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QUANTA is the independent user group for Sinclair QL users. It was formed in 1983/4 with the aim of providing an independent source of support for and sharing information about the Sinclair QL. In time, it was to expand its brief to include compatible systems such as the ICL OPD (One Per Desk), CST Thor, Aurora and Q40, as well as emulators of the Sinclair QL running on other platforms.

Quanta is a non-profit organisation run by an elected committee of unpaid officials. Membership is by subscription - currently from 14 pounds in the U.K., although it may rise next year as it has not changed since day 1. Current membership fee does not quite cover the cost of the regular magazine and there is also a need to finance the improvement to to the website service provision - Quanta welcomes comments on this and other subjects - you can send your views to the committee by clicking here to send an email to the committee. The subscription gets you a magazine several months of the year. (mostly compiled from members' articles and letters contributed on disk or by email to the editors), access to Quanta's large free QL software library, advice and help with QL-related matters, workshops (QL shows held in various areas) and support for local sub-groups. I have been a member for many years and would thoroughly recommend membership to all QLers even if I am biased through being on the committee myself.

Membership enquiries can be sent by email to membership@quanta.org.uk. You can join by sending the membership fee (cheques payable to Quanta) to the membership secretary.

or by subscribing online at http://www.quanta.org.uk/subscriptions/index.asp.

Members can send helpline requests by email to the helpline operator who will try to assist you with the problem where possible, or try suggesting possible further sources of information to assist with your query.

Dodgy Pictures Gallery!

At the time of writing, the Quanta committee consisted of the following individuals. Please note that Basil Lee is not, strictly speaking, a committee member, he only assists in dealing with magazine back issues requests.

Sarah Gilpin Picture of the Secretary Keith Dunbar (Awaiting Picture)
Sarah Gilpin
Alison Southern
Keith Dunbar
John Southern
(Treasurer and Membership Secretary)
Email (Chairman) Email (Secretary) Email (Webmaster) Email (Treasurer)
Email (Membership)
picture of Dilwyn Jones David Buckley (Vacancy)
(Awaiting Picture)
Dilwyn Jones
News Editor and Helpline. Committee Member
David Buckley

(Magazine Editor)
Nigel Herring
(Committee Member)
Email (News Editor)
Email (Helpline)
Email (Librarian) email (Editor)

Quanta's Own Web Site

Quanta has a Web site - Click here to visit this site.  It has an online subscription page where you can join Quanta. Highly recommended...but then as a committee member myself I'm biased!


From time to time, Quanta organises small QL shows, called workshops, in various areas. Admission is free to members. Non-members are welcome too! QL traders and software authors usually attend these meetings, giving you the chance to meet them to discuss any problems or to see their products before you buy. It is also a good place to meet QL "experts" to sort out any QL-related problems you may have, and you can generally have a good time in the company of like-minded individuals. Members can take their QL systems along with them to set up and spend an enjoyable day's QLing with like minded QLers.

Click here to see a selection of pictures taken at the Portsmouth QL2000 meeting by Urs König

Click here to see a selection of pictures taken at the Byfleet workshop 9/11/03

Click here to see 2005 Quanta AGM pictures

Click here to see QL Is 21 meeting in Portsmouth, 29/30 October 2005 pictures

Click here to see Quanta workshop and AGM in Manchester, 08/09 April 2006 pictures

Click here to see pictures from QL Is 25, on 18/19 April 2009

Click here to see pictures from 2011 workshop and AGM

Click here to see a report and pictures from the 2012 workshop and AGM

More show pictures can often be found on Tony Firshman's website.

There is usually a programme of talks and discussions on a wide variety of QL related subjects, such as new products, teach-in sessions, policy discussions, questions and answers and so on.

The dates and venues are advertised in Quanta newsletter and QL Today magazine, and can often be found on various QL users' Web sites as well, including my QL Shows page on this site.

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