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Updated: 10.10.2007

There follows a list of companies which still supply QL software and hardware, or which support the QL in some form. Not all are currently actively advertising - for example, Miracle Systems' products are now sold by QBranch. The list may prove useful to those who have just acquired a QL, or who have returned to the QL after a period of absence. Click on the underlined Email links below to send them any messages or enquiries. For anyone who has never come across it, the abbreviation "c/o" below means "care of." In addition to those on this list, a lot of free QL software is available is available on the Internet - follow the links from other pages on this site. The user group Quanta has a separate page on this site. For links to traders' websites, visit my QLNet page (makes life easier for me only having to update the addresses on that page when required!).

I have removed the MAILTO links from this page, due to the traders receiving spam emails, presumably as a result of "bots" scanning these pages, so the email addresses are slightly disguised, e.g. billATcompanyDOTcom instead of bill@company.com to see if this helps.

Home Electronics Service, c/o John R. Rish, 5222 Kazen Dr., San Antonio, Tx 78219, U.S.A.
Telephone 001 210 661 4376. Email: 74601 DOT 1535 AT compuserve DOT com
QL products dealer based in Texas, U.S.A.

picture of Bruce NichollsQuo Vadis Design Bruce Nicholls, 38 Derham Gardens, Upminster, RM14 3HA, UK
Tel: +44-20 71930539 Fax: +44-870 0568755 Email: bruce AT ql-qvd DOT com
QL software and UK QL Today subscriptions.

Jochen MerzJochen Merz Software, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 302, D-47169 Duisburg 11, Germany.
Telephone: +49-203 502011. Fax: +49-203 502012. Email: smsq AT j-m-s DOT com
QL software and hardware, QL emulator for Atari ST, QL Today magazine.

Stuart HoneyballMiracle Systems Ltd, c/o Stuart Honeyball, 20 Mow Barton, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5NF, England.Email: stuartAThoneyballDOTcoDOTuk
QL hardware (Gold Card, Super Gold Card, QXL) - products now sold by QBranch, Miracle not actively trading in QL products at the moment.

Joachim Van der AuweraPROGS, c/o Joachim van Der Auwera, Dr. Fr. Hemerijckxlaan 13 / 1, B-2650 Edegem, Belgium.
Telephone: +32-3 457 84 88. Fax: +32-3 458 62 07. Email: progsATtriathlon98DOTcom
Prowess new Window Manager, HTML reader, various software for QL

Darren BranaghQ-Celt Computing, Darren Branagh, Funionsa, Funshinagh, Cross, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Telephone: +353-9495-45033. Email: darrenbranagh AT gmail DOT com
QL software, QL CD-ROMs, second user hardware.

Roy WoodQBranch, c/o Roy Wood, 20 Locks Hill, Portslade, Sussex BN41 2LB, England.
Telephone: +44-1273 386030. Fax: +44-1273 430501. Mobile: +44-7836 745501. Email: qbranchATqbranchDOTdemonDOTcoDOTuk
QL software and hardware, agents for several companies. No longer actively trading.

Ron DunnettQubbesoft P/D, c/o Ron Dunnett, 38 Brunwin Road, Rayne, Braintree, Essex, CM7 5BU, England.
Telephone: +44-1376 347852. Email: ronATqubbesoftDOTfreeserveDOTcoDOTuk
PD software library, QL hardware (Aurora, Q-Plane, Qubide)
N.B. Ceased trading December 1999, but still contactable.

Rich MellorRWAP Services c/o Rich Mellor, 3 Dale View Court, Fulford, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, ST11 9BA
Telephone: +44 1782 398143Email: sales AT rwapsoftware DOT co DOT uk
QL sofware and some second user products.

Tony FirshmanTF Services, c/o Tony Firshman, 29 Longfield Road, Tring, Herts., HP23 4DG, England.
Telephone: +44-1442 828254. Fax: +44-1442 828255. Email: tonyATfirshmanDOTcoDOTuk
Minerva ROM for QL, Hermes second processor, SuperHermes, spares, QL repairs, RomDisq, Mplane

Phil JordanThe Library, c/o Phil Jordan, 42 Hawthorne Crescent, Cosham, Nr. Portsmouth, Hants., PO6 2TP, England.
Telephone: +44-1705 370574. Email: philiplATjordanpljDOTfreeserveDOTcoDOTuk
PD software library service for the QL and compatibles.

Geoff WicksGeoff Wicks, Just Words, 5b Worsworth Avenue, Sinfin, Derby, DE24 9HQ, England
Telephone: +44-1332 271 366. Email: gwicks AT beeb DOT net
QL Thesaurus, Style Checker, QL2PC Transfer, Solvit Plus, Auto-graph QL software. No longer actively trading, most products still available.

Dennis SmithDerek StewartD & D Systems, P.O. Box 5813, Ripley, Derbyshire, England, DE5 9ZR
Dennis Smith (left) and Derek Stewart (right)
Telephone +44-1773-740170
Fax +44-1773-748399
Email: salesATq40DOTde
Manufacturers of the Q40 and Q60 computers, designed by Peter Graf in Germany.

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