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Last updated: 02/12/23

If looking for a C compiler for the QL, please go to the C and C68 section. (84KB) - APL11 language, this file contains the executables (R. Zidlicky) (77KB) - The APL 11 sources (R. Zidlicky) (106KB) - Brouhabouha Forth for QL, by Ewald Pfau. Minor update - one missing file added [14/12/14] (1.48MB) - Marcos Cruz has repackaged the Brouhabouha Forth system, improving the documentation, editing it and converting it to more modern formats, and fixing a broken file header into the bargain. Due to the size of this version, I'll leave the original version here for now. A version in .tar.gz format is also available here. Marcos has a page about it at [15/03/16] (28KB) - A disassembler for 68008 machine code (34KB) - eForth for QL is a port of a portable Forth model designed to be portable between a large number of the newer and more powerful processors. eForth for the QL is a version with 32 bits absolute address and 32 bit stack. (Salvador Merino) [28/05/14] (4KB) - Set of SuperBASIC procedures to emulate commands in MS-Basics (18KB) - Laurence Reeves mini-forth (Forth Interest Group Forth-79) Forth 79 Standard with Double Number standard extensions, with a screen editor for handling Forth source code and a floating point maths package. (G.W.Jackson) (46K) [06/10/06] (3KB) - Basic Forth Engine, written in SuperBASIC (Rainer W. Gerling) (178KB) - ForthShell v2.0 by Dirk Kutscher. A Forth programmable QL CLI (36KB) - Source files for fsh, Forth programmable command line interpreter

GT-Prolog (1.125MB) - The Grange Technology Ltd GT-Prolog compiler for use on a QL. Combining speed with low memory overhead, the program provides an interactive development environment supporting incremental compilation and debugging of Prolog applications. GT-Prolog is a full implementation of the Edinburgh dialect widely used in industry. Requires 512K or more RAM. Graham Thwaite has authorised the distribution of this software, originally released on QL in 1993, as Freeware. Unfortunately, no manual is available for it, does anyone have a manual which could be scanned? If you have copies of the International QL Report from the period, there are two articles about this software in volume 4 issues 2 and 3 (pages 53 and 63 respectively) of IQLR magazine.
Also available is a version zipped directly from a QemuLator folder. To use this with QemuLator, just unzip it using Winzip or 7-zip or similar to a Windows folder and attach that to a drive slot on QemuLator. Click here to download this version (1.129MB)
PROLOG_PROLOGUE.pdf - An introductory article by Graham Thwaite about GT-Prolog, plus a copy of the advert for GT-Prolog (170KB)
GT_PROLOG_QL.pdf - A two-part review o GT-Prolog by Mel LaVerne, originally published in International QL Report. Contains a lot of useful information about GT-Prolog. (261KB).
GT-Prolog_Workbench_Guide.pdf - Olivier Baseley has kindly scanned the first part of the GT-Prolog manual, the Workbench User Guide. (788K) (39K) - Scheme to C compiler (116K) - Intercal is an esoteric programing language, designed in 1972 as a parody of programming languages at the time and intended to have as little in common with other languages of the time as possible.This is an interpreter which generates C code. Version 2. (Dave Woodman) (58K) - Symbolic algebric system for Scheme (21KB) - Jacal documentation in TEX format (259KB) - Peter Tillier's port of a J language, from the inventor of APL (2KB) - Set of functions to aid with conversion of MS BASICs-SuperBASIC (1270KB) - Perl 4.036 for QDOS. A scripting language (104KB) - Prolog v1.0 for QL (Hans Lub). (48KB) - Computer One Pascal compiler, now freeware. Some example pascal listings for use with the Computer One Pascal compiler. (7K) [06/10/06] (1.8MB) - Searchable PDF file manual for Computer One Pascal, kindly prepared by Derek Stewart. Caution: note file size before downloading!

Pascal On The QL is an article by A F Wilson about use of the Pascal language on a Sinclair QL. It is available from the Articles page. (262K) - Prospero Pro-Fortran for QL. This consists of the three MDV cartridges plus an image of the EPROM cartridge needed. Prospero have kindly allowed this software to be made available.
Pro Fortran Manual - kindly scanned by Julian Skidmore, as a PDF file. Please note size of file before downloading. (67MB) [01/11/15]
ProsperoQlFortran77UM3.pdf - Derek Stewart has kindly prepared an optimised/OCR version of the manual, much reduced file size. I'll leave both versions here for now to make sure this version is OK before removing the above larger version once this version is deemed OK at some point in the near future. (3.5MB) [28/12/15] (133K) - Prospero Pro-Pascal for QL. This includes an image of the EPROM cartridge needed. Prospero have kindly allowed this software to be made available. [05/04/18] (165K) - QL AWK v1.02 is a text manipulator and programming language, Brian Kernihan's AWK (Peter Tillier) [10/02/17] (128KB) - Rexx interpreter for QDOS (4KB) - 3 sample REXX programs for use with QLRexx (16KB) - Beginners Rexx tutorial REXX sources. (234K) [06/10/06] (182KB) - Scheme intepreter binaries (QL port by Richard Zidlicky) (147KB) - Sources for the Scheme language package (R.Zidlicky) (3KB) - Readme file for Scheme interpreter/Jacal QL ports (R.Zidlicky) (102KB) - Small C Compiler based on work of James E. Hendrix - SuperBASIC to Turbo Pascal Compiler v1.02. This Compiler is intended to reduce the amount of work but not to REPLACE the human work of converting a SuperBASIC program to Pascal. Written in SuperBASIC, with QLiberator compiler directives. QLiberator compiled version now included along with a short instruction text file (25K) (Rainer Kowallik) [03/07/14]

SuperForth and Reversi (35K) - Super Forth, a full '83' standard, supplied complete with Reversi. Now released as PD with the blessing of the author (Gerry Jackson).
Download the manual as a PDF file here (2.8MB). (16KB) - WS-Lisp v1.8, a Lisp language interpreter (Wilfried Soker) X-Lisp 1.7. XLisp is a programming language combining some of the features of Lisp with an object-oriented extension capability. It was implemented to allow experimentation with object-oriented programming on small computers. Ported to QL by Ralf Biedermann. (106K) [06/10/06] (51KB) - XLisp v2.1d documentation disk 1 (R. Zidlicky) (124KB) - XLisp v2.1d documentation disk 2 (R. Zidlicky) (134KB) - XLisp v2.1d binaries (R. Zidlicky) (3KB) - Readme text file for XLisp v2.1d (R. Zidlicky) (134KB) - XLisp v2.1d sources (R. Zidlicky)

The Sinclair QL GNU-Forth collection *GF6* from Hans-Peter Recktenwald. A modified 32K/64K Forth system originated by Laurence Reeves. The system comprises a total of 6 zip files. (369KB) - Applications, sources (318KB) - The F6 experimental 64K FIG (Forth Interest Group) style Forth (196KB) - QF tiny model, sources by Laurence Reeves 1991 (457KB) - Documents, GF6 assembler source (124KB) - Reference texts to be read with the F6 editor "F6ED" (254KB) - Recent changes and bug fixes

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