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Updated: 13/09/2023

A collection of general utility programs for the QL, software which does not fit in anywhere else on this site!

Active Buttons - Button-shaped little programs whose aim is to stay in the QPAC2 button frame and provide information. They are called “Active” because they not only provide information or stand for sleeping programs, but also, when clicked, they execute specific actions. This allows you to re-evaluate the usage of the button frame which, from a simple recectaple or status bar, becomes an active component of your QL: you can execute programs, and configure the system using the button frame as a shortcut to your favorite applications. Active Buttons have a very low parametrization grade: the only possible parameter is the executable program to be associated with the button. This allows you to get extremely light buttons; even with many activated buttons the system will not slow down. Active Buttons require SMSQ/E 3.00 or above with HOME thing. Further information at http://www.hunggartorino.it/ql/active-buttons-2/ (Quantum Technology) (19K) [09/08/17]

Alarm - Alarm is a simple pointer driven alarm program, which lets you specify an alarm time, up to 8 advance warnings and an alarm message or filename for a program to be started at the alarm time specified. Written for use with the Q-Diary program below, it can also be used as a stand-alone program. (D.Jones) (30K) [03/10/06]

Anaclock - analogue clock display program (David Denham) (16K) [19/9/04]

Analogue Clock - an analogue clock for GD2 systems, with several clock display faces. See the README_DOC included. (Tobias Fröschle) (60K) [18/06/12]

Analogue Clock - an analogue clock/timer for the button frame. Needs SMSQ/E, menu extension and PEX/PICE extensions. (Phil Jones) (34K) [19/10/06]

AnaQLock_v1_30.zip - v1.30 anaQLock. Resident analogic clock & other tools for the Sinclair QL. Developped on Minerva v1.79 by QView, Compiled with Turbo v2.04 by Digital Precision. Should not be run in interpreted mode. (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (16K)

areas.zip - Adaptation in BASIC of an old ZX80 program from somewhere. Lets you define an irregular shaped area then calculates its area - useful for calculating areas of awkward shapes.

AutoCalc.zip - Auto-Calc. Converts various Imperial units, Including Frequency and Time. (2K)

basecon.zip - A pointer driven base conversion utility. Converts between binary, decimal and hexadecimal numbers.(D. Jones) (31K) [05/07/05]

Baudrate - Baudrate Adjuster is a short program written in German with a short English instruction file for setting baudrate values for up to 8 serial ports. (Rolf Ritter) (35K) [19/10/06]

Black Hole (7K) - a 'nul' device driver for all QLs. (Norman Dunbar) [4/8/04]

buttocks.zip - Buttocks is a package offering buttons to provide some novel screen pointers, to kill, PEX enable/disable or Buttonise (partially) visible jobs. Requires SMSQ/E and menu extension 7.02 or later. (Phil Jones) (70K) [20/10/06]

Button Clock - (17K) A clock program which runs in the QPAC2 button frame. Can be configured for several time display formats, or may be configured to display free memory count, or even as a CAPS LOCK indicator. (David Denham) [19/9/04]

cache.zip - CACHE_BT is a small program which resides in the QPAC2 button frame, showing the state of the processor cache (on or off). For use on 68020, 68030, or 68040 systems only. (2K) [19/10/06]

calcul1e4.zip - Scientific RPN calculator under pointer environment with HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN capabilities. English version (Thierry Godefroy) (24K) [23/09/06]

calcul1f4.zip - Scientific RPN calculator under pointer environment with HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN capabilities. French version (Thierry Godefroy) (24K) [23/09/06]

Calculator - a simple pointer driven calculator from the Launchpad suite. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

Calendar - a pointer driven calendar program with a basic diary function (D. Jones)

calender.zip - A non-pointer GD2 colour calendar program which needs a minimum screen size of 800x600 pixels. Can display English public holidays. (Geoff Wicks) (13K) [08/01/07]

Calender_Maker_v0_1a.zip - Pop-up Calendar v0.1a This is a simple calendar utility utilising the SuperBasic date facilities to provide a monthly calendar for the years 1961 to 2028 inclusive. Includes SuperBASIC source code. (Scott Telford) (10K)

caps.zip - Caps Lock indicators for use with Quill or BASIC - displays CAPS ON or CAPS OFF in a little window on screen when you press CAPS LOCK key. Rather old programs, still surprisingly useful! (D. Jones) (19K) [05/07/05]

Character Pick - Select accented characters etc from an on-screen menu and transfer them to your programs via the hotkey system's stuffer buffer. Needs pointer environment. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

Chars Select - Character Select v1.00, a simple pointer driven character selection program, which lets you select any character (including accented characters) from a menu and place it into the stuffer buffer for transfer to other programs. Needs the Jochen Merz Menu Extension (Andrea Carpi) (11K) [19/10/06]

Conversions.zip - Conversions. Converts Metric to Imperial and visa versa. Also converts two Imperial sizes I.e. Feet & Inches to Inches. Needs Pointer Interface. (Ian.R.Bruntlett) (106K)

Create_Loader.zip - This is a BASIC program which  creates an exec loader file, avoiding the need to patch headers for EXECable files. Assumes Toolkit 2 is present. (Tony Firshman) (1K) [14/05/14]

csb218.zip - ClipScrapBoard v2.18, a suite of six programs for Scrap and Clipboard handling. ClipScrapBoard to clip text to the scrap. ScrapMC to access the Scrap. Pasteit_obj to paste text into an unlocked window. ScrapIcon_obj to dynamically display the scrap contents as an icon in the button frame. StufferStore_obj monitors the content of the stufferbuffer and stores this in an SMSQ/E history device. GSH_obj is a hot keyed program to access this stuffer buffer history and reinsert selected items into the stuffer buffer. (Duncan Neithercut) (118K) [20/10/06]

Clock.zip - On screen clock and caps lock indicator. The Caps Lock indicator beeps when you press Caps Lock and displays a C when Caps Lock is on. (1K) [14/05/14]

converts.zip - Metric/Imperial units conversion utility. Pointer driven. Can't handle litres? Can't cope with British inches? Get mixed up between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit? Try this conversion utility. (D. Jones) (61K) [05/07/05]

ctags403a.zip - Exuberant Ctags v4.0.3a, which is a QL port of a "tags" file generator for use with MicroEmacs, which now understands SBASIC, C, ASM, PERL and SCHEME sources among others (Thierry Godefroy) (251K) [20/10/06]

Disk_Direct.zip - Disk Directory: Show the directory list of files to either screen or printer. Opens a temporary file on flp1_ - amend this to RAM1_ or WIN1_ on a modern computer with no floppy disk drive, for example. (9K)

discimage.zip - Disc Image is a simple SBASIC program to produce floppy disc images from your QL floppy discs. Setup to work with HD discs, just change the density in the first line to change to read DD discs, and set the filename of the image file created int he second line - see the README_txt file. (Marcel Kilgus) (1K) [30/06/20]

DISKInfo.zip - Diskinfo. A SuperBASIC utility to read disk header maps, locate files, and read directory data on 720K Disks. Needs Toolkit II and a disk interface that supports Direct Sector access. (8K)

drive.zip - Drive v0.00 is a command line utility for linking and unlinking Qubide hard disk partitions. (Adrian Ives) (22K) [25/01/06]

EPROM_Programmer.zip - Eprom Programmer v1.00 An Eprom programmer suite for The A.R.T. EPP_1 Programmer that used to be sold by "Maplins". Includes a program to convert between Binary and Intel HEX files. Needs Toolkit II. (Martin Head) (14K)

Error_Numbers.zip - Errors Numbers. A small program to show you what the Error numbers mean. Includes SuperBasic and Executable versions. (6K)

expl191h.zip - Explorer v1.91h is a disk editor for the Miracle Systems hard disk. (44K) (Chris Fowler) [05/11/06]

File_Header.zip - File Header. A SuperBASIC program to list the files on a drive, displaying the details from the file headers. (1K)

fileinfo.zip - FileInfo 2 v2.04, a utility which lets you associate programs and file types by filename extension, allowing you to execute data files and have their associated program start up, e.g. associate _doc files with Quill and FileInfo 2 can start up Quill to load the document for you. This is the original version - see below for a more recent version. (W. Lenerz) (51K) [23/09/06]

fi2inst.zip - FileInfo 2 installation utility. A skeleton SBASIC installer program for FileInfo 2, aimed at programmers using FileInfo 2 in their own software and willing to write an installation program (W. Lenerz) (6K) [23/09/06]

fi2v3e50.zip - FileInfo 2 version 3e50 and Pic Viewer 1.30 with its configurator under pointer environment. This version adds "HOME" thing and SMSQ/E version 3 support. This is the English version. (T. Godefroy) (177K) [23/09/06]

FileInfoThing.zip - FINFO: an implementation of the FileInfo Thing for QPAC2. Allows an application to be started when a file with a particular extension is executed in QPAC2's file list. Needs Pointer Environment, Toolkit II, Disk drive, Extra memory, and QPAC2. (Richard Kettlewell) (5K)

flptest.zip - An exhaustive test of a floppy disk driver, written in BASIC. By deliberately shuffling files to fragment the content of the disk, the author claims "If after 30 mins the driver hasn't failed, then you can  be pretty sure that your floppy driver is bug-free." (2K) (Mark Swift) [19/04/14]

Flusher.zip - Automatic file flusher. Ensures all data in slave blocks are written out to files. Source assembler included. (2K) (Harald "HaWi" Wilhelm) [14/05/14]

Glazier.zip - The Glazier v0.99 A utility program to help you setup Windows for your SuperBASIC programs. (Howard Clase) (11K)

HandyMenu.zip - Handy Menu  v3.01 This is a simple pop-up programme written to provide features that should have been added to Qpac-2. It is intended to be used along side Qpac-2. This is the Unregistered version of Handy Menu, with limited functionality. Needs Pointer interface, HOT_REXT, and  MENU_REXT. (Ian.R.Bruntlett) (26K)

hdutils.zip - DrvCheck and DrvLink are utilities for checking and repairing QXL.WIN files. (7K) (Tony Tebby) [05/11/06]

hotdodo.zip - Hot_Do Do is a utility written to enable you to execute several hotkeys one after the other. (W. Lenerz) (5K) [23/09/06]

keybeep.zip - an article and finished code showing how to write a little utility which beeps on a keypress. Examples in BASIC and in assembler using the scheduler loop list, includes a finished basic extension allowing you to turn on and off the keyboard beep, vary the pitch and provide different pitch sounds when caps lock is off or on. (D. Jones) (13K) [23/11/17]

KeyboardTranslate_v1_00.zip - Di-Ren Keycode Translator V1.00 This programme is designed to translate keycodes delivered by QDOS to the keyboard input queues before being output to the display drivers etc. It is therefore possible for instance, when the Di-Ren keyboard interface is fitted to the QL and a non-English keyboard is used, to translate keycodes to the required format. (Di-Ren) (4K)

KeyboardTranslate_v1_02.zip - version 1.02 of above Di-Ren Keycode Translator. (6K) [22/05/16]

Klipboard (67K) - a clipboard utility for the QL. Use it to read text from the screen and insert or transfer to another program. Rudimentary text editor built in (Mark Knight) [4/8/04]

Kob_v3_0.zip - Kob v3.0 Produces a 2, 3, 4, or 5 column sorted directory print out. Needs Toolkit II and a RAM Disk. (Jimmie Robb) (11K)

Loader_Generator_v1_60.zip - v1.60 Loader Generator. Generates SuperBASIC loaders from machine code files, including checksums. Developed on Minerva v1.79 by QView, Compiled with Turbo v2.04 by Digital Precision.  FLEN extension required. (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (11K)

maxwindows.zip - Two short SuperBASIC functions Max_Width% and Max_Height% to return by trial and error the largest window possible in the current display mode on a given system. (D. Jones) (2K) [22/05/16]

MDI Driver (284K) - Version 1.10 of a MDI (microdrive image) device driver for emulating the microdrive cartridges as used in the Sinclair QL, as a file stored on another device. Specifically developed for use with QPC2, but should work with most emulators. Since QL compatible systems generally have no microdrives, this lets you use saved microdrive images on emulators. Includes images of Quill, Archive, Abacus and Easel. To create your own images of microdrives, you will need a real QL with working microdrives and read the text file "Creating_Images_txt" supplied to see which program to use and how to go about it. Apparently even microdrive 'random number' finger prints are copied, allowing even some protected older programs to be run! The driver lets you load and save from/to these microdrive images. (Martin Head) [17/02/19]
MDI Driver 1.09 Update - a set of files to update the main package from v1.08 to v1.09. (57K) [13/02/21]
MDI Driver 1.10 update - a set of files to update the main package to v1.10 (18K) [05/08/2022]
MDImanuals.zip (127K) - Manuals in Word, PDF and RTF formats. [17/02/19]
MDIsources110.zip (54K) - Source files for the MDI driver v1.10 [05/08/2022]

There is some documentation on microdrive image formats available here.

FDI Driver (28K) - Version 1.07 of the FDI driver, for running floppy disk images on QL systems and emulators. Works on level 1 DD 720k and 360k disk images (no support for HD or ED disks and no support for level 2 directories) to allow simple straightforward copies of disk software to be run. Includes a program written in BASIC to make the images on a QDOS system with a floppy drive, or you can use 'raw' disk images created with software such as EMT4WIN for Windows, plus a program to make ('format') blank disk images, sample blank 360K and 720K disk images, plus a demo image of Xchange. (Martin Head) [17/03/14]
FDI1manuals106.zip (120K) - Manuals in Word, PDF and RTF formats [17/02/19]
FDI1driver107.zip (15K) - a set of files to update the main package to v1.07 [05/08/2022]
FDI1sources107.zip (44K) - source files for the FDI driver v1.07. [05/08/2022]

FDI Driver 2 (38K) - (Version 2.04) FDI2 is an upgraded rewrite of the original device driver. This one is based on the SMSQ/E level 3 device driver and supports single to extra high density disk images (SD, HD and ED). Supports sub-directories and most level 3 device driver features, but not DOS disk images. (Martin Head) [17/02/19]
FDI2manuals204.zip (119K) - Manuals in Word, PDF and RTF formats [17/02/19]
FDI2driver205.zip (20K) - a set of files to update the main version 2 package to v2.05 [05/08/22]
FDI2sources205.zip (92K) - source files for the version 2 FDI driver [05/08/2022]

Image File Utilities (22K) - This is a set of stand alone SuperBASIC extensions for creating blank floppy disk and microdrive image files in Qemulator, Qlay and MDI
formats. It can also convert existing microdrive images between the Qemulator, Qlay and MDI formats. Includes assembler source. (Martin Head)
ImageFileUtilDocs.zip (115K) - The manual for the Image File Utilities package, in .PDF and .ODT formats.

MDI Convert (8K) an older SuperBASIC program to go with Martin Head's Microdrive Image, Directory Device Driver. (MDIDriver). It will convert files from his MDI Device driver format  to/from MDV image files as used in QLay and QemuLator QL emulators (note: only converts to/form MDI format, although to convert from QLay to QemuLator, for example, you could convert from QLay to MDI, then convert MDI to QemuLator). (MartinHead)

Mem.zip (1K) - A multi-tasking utility to show memory in use. Press F1 for a display of memory usage, F5 to return. (H. Benson) [14/05/14]

MemoryMap.zip (2K) - This program displays a memory map that includes common heap, free space, SuperBASIC area, transient program area and resident program area. (Mark Swift) (19/04/14)

MEMV_v3_3.zip (5K) - MEMV v3.3 A small utility to display memory useage and the state of shift/lock by drawing a small multi-coloured 2 pixel wide and full screen height strip to the right of the screen. Includes Assembler source code. [22/05/16]

Minerva_Cursor.zip - Minerva Cursor v2.1 A small SuperBASIC program to alter the shape, the colour, and the flash rate of the cursor in Minerva v1.81 and above. (Derek Stewart) (1K)

Minerva_Debounce.zip - Minerva Debounce. DEBOUNCE is a small resident program which attempts to suppress double key hits caused by such keyboards as the Schoen one which suffer from inferior key contacts. Note only for use with Minerva ROM's. Includes Assembler source code. (Jan Bredenbeek) (4K)

MiniCal (14K) - a calendar program designed to take up as little space as possible on the screen. Displays calendars for years from 1582 to 4902 (David Denham) [19/9/04]

minicron109.zip - Minicron is a small program to schedule job execution. (P. Borman) (5K) [23/09/06]

MinnieCaps.zip - Minnie Caps v1.2 A caps lock indicator by changing the cursor shape. For Minerva. Includes assembler source code. (1K)

MKUtils (265K) - Mark Knight's utility programs for the QL. Includes Auto Indent, Blist (BASIC program lister), Configure, Condense, File Manager, Printer Install, Quickset character set editor, Super Alarm, Turbopatch and QL Calendar. [4/8/04]

ModView06.zip (25K) - This utility lists the modules that make up an SMSQ binary. Simply feed it the filename of an SMSQ/E binary to view a list of
the modules it contains. Save or append the list to a file or scrap. Note: The list of modules displayed are those contained in the SMSQ binary. Which modules are actually loaded at startup, depends mainly on the hardware and/or user configuration. (Per Witte) [12/10/17]

MSW.zip - An example boot program from Mark Swift. It loads a number of toolkits and a small ram disk (2K) (Mark Swift) [19/04/14]

Multi-Cal (17K) - Calendar making program which lets you generate 12 month per page calendars, daily and monthly planners, diary pages and line per day calendars. Calendars can be printed or saved as text files for import into word processors or DTP programs. Calendars can start with any day of the week. Written in uncompiled basic, it should be fairly easy to modify this program to print calendars to your requirements, e.g. day and month names are held in DATA statements, so are easily edited for other languages. (Dilwyn Jones) [12/1/06]

Ndate.zip - NDATE is a utility for the Sinclair QL and 100% compatibles enabling the user to automagically adjust the system time at regular intervals. If you run an application which demands a correct time, and your QL is turned on 24 hours a day, you sometimes have to adjust the time, normally using the SuperBASIC command ADATE. NDATE will peroidically adjust the date for you to keep the QL's clock correct. Source code only. The program needs to be Assembled with values appropriate for you QL. (Per-Ola Orvendal) (3K)

Netman.zip - Netman. The Network Manager for the QL. A multitasking program which lets you set your network station number, Use devices like hard disks, floppy disks, microdrives & ram disks of other QL's connected in the network, Beep other QL's, View the screens of other QL's, Send and receive messages with other QL's, Listen to music, Get system information like total and free memory etc. Needs Toolkit II and RAM Disks (Sanjay Marwah) (24K)

Net_Time.zip - Net Time. A small SuperBASIC program to synchronise clocks over the network. Needs Toolkit II. (Derek Stewart) (1K)

NoESCCodes.zip - No Esc Codes. A small machine code utility to remove Escape codes from text files. Needs Toolkit II. (1K)

nroff.zip - QL port of "nroff", a Unix utility to convert "man" and "ms" pages to text. (Jonathan Hudson) (118K) [20/10/06]

olifink.zip - Oliver Fink Utilities package, consisting of Colours (explore stippled colours), a small program launcher, Number base converter, file renamer, ScanTree which builds up a copy of the drive's directory tree and stores it in a file, and SysInfo which displays various bits of System information. Needs poitner environment. (Oliver Fink) (23K) [23/09/06]

Partition_v1_04.zip - Partition v1.04 An updated PARTITION_EXE for QUBIDE Interface users. (PA Borman) (5K) [22/05/6]

Partition_v1_05.zip - Partition v1.05 An updated PARTITION_EXE for QUBIDE Interface users. (PA Borman) (5K) [22/05/16]

PeekDisp (28K) - Disp is a program to display file directories, while Net Peek is a program to display QL RAM either on the host computer or across the network. [4/8/04]

Phone (63K) - Telephone call costs calculator [4/8/04]

pindown.zip - Pin-Down generates rhyming phrases to aid memorising of PIN codes up to 10-digits long. (Geoff Wicks) (47K) [08/01/07]

PopCalc (55K) - Pop up calculator (M. Knight) [4/8/04]

Q-Diary - Q-Diary v1.00 is a diary program, letting you enter events for given dates and times, with daily events list, imminent events list, warning facility scheduling from 2 to 90 minutes ahead, and external alarm and program scheduling program control. Includes a copy of the Alarm program listed above. Pointer driven, needs Window Manager 2 - i.e. SMSQ/E or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later. (D.Jones) (87K) [03/10/06]

QIMIPatch_v2_02.zip - Qimi Patch  v2.02 This is the patch to correct some problems between the QIMI mouse and Gold Card/Minerva set-ups. (Ian Malcolm) (6K)

qkick.zip - Q-Kick v4.1. This is a former Ultrasoft program, now released as freeware, and the following description is from their advert. QKick is the program for the user who needs to work. A fully multitasking program running completely in interrupt 7 as a call-up background routine. Complete desk top facilities including a notepad and appointment diary. Save screens while playing - ideal for hi-score proof etc. Save memory, load memory, alter job priorities and much more for the programmer while working within the current program. For the businessman there is not only the note-pad and appointment diary and calendar but an easy to use database for addresses etc., with a software interface to the Psion Organiser II and with an easy transfer routine to put those addresses or the data you need into the current program, i.e. while working in Quill, find the addresses you need and transfer it straight into Quill from QKick or quickly look up an address or telephone number while working with any other program. Also comes with an automatic screen switch on/off routine to prolong the life of your monitor and a real multitasking spooler - spool from within Quill. Includes a plain text manual (QKick_txt).(26K) (Martin Berndt) [12/05/14]
Q-Kick reviews - two reviews from QL World magazine (PDF file) (421K)

QLWarz - a utility to stretch, refresh, or defragment a hard drive on QPC2. As there is no way to extend a QXL.WIN filing container, this program takes the next best approach and formats a new one with a different capacity and copies directories and files over to the new QXL.WIN. Version 2 now supports 20 character medium names. Only runs on QPC2 at the moment, but it can be used to prepare QXL.WIN virtual disks for any platform that supports them, such as SMSQmulator, QemuLator and Q68. The author states that it is freeware on condition users report any problems they have with it to him (email address in the instructions). (8K) (Per Witte) [11/02/2020]

Qpac2.zip - An example boot program for QPAC2 on QDOS classic that shows how to get QPAC2 up and running on QDOS Classic. (2K) (Mark Swift) [19/04/14]

qpacer.zip (86K) - Qpac2 setup aid. Qpacer asks you plain and simple questions and once you've answered them, it writes a boot program to set up Qpac2 just how you specified. (Jeremy Davis) [25/01/06]

QPCThing_v1_00.zip (6K) - QPCThing v1_00 - The QPC1 extension thing v1.00 This QPC1 extensions thing contains three extensions that entitle you to set/read/reset the colour palette on a per job basis. for use with the 'QPC'Emulator run in a PC. (Thierry Godefroy) (6K)

QubLink (50K) - QubLink v1.04 is a PE driven utility program from the author of QubATA software, allowing an easy way to manage hard and soft drives linking on different QL systems. It is in someway a multi-platform variant of the well known utilities WINLINK (from G.Underwood) and QWIRC (from P.Witte) together. It works on expanded BBQL with QubIDE/Clones under QDOS/Minerva, Qx0 and QPC2 running SMSQ/E. Recent TK2 and PE are mandatory, GD2 and QPAC2 are only recommended. (Alain Haoui) [26/11/23]

QXLKeys.zip - QXLkeys. A SBASIC program to re-map the keyboard of your PC. Suited for SMSQ version 2.16 only. Note - For QXL users only. (Carlo Delhez) (1K) [14/12/14]

QXLMode.zip - QXL MODE. A small SuperBASIC FuNction that returns the highest supported screen mode available for your QL. (1K) [22/05/16]

RAMdisk.zip (4K) - Use to create up to 8 ramdisks RAM1_ to RAM8_. These are static types, so each RAM drive needs formatting prior to use - see the text file included.

RAMT.zip - Ramtester. A small SuperBASIC program to test RAM. (L.K.Wareham) (1K)

remindme.zip (25K) - Remind Me is an events and reminder utility which lets you set up daily reminders and is designed for swift and simple setup and startup. (J Haftke) [13/05/14]

remindmeplus.zip (26K) - Remind Me Plus is a slightly enhanced version of Remind Me, which allows twice the number of events to be set up, and the events text can be a little longer and more printing options available. (J Haftke) [13/05/14]

Scan_Tree_v1_01.zip - The ScanTree utility v1.01 Eases making backups of disks with sub-directories. Needs Pointer Enviroment. (13K)

scrapstuff.zip - ScrapStuff is a small program which lives in the button frame and when selected can give you brief details of what's on the Menu Extensions's Scrap system (text or graphic types) and gives you the option of copying brief text or address of the graphic on the scrap into the hotkey stuffer buffer so that it can be fed into programs which do not understand the Scrap system. It also offers the option of stuffing the current time and date string into the stuffer buffer, so that a simple ALT SPACE keypress can recover it into most programs. Needs the Menu Extension, pointer environment and Window Manager 2.00 or later, i.e. SMSQ/E v3 or later or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later. (42K) (D. Jones) [20/10/06]

scratch3.zip - Scratch is a "drag and drop" active scrap icon for the QPAC2 button frame. Requires SMSQ/E and MENU_REXT. The Scrap button updates to indicate the type of scrap content (text or graphic). Text can be dragged from the icon and dropped into another program awaiting keyboard input. (47K) [19/10/06]

Screen_Windows_Designer.zip - Screen Window Design Utility. This is a utility program designed to assist with the rapid design of screen windows of a particular size. It permits display of a pair of windows on screen which may be altered in size, moved about, superimposed and have text of any size supported by the QL printed to the screen to see if the required text will fit to that window. (Dilwyn Jones) (5K)

SetDate.zip - this program displays the date and time and allows you to change it with the cursor keys. Includes BASIC and Turbo compiled versions. (8K) (Mark Swift) [19/04/14]

sethead.zip - SetHead is a small utility to set the executable file header and dataspace in job programs which have lost theirs for some reason. (3K) (Jonathan Hudson) [05/11/06]

SimSer (24K) - serial port extensions to provide split receive and transmit like SMSQ/E under QDOS. [4/8/04]

sld.zip - System Load Display or SLD is an executable program to display the load as imposed to the system by executing code, i.e. any sort of program, background tasks, interrupt routines, etc. (H.P.Recktenwald) (11K) [20/10/06]

Slowgold (51K) - computer running old QL programs too fast? Slow it down with Norman Dunbar's speed reduction extensions. [4/8/04]

slug.zip Slugger - a program to slow down some programs which run too fast on modern QDOS or SMSQ/E systems. (29K) [18/10/06]

Spectrum_QL.zip - Spectrum -> QL Screen Transfer Program. Allows you to transfer a Spectrum screen to a MODE 8 QL screen, via a suitable RS232 lead. Includes 'C' source code. Needs Sinclair Spectrum with an RS232 Interface. (Andrew Dean) (6K)

Speed_Control.zip - Speed Control. Slows down Memory Expansions by use of the '\' key. To improve games playing. (Jeremy Davis) (1K)

Status is a simple program for both pointered and non-pointered system which shows a multitude of machine-dependent information in a small window on-screen, including the current DATA_USE and PROG_USE settings, free memory, version numbers of BASIC and operating system, and of pointer interface and window manager if PE is present. It also shows machine and processor information where the operating system makes this available. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

Super_Booter_v1_10.zip - v1,11 Super Booter. Flexible and configurable BOOT program. Developed on Minerva v1.79 by QView. Not to be compiled because of EXEC/LRESPR/LRUN statements! (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (5K)

SuperBASIC_Reform.zip - SuperBASIC reformatter. Indents your SuperBASIC program. SuperBASIC and Compiled versions supplied. (Malcolm Smith) (9K)

sysref.zip (20K) - program to patch references to system variables in older software to help ensure it runs on systems where system variables are not at address $28000, e.g. Minerva when using second screen. Includes BASIC source and Turbo compiled version. (Mark Swift)

systemst.zip - pointer driven program with three main functions. First, it helps you check and set the system clock without having to type in tedious SDATE statements from S*BASIC. Second, it helps you set such commands as PAR_USE, FLP_USE, WIN_USE, RAM_USE, SER_USE and DEV_USE and provides a MAKE_DIR facility for creating new directories on hard disk systems. Thirdly, it includes a pointer driven file selection menu, where once you have clicked on a filename, it is inserted into the Stuffer Buffer ready to be inserted into any program (including older non pointer driven programs) when you type ALT SPACE in that other program, giving you in essence a pointer driven file selection menu for almost all programs. Needs toolkit 2 and pointer environment (D. Jones) (70K) [05/07/05]

temperat.zip - Temperature. This program was the predecessor to the Conversions program above, but is still useful in its own right. This converts between degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin. Click on any of the three units, enter a temperature value and it's displayed in the other two units. This program is pointer driven and requires Toolkit 2. (D. Jones) (35K) [05/07/05]

Test_Card2.zip - QLMIRES. A testcard-generating program, intended to control and adjust monochrome or colour monitors (or possibly televisions). Includes an English translation by Phil Barker.  (Alain Piot) (5K)

The Cat (43KB) - List your files in columns on the screen or to the printer with this handy little extension. Resident extension and executable versions. (D. Jones) [19/10/04]

TICalculator.zip - Texas Instruments TI30 Galaxy Calculator Emulator. (Christian Gavin) (13K)

TimeCal_v1_1.zip - TimeCal v1.1 This is a Qlib compiled pointer driven calender/clock/calculator for the QL and compatibles. Needs Toolkit II, QLiberator runtimes, and the Pointer Enviroment. (Graham Underwood) (16K)

Touch_It_v2_30.zip - v2.30 Touch-it! Resident ALTKEY definer for the Sinclair QL. Developped on Minerva v1.79 by QView, Compiled with Turbo v2.04 by Digital Precision, ALTKEY extension required. (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (13K)

Turbo.zip - Turbo. Extensions for 24mHz Gold Cards. Adds a Turbo command to switch between 16MHz and 24MHz operation on Gold cards. Not compatible with all Gold Cards. Needs RAM Disks and Toolkit II. Includes Assembler source code. (Phil Ogden) (3K)

turboquillplus.zip (34K) - TurboQuill+ is a program from Athene Consultants to modify Quill to make it work a bit faster. It patches a copy of Quill, and can also patch the Sector Software Spellbound spelling checker to work with the patched Quill, and provides a caps lock indicator and a glossary function. Configured for use from MDV1. Includes a Quill _doc file instructions sheet (instruct_doc), which is also available as a scanned PDF of the original sheet below. We have received permission from Julian Dyer at Athene to make this available as freeware. (J Dyer) [18/03/14]
TurboQuill.pdf (45K) - scanned PDF of the original instruction sheet.

ultrautils.zip (16K) - a set of small utility programs now released as freeware by Martin Berndt of Ultrasoft. Includes Digiclock, FontEditor, Pickall (pick programs in reverse order), PrinterPanel, SystemInfo and SystemPanel. Note that some of these programs won't work on pointer environment version 2.00 or later, as the PE version test only tests the last two digits of the version number (e.g. digiclock tests for version x.14). The assembler sources are available below if anyone wants to correct and reassemble this. In the meantime, if you'd liek to try out these little utilities, you can download earlier (pre-v2.00) versions of the pointer environment files ptr_gen, wman and hot_rext from my Pointer Environment page. (Martin Berndt) [09/05/14]
ultrautils_sources.zip (115K) - assembler sources for the ultrautils.zip (Ultrasoft Utilities) package above.

utilities.zip - A package of utility programs, including Clock, ESCstrip, Disk Re-Labeller, OpenFile and Snapshot (Per-Erik Forssen) (15K) [19/10/06]

Utilites_v1_10.zip - Utilities v1.10 Utilities is a program to start your favourite P.D. programs and save you having to remember the various keypress sequences. Includes SuperBASIC and Compiled versions. Needs menu_rext, and the Qlib runtimes which are needed to run the compiled version. (Roy Wood) (7K) [22/05/16]

wallpaper.zip - Wallpaper or background image display utility. (151KB) (D.Jones) [14/02/06]

wallpapr.zip - Wallpaper display software for QDOS systems (204KB) (Dr Carlo Delhez) [14/02/06]

WatchMem.zip - WatchMem. Monitors an area of memory for changes(corruption) and informs you if detected. Needs Minerva ROM and Toolkit II. (Ian Bruntlett) (31K)
N.B. This zip also contains 'qlw_GamesJan94_t91', a Text87 file which mentions WatchMem and some Jochen Merz Software reviews.

whatkey.zip - WhatKey v0.50 displays the ASCII code of the key you just pressed. (Adrian Ives) (44K) [25/01/06]

windraw.zip - BASIC program to help with moving and resizing BASIC windows. (2KB) (J.Lucy) [14/02/06]

Win_Def.zip - WindDef v1.0 Window Definer is a very simple utility allowing you to create in an easy and fast way the screen layout for your SuperBasic program. Window Definer requires Turbo Toolkit. (Ergon Development) (15K)

WinEditor_v1_40.zip - WinEditor v1.40 An update to the Hard Disk editor for QUBIDE/REBEL Disk drives. (P.A. Borman) (23K) [22/05/16]

winlink003.zip - Pointer driven utility to link/unlink Qubide partitions. (30K) (Graham Underwood) [05/11/06]

Wipe.zip - A command to completely clear the 32K QL screen. Assembler source included. (Peter Beule) (1K) [14/05/14]

WiQget - WiQgets are little programs whose job is to stay on the desktop providing different kind of information. WiQgets are named like this after “Widget” (WINdows gadGET) after which they are modeled. Further information at http://www.hunggartorino.it/ql/wiqget-2/ (Quantum Technology) (25K) [09/08/17]

Every WiQget has a single job: one can have a WiQget which shows a calendar, another one which gives the current time/date and so on.
Many WiQgets might fulfill the same task, simply showing the same results in different ways. It’s up to the user to choose what WiQget to use.

Wordscheck (41KB) - Utility to count the number of words in a file, complete with occurrences of each word. (D. Jones) [19/10/04]

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