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Updated: 13/05/2024

Alphamet.zip - Alphamet. Solve maths problems. Involves substituting numbers with letters. (Malcolm Cooper) (4K)

AtariKBEditor_v1_00.zip - KEDIT v1.00 A utility to edit the country specific keyboard layout on the Atari computers fitted with  the QL emulator. (Pal Monstad) (24K)

Attentr.zip - Attenuator. RF Attenuator network design program. Calculates the values of the Resistors to use in a signal attenuator. (J M Howell, QL version by Hilary Snaden) (1K)

autograph.zip Autograph is a handwriting analysis program, which uses a simple questionnaire to take you through the basics of graphology - previous experience not required but allow some learning time. (Geoff Wicks) (111K) [08/01/07]

Bag Of Tricks 1 - a collection of BASIC programs, extensions and miscellaneous utilities originally published by French software house Pyramide, now released as freeware. The collection was edited by Alexander Gassmann. Includes items such as the game of Puissance 4, SCreen Compression, a fill routine, a mini Pacman game, break disable, listing routine, free memory extension amd new character font. (30K)

Bag Of Tricks 2 - another collection from Pyramide. Includes a Smake_Byte game, Moulin, Quick-clone, file length extension,  window query functions, hex conversion and more. (31K)

Basicode - This is an update of Jan Bredenbeek's original 1987 release of Basicode for QL. Basicode was developed in The Netherlands by Dutch broadcaster NOS for its hobby-electronics radio programme Hobbyscoop, as a means of radio-transmission of software to owners of numerous incompatible 8-bit platforms. Basicode consists of (1) a subset of classic Microsoft BASIC common to the BASIC dialects of the target platforms, (2) a standard set of subroutines to provide functionality for which no common BASIC syntax exists, and (3) an audio modulation format intended to be readable by data cassette players. You can find out more about Basicode by reading the article at https://github.com/janbredenbeek/basicode . The package includes a circuit diagram to allow the QL network port to be used as a cassette-style save/load interface device named CAS. Here is a link to Jan's Github site where you can ensure you get the most recent version of the source code and documentation: https://github.com/janbredenbeek/QL-Basicode (Jan Bredenbeek) (909K) [05/08/21]

Biorythm.zip - Biorythm. A SuperBASIC program to chart your biorythm's. (P Murphy) (1K)

Boot.zip -   BOOT_BAS. Example BOOT program. Automatically reconises hardware and operating systems; Resolution to be set from 512x256 To 1024x512. Long example BOOT program which calls a lot of programs not actually supplied. (5K)

clavier.zip Clavier v1.08 - Program to redefine keyboard keys and create keyboard tables for SMSQ/E. Now includes Non Spacing Ident key remapping (Wolfgang Lenerz) (62K) [30/01/05]

AZERTY_ROM.zip - Clavier AZERTY is a formerly commercial offering from Pyramide. Consist of a ROM image to make a plug-in ROM for the QL ROM port to allow use of a French keyboard, plus a printable set of keyboard stickers for the new characters, as a PDF file. The version offered here is v2.4.  The original kit consisted of an EPROM cartridge and a set of stickers - further information on the QL Wiki. The zip file contains only the ROM image. (2K) (P. Godenne) [13/02/18]
Clavier AZERTY-Manual.pdf - manual. (1.77MB)
Clavier AZERTY-Stickers.pdf - keyboard stickers. (1.9MB)

Conqda.zip - Conqueror Drive Assign. A SuperBASIC program to allow the drive assignment of Conqueror to be altered to read SD, DD, HD, or ED disks. Needs Toolkit II. (1K)

cw.zip - Cocktails Waiter is a recipe program for cocktail drinks. Three databases, with over 300 recipes each. Search by ingredient or description text, print recipes, "what can I make with..." type selections. Database can be exported if required (they are standard Archive databases). Archive front end built in with the Runtime Archive program module. Disk version only, instructions supplied on converting to hard disk - see the updated MANUAL_DOC file supplied. A former commercial program, now freeware. (Imre Dominik) (107K) [26/07/07]

Cout_Km_Et_Amort_v1_00.zip - v1.00 M.P.G. For Your ( French ) Car. Cost and average monthly amortization. Lets you compare various vehicles before buying one, determine how much it really costs you during use and how much to save monthly so that you won't require credit for the next buy! The program asks you between 16 and 18 clear questions about your vehicle then instantly tells you the result. ## Needs translating to english - any volunteers? ## Source code in Computer One Pascal (see Languages page) included. (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (9K)

CRC.zip - CRC. A program to calculate the CRC-32 value of some data. CRC-32 is one particular 32 bit CRC algorithm; it is used by programs such as GNU Zip to check the integrity of compressed files. CRC stands for 'cyclic redundancy check' and is, in essence, an advanced form of checksum. Includes 'C' source code. (RJK) (35K)

Cubiquad.zip - Cubiquad. Desgining a two element cubical quad antenna for amature radio reception. (1K)

Easter.zip - Easter. A SuperBASIC program to calculate what date Easter Sunday falls on. (1K)

EMELink2.zip - Emelink2. Calculates the overall performance of an eme station for amateur radio. (1K)

Floppy Disk Images - It can be useful to have blank floppy disk images for DD 720KB  and 1.44MB HD disks for systems which do not have physical floppy disks. If you have a registered QemuLator, it is possible to create QL format DD or HD disk images by right clicking on one of the eight drive slots, clicking on CREATE, entering a filename and finally selecting the disk density required. For those who don't have a means of creating a blank floppy disk image in QDOS format, here are a couple of blank QDOS floppy disk images
blankQdosDD.img - a blank QDOS format 720KB DD floppy disk image. (720KB)
blankQdosHD.img - a blank QDOS format 1.44MB HD floppy disk image. (1.4MB)
blankQdosED.img - a blank QDOS format 3.2MB ED floppy disk image (3.2MB). Or if 3.2MB is too large to download, try this zipped version (4K)
See below for a QDOS Starter Disk image containing just enough software to get you started on systems which use floppy disk images.

sg_kbd.dat - Swiss-German keyboard table for use with SMSQ/E. To install the table, rename sg_kbd.dat (which I had to use to make it downloadable on a non-QL system) to sg_kbd, then use something like
table_address = RESPR(1024) : LBYTES "sg_kbd",table_address : KBD_TABLE table_address
(Jon Dent) (1K) [30/01/05]

1992Election.zip - 1992 General Election Results. An Archive database file containing details of the constituency results of the 1992 General Election. (Hilary Snaden) (47K)

ge10.zip - General Election is a program for analysing the 2010 election result. It contains the full results of the election for the main parties in in England, Wales and Scotland, which can by examined by constituency, region or party. The program has extensive graphics, including interactive political maps. It is possible to enter the results of almost any opinion poll or by-election result and predict the seats that each party would win. Two versions of the program are available, a standard non pointer QL version and a pointer driven high resolution GD2 colour version. Expanded memory and Toolkit 2 required. (Geoff Wicks) (148K) [27/12/10]
Election Archivecontains the 1983, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001, and 2005 versions of the above program. Download the archive from the Downloads page on Geoff Wicks's website at http://www.gwicks.net/justwords.html

Intermod.zip - Intermod. Calculates the intermodulation frequency for amature radio reception. (J M Howell, QL version by H A Snaden) (1K)

Kasparov_V_Karpov.zip - Kasparov V Karpov. Transcriptions of first three games in the 1990 world chess championship. For loading into for Psion Chess. (David Tubbs) (19K)

knitwear.zip - Knitwear program,converts a standard QL MODE 8 screen into a knitting pattern. Can cut out an area of the screen to use if required. Sacles the picture (or part picture) to the number of rows and stitches to use. Note: updated version of an old program, only runs in screen mode 8. Requires Toolkit 2 and min. 384K of memory. (D. Jones) (29K) [27/06/09]

LiteratureStore.zip - Literature Store. A collection of Archive procedures to permit storing, searching for and printing out details of literature references stored in an Archive Database. (Martin Rost) (13K)

LotterySyndCheck.zip - Lottery Syndicate Checker. This program is designed to check multiple lines of lottery numbers, such as in a syndicate. Needs Toolkit II. (Alan Ingrey) (20K) [22/05/16]
LotterySyndCheck_v1_04.zip - LotterySyndCheck_v1_04.zip - Lottery Syndicate Checker v1.04 This program is designed to check multiple lines of lottery numbers, such as in a syndicate. Needs Toolkit II. Update to previous version. (Alan Ingrey) (23K)

Lpad.zip - L-PAD Minimum Loss Coupler. Where two resistive stages are to be coupled, this minimum loss L-pad can be used for matching. A typical application for this coupler would be the matching of inputs and outputs of the stages of an audio amplifier. (Tom Drake, QL version by Hilary Snaden) (1K)

magnifier.zip - MaQnifier is a screen magnifier program for those with restricted eyesight or anyone who wishes to magnify an SMSQ/E high-resolution screen. Follow the on-screen pointer or follow the text cursor for non-pointer programs or text editors. Variable display size and magnification (from x2 to x8). Pointer driven, uses Window Manager 2 colour themes. Works in mode 4, 16, 32 and 33. Source files included if anyone is interested in how it works. Requires SMSQ/E version 3.00 or later. (D. Jones) (90K) [07/12/14]

marquee.zip - Marquee is a simple little program to display sideways scrolling text in various sizes and fonts in small windows on the screen. Useful for advertising or information displays. (D. Jones) (59K) [27/10/10]

midi_tracker.zip - Many years ago, Miracle Systems produced a QL MIDI interface. This is the software package which went with it, so if anyone acquires a second hand Miracle MIDI interface for the QL, here's a replacement if you didn't get the disk with it. It only works with the Miracle MIDI interface, not any other. This package includes the Tracker software v1.31 by Dan Gaffey. (65K) [26/09/09]
midi_tracker_source.zip - source files for the Midi Tracker software. (264K) [24/05/19]

Morse_Code.zip - Morse Code. A SuperBASIC program to test your morse code. (Martin S.R. - Pigsty Software) (4K)

Morse_Trainer.zip - Morse Trainer. A SuperBASIC program that allows you to select from three levels (from beginner to advanced.). (C.Brent,  Amended by Alan Pywell) (3K)

NEAR_NASA_PressKit.zip - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) press kit. February 1996. NASA presskit for the 'Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous' Mission. (27K) [22/05/16]

pcodes.zip Postcodes. A program which shows the location and details of the first part of a UK postcode address. Can work out the distance from one to another, display latitude and longitude, and can also show a location on a map of the UK. Source BASIC and compiled version included. (130K) [12/12/11]

phONEday.zip - Phone Day. This is a program for Psion's Archive. It will convert telephone numbers into the 01xx format (Per Witte) (6K)

PhoneLog_v1_33.zip - Phone Log v1.33  PhoneLog is intended to help telephone users to keep track of the cost of the calls that they make. (Mark Knight) (56K) [22/05/16]

pi.zip - Calculate the value of PI to a given number of digits (defaults to up to 2000 decimal places, although instructions are given on how to increase this). Written in assembler. (R. Biedermann) (5K) [13/02/12]

pic.zip - PI: Computes PI to an arbitrary number of digits. Usage EXEC flp1_pi_exe;"10" for PI to 10 places. Includes 'C' source code. (13K)

Planets.zip - Planetary Ephemerides. Creates a chart of planet positions on a given day. (7K)

ptrpostn.zip - Locate the pointer position on high resolution screens if it gets lost. A small utility written in SBASIC for those whose vision makes it harder to locate the pointer position on a busy screen. Compiled version for QDOS users. Also beeps when pointer is at screen edges. Press CTRL p to highlight the ponter by briefly drawing animated circles around it. Written in BASIC, easy to modify. (D. Jones) (11K) [13/05/24]

qeyesTODAY.zip Q-Eyes is an amusing x-eyes clone for QL system with pointer environment. The eyes follow the pointer around the screen. Original button frame version 1, plus "mascara" enhanced version, and version 2 which is resizable and relocatable. This versions was featured on a QL Today magazine cover disk at one point! (Jonathan Hudson and Phil Borman) (27K) [12/07/16]

UK_Postcodes.zip - UK Postcodes. A plain text file of UK postcodes. (24K)

UKPostcodes.zip - UK Postcodes. Another text file listing UK postcodes. (22K)

Q-Help - Q-Help is intended as a guide for the SuperBASIC programmer on the move. It provides help files covering all of the standard keywords available  on QL operating systems (QDOS, Minerva amd SMSQ/E) as well as a wide range of Public Domain toolkits. Each help file typically contains details of the syntax of the keyword, together with a brief description of its use. These help files can be easily edited and added to; as well as used together with QD from Jochen Merz Software to assist in the creation of SuperBASIC programs. Pointer driven. (451K)
QHelp_sources.zip - the source files for Q-Help (38K).

Q-Index - The SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual from RWAP Software is a programmer's guide to the SuperBASIC language, implemented on the Sinclair QL and compatible operating systems. This is a computer based Index program, which is supplied with the reference manual, enabling you to find the relevant parts of the manual quickly and easily. Pointer driven, uses the Menu Extension (menu_rext, not supplied) from Jochen Merz Software. (104K)
QIndex_sources.zip - the source files for Q-Index (26K).

QBits Software Collection titlesQBits SuperBASIC Programs - a collection of programs formerly sold by QBits, written by Colin Knibb. Includes games, graphical, sound and organiser programs - see the screen shot (you can click on the screen shot to enlarge it). Listed on this page as it contains several types of programs, so I couldn't decide where else to put the collection! Seems to be set up to run from a DOS device on QPC2, so I don't know if it will run on any other system as a collection, individual BASIC programs can probably be run on other systems after unzipping, but download and read the manual PDF below for installation details and instructions.
QBITSProgs.zip (127K) the programs collection.
QBITSProgs_Doc.pdf (8MB) manual, PDF file. (Note file size if downloading on a slow internet connection).

QDOS Starter Disk Image - A floppy disk image of some starter utility software for QL newbies using QL or emulator systems having no floppy disk drives, but able to use floppy disk images. This is a 720KB (DSDD) disk image, containing a copy of Toolkit 2 to run in RAM memory, a backup utility to copy files, a convert utility to change MDV to FLP in software to help make it possible to move software from microdrive to run from floppy disk (doesn't work with protected microdrives), a copy of UNZIP to help with extracting files downloaded from the internet, and ramdisc software for systems which have no RAM drives. There is a README_DOC file (Quill) and README_TXT (plain text) as instructions. Space and complexity permitting, I may be able to able add to this - suggestions welcome. (720KB) [07/12/2020]

QL Cryptor - Ciphers program. Encrypt a data file to protect your data. This is v3.54 of a formerly commercial program from Pyramide. Runs on unexpanded QL, but the author says it works faster on expanded memory systems. Manual included as a Quill document. (13K) (Ollivier C. Robert) [13/02/18]

QL Expert - QL Expert is a complete environment for the programming, debugging and operation of rule based expert systems. Originally published by Compware, it was released as freeware in 2023 with permission from the author, Francesco Balena. Available as an .MDV image container file, or as a zipped file.
qlexper2.mdv (144K) - MDV image file, dated 13/10/87 in the README file.
qlexper2.zip (83K) - zipped file.
QL Expert v1.12.mdv (171K) - later version 1.12, dated 23/10/88 in the README file. MDV image version.
qlexper12.zip (44K) - converted from MDV image to a simple ZIP file.
QL_Expert.pdf (1.4MB) - PDF file manual.

qpgp262i.zip PGP v2.62i. A faster and international version of the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) public key encryption software. (ported by Jonathan Hudson) (680K) [26/09/06]

RCSbin.zip Revision Control System. Manage multiple revisions of files and keep track of their history. Also needs GNUdiff (available on C page). This package consists of the RCS binaries.  Ported by Erling Jacobsen. (304K) [23/09/95]
RCSdocs.zip Documentation for the Revision Control System. (74K) [23/09/95]
rcs_qdos.zip A fuller version, salvaged by Marcel Kilgus, which includes the sources. (712K)

Reverse_Polish_Cal.zip - UPN_Calculator. RPN Calculator (Reverse Polish Notation Calculator) as used in the FORTH Programming language. Needs Pointer Interface. (Ralf Biederman) (7K)

Reverse_Polish_Notation.zip - Laurence's reverse polish calculator. A stack based calculation system. Includes source code. (Laurence Reeves) (28K)

SER_USB v2.00 drivers for the SER-USB add-on produced by Memory Lane Computing. Thanks to Urs König for sending me these. (183K) [26/01/16]

Simplexe_v2_00.zip - v2.00 of Simplexe: Linear programming, a basic simplex algorithm in two steps. Determines how to maximise profits and minimise costs, respecting user constraints, using the famous Dantzig method. First, the program asks about the economical function, and about the various (up to 30) simultaneous constraints, and then computes quickly the ideal parameters, detecting illogical constraints and special solutions. Simplexe_pas is the source code in Computer One Pascal for QL (see Languages page). ## Needs translating to english-any volunteers? ## (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (17K)

stiqqies103.zip Stiqqies v1.03 is a program to let you have sticky notes on screen instead of messy and expensive little bits of sticky coloured paper with notes stuck everywhere. Version 1.03 adds support for Home Directory. (Dilwyn Jones) (56K) [22/01/19]

StuffScrap05.zip - A utility to stuff the contents of the Scrap Buffer into a keyboard queue. Allows you to copy text from QD editor or other scrap-aware programs into keyboard queues. Copy text from Windows into a QL keyboard queue. Works only on QPC2 or SMSQmulator and needs the Scrap Thing, part of the now free QMenu suite. (Per Witte) (4K) [19/03/18]

System Test Tape - the QL system test tape. (48K)
And for posterity, here's an earlier version. (4K)

Trops.zip - Troposcattter path loss. Calculates the loss of radio signals due to the Troposphere.  (Mike Moreken, QL version by Hilary Snaden) (2K)

Turbo_Numerology_v2_3.zip - Turbo Numerology v2.3 Uses numbers derived from you name to calculate a Horoscope. Note - Not Minerva Compatible. (Wayne Fletcher) (21K)

UNV_Turning.zip - Universal Turing Machine Simulator. A Universal Turing Machine is the most simple computer imaginable. It was invented in 1936 by Alan Turing to answer a very difficult question - "Could all the theorems of mathematics be discovered by a machine?" Turing proved that  the answer was no, keeping all mathematicians in a job! Ever since then, UTMs have been used to study the limits of what computers can do. (K Betts) (7K)

VHFprop.zip - VHF/UHF Propagation v1.0 This program calculates expected radio reception ranges for VHF (100-175 MHz) and UHF (225-500 MHz) frequencies. (4K)

XFilesEpisodeGuide.zip - The X-Files Episode Guide v1.62 An ASCII listing of the episodes of the first and Second series of the popular TV show "The X-Files". (Cliff Chen) (18K)

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