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Another picture of me  
Visiting my namesake village in Herefordshire
Visiting my namesake village
in Herefordshire, England

Wales FlagI was born in Denbigh, North Wales in 1959. I'm a former broadcasting technician, now living near the city of Bangor, who first took in interest in Sinclair products as a schoolboy when my parents bought me a Sinclair pocket calculator and a Sinclair Black Watch. After cutting my teeth on BASIC and Machine Code on the ZX81 I moved on to a Spectrum (ah, memories) and a QL as soon as it came out. I later bought a Z88 but sold that when I bought my first PC laptop.

My favoured computer system is now a PC with a QPC2 QL emulator. I also have an Aurora-based Minis-QL computer and a good old black Sinclair QL with a Gold Card.

For a few years I was a QL software trader and then helped Jochen Merz edit his QL Today magazine in my spare time for nearly 10 years (sorry Mr Taxman, it was unpaid), along with writing software, enjoying the lovely Welsh countryside, updating this Web site and tinkering with computers generally as a hobby.

My biggest software project is something called Launchpad - a project to provide the QL with a graphical user interface (GUI) on its excellent multitasking operating system.

I've served on the committee of the QL user group, Quanta where I held the post of News Editor. Quanta committee is a group of unpaid (and overworked!) elected volunteers who run the largest QL user group. I'm also involved with the North Wales Craftworkers association, maintaining their website, helping out with craft fairs and so on, and on the committee of a local group for widowed people, called Anglesey & Gwynedd Widowed.

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