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QL and Cub monitor
The Original QL

This Web site is about the Sinclair QL computer. The QL was one of Sir Clive Sinclair's home computers, first produced in 1983/4. Today, there are several computers in use which are derived from the original Sinclair QL, and the operating system has itself spawned derivatives. 

There are several emulators available for various hardware platforms to ensure that QL users can continue to use their existing software and operating system on more up to date hardware. This website aims to provide information and software for the QL and its modern compatibles.

A Q60 computer
Q60 computers

About Me A little information about me!
About The QL Information about the Sinclair QL computer and compatibles.
Books For The QL A list of QL books.
Calendar For QL 2023 (QaLendar) The QL QaLendars
CD-ROMs For The QL A list of CDs available for the QL
Documents page Articles, replacement manuals, tutorials etc
Email Mailing Lists Information about QL mailing lists - keep in touch with other users!
Emulators Of The QL Sinclair QL emulators for other platforms.
Launchpad QL GUI The Launchpad QL graphical user interface.
Links To QL Websites A list of Sinclair QL websites I know about.
Magazines For QL A list of Sinclair QL magazines
Pointer Environment and Toolkit 2 The QL pointer environment and Toolkit 2
Printers A list of older printers compatible with a QL.
Psion QL Software Information about the Psion programs - Quill, Abacus, Easel and Archive
QL Logos Some logos submitted for the QL
Returning to, or new to the QL? Try this page. A page for those new to or returning to using the QL
Serial links between computers Serial links between a QL and other computers.
QL Shows A list of QL shows.
QL Today Magazine A page about the QL Today magazine.
QL Traders List A list of QL traders.
QUANTA User Group The QL user group, Quanta.
Unzip, QL disk images, and PC/QL File Transfer File transfer, use of Unzip and QL disk images.

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