Byfleet Quanta Workshop 2003

I attended a Quanta workshop held in Byfleet Village Hall, England, on 9th November 2003. Here are some pictures I took at that event. Although not the best attended workshop ever, it was an enjoyable one nonetheless, and as usual there was plenty to see and do, and nice to meet old friends and a few QLers I have never met before. I will print a full show report in the next issue of QL Today, but here's a few of the pictures I took on the day as a record of the event.

Rather quicker off the mark was Tony Firshman, who quickly put together his own page of photos of this event - see his pictures at (click on the link to visit Tony's page).

Inside The Venue
Inside the venue, during a quiet period early on in the day, the picture taken from the stage area just behind the Quanta stand. The two in the foreground are David Gilham on the left, and Paul Merdinian at the bottom right of the picture. This picture is rather dark partly due to the dark wood panelling around the hall, but you can probably just about make out the Q-Branch stand on the left, then me demonstrating Launchpad, then the Jochen Merz stand down the far end by the door, John Hall and others to the right of the door, the Q-Celt Computing stand halfway down the right hand side and the TF Services stand draped in green behind Paul Merdinian.
The Quanta Stand
John Mason and Sarah Gilpin staffing the Quanta stall at the workshop.
TF Services stand
The TF Services stand, but...where's Tony Firshman?
Jochen Merz and Tony Firshman
Ah! There he is - Tony Firshman (right) in conversation with Jochen Merz
Ken Bain and Sarah Gilpin
Organiser Ken Bain in conversation with Sarah Gilpin
Marcel and Bernd
Marcel Kilgus (left, author of QPC) and Bernd Reinhardt (responsible for QL software such as SERNET)
Paul Merdinian and John Gilpin
Newly appointed Quanta newsletter editor, Paul Merdinian (left) and Quanta treasurer John Gilpin
Roy Wood and Bill Richardson
Traders Roy Wood of Q-Branch (left) and Bill Richardson of W. N. Richardson & Co.
Gerard Phelan
Gerard Phelan
Malcolm Cadman
Malcolm Cadman, one of the organisers of the London Quanta workshops.
Ken Brickwood
Ken Brickwood, during a lighter moment at the show. Either that, or my camera was in more danger than I thought.
Keith Mitchell
Hardware guru, Keith Mitchell. Maybe nothing to do with his hardware expertise, but Keith is a dentist by profession, probably well used to doing tricky inside repair jobs!
Per Witte
Per Witte. I have corresponded with Per for years, but never met him. A good example of the value of attending QL shows, where we can still meet and make new friends!
Peter Baily
 Peter Bailey
Martin Burke
Martin Burke, at the Jochen Merz Software stand
Basil Lee
Basil Lee - if you want to get hold of back issues of Quanta's newsletter, this is your man!


Some pictures taken at the Quanta Workshop in Byfleet 9/11/03


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