Grimbert) [11/02/06]

Sprite Editor documentation - the Sprite Editor above does not include any documentation. It is fairly easy to use, but for those who would prefer some form of manual, here's a copy of an article the author wrote about it. Available in two forms:
sprtedqdoc.zip - Quill DOC with .JPG graphical diagrams (139K)
sprtedw.zip - Word DOC file with inbuilt graphics (139K)

sprteds.zip The sources of the GD2 sprite editor program above. (115KB) (Jérôme Grimbert) [11/02/06]

SpriteSystem.zip - Sprite System. This suite of programs is intended for working in programs with so-called Sprites (Games figures). (Herbert Zenz) (9K)

spriteviewer.zip Pointer driven sprites viewer program. Display all sprites in a given directory in a grid on the screen, with facility to print the grid via SDUMP on a suitably equipped system. Can be configured to use the Menu Extensions if available. (D. Jones) (35K) [08/07/05]

Sprite.zip - Design Sprites. (Herbert Zenz) (5K) [16/05/14]

SpriteDesigner.zip - an update to the Herbert Zenz sprites package above (17K) (Lee Privett) [14/07/16]

SPRV - freeware sprite viewer written to accompany Q-Dock but can be used stand-alone. Can view individual sprites of any mode, or has a tiled display mode to view all sprite files in a directory at the same time. Available to download free from the Q-Dock page.

wnsprt4.zip A collection of mode 4 sprites that have been converted from Windows 3.1 icons (T. Swenson) (31K) [08/07/05]

wnsprt16.zip A collection of mode 16 sprites that have been converted from Windows 3.1 icons (T. Swenson) (190K) [08/07/05]

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