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Most of the packages on this site are in zip file format - QL Zip and Unzip packages are available from the Archivers page on this site, and current versions can also be obtained from the website of the official maintainer of the QDOS Info-zip package, Jonathan Hudson. Note that if QL programs are unzipped using non-QDOS versions of Unzip, the QDOS executable file header will usually be lost and the programs may not work as intended.

All the software packages here are for the Sinclair QL computer and its compatibles, unless otherwise stated.

Broken executables, lost dataspaces and executable file headers after unzipping in Windows (program gives a "bad parameter" error after unzipping in non-QDOS environment), etc - have a look at this blog post.

Archivers Archiving programs for the QL: Arc, Bzip, Compress, Compact, Gzip, Tar, Har, Lha, Unrar, Unarj, Zip, ACP
Assembler tools Assemblers, Disassemblers, Monitor, Trap handler, FPU support code etc
Backup tools Backup your software with these utilities.
BASIC Some QL SuperBASIC and SBASIC programs.
Benchmarking programs Some benchmark programs for assessing system performance.
Business and finance Various business utility programs.
C compilers and utilities C68 compiler, Libraries and tools
Chas Dillon program sources Sources of QL programs written by Chas Dillon and formerly sold by PDQL and DP Ltd.
Clipart Clipart collections, mostly in QL screen or compressed screen formats.
Config block utilities A collection of software for creating, reading or modifying configuration blocks for QL executable programs.
Database Various database packages, file cataloguers, etc
Demo versions Demonstration versions of commercial QL software (some rather old)
Dictionaries and word lists Various dictionary files, programs and QTYP spell-checking dictionaries
Documentation files Replacement manuals, tutorials, articles and general QL-related articles.
E-zines (Club QL, QItaly, QHJ, etc) Various QL-related e-Zines (electronic magazines)
Editors and text viewers Text editors, file viewers etc.
Educational and children's programs Some educational programs and texts.
Emulators Sinclair QL emulators for various platforms.
File handling programs Various file handling programs, IDE driver utilities etc.
File transfer programs File and disk transfer utilities
Fonts QL system fonts, DTP fonts, Line Design (Proforma) fonts.
Front Ends Front end software and program launchers for QDOS and SMSQ/E
Games - Adventures The adventure games section has grown so large it's now been split off from the main games page to have its own page!
Games - Other A large collection of QL games, a few will only work on older QL systems.
GD2 (the "colour drivers") Graphics Device 2 (GD2 - "colour drivers") and Window Manager 2 related files.
Ghostscript and postscript utilities QL Ghostscript package, front end, plus fonts.
Graphics Various QL graphics packages.
GST 68K/OS A page about the GST 68K/OS operating system, including a demo version of it running on QemuLator
HTML utilities HTML utilities.
Humour and jokes Some collections of jokes, etc.
Internet, network & communications Lynx browser, QL email, FTP, Fax and Bulletin board programs, plus Networking software
Labelling Various labelling programs.
Language compilers and interpreters APL, C, Forth, Pascal, J, Rexx, Perl, Lisp etc for QL systems
A desktop system for QDOS and SMSQ/E by Dilwyn Jones
Magazines Scanned QL-related magazines
Miscellaneous programs Programs which don't fit in the other categories!
Other OS software QL-related programs for other operating systems, such as file transfer software.
Pointer Environment and Toolkit 2 Pointer environment and Toolkit 2
Printing utilities Various printing utility programs for the QL.
Programming utilities Programming aid packages for QL programmers.
Prowess utilities and fonts The ProWesS system from PROGS of Belgium.
Psion programs and Xchange for QL The Psion QL programs (Quill, Abacus etc) and Xchange
Q40/Q60-specific software Programs for Q40 and Q60 systems
Q68 manual and software Manuals and files specifically for the Q68 system.
A page where you can download software for the QIMSI add-on.
QL2002 DVD QL 2002 DVD from Q-Celt Computing
QLiberator Compilers and other utility programs from Liberation Software
QL ROM images Download several versions of the QL system ROMs
QL Today cover disks Some of the cover disks issued by QL Today magazines
QL-SD A page specifically for the QL-SD device (SDHC cards for QL!)
Qubbesoft PD Library
An entire collection of disc images from this QL PD library
QUBIDE A page specifically for the QUBIDE add-on card.
Religion software Bibles, sermon packages, general religious texts.
Screen savers QL screen saver routines.
Shells Some command line shell utilities
Sound QL sound utilities and the Sampled Sound System.
Spectrum emulators for the QL Turn a QL into a Spectrum to run Spectrum games
Spreadsheets Various spreadsheets.
Sprites Sprite editors and viewers, plus various sprite collections.
Text Miscellaneous text files that don't fit in anywhere else
The Library
A massive collection of QL software as collected by The Library.
Toolkits and BASIC extensions All sorts of toolkit software and extensions.
Turbo compiler etc The Turbo BASIC compiler and utilities, now freeware.
Utilities Various utility programs for the QL.
vDrive Downloads for vDrive system for QL.
ZX81 emulator for QL A ZX81 emulator to run on a QL plus various software

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