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Updated: 21.07.2005

This page came about after an idea was proposed to find a new logo for the QL, originally as a design for a T-shirt, but also as something more generally associated with the QL, as the penguin symbol is with Linux. As far as I'm concerned, the best symbol of the QL is either a QL picture, or the red and white startup screen, along with the letters 'QL'. So here is my first proposal. As far as I'm concerned, anyone can use this to make a QL T-shirt or whatever - it's a GIF file of 512x256 pixel dimensions just like the startup QL screen, with the letters QL added in the QL screen fount. To save this in Internet Exploder (sorry, Explorer) for example, just right click on the picture and choose the option to save the picture from the context menu which pops up.

QL monitor screen logo

What do you think of this? Why not send me an email to tell me what you think and if I can get enough comments I'll summarise them and see if I can get a short item about this into QL Today and Quanta newsletter. Another suggestion has been a picture of a quail (a bird) since that has the letters Q and L in it (QuaiL)

Send me an email about this - feel free to add a GIF or JPG as an attachment (not too large please, I don't want megabyte monster downloads, I only have a normal telephone line to download on!). I may add some of the better ones here!

Branko's QL Logo Suggestion

Branko Badrlijka has sent me his suggestion, a plain and simple QL monitor screen which makes for a very small graphics file which is easily resized without affecting detail.

He also suggests that a moderately thick black border may aid appearance on certain backgrounds.

Logo from Jean-Yves Rouffiac

Jean-Yves Rouffiac has sent me this offering for a QL logo, again a nice simple effective design.

Phoebus Dokos QL logo suggestion

Phoebus Dokos has sent a new logo design suggestion. What do you think of this one!

JH's QL logo

Another logo suggestion, this time from 'JH' (he says he prefers to stay anonymous!)


Another suggestion, from Nico "Acrux" Macrionitis. He offers the following description:

A short explanation of the adopted symbolism:
- the sides of the tetrahedron are obviously the monitor view
- the base represents the foundation of the machine language
- the black sphere is obviously the QL, a rectangle was just not as good
- the simple written QL on the sphere is in orange, like the led of ignition .


This one comes from Melissa Ward, received on 07/07/02.

Filip Besdek's entry

This idea comes from Filip Dezdek in Czeck Republic (I think). A nice simple idea, well done.

Per Witte QL logo

Here is a logo from Per Witte. He says: "It illustrates the shock of the QL community being overtaken by all those inferior computers." See what you think...

Javier Guerra QL logo

This comes from Javier Guerra, who hosts the Sinclair QL Spanish Resources web pages.

Javier has sent me two more ideas for logos, as you'll see below (added to the page 6/11/04):

Javier Guerra's additional logos

Another lofgo from Javier Guerra

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