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Picture of a Q68 motherboard

Last Updated: 20/06/19

This page is dedicated to the Q68 Sinclair QL successor motherboard designed by Peter Graf. The Q68 includes a 68000 compatible CPU, graphics, peripherals and sound on a single integrated circuit. It can be fitted into an available case and does not require parts from an existing QL. The Q68 uses a pair of SDHC card drives and has both QL display modes and high resolution/high colour modes.

If anyone would like to make available any more software, documentation, or articles about the Q68, please email it to me.

manual.pdf (180K) - Q68 mainboard user's manual (PDF file). [28/11/17]

Q68-SMSQE.pdf (229K) - Q68 SMSQ/E manual (PDF file). [28/11/17]

q68setrtc.zip (11K) - utility software to set the realtime clock of the Q68

ndq68_v305.zip (56K) - driver software that allows you to network the Q68 with other QL-compatible machines via the standard QLNET ports. Sources included. (Martyn Hill) [20/06/19]
To use the network on the Q68, a small hardware modification is required, consisting of a couple of resistors, a 3.3v Schottky diode and the 3.5mm Jack socket(s) to allow physical attachment to the QLNET. This modification is described in a simple schematic which appeared on the German QL Forum: qlnet.pdf (123K)

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