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Updated: 02.07.2023

A collection of games for the QL. Some of these are quite old, so may not work too well on modern hardware or emulators, but give them a try nonetheless! Hint: if a game does not work on an emulator or modern QL compatible, try restarting in a QL compatibility mode such as 512x256 4 or 8 colour screen with the screen at the original QL address of decimal 131072 (hex 20000) and system variables at decimal 163840 (hex 28000), this ought to give the best possible chance of success. QPC2 users: if you find that an old game doesn't work in a hgih colour or high resolution mode, try issuing a QPC_QLSCREMU 4 (if mode 4) or QPC_QLSCREMU8 (if a mode 8 program) before starting the game. This command "emulates" an original QL screen for the new screen modes on QPC2.

Some of the zip files might be in QemuLator format (noted where known), where executable file headers have been stripped for use in Windows filing system, which doesn't understand QL headers, and been replaced by an additional file preamble with the missing details as described in Appendix 2 of the QemuLator manual. This makes them completely unsuitable for use on ALL non-QemuLator systems, sorry. Complain to the person(s) who sent me such zips in the first place. To convert back to standard QL executables, on a registered copy of QemuLator, attach the archive to a drive slot as a ZIP/QLPAK archive (right click on the drive slot and sleect that option), then copy all the files to ramdisk, then copy to a floppy disc or other QDOS media, or if transferring to another system, use ZIP to zip up the files FROM RAMDISC OR OTHER *QL* FORMAT MEDIA. Zipping up a Windows folder won't work if you want it to work on another system. If you don't understand all this, read up and learn about QL file headers.

Please note [26/01/17]: The number of adventure games on this page made it so large that I followed a suggestion from Rich Mellor to split up the Games section. Adventure games may now be found here in the Adventure Games section.

2048 - a simple yet addictive game sometimes seen on mobile phones where you have to shuffle numbers around a small 4x4 board to achieve a certain value by using cursor arrow keys. (François Lanciault) (3K) [09/10/14]

23 Bullets - Take turns to remove 23 bullets, loser takes the last one! (20K) [12/12/02]

3D Board 4x4 - try to get 4 counters in a row, 1 or 2 players (PE) (14K) [12/12/02]

Screen dump of 3D Chess3DCHESS QL - Psion Chess, modified as a QL executable by Jochen Hassler. Note: should be run in QL 512x256 mode 4, but QPC2 users can start this in high colour modes by issuing a QPC_QLSCREMU 4 command beforehand. If you find that this does not correctly draw the 3D display on some systems, try Marcel's patched version below. (31K) [03/02/19] - a version of the Psion chess program for DOS/Windows systems. Note: does not run on 64-bit Windows systems. To install, just unzip into a directory on your hard disk and run the chess.exe program. (92K) [17/06/16] - Marcel Kilgus has fixed a problem with drawing the 3D display on some systems. To run this on a high-colour QPC system, use the command QL_SCREMU 4 first. (30K) [27/02/2022]

3D maze game - guide yourself out of the maze (Edward Leigh) (5K) [12/12/02]

3D maze game - good graphics, random "jump" facility (4K) [12/12/02]

3D maze game - by Ralf Biederman (11K) [12/12/02]

3D Oxo - 3D noughts and crosses (32K) [12/12/02]

3D Tic Tac - 3D Noughts And Crosses type game on a 4x4x4 grid (T.J.Arnfield) (5K) [12/12/02] - 3D Noughts &  Crosses. A very good 3D Noughts and Crosses game. Thought to be as 3D Tic Tac above, but with a few differences and includes a compiled version. (T.J.Arnfield) (21K)

4-Game Pack - Four simple games (Musical Interlude, Wild West, Pairs and Puzzler) from Fraser Harkins (26K) [12/12/02]

Anagrams game in SuperBASIC (4K) [12/12/02]

Analizador Aritmetico v2.1 - Solves the figures problem in Spanish TV's "Cifras y Letras" program (Pedro Reina) (36K) [12/12/02]

AnalytiQL - An implementation of Eliza using ACT (ACT is the Adventure Creation Tool) (24K) (Dave Watson) [21/03/16]

Aries - a lunar lander game in SuperBASIC (3K) [12/12/02]

Attack - Shoot down the Things as they attack (3K) [12/12/02]

Atomics - a game where you try to build molecules out of different atoms by sliding things around. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (122K) [16/06/14]
Atomics sources (54K) - in a format suitable for the BASIC Linker, including the linker control file. To recompile, you'll need the library file from Wolfgang's website, or here (37K)

Balled - a puzzle game, where you have to remove lines of five (or more) balls of the same colour by moving the balls around. More appear as you move things around. Has an easy mode to practise on! Pointer driven high colour game, with sounds on suitably equipped systems (e.g. QPC2, Qx0). High score table and plenty of configuration options. Please note you must install these outptr extensions (16K)  before you can run the game. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (90K) [20/06/16]
The source code to this game is also available in Basic Linker format from the author's website, note that several sets of extensions from his site need to be installed first to use the sources.

Battle game (35K) [12/12/02]

Battleships - blast away at the computer as it tries to destroy your ships (5K) [12/12/02]

Blackjack - QL version of a well known casino card game from Oliver Neef. (29K) [02/07/23]

BlockWall - Gianni Carugno's first QL game written in the Pascal language. This is a breakout style of game. If your emulator has a speed control, set it to run at QL speed if possible as this will most likely run too fast at Gold Card speed or above. (11K) [25/11/12] - An arcade game inspired by an old 8 bit game called Boulderdash. The game needs SMSQ/E and a screen of at least 512x384 pixels in 8 bit colour.  In other words it'll run on Q68, Q60, QPC and SMSQmulator. Run the supplied boot file from job 0. A manual called help_txt is included.  (Wolfgang Lenerz) (207K) [11/05/18]

Breakout - a version of Breakout for the QL (8K) [12/12/02]

Breakout - The classic game of Breakout - demolish a wall! (4K) [12/12/02]

Breakout - Another version of breakout for the QL. (5K) [12/12/02]

Breakout - Another version of breakout for the QL, from Jean-Yves Rouffiac (8K) [12/12/02]

Breakout4 - Another break-a-brick-out-of-the-wall game. Author unknown. Works fine and fast. (3K) [12/10/15]

Bridge - A program to help you play Bridge. Now includes 3 versions of the program. The Boot program installs Turbo Toolkitto run the bridge3_bas version. Sorry, no notes as to the differences between the three versions. (Pete Etheridge)  (56K) [09/01/17] - a fourth version of the Bridge program, again not sure of the differences in each version. (71K) [26/01/17] - Bugs and Bombs. A variation on the theme of innumerable 'Snake' games, with neat MODE 8 graphics and BEEP jingles. The main challenge is to keep the voracious slime worm from chomping through itself or running into a wall. As usual, the more the worm eats, the longer it gets. (Simon N Goodwin) (7K) - Bugziacs for QL. Ported by spkr/smfx to QL from the Atari ST port by ggn/kua of the ZX Spectrum Maziacs game by Don Priestly. The ZIP file contains a microdrive image and a floppy disk image of the game. (63K) [18/09/21]

BuscaPalabras v1.2. - Solves the letters problem in Spanish TV's "Cifras y Letras", finds any word within the DRAE.(Pedro Reina) (375K) [12/12/02]

Camel - Cross the desert on a camel in this game (4K) [12/12/02]

Catchjack - a game written in SuperBASIC and based in London 1888, whereby you have to use an identikit to identify a suspec, possibly Jack The Ripper. In fact there are three versions of the game, although sadly no instructions file. Written by Joan and Ernst Pratt. I am grateful to Rich Mellor for  securing permission from the late authors' family to release this for free download. (16K) [13/01/12]

Cavern - QL-cavern game (22K) [12/12/02]

Cavern Frenzy - help the miner collect crystals in the 15 levels of caverns in this shareware game by Fraser Harkins (32K) [12/12/02]

Cazaletras v3 - A game of skill with words (Pedro Reina) (17K) [12/12/02]

CBZone - A Battlezone type tank game (322K) [12/12/02]

Cluedo - who committed the murder? Find out with this SuperBASIC version of the famous board game (4K) [12/12/02]

Connect - Hexa Puzzle is a jigsaw-style puzzle game. Move hexagonal cells across the board to combine 4 or more cells with the same faces to get one cell with a new face. The game finishes if the hexagonal cell map is full. You take and set a face with 'hit', 'do' takes the face back! Currently runs in 16-bit colour mode on QPC2 and SMSQmulator only. (40K) (Frank Dibowski) [05/04/17]

Click for full size screen dump of the Core Wars simulator screenCore Wars - a programming game in which two or more battle programs (called "warriors") compete for control of a virtual computer. These battle programs are written in an abstract assembly language called Redcode. At the beginning of a game, each battle program is loaded into memory at a random location, after which each program executes one instruction in turn. The object of the game is to cause the processes of opposing programs to terminate (which happens if they execute an invalid instruction), leaving the victorious program in sole possession of the machine. Core Wars can be described as a large and complex game. This version has been slightly adjusted by Detlef Obermann to make it easier to run than the original. Quill _doc manuals are included, Word .doc or .pdf manuals below. (103K) (Paolo Montrasio) [25/04/14]
CoreWarsSystem.doc (34K) CoreWarsSystem.pdf (51K)
CoreWarTutor.doc (49K) CoreWarTutor.pdf (79K) - a slightly different version. I haven't been able to figure out the differences between this and the above version, can anyone help?

Crazy Cards - The point of the game is to arrange the cards from left to right in ascending order and same card colour. (PE) (17K) [12/12/02] - Crazy Cards. A difficult but ingenious card game. (Quintens Pierre) (3K) - Cribbage. A version of the popular card game. (Laurence Reeves) (17K)

Cross & Diagonal - (Kreuz & Quer) game by Frank Dibowski. No instructions and written in German. If anyone knows how this game is played, please send me some instructions so I can add it to the package. (PE) (22K) [12/12/02]

Crossword Utilities - Crossword solving aid, from Tim & Catherine Swenson (171K) [12/12/02]

Cube - A game where you have to manipulate a cube (3K) [12/12/02]

Cyborg - Dominate the continent. Choose a country and aim to rule sensibly and in peace for 25 years and become elected as Ruler Of All Nations. (9K) [12/12/02]

D-Day Mk II - Demo version of D-Day Mk II, a war game for the QL (142K) [12/12/02]

DMiner v0.23 - D-Miner is a Minesweeper clone for advanced QL systems. Needs SMSQ/E v3.00 or later with GD2 (colour drivers) and QMenu by Jochen Merz. Can use the Sampled Sound System for sound effects if available on your system. (396K) (Per Witte) [29/09/13]

Damon Chaplin Games - A collection of arcade-style games from Damon Chaplin,including Assault And Battery, Pudge, Speedfreaks, and Spook (91K) [12/12/02]
Additional PDF with instructions for Pudge - Click here to download. (14K) [13/02/13]

Darts - A graphical game of darts called Bullshot (Nigel Holder) (29K) [18/04/20]

Decimal Invaders - fire matching characters at the invaders to eliminate them in this pointer driven game from the Launchpad suite. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

Decipher - A pointer driven Decipher game (Frank Dibowski) (22K) [12/12/02]

Demon - Cellular automation simulation by Alan Pemberton (11K) [14/03/11]

Diamonds - Boulderdash game clone in SuperBASIC (Thomas Much) (8K) [12/12/02]

Dino - a QL version of the classic browser game where you control a little dinosaur running through the desert. Jump over the cactuses - they are fatal if you crash into them. A horizontally scrolling simple platform game. Written in SuperBASIC, with notes on modifying the program yourself. Can be compiled with Turbo or QLiberator if you wish. Too slow to run on a standard QL, but should run on anything from Gold Card upward, on QDOS or SMSQ/E systems. See the instructions in dino_doc for how to configure the running speed for your system. Try the Demo Mode where you can see what you're up against first! (15K) (D. Jones) [27/05/22]

Diplomacy Games Master - Diplomacy is a board game for up to 7 players each representing a "Great Power" before the first World War. The aim of the game is the domination of Europe. Each player has a number of "units" either "armies" or "fleets" but since the number of these units are limited to the number of "supply centres" that the player controls and each unit is of equal strength, world domination is far harder in this game than any other board game on the market. The skill in Diplomacy lies in the players abilities to make and break alliances and use of clever stratergies. The problem with the game is that unambiguous orders are required for each unit and movement of all "units" in the game occur simultaneously when the orders are resolved.   The Diplomacy Games Master program provides to Diplomacy players an impartial referee to resolve all of the Great Powers' orders. The orders are easily entered into the Sinclair QL computer and when all arrangements and plans for the season's campaigns has finished, it resolves all the moves accurately and without prejudice. The program also provides other Games Master services of time keeping, unit adjustments, keeping note of who owns which supply centres and also storage and retrieval of the state of play (this latter feature is very important since a game may take many hours/days to finish.) (48K) [28/11/17]
NOTE: Filenames include CHR$(1) as first character of the "save" files, so after unzipping you will need to rename the save0, save1, save11, save12 and save15 files as follows (this example assumes the files are on ram1_): RENAME "ram1_save0" TO "ram1_"&CHR$(1)&"save0"

Domino - two versions of dominoes (18K) [12/12/02]

Dominoes - The game of Dominoes (21K) [12/12/02]

Dominoes 2 - Two domino games from Norway (12K) [14/03/11]

Draughts published in QL Today (5K) [12/12/02]

Einstein - Change colours to target colours-not as easy as it looks! (PE) (16K) [12/12/02]

Ekotek - The - Now released as freeware, the zip file for The Simulator (flight simulator) by Ekotek contains a floppy disk image created with QemuLator, and some instructions in a text file (readme.txt) on how it can be used to make new working floppy disks if required - as it is still copy protected. At the moment it's only really suitable for use with QemuLator (or possibly other emulators able to handle disk images), although the disk image master can be used to make working disk copies. This version (as of 01/04/14) has a modification described in the manual to use the program in MODE 4, so the boot file, the Readme and Runcopy.img have been modified so you can switch also to mode 4, done by the F3 commands inside the program. I am grateful to Detlef Obermann for his work in making this available, with the assistance of Tobias Fröschle. (676K) [01/04/14]
Manuals - we are grateful to Ian Burkinshaw for his work in reproducing the original manuals and maps as closely as possible, including page colours.
Manual.pdf - The main manual as a PDF file (596K) [25/03/14]
Manual 2.pdf - Maps and controls crib sheets (308K) [25/03/14]

Exploding Atoms - Explode Atoms game (20K) [12/12/02]

Film Fun - Control your budgets carefully to make profitable movies! (4K) [12/12/02]

Final Conflict - This is the German version of the well known war simulation from Oliver Neef in 1987. Build up your armies and try to take over the world. (K) [23/01/16]

Financial Climes - a stock market management game (shareware) (70K) [12/12/02] - Fives v2 A version of a French Five in a row game. Like connect 4. (Converted and Tweeked by Alan Pywell). (1K)

Fleet Tactical Command II for QPC2 - A patched version of the Fleet Tactical Command II Demo. This patch allows you to play the game in QPC2. It also allows you to play a Network game between two copies of QPC2 either on the same PC, or two PCs connected over a local area network. It is supplied as two small QXL.WIN files in which act as FLP1 & 2. There are two documents supplied. Operate, is a tidied up version of the Operate text file supplied with the FTCIIDemo. Fleet Tactical Command II for QPC2, is notes on using the patched version, updating the full version, and instructions for using IPVirtPrint, whichis a Virtual Text Only Printer for use with FTCII, where the game's print output can be displayed in a Windows program outside of QPC2. (Martin Head) [10/04/17] - (405K) Fleet Tactical Command II Demo version. - (2.6MB) Virtual Text Only Printer
Operate.doc - (161K) Tidied up version of the Operate text file supplied with the FTCII demo, Word .doc version
Operate.pdf - (260K) Tidied up version of the Operate text file supplied with the FTCII demo, PDF file version
Fleet Tactical Command II for QPC2.doc - (6.5MB) - Notes on using the patched version of FTCII, updating the full version, and instructions for using IPVirtPrint, Word .doc version
Fleet Tactical Command II for QPC2.pdf - (4.3MB) Notes on using the patched version of FTCII, updating the full version, and instructions for using IPVirtPrint, .PDF file version.

The original demo version of Fleet Tactical Command may be found on the Demo Versions page.

Flightdeck - Demo version (time limited) of Flightdeck flight simulator (49K) [12/12/02]

Football Manager v1.3 - football management strategy game by M V Mitchell (49K) [12/12/02]

Fred - A collection of three games. Poker, Black Jack and High Low. German _doc file (51K) [23/01/16]

Froggy - guide the frog home by navigating across the busy road. Runs on 128K system only. (6K) (Tony Day) [12/07/16]

Fruit machine v1.2 - a colourful fruit machine game by K. Millington. Gamble without losing too much money! (5K) [12/12/02]

FSG is a sprites package for QL SuperBASIC, written by Frank Linder in Sweden back in the 1980s. FSG stands for "Frank's Sprite Generator"! It was written in the 1980s but never released commercially. Frank has now given permission for it to be released as Freeware. The package includes an icon editor, screens editor and music editor, along with some very playable sample demo games including Heli (a helicopter game), Aste (based on Asteroids), Grott (a cave/mountain adventure game) and Combat (2 player helicopter game). Note that the package only runs on a system with QL mode 8 screen resolution and colour mode, with system variables atthe address of an original QL system. Sprite control is via a comprehensive set of BASIC extensions, creating games which can run interpreted in SuperBASIC and compilable with Q-Liberator. (Frank Linder) (120K) [21/12/12]
Rewritten documentation has been prepared by Lee Privett for  FSG, available as a Word document and PDF file:
Download PDF file (4.3MB)
Download Word document (514K)

Full House - A fruit machine poker game like the ones found in the German pubs of the 1980s. Written in 100% machine code. Superb colour graphics. Made freeware in 2018 with permission of the author. Described in the review below from QL World as "good fun to play, worryingly addictive." (11K) (Jochen Merz) [21/05/18]
Review of the game from QL World:Full_House_Review.pdf (273K, PDF file) or Full_House_Review.docx (2MB, Word file)
Full House Manual (thanks to Bob Spelten jr. for scanning it) as a PDF (84K) file, Word (15K) file, or QL plain text (3K) file. [24/05/18] - Galaxia. An Australian Galaxians game. Shoot the swooping space invaders, while dodging their bombs. (3K)

Galaxy -Galaxy AD2370 is a game from QBits, where the aim is to annihilate the opposition, namely take all of the Computer Player Star Systems so there are none left from which to recover and retaliate. The Computer will of course try to do likewise, by increasing its number of occupied Star Systems and taking any Star Systems it can from the Game Players. The level of complexity in arriving at such a result is dependent on the strategies employed. Therefore, whoever achieves this primary goal wins the Game. (S.M.Bourne) (15K) [28/01/2020]
QBGalaxyAD2370v4DL.pdf QBGalaxyAD2370v4DL.pdf(1.77MB) - Manual for Galaxy AD2370 as a PDF file. [28/01/2020] - An enhanced version 5, especially for QPC2 emulators. (2.2MB)

Gambler - A Norwegian gambling game (13K) [14/03/11]

Gambler - Three different board games in one package - Backgammon, Dame (checkers/draughts) and Mühle (Nine Men's Morris). Doc is in German. (36K) (Uwe Rabbe) [23/01/16]

GeeGees - Bet on the horses without losing all your money! (D.Jones) (23K) [12/12/02]

Ghost - Pacman derivative - eat pill, kill ghost, go home (T.Jorasson) (3K) [12/12/02]

GNU Chess - GNU chess game (274K) [12/12/02]

Go - "Go" from Jerome Grimbert (38K) [12/12/02]

Golf - A graphical Golf game (32K) [12/12/02]

Golf 2 - another golf game, with 100 courses. This is the full length version of the SuperBASIC game golf, for which an abridged listing was published in the May 1985 issue of QL User magazine. (R. Shergold and D Tose) [12/12/02]

Golfer - Another graphical golf game (6K) [12/12/02] - Gomuku v1.0 A game from the Spanish (QLiper) Club. Appears to be a 'Connect 4' type game, Get five men in a line, and stop five robots forming a line. Includes SuperBASIC source code. (Sergio Montoro) (12K)

Grey Wolf (German version) - based on a U-boat mission during World War II. In this simulation, you command the German submarine and your aim is to sink as much allied shipping as possible, while avoiding depth charges, destroyers and planes. The English language version is available from RWAP Software (Oliver Neef) (113K) [23/01/16]

Gunner - arcade-style shoot-em-up game, fast and furious action (8K) [12/12/02]

Hangman - Guess the word game, with 12,000 word list. (D. Jones) (72K) [03/12/10]

Heads And Tails - gamble your money on the toss of a coin with this short and simple SuperBASIC game. Needs the CURSEN and CURDIS extensions from Toolkit 2. (2K) [12/12/02]

Hexpawn - a simple pointer driven game based on chess pawns. This is one of the accessory programs from the Launchpad suite. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones)

Infernal - "Infernal" game from Jerome Grimbert (30K) [12/12/02]

International Cricket by Nigel Holder (31K) [18/04/20]

Invaders - shoot down the invading Greek letters in this shoot-em-up game from Jean-Yves Rouffiac (6K) [12/12/02]

Invaders 2 - Prevent the aliens from Zog turning your planet into a giant roman candle. (10K) [14/03/11]

Life - The game of Life (Ralf Biedermann) (23K) [14/03/11]

Limited Over Cricket - play cricket on your QL, you can even define your own team, or enter details of your favourite team! (24K) [12/12/02]

Lucas - A pointer driven tiles game from Wolfgang Lenerz (4K) [12/12/02]

Lunar - A lunar lander game-guide your craft gently down to the moon (David Nowotnik) (4K) [12/12/02]

Match v1.01 - take turns to remove matches from a pile, the one who is forced to take the last one loses. Per Witte version of Nim. [12/12/02]

Maze 3Dn - A Norwegian 3D maze game. (4K) [14/03/11] - The Maze v1.00 A small SuperBASIC maze game. Roam a maze of coloured doors. If you don't have the right keys for the doors, you have to answer questions. (7K)

Mazes - Maze generation routines plus 3D maze game (17K) [12/12/02]

Memo - A memory game where you must match pairs of cards (PE, W.Lenerz) (12K) [12/12/02]

Minefield - A challenging game (needs PE) (24K) [12/12/02]

Mine Sweeper- Mine Sweeper game under PE (35K) [12/12/02]

Mine Sweeper - Mine Sweeper game (22K) [12/12/02]

Misery Guts - Conversational program based on Eliza but not as polite! (7K) [14/03/11]

Mission X - Defuse bombs with a robot (Thomas Much) (12K) [12/12/02]

Monopoly - property trading board game (95K) [12/12/02]

Monopoly - property trading board game, this version written in SuperBASIC (5K) [12/12/02] - Mountaineer. You are the leader of a team of men. In the team are climbers, sherpas and porters. Your ultimate objective is to get at least one climber up to the summit of a mountain. (Alan Pywell) (18K)

M-Cosmic - a jump-n-run game. [22/10/15]
FLP version (25K) - floppy disc version
MDV version (25K) - microdrive version

M-Crunch - a pacman-style game [03/02/19]
FLP version (10K) - floppy disc version
MDV version (10K) - microdrive version

M-Treasure - a machine coded platform. Manoeuvre around the screens picking up various amounts of treasure, at the same time avoiding various creatures that are trying to stop you from collecting the treasure. Best played with a joystick, but can be played with cursor keys (left/right to move, up to stand up, down to crouch down). Pick up treasures by moving over them.
FLP version (16K) - floppy disk version
MDV version (16K) - microdrive cartridge version

M-Metropolis - an overhead flying game, reminiscent of Citadel, where you fly around a world of about 50 screens, where you try to reunite the world by collecting together the sets of emblens representative of the East and West, while avoiding guns firing at you and police cars. The game is controlled by cursor arrow keys or cursor emulating joysticks.
FLP version (28K) - floppy disk version
MDV version (28K) - microdrive version - Numbermind. A "MasterMind" Type game. (Jon Pennycook) (3K)

Othello - a strategy board game. Plays quite a strong game. Does not work on Minerva 1.97 at the moment unfortunately. (Kenneth A. Tait) (22K) [30/01/05]
Kenneth has written a couple of pages of instructions which can be printed from here:
Instructions for QL Othello | How to play the game of Othello

Othello 2 - A French game of Othello (9K) [14/03/11] - Othello v1.01 A classic board game. Includes 'C' source code. (Richard Kettlewell) (22K)

Pacman - An implementation of the Pacman game for the QL (S. Deary) (4K) [12/12/02]

Paladin - a Space Invaders-type game for the QL, written in assembler. From Steven Hollywood and Ian Williams of Arrakis. [12/12/02]

Parallax - Space trading game (Thomas Much) (12K) [12/12/02]

PC vs QL - QL's chance to get revenge on PCs in this game (5K) [12/12/02]

Pente - "Pente" game from Jerome Grimbert (28K) [12/12/02]

Phill Sproston Games. A set of games written in SuperBasic. Originally published by Quantum Soft in the 1980s, they have now been released as freeware by the author. (Phillip Sproston) (38K) [02/06/09]

Pirate Islands - is based on a common dice game. Collect as much treasure as you can without getting caught by the navy. Up to 10 players can play, each can be either a human or computer player. Each player takes turns to visit 3 islands, the islands can be empty, have treasure or a navy patrol. You choose when to stop visiting the islands, try to get the most treasure without getting caught 3 times. If you do, they confiscate your treasure and your turn ends. The first player to acquire 13 treasures triggers the end of the game, the remaining players get to carry on until all have had the same number of turns. The player with the most treasure wins. Written in SuperBASIC. The zip file includes an MDV image of the game. Note: only works on 512x256 displays due to direct POKEs to the screen. (Mark Bennett) (17K) [21/10/22]

Pontoon game in SuperBASIC (5K) [12/12/02]

Puzzel - Reassemble the triangles, matching colours and patterns (PE) (21K) [05/04/17]

Puzzle - Unscramble the 15 numbers. A game from W. Lenerz (PE) (9K) [12/12/02]

DJ Puzzle- Unscramble the letetrs or numbers in the old game, ased on a 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 puzzle. (PE, Wman2) (38K) [03/11/10]

Q-Games - a pack of 6 games, Starport2001, Britain, Bomber, Multimaze, Darts and Skyburst [12/12/02]

QBall - Game of skill requiring precise cursor control (11K) [12/12/02] - A small set of educational games, Clocks_Tables, Spellbear (hangman) and Conundrum. (21K) (S.M.Bourne) [28/01/2020]
QBConundrum.pdf - Conundrum manual as a PDF file. (995K)

QBdarts - A darts game of 301 or 501 where you must start and end on a double, or Clock-face 1-20 doubles ending with 25 and 50. From QBits (S.M.Bourne) (4K) [12/02/17]
Manual as a PDF file (1.36MB).

QBert - QBert game for the QL, BASIC and compiled versions. (15K) [12/12/02]

QBgolf2017 - An update of the Q-Bits golf game. Play an 18 hole roundof golf. Play against other generated players to compare scores. Pit your skills at Power Driving off the tee and Putting the ball once you reach the green. (S.S.Bourne) (14K) [12/02/17]
Manual as a PDF file (1.8MB) - QBits Maze is a multi-level 3D maze game. The aim is to seek out the Treasures of the Maze while defending against and defeating the Guardians encountered along the way. Apart from the Key Stone all Treasures are acquired upon entering the Grid cell containing them; Coins of Karnak, Mask of Wisdom or Ring of Power each adding to the Points scored. The Key Stone location offers a choice of Y/N between taking the Key Stone or leaving it for a later pickup. Accepting the Key Stone will immediately activate the Portal to other Levels, apart from when leaving Level five. To reach the Sphere of Destiny all remaining Guardians have to be defeated first. Entering the Sphere of Destiny and Matching the Key Stones to activate the Time Portal can deplete your Score dramatically even leading to a failed attempt. The strategy is therefore mostly a balance between gaining as higher Point count with minimum Moves as possible, while managing to defeat all Guardians. So preparing for a heavy sacrifice of Points to activate the Time Portal and save Humanity. Written in BASIC, two versions. (S. Bourne) (20K) [13/01/2020]
QBMazeQPCDec2019.pdf - manual for Qbits Maze, PDF file. (1.6MB)

QBMD - A Minesweeper style of game from QBits, the first game program from this author (S.M.Bourne) (4K) [12/02/17]

QBWH - Click on image for full size screen dump from this program.Storeman_Sam and Warehouse_Sam combined into a program called QBits Warehouse (or QBWH for short). Try to manage a warehouse, invoices, deliveries, stock movement etc. (S.M.Bourne) (21K) [12/02/17]
Manual as a PDF file (1.6MB)

Screen dump of the QJewels gameQJewels - based on the popular Jewels games, this version for GD2 systems (e.g. QPC2) is a colourful and (if you have the Sampled Sound System installed on your system) noisy game. Arrange three or more jewels in a horizontal or vertical line to remove them and earn points - to move a jewel just drag and drop it one square away to form a line of three or more of those jewels. Standard or compact screen display. "Hint" mode. Automatic "no more moves" display. To be able to run this game you'll need a GD2 hi-res display system and SMSQ/E. Sampled Sound System optional - get sound accompaniment if you have that system. Most basic requirement - lots of time! If you're anything like me you'll waste a lot of time on this game, written for QL systems by Tobias Fröschle. (173K) [15/07/12]

"QLbert" game from Jerome Grimbert (24K) [12/12/02]

QLConquest-click for full size pictureQL Conquest - game of world domination in the age of exploration between six tribal nations. They fight and explore the world with the objective of controlling the world's rare resources: gold, gems, spice, medicine and oil. The winner is the nation to control all five resources. In QL Conquest each nation can be controlled by a player or by the computer. So up to six players can take part in the game or the QL can control all 6 nations. (76K) (Andy Pritchard) [09/01/17]

QL Flugtrainer - (72K) Flugtrainer is German for Flight Trainer. This program simulates in reatime a mid distance passenger aircraft.
Features: Moving 3D-graphic at start and landing, Instrumental flight gauges, 10 continental airports.
The author is Kazim Bahar
Thanks to Detlef Obermann, permission has been given for free download of this program. Detleft has provided an English translation from the original German. A manual is available below, in Word .doc and .PDF file format. [16/03/16]

QLF_Manual_en.doc (3.7MB) - Word .doc file manual
QLF_Manual_en.pdf (484K) - .PDF file manual

QL Games Cartridge - The original QL games cartridge supplied with the QL! Includes the games Pirate, Zfred, Gun, Breakout and Hunt (Treasure Hunt).
Please note that if you downloaded this before 27/03/14 you may find it does not work due to a missing file called 'mc' which caused the Breakout game to fail, so you should download this amended version. The problem areas have  been rectified by Rich Mellor, many thanks Rich. This now needs Toolkit II to get the Zfred game to work on more than a standard 128K RAM QL. Rich has also added a MODE 8 command at the start of the Treasure Hunt game to improve the look of the display when it is first run. (33K) [28/03/14]
Sinclair_games_cartridge_letter.pdf - a scanned PDF of the original 2-page instructions letter sent out by Sinclair with the QL Games Cartridge. (336K) - QLingo v2.1 QLINGO is a game which is based on a popular Dutch TV programme called Lingo. In short, QLINGO is an addictive and slightly educational game of skill and luck which requires knowledge of words and logic. Not suitable for Minerva. (Carlo Delhez) (40K)

QLotski - a sliding tile type of game, where you have to move blocks to defined locations. Based on the game of Klotski. Slide the tile with dots on it to the location shown in green by moving the other tiles around to make room. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (86K) [29/05/15]
Source files also available to download (38K)

QLTris - A pointer driven Tetris game from Wolfgang Lenerz (6K) [12/12/02]

QL Tron 2010 - Tron Light Cycles for the QL by Martin Neuss. This is the 2010 version which includes a networked version. (60K) [14/03/11]

QL War - QL War game (95K) [12/12/02]

QOpoly - A Beta-shareware Monopoly/Spin-The-Bottle game (from Europro) (61K) [12/12/02]

QPuzzle v1.0 A very difficult sliding squares puzzle game. Will you be able to redraw the famous little ghost. Supports joystick and cursor keys. You can choose the difficulty of play. An old favourite. (E. Verbeek) (8K) [12/12/02]

QL Othello (Reversi) board game, by Richard Green (24K) [12/12/02]

QSlam - Slam has not done the washing up last week. He has to collect the diamonds. Use the cursor arrow keys to control the game. Dig to pick up the items. Dodge the cave ghosts and monsters.  Before slam reaches the exit he must collect all the diamonds. Get extra points and lives if you can work out how. If the current level gets hopeless, press SPACE to repeat it. This is MDV version, runs in 128K RAM.QSlam was made freeware in 2015 by its author. (Uwe Raabe) (53K) [28/02/15] - Q-Slot is a simulation of a slot machine. The german.txt file doesn't contain too muchuseful information so just play and enjoy! (Soenke Mueller-Lund) (26K) [22/10/15] - Quiz v1.01 A conversational program that quizes you. (10K)

Quizmaster II - a pub quiz type of game, updated by Rich Mellor to load in extra sets of questions. Formerly commercial program from Impact Entertainments, now released as freeware. (113K) (A Czerbakoi and P. Jones) [13/02/14]

Quzzle - Two versions of a sliding block puzzle from R.J.Weekes (PE) (22K) [12/12/02]

Radar - Air Traffic Control of unknown aircraft in a war zone (7K) [12/12/02]

Radar 2 - Norwegian radar control program (6K) [14/03/11]

React - Tests your reaction time. Press SPACE as quick as you can when the "*" appears, the program shows your reaction time at the bottom of the screen. Press ESC to end the program. This version has been patched to work on SMSQ/E systems. (2K) [14/03/11]

Recconaissance - You are a member of an elite corps whose assignment is to establish the precise location of four high explosive ordnance stores within an enemy camp prior to a bombing raid. You cannot gain admittance to the camp and so can only prowl about the perimeter and fire a maser (microwave-laser) rifle in to try to establish the locations of the ordnance. No manual, but scans of the original magazine article included for information. (Arrakis) (839K) [21/08/16]

Reversi - The game of Reversi (Othello) by Frank Dibowski (PE) (23K) [12/12/02]

Reversi - The game of Reversi (Othello) by Andy Pritchard. Written in BASIC. No instructions, but just use cursor arrow keys to select piece to move and ENTER to register the move. Press Esc if you can't move. (3K) [28/12/17]

Rockfall is a game written originally by Andy Toone for CGH Services. The author has now given his blessing to releasing this as Freeware. Available in two formats, one for QemuLator users (simply download and attach the zip file to a drive slot in QemuLator and it can be run direct from that zip file) and another for everyone else.

Rockfall zip file for QemuLator - (10K) [18/11/12]
Rockfall zip file for other systems - (10K) [18/11/12]

Rubik's Area - align the colours. Frank Dibowski (PE) (20K) [12/12/02]

Runway - clear an area for the aircraft to land before it's too late! (5K) [12/12/02]

SAM - Surface Air Missile. A Missile Command game written in BASIC. No instructions unfortunately - could do with someone taking a look at and updating the code (e.g. to slow it down on fast systems), any volunteers? (Andy Pritchard) (25K)

Same - Ksame-like game under PE (15K) [05/04/17] - Santa Game. Christmas fun. Help Santa catch the Reindeers by herding them into the pen. (3K) - Santa's Maze. Christmas is under threat! Some evil person has let all of Santa's reindeer loose in a maze and hidden some of the children's presents in there too. Santa is beside himself with worry - help to save Christmas by guiding Santa around the maze to recover all the reindeers and presents! Game written in SuperBASIC. Needs Toolkit 2. (7K) The evil hordes of Lunar 7 have taken over the five planets of the Sector X solar system. In order to regain the peace on Sector X, you have been equipped with the last available space ship squadron, but the armament and firepower of your ship is rather limited, so you have to shoot down the enemy's energy balls in order to gain extra weapons of which there are five available. Once you have banished the enemies from one of the five planet surfaces, you will be taken to space to destroy the mothership and after that the command-eye. Needs 256K RAM and Minerva to work. A fun shoot 'em up game, now released as freeware. (Horst Spierling) (54K) [27/03/18]
Sector X - Manual.pdf The manual for this game, as a PDF file. (336K)

Segundero v2.1 - A game that promotes the numeric memory (P.Reina) (31K) [12/12/02]

Shire - manage the estate's finances. Try to become king or queen in this Kingdom-style game. (8K) [12/12/02]

Skat is a card game of German origin (14K) [12/12/02]

Small Square Game from Jerome Grimbert (PE) 0-2 players (32K) [12/12/02]

Snake - Snake game, eat the numbers but avoid the snake's own tail (16K) [12/12/02]

Snake - Another snake game, by Christian Gavin. This one is set in a pacman-style maze (7K) [12/12/02]

Snake - Another snake game, by I. Jordan (4K) [12/12/02]

Snakes - Classic Snake And Ladders game (up the ladders, down snakes) (4K) [12/12/02]

Sokoban - Block pushing game, by Per-Erik Forssen (7K) [12/12/02]

Solitaire - the classic peg game, try to remove all pieces from the cross shaped board by capturing pieces in turn (Pedro Reina) (52K) [12/12/02] - Solitaire. The Old Board & Peg Game. Based on the Solitaire program, from PCW, June 1987 (Julian Vincent) (8K)

Solvit Plus - Freeware version of Solvit Plus (word games aid from Geoff Wicks) (344K) [12/12/02]

SoQLoban - A Sokoban style game (Wolfgang Lenerz) (90K) [01/06/14]
SoQLoban sources (34K) - in a format suitable for the BASIC Linker, including the linker control file. To recompile, you'll need the library file from Wolfgang's website, or here (37K) - Space Pods is an asteroids clone with vector graphics. (Simon Quinn) (19K) [22/10/15] - MDV version of Space Pods that works with the Mist FPGA computer (Simon Quinn) (40K) [24/01/17]

Space Invaders - a machine coded version of space invaders by P. Mackinnon (8K) [12/12/02]

Space Raid game, a version of Scramble (Martin Mamo) (17K) [12/12/02]

Squidgy Squidgy around the world is a colourful little arcade game, a former commercial program from DJC now kindly made freeware by the author. Note that it only works in QL mode 8 and that the PLACExx files should be on a disk in FLP2_. The manual is a file called INTRO_TXT.(Michael A. Crowe) (141K) [24/07/07]
Some people have been unable to get the Squidgy game to work with the PLACExx files in FLP2_, so here's a version (177K) which runs entirely from flp1_ and can run from hard disk using the SUB command with path set to flp1_. The adaptation for this version was done by Detlef Obermann.
IMPORTANT: It's not possible to run the Squidgy game as a mounted ZIP under Q-emulator. You need to expand  it  to a real folder, independent of whether it's on an emulator or on an Black Box QL (we think that's caused bý the write protection, the progam tries to write highscore files).

Starburst - a shoot them up type of Space Caverns game (20K) [12/12/02] - Starport is a invaders clone. Arcade action by K. Jeffery (12K) [22/10/15]

Star Cruiser - The once proud Xuthilian Empire fleet lies in ruins, devastated by an alien force of immense power. You join as a Space Cadet and gain promotion through the ranks by successfully landing your star cruiser. An arcade game by Fraser Harkins. (11K) [12/12/02]

Star Trek - a Star Trek game (158K) [12/12/02]

Star Trek - Phasers, Klingons, Shields, Warp Engines, Photon Torpedoes, yes it must tbe the classic game of Star Trek. Updated by Tomas Kral in 2015, this update of the game is supplied to run from two microdrives (supplied as separate zipped files), although it can be run from disk with an FLP_USE command. Unfortunately, it will only run on systems where the screen address is the same as that of the original QL, decimal 131072 - try starting an emulator in QL compatible 512x256 screen mode for the best chance of compatibility. The boot file lets you choose whether or not to start the instructions job as well as the game itself. The game will run on a 128K RAM QL. (microdrive 1 - 15K) (microdrive 2 - 32K) (43K) - Super Star Trek is another version of the Star Trek theme. It's version 2.31 and from 1986, author unknown. [22/10/15]

Sudoku program - Program to help solve 3x3 and 4x4 Sudoku puzzles (74K) (George Gwilt) [17/06/06]

Sudoku sources- Sources to the Sudoku program above. (38K) (George Gwilt) [17/06/06]

Sudoku - A pointer driven Sudoku program. Design your own puzzles, have the program make one for you, or save/load to/from disk, and if you find the puzzle is too hard it will even solve it for you! (24K) (Frank Dibowski) [05/04/17]

Supremacy - Tactical game based on the popular game of Risk (24K) [12/12/02]

Surround - Avoid getting trapped by the computer while moving around (5K) [12/12/02]

SWIPE - An early version of SuperBasic Windows Icon Pointer Environment from Andy Pritchard. This version includes a calculator and a Mines type game. SWIPE was designed to be controlled by joystick on CTRL2, i.e. F1 to F5 keys. (20K) [21/03/16]

Tetris - the game of Tetris for the QL, from P. Delmas (25K) [12/12/02]
also available translated to English by Hand Helscher - click here (17K)

Tetris 3 - Tetris Spanish style, plays a very good game (17K) [14/03/11]

The Wall-click for full size pictureThe Wall - You are faced with a wall made up of coloured tiles. Destroy the wall by clicking on a tile with at least one like-coloured tile(s) next to it (but not diagonally). If no tile is left, you win. It seems easy at first, but you must plan ahead! Uses extended colours for the tiles. A formerly commercial game, now released as freeware. (21K) (Wolfgang Lenerz) [09/01/17]
The source files for The Wall is also available here. (36K) - QL THINGS. We've all at one time or another come across an ANIMALS program where the computer tries to guess which animal you're thinking of. All the time, the program learns from your replies until it seems to become able to make  intelligent deductions with unnerving accuracy by adding all new information to its database. Such a program is often presented when talking in terms of "artificial intelligence". I tend to think of this kind of program in a lighter sort of way, more as an interesting programming exercice than artificial intelligence, so I have taken what is theoretically a fairly straight-forward routine and given it new facilities that make it a significant advance over many previously published versions. (Dilwyn Jones) (10K)

Threes - A game where you have to match the pairs of icons (29K) [12/12/02]

Towers Of Hanoi - The classic game of Towers Of Hanoi (16K) [12/12/02]

Towers Of Hanoi - Another Towers Of Hanoi demonstration, in SuperBASIC (1K) [12/12/02]

Trek - A star-trek game for the QL (26K) [12/12/02]

Troll - a French role playing game, which also lets you create and edit the scenarios via the built in editor module. The first adventure "Le Château du Prince félon" - "The Castle of Prince Traitor" is included. Currently, although English and French versions of the game are available, I only have a French manual. (Phillippe Laurent)
English version of Troll (17K)
French version of Troll (17K)
Manual - PDF in French (830K)

Tron - A light cycle game, in which you travel around the screen avoiding mines and other light cycles, which seems easy but as you move you leave a light trail behind you, which must be avoided (Phil Sproston) (7K) [14/03/10]

txtElite - a QL port of the text version of Elite, the space trading game, version 1.6 ported to QL by Derek Stewart. A brieftext file is included in the archive, and you can findmore information at . (34K) [10/08/14]

Tunnel - Help Freddy The Frog collect Opales in this pacman style game (21K) [12/12/02]

Two Up - Simple heads and tails game - which gets to 20 first? (1K) [12/12/02] - Ultimate Snake. Guide the snake around the screen picking up pellets, avoiding obstacales, and not eating your tail. (Alan Pywell) (37K)

UR - The Royal Game of UR. This game is a two-player race to get all seven of your counters from one end of the board to the other, first played thousands of years ago in the Middle East, it has now been recreated for vintage computers. More information about the game at . Versions are available here for the Altair 8800 (16k Basic), ZX Spectrum 48k, ZX81 (16k), Sinclair QL (file called URql_bas plus an MDV image file called URql.mdv) and Cambridge Z88. Except for the Altair, they all use the BASIC that was supplied in the machine, and all use the same game engine. The Z88 and QL versions make use of the more advanced BASIC features such as parameterised procedures. The display of each version is basically the same layout, but with differences for each computer's graphic capabilities. (Mark Bennett) (366K) [21/010/22]

Vicious Viper - a Centipede-style game (I. Humpreys) (6K) [12/12/02]

Wedgie - a chess game written in SuperBASIC, including a compiled version (R. D. Lorenz) (25K) [12/12/02]

Werner - a game inspired by Boulderdash, where the character Werner must callect all the beer bottles. Includes level editor and sprite editor to customise the game. A German game, with instructions machine translated to English. Note: in QemuLator ZIP format, won't work on any other system. (K. H. Schäfer) (43K)
Here's a version I've tried to convert back to QL filing system, no idea if my conversion attempts worked as I don't have time to test. (43K)

Westward-Ho - Westward Ho is a QL port in SuperBASIC of a 1986 educational role-playing game in turn based on the well-known 1970s game The Oregon Trail, designed to teach schoolchildren about the realities of 19th century pioneer life on The Oregon Trail. The player assumes the role of a wagon leader guiding his family of five settlers from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley over the Oregon Trail via a Conestoga wagon in 1848. You start off with a fixed sum of money which must be spent carefully at forts en-route on food, ammunition, medicine, etc. All sorts of hazards and illnesses face you, and you must decide whether to hunt, run from hostiles approaching, etc. You must make good decisions, spend your money wisely, not waste too much time hunting and encounter some good luck to join the few who made it safely as settlers to the destination! (David Denham) (12K) - Slippery Whatsname. Another Snake game. (A Pywell) (16K) - Wipeout v1.0 Kill the Kloryons, while avoiding collisions with mines. Includes 'C' source code. (Salvador Merino) (21K)

Wizard - a multi-screen arcade game (30KB) [12/12/02] - Wordsearch generates hidden word puzzles like those published in magazines. Find the words amid a grid of random letters. 11,000 word dictionary. Needs expanded memory. (D. Jones) (75K) [20/12/10] - practise your typing by copying random words or letters floating around the screen. Try to get your typing speed as high as possible. Using the numbers-only option, you can practise using the numeric keypad to speed up your data entry. 11,000 word dictionary supplied. (D. Jones) (75K) [20/12/10] -   Word Search Squares. Creates Word Search puzzles with hidden words chosen by you in a grid, As found in magazines. (Simon Phipps) (3K)

Wordwise - Hangman game combined with word meanings game (12K) [12/12/02]

Worm Germ - a shareware centipede clone by Nick Ward (14K) [12/12/02]

X-Words - a handy little program to help with crossword solving and other word games. Search the supplied 21,000 word list (or any plain text word list, tested up to 300,000 words!) using wildcards '?' and '*' to replace unknown letters or parts of words, e.g. M*E lists words starting with M and ending with E, while A???E finds 5 letter words starting with A and ending with E, *ing lists all words ending with "ing". (David Denham) (84K) [24/03/08]

Xox - A simple puzzle, which may amuse small children. The author says the colour sprite is generated on the fly so someone may be interested in how this is programmed. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (50K) [29/05/15]

Yahtzee -dice game written in SuperBASIC (3K) [12/12/02]

Zapman - a version of pacman written in machine code for the QL (Lee Miles) (14K) [12/12/02]

Zauberkarten - Magic Cards, a pointer driven card game (22K) [12/12/02]

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