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Picture of a Q68 motherboard

Last Updated: 29/09/19

This page is dedicated to the Q68 Sinclair QL successor motherboard designed by Peter Graf. The Q68 includes a 68000 compatible CPU, graphics, peripherals and sound on a single integrated circuit. It can be fitted into an available case and does not require parts from an existing QL. The Q68 uses a pair of SDHC card drives and has both QL display modes and high resolution/high colour modes.

If anyone would like to make available any more software, documentation, or articles about the Q68, please email it to me.

manual.pdf (180K) - Q68 mainboard user's manual (PDF file). [28/11/17]

Q68-SMSQE.pdf (229K) - Q68 SMSQ/E manual (PDF file). [28/11/17]

q68setrtc.zip (11K) - utility software to set the realtime clock of the Q68

ndq68_v305.zip (56K) - driver software that allows you to network the Q68 with other QL-compatible machines via the standard QLNET ports. Sources included. (Martyn Hill) [20/06/19]
To use the network on the Q68, a small hardware modification is required, consisting of a couple of resistors, a 3.3v Schottky diode and the 3.5mm Jack socket(s) to allow physical attachment to the QLNET. This modification is described in a simple schematic which appeared on the German QL Forum: qlnet.pdf (123K)

In this way, they can also be used on the Q68 with the MDI software installed as ready made games packs.For those who use Martin Head's MDI microdrive imaging driver software, Derek Stewart has kindly converted some sets of ".MDV" format games, intended for use with the vDrive for QL (plus usable with the QLay and Q-Emulator emulators). Get these files from the vDrive page.

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